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Delia's Gift:  Andrews, V. C.

In the conclusion of the series that began with Delia's Heart and Delia's Crossing, in the wake of Adam's life, Delia and her baby are endangered by Señor Bovio, Adam's father, who will do anything to gain control of his grandson, and finds herself trapped in the battle of her life for her own safety and that of her son.

ORDER # H109-1   $16-90   ISBN 9781416530862


Castaways:  Keene, Brian.

When a group of people come to a lush, deserted island to compete on a popular reality TV show, they soon discover that they are being eliminated from the game permanently and violently when they fall victim to the monstrous half-human creatures that live in the jungle.

ORDER # H109-2   $16-90   ISBN 9780843960891


The Vampire's Revenge:  Hart, Raven.

With tourists flocking to the city of Savannah for St. Patrick's Day, vampire protector Jack McShane ventures into the dark tunnels beneath the city to stop a horrific plot against Savannah's human inhabitants, while battling his feelings for cop-turned-vampire slayer Connie Jones.

ORDER # H109-3   $16-90   ISBN 9780345498588


Soultaker:  Smith, Bryan.

Myra, a beautiful, shape-shifting creature, arrives in the town of Rockville, harvesting the souls of young men through seduction and manipulation until she meets the one man who can resist her sensual evil.

ORDER # H109-4   $16-90   ISBN 9780843961935


You Don't Scare Me:  Farris, John.

Ten years after the death of her stepfather, Crow Tillman, the epitome of pure evil, twenty-four-year-old Chase Emrick remains haunted by the horrors of her past, with everyone she has ever been close to suffering a horrific fate, until she meets campus cop Adam Cameron, but to beat Crow once and for all they both must confront a netherworld of horror, evil, and death.

ORDER # H109-5   $16-90   ISBN 9780812584080


Large Size Paperbacks
Many Bloody Returns: Tales of Birthdays with Bite:  Harris, Charlaine

A collection of suspenseful, surprising, sometimes humorous tales about vampires features never-before-published works including Charlaine Harris's heroine Sookie Stackhouse in "Dracula's Night," Jim Butcher's wizard hero Harry Dresden in "It's My Birthday Too," and other stories by Tanya Huff, P. N. Elrod, Christopher Golden, Bill Crider, and others.

ORDER # H109-6   $26-90   ISBN 9780441016754 


Sharp Teeth:  Barlow, Toby.

Abandoning her growing pack of lycanthropes in New Orleans, a werewolf hides the truth about her nature from her kind-hearted dog-catcher boyfriend, while her former leader, having fallen victim to a rival gang, poses as the adopted pet of a lonely suburban woman.

ORDER # H109-7   $26-90   ISBN 9780061430244 


The Thirteenth: Vampire Huntress Legend: Banks, L. A.

No Picture Available

In the conclusion of the Vampire Huntress Legends series, the entire Neteru Guardian team, labeled as terrorists following a horrific demon battle, is on the run as Vampire Hunters Carlos and Denali await the birth of their first child, the Anti-Christ is poised for emergence, and the powers of darkness unleash the beginnings of an apocalypse.

ORDER # H109-8   $26-90   ISBN 9780312368760 


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