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Any Place I Hang My Hat:  Isaacs, Susan.

Growing up under the care of her financially disadvantaged grandmother after her mother's abandonment and father's imprisonment, Amy Lincoln wins prestigious scholarships and launches a journalism career before meeting a student who claims to be the illegitimate son of a presidential candidate.

ORDER # GFU-1   $16-40   ISBN 0743463137 


True Believer:  Sparks, Nicolas.

Jeremy Marsh, a science journalist and professional sceptic, finds himself in over his head when he arrives at the small town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, and falls head over heels for the granddaughter of the supposed town psychic.

ORDER # GFU-2   $16-40   ISBN 0446618152 


Everyone Worth Knowing:  Weisberger, Lauren.

Realizing that her prestigious investment banking job is rendering her miserable, Bette Robinson impulsively quits and accepts an opportunity with a successful PR firm, a job that gains her entry into Manhattan's most exclusive celebrity clubs and tests the boundary between her personal and professional lives.

ORDER # GFU-3   $16-40   ISBN 1416543007 


Escape from Bridezilla:  de Montravel, Jacqueline.

Emily Briggs is transformed into the Bride from Hell when her mother gets a little too involved with her wedding plans, a gorgeous blonde begins stalking their Tribeca loft, and she becomes attracted to the one man who will listen to her tales of woe - artist J3 Hopper.

ORDER # GFU-4   $16-40   ISBN 0758208421 


Her Own Rules:  Bradford, Barbara Taylor.

Forced to visit a psychiatrist when she falls seriously ill, Meredith Stratton retraces her past, discovering that she had been placed in an orphanage at four years old, and follows her roots to England to find her mother, meeting a man who holds the key to her past - and her future.

ORDER # GFU-5   $16-40   ISBN 0061095869 


Everything to Gain:  Bradford, Barbara Taylor.

Enjoying an ideal life as a loving wife and mother, Mallory Keswick is devastated by a random act of violence and leans upon a wise older businesswoman to regain her happiness and sense of self-worth.

ORDER # GFU-6   $16-40   ISBN 006109207X 


It's My Wedding Too:  Naylor, Sharon.

Emile, a hapless bride-to-be, finds herself trapped in the middle between her own mother, a best-selling romance novelist who is planning the ultimate publicity stunt wedding, and her prospective mother-in-law, who has her own firm ideas about the proper send-off for her precious little boy.

ORDER # GFU-7   $16-40   ISBN 0758209231 


Hey, Good Looking:  Michaels, Fern.

The tragic death of thirty-three-year-old Russ forces his girlfriend and wily aunts to confront painful truths about his father's abandonment, stepmother's blackmailing practices, and brother's unwillingness to forgive the past.

ORDER # GFU-8   $16-40   ISBN 074347743X 


Learning Curves:  Townley, Gemma.

Caught in the middle of the bitter feud between her divorced parents, who run rival management consultant firms, Jennifer Bell agrees to go undercover to investigate corruption rumors by joining the Bell Consulting MBA program, only to find herself dealing with realities of the corporate world and falling for guest lecturer Daniel Peterson.

ORDER # GFU-9   $16-40   ISBN 0345496019 



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