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The Widow of the South:  Hicks, Robert.

A story based on the true experiences of a Civil War heroine finds Carrie McGavock witnessing the bloodshed of the Battle of Franklin, falling in love with a wounded man with a hardscrabble past, and dedicating her home as a burial site for fallen soldiers.

ORDER # G809-1   $15-50   ISBN 9780446558884


The Call of the Wild:  London, Jack. 

An accessibly priced edition of the early twentieth-century classic about a mixed-breed sled dog that heeds a primal desire to return to a feral life features an authoritative introduction and a student-friendly format.

ORDER # G809-2   $15-50   ISBN 9781598530582


Dracula:  Stoker, Bram. Intro by Leonard Wolf. Afterword by Elizabeth Miller.

A powerful, centuries-old vampire follows his bloodthirsty trail from the mountains of Central Europe to England, until the savvy Dr. Van Helsing comes up with a way to end the reign of terror. Includes a teaser chapter from the forthcoming sequel Dracula: The Un-Dead and a letter from its author, Dacre Stoker, the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker.

ORDER # G809-3   $17-50   ISBN 9780451228680 


Hard Rain Falling:  Carpenter, Don. Intro by George

Pelecanos. Living off his wits in the seedy hotels and pool halls of Oregon, orphaned teen Jack Leavitt befriends Billy, a young African-American runaway and pool hustler whose schemes land Jack in an abusive reform school from which he emerges an embittered man, while Billy moves on to enjoy a bourgeoisie existence.

ORDER # G809-4   $29-50   ISBN 9781590173244 


The Original Frankenstein, Or, The Modern Prometheus:  Shelley, Mary, with Percy Shelley. Ed by Charles E. Robinson.

Presents two versions of the classic novel including an original draft as first written by Mary Shelly and a subsequent version that incorporated Percy Shelley's amendments and contributions, in a volume that offers insight into Mary's colloquial and modern style and Percy's contrasting prose that served to humanize the monster.

ORDER # G809-5   $22-50   ISBN 9780307474421


Siddhartha/The Dhammapada:  Hesse, Hermann & The Buddha. Trans by Hilda Rosner & Irving Babbitt.

A translation of the Nobel Prize-winning writer's classic novel incorporates original writings attributed to the Buddha and follows the spiritually evocative journey of a young Indian Siddhartha, whose discontent with the disciple's role leads him on a torturous journey.

ORDER # G809-6   $17-50   ISBN 9780811218504 


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