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Dreaming the Eagle: A Novel of Boudica, the Warrior Queen:  Scott, Manda.

Rich in historical detail, this evocative first novel in a trilogy chronicles the life and exploits of Breaca nic Graine, the legendary Celtic warrior queen Boudica, who will lead her people in a bloody revolt against the power of ancient Rome.

ORDER # G908-1   $15-90   ISBN 0440241081


The Fall of Rome:  Ford, Michael Curtis.

The sequel to The Sword of Attila journeys into the intrigue, corruption, violence, and betrayal of the final days of the ancient Roman empire, in a richly textured historical novel that integrates fictional characters with real-life people and events.

ORDER # G908-2   $15-90   ISBN 0312945280


Amazing Grace:  Steel, Danielle.

In the wake of an earthquake that interrupts a celebrity studded charity dinner dance at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco, the lives of four strangers - Sarah Sloane, wife of a financial whiz; Grammy-winning singer Melanie Free; photographer Everett Carson; and Sister Maggie Kent, a nun working with the homeless - are transformed forever by the tragedy.

ORDER # G908-3   $15-90   ISBN 0440243270


Carol for Another Christmas: Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann.

A workaholic with no room in her life for home, family, or love, Monica Banks finds her life dramatically transformed by the arrival of a special spirit from Christmas past, Ebeneezer Scrooge, who takes her on a journey that teaches her about the joy of Christmas.

ORDER # G908-4   $15-90   ISBN 0441016464


A Christmas to Remember:  Kincaid, Thomas

Confined to her bed with a bout of pneumonia while the other inhabitants of Cape Light prepare for the holidays, curmudgeonly Lillian Warwick reminisces about the holiday season of 1955, when she met her future husband, Oliver Warwick.

ORDER # G908-5   $15-90   ISBN 0515145378


Collateral Damage:  Michaels, Fern.

The Sisterhood must choose between a job that guarantees a huge paycheck or an extremely dangerous mission that will result in a presidential pardon, allowing them to finally emerge from hiding.

ORDER # G908-6   $15-90   ISBN 1420101870


Drama in the Church:  Zale, Dynah.

When she meets Mr. Right in the form of an ex-convict named Payce Boyd, Tressie soon discovers the reality of being a thug's girlfriend and seeks comfort in the First Nazareth A.M.E. Church where all of its members are dealing with their own share of drama.

ORDER # G908-7   $15-90   ISBN 1933967587


The Forgotten Spirit:  Rhodes, Evie.

An award-winning gospel songwriter presents an inspirational story of a young girl, who, blessed with a magical gift, transforms the lives of those closest to her during Christmas, making miracles happen and dreams come true.

ORDER # G908-8   $15-90   ISBN 0758222203


Good Luck:  Gaskell, Whitney.

Overwhelmed when she wins the lottery on the same day that her career derails, she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating, and she ends up in the middle of a media circus, Lucy Parker seeks refuge at the home of an old college friend in Palm Beach, where she tries to build a new life for herself, until the past catches up once again.

ORDER # G908-9   $15-90   ISBN 0553591517


Shattered Souls:  Birch, Dywane D.

Having moved on to successful careers after sharing their college years together, four friends find themselves unable to let go of childhood traumas that continue to sabotage their adult relationships.

ORDER # G908-10   $15-90   ISBN 1593092210


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