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Just Down the Road (Harmony):  Thomas, Jodi.

A vulnerable little boy brings together Tinch Turner, a wild rancher who gave up on living after his wife died, and the beautiful new doctor in town, Addison Spencer, while Reagan Truman finds comfort in the makeshift family she's made in Harmony after the death of her beloved uncle.

ORDER # G312-1   $12-90   ISBN 9780425246924


Baby Proof:  Giffin, Emily.

Having agreed from the start of their relationship that they did not want children, Claudia and Ben find their previously idyllic marriage tested when Ben realizes that he wants to be a father after all.

ORDER # G312-2   $12-90   ISBN 9781250008510


The Scoop (The Godmothers):  Michaels, Fern.

Newly single Teresa "Toots" Amelia Loudenberry has crammed a great deal of living - not to mention eight much-loved husbands - into her varied and rewarding life, and fate has just handed her the perfect opportunity to taste life again, in the first book in a new series by the best-selling author.

ORDER # G312-3   $12-90   ISBN 9781420124644


Murder Through the Grapevine:  McClain-Watson, Teresa.

Starting a new job in an upscale beauty salon and a position as music director for her church, Roni Jarrett, who was once in love with a high-rolling strip club owner who abused her, is unable to escape her past when her best friend is murdered and she stands accused of the crime.

ORDER # G312-4   $12-90   ISBN 9781601628275


A Turn in the Road (Blossom Street: 07): Macomber, Debbie

Three women - Bethanne Hamlin, her daughter Annie and her former mother-in-law Ruth - go on a road trip across the country, in an adventure that changes all of their lives as they each contemplate taking different paths in their romantic lives.

ORDER # G312-5   $12-90   ISBN 9780778313250


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