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The Boys Are Back in Town:  Golden, Christopher.

Both dreading and looking forward to his tenth high school reunion, Will James returns to his hometown, eager to catch up on old friends, only to find a strange, alternative universe in which realities fade and "other" memories begin to block them out, terrifying memories that threaten to remake the entire world, unless Will can stop it.

ORDER # H208-1   $14-50   ISBN 0553586157


Conversations with the Devil:  Rovin, Jeff.

In the wake of the suicide of one of her patients, a young Satanist, psychologist Sarah Lynch, a cynic who had lost her own faith years before, attempts to conjure the devil himself in order to understand what the teenager had been thinking at the time of his death, only to discover that her experiment has succeeded all too well.

ORDER # H208-2   $14-50   ISBN 0765346311


Night Life:  Kittredge, Caitlin.

A police officer assigned to keep the peace in Nocturne City, Luna Wilder, an Insoli werewolf, is assigned to track down a ruthless killer responsible for a series of ritualistic murders, but her case could be jeopardized by her growing attraction to the prime suspect, Dmitri Sandovsky, the leader of a dangerous clan of Redbacks.

ORDER # H208-3   $14-50   ISBN 0312948298


Fires Rising:  Laimo, Michael.

During the renovation of an old church, Father Pilazzo becomes plagued by terrifying visions, unholy images of death, and warnings of the horrors to come after workmen unwittingly unleash an ancient evil.

ORDER # H208-4   $14-50   ISBN 0843960647


Wildwood Road:  Golden, Christopher.

Happily married for three years, Michael and Jillian Dansky find their lives and marriage transformed forever by an encounter with a lost little girl who leads them to a house haunted by a mysterious force that transforms Jillian into a cruel and vindictive woman and forces Michael into a dangerous quest to unravel the dark mystery surrounding him.

ORDER # H208-5   $14-50   ISBN 0553586165


Large Sized Paperbacks
Black Crusade (Ravenloft: Dominion):  Marmell, Ari.

As the soldiers of the First Crusade overrun the city of Jerusalem, a French knight stumbles upon a hidden grimoire that possesses a terrifying power to force its victims into heresy and worse, but when the book is burned, it is drawn into the mists of Ravenloft, with the vengeful knight in pursuit.

ORDER # H208-6   $20-90   ISBN 0786948787 


Happy Hour of the Damned:  Henry, Mark.

Amanda Feral, a newly turned zombie trying to make her way through Seattle's undead scene while satisfying her craving for human flesh, discovers that someone or something is determined to turn the underworld into a place of true terror.

ORDER # H208-7   $21-90   ISBN 0758225229 


The Magician and the Fool:  Anderson, Barth.

As two fallen scholars compete for control over the earliest known tarot deck, they find themselves caught up in a battle with a powerful unknown force, while a homeless man possessing an unspeakable gift hides from an unknown enemy, and a mysterious document that holds secrets that should never be exposed could transform the world forever.

ORDER # H208-8   $20-90   ISBN 0553383590 


The Man on the Ceiling (Discoveries):  Tem, Melanie

Two haunting tales of love, loss, and family intertwine in a chilling story of how a family is bound together in the midst of incomprehensible tragedy, in a surreal novel that blends fiction and reality, in an expanded and re-imagined version of a story that won the Bram Stoker Award, International Horror Guild Award, and World Fantasy Award.

ORDER # H208-9   $22-90   ISBN 0786948582 


Season of the Witch:  Mostert, Natasha.

Asked by a former lover to investigate the disappearance of her stepson, information thief and skilled "remote viewer" Gabriel Blackstone begins to investigate a pair of beautiful witch sisters who use their magic to attain vast levels of power, a case during which Gabriel finds himself in mortal danger.

ORDER # H208-10   $21-90   ISBN 0451223357 


Staked:  Lewis, Jeremy F.

Struggling with a short-term memory problem that prevents him from remembering how he became a vampire and how he spends his everyday life, Eric resists his girlfriend's entreaties to make her a vampire while endeavoring to outmaneuver an alluring witch and a vengeful pack of born-again lycanthropes.

ORDER # H208-11   $21-90   ISBN 1416547800 


The Undead Kama Sutra:  Acevedo, Mario.

Having survived a considerable number of supernatural foes, vampire detective Felix Gomez faces an even greater challenge when he becomes a lone defender against an alien plot to kidnap Earth women and forces him to turn for help to a sex-expert fellow vampire.

ORDER # H208-12   $21-90   ISBN 0060833289 


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