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Age of Consent:  Mittelmark, Howard.

Peter Coulter, ignoring the whispered rumors about the house he lives in, finds history repeating itself when his sister, once popular and outgoing, becomes self-destructive, and his father is possessed by a sudden calling from God, which urges them to do horrible things.

ORDER # HJR-1   $16-40   ISBN 0451220579 


Ghoul:  Keene, Brian.

In 1984,Timmy Graco and his friends find their summer vacation plagued by terror, adventure, and evil when they stumble upon a nightmarish creature eating the dead in a local cemetery, who then starts attacking the living, forcing them to take action.

ORDER # HJR-2   $16-40   ISBN 0843956445 


Dead Souls:  Laimo, Michael.

Inheriting a rundown farmhouse in Maine, eighteen-year-old Johnny Petrie sees this as a means of escape from his hellish home life, but soon finds his new living situation far worse when the spirit of its former owner intends to use him as a sacrifice in a perverse ritual of sadism and savagery.

ORDER # HJR-3   $16-40   ISBN 0843957603 


Darkfall:  Koontz, Dean.

A city, gripped by a harsh winter, is terrorized by an exceedingly violent murderer who kills four people over four days and presents an unusually difficult case to authorities.

ORDER # HJR-4   $16-40   ISBN 0425214591 


Bottomfeeder:  Fingerman, B.H.

Trapped in a dead-end job, Philip finds his life taking a most unusual detour after he tangles with a vampire and finds himself trying to maintain some kind of normal life as his bloodlust drives him to hunt for prey, in a debut prose novel by the creator of the comic book series Minimum Wage.

ORDER # HJR-5   $23-00   ISBN 1595820973 


The Mad Cook of Pymatuning:  Lehmann-Haupt, Chris

While working as a camp counsellor, teenager Jerry Muller finds himself attracted to an unavailable girl, learns a shocking truth about his friend's sexuality, and becomes involved in the dangerous games of a psychopathic peer.

ORDER # HJR-6   $16-40   ISBN 0425214222 


Cold Skin:  Piñol, Albert Sánchez.

Reporting to a post-World War I solitary assignment on the edge of the Antarctic, weather official Gruner discovers that his predecessor has gone missing, that their outpost is under attack by deadly reptilian creatures, and that his only companion is a deeply disturbed stranger.

ORDER # HJR-7   $23-00   ISBN 1841958832 


Mona Lisa Blossoming:  Sunny.

Having accepted her true identity as the newest queen of the mixed-blood Monère children of the moon, Mona Lisa enters her Louisiana territory for the first time, slowly learns the erotic and savage customs of her people, and faces numerous enemies.

ORDER # HJR-8   $25-00   ISBN 0425214338 


Night Rising:  Green, Chris Marie.

A first instalment of a new trilogy finds stuntwoman Dawn Madison reluctantly joining her estranged father's investigation into the sighting of a supposedly dead child star, an endeavor for which she relocates to Hollywood and discovers an erotic underground coven of vampires.

ORDER # HJR-9   $23-00   ISBN 0441014674 


The Wicked: A Vampire Huntress Legend:  Banks, L.A.

Damali's new marriage to Carlos confronts the ultimate stumbling block, the return of Eve's son, Cain, who has escaped his banishment to ascend his father's throne to become the new Chairman of the Vampire Council and who is bringing together a powerful new army by resurrecting the deadly Fallon Nuit. Reader's Guide included.

ORDER # HJR-10   $27-00   ISBN 0312352360 


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