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Children of the Night:  Lackey, Mercedes.

When the rock band Wanderlust attracts the attention of Master Jeffries, a psychic vampire who preys on the musicians and their fans, band protector and witch Diana Tregarde prepares for a confrontation with Jeffries with the help of an attractive vampire.

ORDER # HDR-1   $16-40   ISBN 0812522729 


Cell:  King, Stephen.

Mayhem and violence are unleashed around the world when a pulse from a mysterious source transforms all cellphone users into savage, unthinking, homicidal maniacs, and only a small band of "normies" who somehow avoided the technological attack can stop the rampage.

ORDER # HDR-2   $17-50   ISBN 1416524517 


The Damned: A Vampire Huntress Legend:  Banks, L.A.

When Lilith, the consort of the Un-Named One, releases the Damned to wreak havoc on all humankind, Damali, Carlos, and the Guardians race against time to stop the horrific infection spawned by these creatures of hell by finding and beheading the evil Lilith.

ORDER # HDR-3   $16-40   ISBN 0312934432 


Death Instinct:  Little, Bentley, writing as Phillip Emmons.

With a serial killer on the loose in Phoenix, Cathy Riley experiences tremendous fear living with her aged and angry father, and Lieutenant Allan Grant counts one defeat after another as more and more people die.

ORDER # HDR-4   $16-40   ISBN 045121997X 


A Drop of Scarlet:  Jefferson, Jemiah.

When a beautiful vampire scientist, specializing in blood diseases, develops a drug to cure her lover's mental instability due to his transformation into the undead, word hits the streets and vampires come from all over the world to get their hands on this miraculous cure.

ORDER # HDR-5   $16-40   ISBN 0843957247 


Ferocity:  Laws, Stephen.

For her next novel, Cath Lane journeys to the Northumberland moors to investigate rumors of a huge, feral creature that brutally slaughters livestock and soon discovers firsthand that the deadly beast is very real.

ORDER # HDR-6   $16-40   ISBN 084395695X 


Subterranean (Hellblazer):  Shirley, John.

When Tonsell-by-the Stream, a small village outside of London is swallowed whole by the earth, occultist John Constantine ventures deep into the underground lair of the Sunless, a phantasmagorical realm ruled by the merciless Gloomlord for whom the tiny town was only his first strike against the surface world, in a novel based on the popular comic book series.

ORDER # HDR-7   $16-40   ISBN 1416503447 


Within the Shadows:  Massey, Brandon.

Thirty-one-year-old Andrew Wilson believes that he has it all - a great house in the Atlanta suburbs, a successful career as a mystery writer, and close friends - especially when he meets beautiful, sophisticated Mika Woods, a woman who seems too good to be true, but he soon discovers that Mika is not what she appears to be and that he has become trapped in a nightmarish web of evil and death.

ORDER # HDR-8   $16-40   ISBN 0758210701 


Fledgling:  Butler, Octavia E.

Shori, a seemingly young, amnesiac girl with frightening inhuman abilities and a thirst for blood, wanders the land, unaware that she is really a genetically altered, fifty-three-year-old vampire with a unique ability to walk in the light of day and that she is the only survivor of a brutal attack on her community, searching for who she is and who wants to destroy her.

ORDER # HDR-9   $25-00   ISBN 0446696161 


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