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The Geometry of Sisters:  Rice, Luanne.

Desperate to rebuild her life in the wake of the loss of her husband and oldest daughter, English teacher Maggie Shaw comes to Newport Academy, an elite private high school dedicated to providing educational opportunity to all, but the ghosts of the past, including her estrangement from her sister, continue to haunt her.

ORDER # G310-1   $14-50   ISBN 9780553589771


Assegai:  Smith, Wilbur.

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A latest installment in the best-selling Courtney Saga finds former soldier and big-game safari guide Leon Courtney catapulted into fame for his bravery during a Teddy Roosevelt hunting tour, for which he is recruited to gather intelligence about a rebellion plot against Britain.

ORDER # G310-2   $16-50   ISBN 9780312570408 


Never Enough:  Winters, Angela.

When her daughter-in-law threatens to destroy her, her son crosses the line, and her daughter, returning from her exile in Europe with a sadistic new lover, stirs up trouble, Janet Chase, the wife of a cosmetics tycoon, must take serious action to gain control of her family.

ORDER # G310-3   $14-50   ISBN 9780758212627


The Lucky One:  Sparks, Nicholas.

Coming into the possession of a photograph of a smiling woman he has never met, a man experiences a chain of fortuitous events that cause him to regard the photograph as a lucky charm, a belief that prompts a heartfelt search for the woman in person.

ORDER # G310-4   $14-50   ISBN 9780446618328


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