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Infrared:  Huston, Nancy.

Achieving success as an infrared photographer after a troubled childhood and two failed marriages, Reena Greenblatt struggles with a banal family holiday in Florence, Italy, where she confronts the masterpieces of the Renaissance and dark, passionate memories that lead to disturbing revelations.

ORDER # G612-1   $22-90   ISBN 9780802120274 


The Absolutist:  Boyne, John.

In September 1919, 21-year-old Tristan Sadler takes a train from London to Norwich to deliver some letters to the sister of a man he fought alongside of during World War I, but the letters are not the real reason for Tristan's visit.

ORDER # G612-2   $25-90   ISBN 9781590515525


The Queen's Pleasure:  Purdy, Brandy.

Freed from the Tower of London, Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry VIII and the ill-fated Anne Boylen, wins the crown and risks everything for her childhood friend, Robert Dudley, who is married to another - and whose mere presence in her life shakes the very foundation of the House of Tudor.

ORDER # G612-3   $22-90   ISBN 9780758265982


The Laughter of Carthage (Colonel Pyat: 02):  Moorcock, Michael

Via a series of crises, self-hating Jew and cocaine addict Maxim Arturovitch Pyatnitski, also known as Pyat, makes his way from 1919 Bolshevik Russia to a Hollywood on the rise.

ORDER # G612-4   $31-90   ISBN 9781604864922


Empress of Ice Cream:  Capella, Anthony.

In 1671 Carlo Dimerico is the only man in the world who knows how to make ice cream. As confectioner to Louis XIV, he serves at the King's pleasure. Carlo has fallen in love with Louise de Keroualle, an impoverished lady in waiting to Henrietta, sister of Charles II of England. When Henrietta dies, the star crossed lovers are both sent to London, where is becomes clear that Charles II wants Louise as has mistress.

ORDER # G612-5   $30-90   ISBN 9781552788752 


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