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Covenant:  Everson, John.

Reporter Joe Kieran is determined to find the truth surrounding the cliffs of Terrel's Peak, an evil place where horrible things happen and mysterious deaths occur, until he comes face-to-face with the town's hidden past and what waits in the caves below.

ORDER # H808-1   $15-50   ISBN 0843960183


Brides of the Impaler:  Lee, Edward.

When Cristina moves into what she believes is her dream house, she is plagued by strange longings and sensual visions that draw her into a dark world from which there is no escape.

ORDER # H808-2   $15-50   ISBN 0843958073


Heaven's Bones:  Henderson, Samantha.

A Vistani police officer and a woman with a bizarre connection to Dr. Sebastian Robarts risk everything to stop Robarts's murderous attempts to build angels from women, journeying into the evil heart of Riverbend to find Robarts and those aiding him, the sadistic Dr. Weldon and Trueblood, a Vistani seer with his own motives for aiding the killer.

ORDER # H808-3   $15-50   ISBN 0786951117


Deeper:  Long, Jeff.

A sequel to The Descent finds humanity once again searching a subterranean world inhabited by a savage hominid race for its demonic leader, who has orchestrated a series of terrorist attacks that have resulted in an all-out clash of civilizations.

ORDER # H808-4   $15-50   ISBN 1416516883


Hunter's Prayer:  Saintcrow, Lilith.

A hunter working with the police on a bizarre case involving the mutilation murders of young prostitutes, Jill Kismet finds herself facing down a deadly creature out of legend and dealing with a woman from her past as she searches for an unlikely ally among the pimps of Santa Luz, the woman who had killed the previous hunter, and a demon out to destroy her.

ORDER # H808-5   $15-50   ISBN 0316001767


Legacy: An Anna Strong, Vampire Novel:  Stein, Jeanne 

When Avery, the sinister vampire who turned her, is killed and leaves her his vast fortune, Anna Strong, clinging to what humanity is left within her, must protect those she loves from a werewolf who, claiming to be Avery's widow, is out for blood and money.

ORDER # H808-6   $15-50   ISBN 044101626X


Offspring:  Jackson, Liam.

As Lucifer plots to destroy all creation, only the Offspring, the descendants of ancient unions between humans and angels, have the power to save humankind from the evil that threatens them, but first they must escape powerful ancient enemies that plot their demise.

ORDER # H808-7   $15-50   ISBN 0312945507


Large Size Paperbacks
Break of Dawn (Vampire Babylon: 03):  Green, Chris 

In the wake of her confrontation with the Vampire Killer, Hollywood stuntwoman Dawn Madison discovers long-hidden secrets about her missing father and dead mother and ventures deep into the Vampire Underground on a perilous quest to save her father, confront a devastating betrayal, and uncover the very essence of good and evil.

ORDER # H808-8   $19-90   ISBN 0441016294 


Every Last Drop:  Huston, Charlie.

An outcast among his fellow vampires in Manhattan, vampire P.I. Joe Pitt is coerced by Dexter Predo, the minister of the Coalition Clan, into infiltrating Cure, the newest Clan, only to find himself trying to discover where the powerful Coalition gets all their blood.

ORDER # H808-9   $19-90   ISBN 0345495888 


Lisey's Story:  King, Stephen.

Two years after losing her husband of twenty-five years, Lisey looks back at the sometimes frightening intimacy that marked their marriage, her husband's successes as an award-winning novelist, and his secretive nature that established Lisey's supernatural belief systems, on which she eventually comes to depend for survival.

ORDER # H808-10   $20-90   ISBN 1416585710 


The Ferryman:  Golden, Christopher.

Struggling to rebuild a relationship with her former lover, David Bairstow, Janine Hartschorn discovers that a mysterious force with the power to conjure up ghosts from David's past and the knowledge of her own near-death experience will do anything to keep them apart.

ORDER # H808-11   $19-90   ISBN 0451462270 


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