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At First Sight:  Sparks, Nicholas.

Finding himself happily married, living far from his New York City origins, and anticipating the birth of his first child in spite of previous vows that he would never willingly pursue such a life, Jeremy Marsh receives a mysterious message that reopens wounds from the past and changes the course of his marriage.

ORDER # G513-1   $12-40   ISBN 9781455545384


Can't Stop Believing (Harmony):  Thomas, Jodi.

In the town of Harmony, Texas, a generations-old feud is about to come to a head and the stakes couldn't be higher with two hearts on the line.

ORDER # G513-2   $12-40   ISBN 9780425250679


One Summer:  Baldacci, David.

Jack, terminally-ill and preparing to say goodbye to his family, has a miraculous recovery after his wife is killed in a car accident and struggles to reunite his family at her childhood home on the South Carolina oceanfront.

ORDER # G513-3   $12-40   ISBN 9780446583169


Butcher of Bear Creek (Sidewinders):  Johnstone, W.

After Bo's doppleganger frames him for murder, it is up to Scratch to see him vindicated.

ORDER # G513-4   $12-40   ISBN 9780786031207


Hell's Angel (Lou Prophet, Bounty Hunter):  Brandvold, Peter.

On the run from Rurales in Mexico, Lou Prophet, along with help from an old friend, must take on hated scoundrel Mordecai Moon, who has taken over a town and held its water supply hostage.

ORDER # G513-5   $12-40   ISBN 9780425250709


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