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Black Magic Woman:  Gustainis, Justin.

Hired to free a family from a deadly curse that may date back to the Salem witch trials, occult investigator Quincey Morris and his ally, white witch Libby Chastain, risk their lives as they seek out the source of the evil, following a trail that leads them to the occult underworlds of Boston, New York, and San Francisco, before journeying to the heart of darkness in Salem itself.

ORDER # H1208-1   $15-90   ISBN 9781844165940

Black Cathedral:  Maynard, L. H.

Department 18, the government's special unit created to investigate the supernatural and the paranormal, is sent to an old manor house, rife with evil, on a remote Scottish island to investigate the brutal murders of six managers of a large corporation.

ORDER # H1208-2   $15-90   ISBN 9780843961997

The Darkness: Vampire Huntress Legend:  Banks, L. A.

In the wake of their battle at Masada, the Neteru return to San Diego believing that they have eradicated the demon horde and Lilith's spawn, unaware that they are on the brink of Armageddon, the anti-Christ has been born, daywalkers Fallon Nuit and Sebastian are creating master vampires at a record level, and the dark realms are preparing for the ultimate horror.

ORDER # H1208-3   $15-90   ISBN 9780312949143

Bone Song:  Meaney, John.

With four famed performers found viciously murdered in recent months and with the idolized Maria deLivnova coming to Tristopolis, detective Lieutenant Donal Riordan is assigned to protect the diva, but his task is undermined by the horror lurking beneath the streets of the city and by his own dark impulses, in the first volume in a chilling new series.

ORDER # H1208-4   $15-90   ISBN 9780553590951

Delia's Heart:  Andrews, V. C.

In the sequel to Delia's Crossing, Delia returns to the home of her wealthy aunt to continue her education at an exclusive private school, only to find herself the target of a vengeful spurned suitor and dealing with the bitter jealousy of her cousin Sophia, the loss of her lover Adan, an unexpected pregnancy, and other trials.

ORDER # H1208-5   $15-90   ISBN 9781416530855

Jake's Wake:  Skipp, John & Goodfellow, Cody.

When Pastor Jake, who promised his followers everlasting life, climbs out of his coffin at his own wake, rotting flesh and all, it becomes Judgment Day for his congregation as he and his demon companions embark on a bloody rampage.

ORDER # H1208-6   $15-90   ISBN 9780843960761

The Terror:  Simmons, Dan.

Captain Crozier must find a way for his crew to survive the deadly attacks of a mysterious and insatiable sea monster that is stalking the men trapped in the Arctic ice, in a novel loosely based on the mid-nineteenth-century Arctic expedition originally led by Sir John Franklin.

ORDER # H1208-7   $15-90   ISBN 9780316008075

Lord of Misrule (Morganville Vampires: 05):  Caine, Rachel

In the college town of Morganville, Texas, vampires and humans coexist in harmony until the arrival of a master vampire, forcing Claire Danvers and her friends to prepare for battle against both natural and unnatural elements.

ORDER # H1208-8   $15-90   ISBN 9780451225726

The Vampire Agent:  Rosemoor, Patricia

In the heart of New Orleans, Commander Scott Boulder, leader of a Black Ops unit, once again joins forces with anthropologist Leah Maguire to battle unspeakable evil as they pursue Rachel Ackart, a seductive woman genetically altered by a DOD experiment gone wrong, who has allied herself with Andre Espinoza de Madrid, a vampire of extraordinary power and evil.

ORDER # H1208-9   $15-90   ISBN 9780345501059

Large Size Paperbacks
Borne in Blood:  Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn.

In 1817 Switzerland, the Count Saint-Germain is living peacefully with his widowed lover Hero, whose husband had died battling Napoleon, until he encounters an Austrian aristocrat researching the properties of blood and the noble's beautiful ward, who becomes obsessed with the immortal vampire, in the twentieth volume in the continuing saga.

ORDER # H1208-10   $25-90   ISBN 9780765317148

The Angel Maker:  Brijs, Stefan.

After a twenty-year absence, geneticist Dr. Victor Hoppe returns to the village of Wolfheim with his three infant children - identical triplets with the same disturbing disfigurement - that are kept hidden away, until their caregiver begins to suspect that the children and the doctor are not what they seem.

ORDER # H1208-11   $24-90   ISBN 9780143113096

Evil Ways:  Gustainis, Justin.

Supernatural investigator Quincey Morris and his colleague, white witch Libby Chastain, are drawn into a confrontation with eccentric billionaire Walter Grobius, who is attempting to unleash the Black Wind, an evil force rooted in ancient religion's by using murder to bring about white supremacy across the U.S. and by joining forces with a demon.

ORDER # H1208-12   $24-90   ISBN 9781844165933

One More Bite:  Rardin, Jennifer.

Discovering a plot to assassinate the leader of the Coven of Inverness, Jaz and Vayl set out to stop the killer, a case that takes them to the Scottish highlands and is further complicated by a struggle for supremacy among the former allies of Edward Samos.

ORDER # H1208-13   $22-90   ISBN 9780316022095

The Somnambulist:  Barnes, Jonathan.

No Picture Available

A tale set in Victorian London introduces the characters of stage magician and detective Edward Moon and his silent sidekick, whose fiendish plot to re-create the apocalyptic prophecies of Samuel Taylor Coleridge threaten the British Empire.

ORDER # H1208-14   $25-90   ISBN 9780061375392

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