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A Blue and Gray Christmas:  Medlicott, Joan

After being moved by the letters of two Civil War soldiers - one Union and the other Confederate - Grace, Hannah and Amelia track down the soldiers' descendants and invite them to a Christmas reunion in Covington, where the letters will serve as holiday gifts, in a book by a best-selling author.

ORDER # G1010-1   $13-90   ISBN 9781416597377


An Irish Country Christmas:  Taylor, Patrick

Disappointed to learn that his sweetheart will not be joining him for a first holiday season in a rural Irish community, doctor Barry Laverty busies himself by caring for his patients and struggling to out-manoeuvre the manipulations of a newly arrived quack physician.

ORDER # G1010-2   $13-90   ISBN 9780765366856


Priceless:  Darling, Olivia

Three women - Lizzy, who will do anything to become a successful auctioneer; Carrie Klein, who is ready to take the London art scene by storm; and Serena, an impoverished artist and single mother who is harboring a dark secret - prove just how far they are willing to go to make a name for themselves in the glamorous world of fine art.

ORDER # G1010-3   $13-90   ISBN 9780440245155


Not My Daughter:  Delinsky, Barbara

Devastated by her teenage daughter's pregnancy, single mother and high school principal Susan Tate is targeted by unfair criticism when the pregnancies of additional teens are rumored to be part of a pact. By the best-selling author of Family Tree. 

ORDER # G1010-4   $13-90   ISBN 9780307473233


Southern Lights:  Steel, Danielle

Eleven years after a bitter divorce, Manhattan assistant D.A. Alexa prepares to prosecute a suspected serial killer who is sending threatening letters to Alexa's teen daughter, a situation that forces Alexa to send her daughter to her ex's Charleston home. By the best-selling author of Matters of the Heart.

ORDER # G1010-5   $13-90   ISBN 9780440243328


Somewhere Along the Way (Harmony: 02): Thomas, Jodi

Finally finding a place to call home in Harmony, Texas, 18-year-old Reagan Truman discovers what true friendship and love means when her life is threatened, while Gabe Leary finds his plan to hide out in Harmony dashed when he unwittingly becomes the town hero.

ORDER # G1010-6   $13-90   ISBN 9780425237724


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