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The Grin of the Dark:  Campbell, Ramsey.

Jumping at an offer to write the biography of a silent-film star, film critic Simon investigates the actor's disappearance, only to witness bizarre occurrences, from the unusual appearances of a menacing clown to unnatural outbreaks of laughter wherever he goes.

ORDER # H309-1   $16-90   ISBN 9780765359025


The Golem:  Lee, Edward.

When four barrels of clay from the riverbed in Prague that created the legendary golem, a servant of evil, are discovered in the US, deadly creatures are unleashed and terrorize a young couple in Maryland, turning their dream home into a slaughterhouse.

ORDER # H309-2   $16-90   ISBN 9780843958089


Bestial:  Garton, Ray.

When werewolves take over the town of Big Rock in California, tearing apart its residents, the remaining humans must band together to fight back.

ORDER # H309-3   $16-90   ISBN 9780843961850


Large Size Paperbacks
Blood Groove:  Bledsoe, Alex.

Reawakening sixty years after he believed himself staked to death, centuries-old vampire Baron Rudolfo Zginski finds himself in a modern world of simmering racial tensions in 1975 Memphis, where he works to track down a nest of teenage vampires in the hopes of learning how to survive in his new time period.

ORDER # H309-4   $26-90   ISBN 9780765323088 


Button, Button: Uncanny Stories:  Matheson, Richard.

No Picture Available

A collection of dark suspenseful tales includes the inspiration for the upcoming film The Box, about a mysterious device that brings a fortune to its handlers but kills a stranger every time it is used, in a film-release edition that contains a new introduction.

ORDER # H309-5   $25-90   ISBN 9780765321718 


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