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Blood and Ice:  Masello, Robert

After months of seclusion following a tragic accident, journalist Michael Wolfe accepts an assignment in Antarctica, where the scientists and explorers at a South Pole research station stumble upon two bodies at the bottom of the ocean, two young people who carry a deadly curse in their blood that allows them to rise from their tomb to live again.

ORDER # H710-1   $14-50   ISBN 9780553591965


A Gathering of Crows:  Keene, Brian

As night falls on Brinkley Springs, five shadowy, demonic figures descend on the town to feed on its populace, in a feast of carnage and murder that only the strongest will survive.

ORDER # H710-2   $14-50   ISBN 9780843960921


Large Size Paperbacks
The Birthing House:  Ransom, Christopher

Hoping to save his troubled marriage by moving with his wife into a rural home that served as a 19th-century birthing house, Conrad Harrison receives an album of photos taken at the house and descends into madness upon seeing its images of pain, fear and anger, which he associates with his wife.

ORDER # H710-3   $24-50   ISBN 9780312624156 


Pariah:  Fingerman, Bob

After a zombie plague infects most of the world, a New York City apartment building's residents, who have holed up inside and managed to survive, find themselves at each other's throats, until they spy an uninfected teenage girl outside, walking amongst the zombies and not getting attacked.

ORDER # H710-4   $24-50   ISBN 9780765326270 


Dark Echo:  Cottam, F. G

Obtaining a beautiful yacht in spite of its unlucky reputation, Martin prepares for an Atlantic voyage before learning that the vessel's original owner was a sorcerer who committed suicide a century earlier and who put a curse on the boat linked to a terrible secret.

ORDER # H710-5   $38-50   ISBN 9780312544331 



A Special Place: Heart of a Dark Matter:  Straub, Peter

Keith Hayward is a boy with an irresistible fascination with death and the taking of life, and his suave, shadowy Uncle Till is happy to foster his nephew's innermost nature, gleefully tutoring him in the art of doing evil without getting caught.

ORDER # H710-6   $22-50   ISBN 9781605981024 


Elemental: Destiny's Embers (Elemental):  Wardell, Brad

A tale based on the forthcoming Stardock PC game depicts a world of adventure, magic and intrigue in which beings of incredible might wage wars that bring the land to the brink of destruction.

ORDER # H710-7   $24-50   ISBN 9780345517869 


Tomes of the Dead:  Stronghold: Finch, Paul

The Welsh use druidic magic and an ancient, mystical artifact to summon an army of the undead to lay siege to Grogen Castle, King Edward I of England's stronghold in Wales, which is outfitted with devices so fiendish that only a zombie horde could breach them.

ORDER # H710-8   $16-50   ISBN 9781907519109 

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