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Cornered:  Massey, Brandon.

Confronted by a dark episode from his past, Corey Webb finds his family and career shattered by the machinations of a ruthless stalker who displays a willingness to sacrifice anyone who gets in his way.

ORDER # H709-1   $15-50   ISBN 9780786020850


Demon Seed:  Koontz, Dean.

Experiencing an inconceivable act of terror in her own home, Susan Harris becomes an object of an ultimate computer's consuming obsession to learn everything possible about human flesh.

ORDER # H709-2   $15-50   ISBN 9780425228968


Faces of Fear:  Saul, John.

Scarred in a burn accident, Alison McKenzie gets a chance to be beautiful when her mother takes her to a plastic surgeon, who becomes her stepfather, but Alison discovers that the surgeon is sculpting her into his dead first wife and there may be links to a series of killings in the area.

ORDER # H709-3   $15-50   ISBN 9780345487063


Far Dark Fields:  Braunbeck, Gary A.

A survivor of a school shooting three decades earlier, Geoff Conover becomes the only person with whom a present-day murderer will speak and confesses a devastating secret about a legendary monster who terrifies the children of a small Ohio community.

ORDER # H709-4   $15-50   ISBN 9780843961904


Monster Hunter International:  Correia, Larry.

Awakening in the hospital after killing his boss only to receive a job offer as a monster hunter, Owen Zastava Pitt learns that the creatures popularly portrayed in myths and B-movies are based on real monsters and that his first assignment will pit him against a planet-threatening ancient entity.

ORDER # H709-5   $15-50   ISBN 9781439132852


Urban Gothic:  Keene, Brian.

Taking shelter in a ramshackle inner-city row house after their car breaks down, Kerri and her friends encounter the house's dangerous residents in its cellar and fight for their lives throughout the course of a terrifying evening.

ORDER # H709-6   $15-50   ISBN 9780843960907


Large Size Paperbacks
By Blood We Live:  Adams, John Joseph.

This collection gathers together the best vampire literature of the last three decades from many of today's most renowned authors of fantasy, speculative fiction, and horror, including Stephen King, Joe Hill, Garth Nix, Neil Gaiman, Kelley Armstrong, Ken Macleod, Harry Turtledove, Carrie Vaughn, and Tad Williams.

ORDER # H709-7   $25-90   ISBN 9781597801560 


Pallid Light: The Waking Dead:  Jones, William 

In a post-apocalyptic world beset by cataclysmic storms, ex-con Randall Kane decides to abandon his Illinois town when his neighbors begin to die and is horrified when the dead come back to life with a bizarre understanding of what it means to be human in a new world order.

ORDER # H709-8   $25-90   ISBN 9781934501115 


The Birthing House:  Ransom, Christopher.

Hoping to save his troubled marriage by moving with his wife into a rural home that served as a nineteenth-century birthing house, Conrad Harrison receives an album of photos taken at the house and descends into madness upon seeing its images of pain, fear, anger that he associates with his wife.

ORDER # H709-9   $44-90   ISBN 9780312385842 


The Summer of the Ubume:  Kyogoku, Natsuhiko.

In this first book from the successful Japanese series, Kyogokudo, an exorcist who doesn't believe in ghosts, creates fake spiritual explanations to help his clients deal with their psychological problems, and solves their troubles through staged rituals.

ORDER # H709-10   $26-90   ISBN 9781934287255 


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