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Blood Lite III: Aftertaste:  Ed by Kevin J. Anderson.

Featuring contributions from Jim Butcher, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Heather Graham, this horror anthology includes 26 terrifying tales, from a teenage virgin werewolf who gets a deadly surprise while visiting a brothel, to thrill-seekers who go looking for trouble at a B&B with a bloody history.

ORDER # H512-1   $12-90   ISBN 9781451636246


Survivors (Morningstar Strain: 03):  Recht, Z. A.

A conclusion to the trilogy that includes Thunder and Ashes finds the survivors of an apocalyptic zombie plague continuing their struggle to develop a cure while avoiding the plague's voracious victims.

ORDER # H512-2   $20-90   ISBN 9781451628821 


Talulla Rising:  Duncan, Glen.

A follow-up to The Last Werewolf continues the epic struggle of Talullah, who after losing Jake and giving birth to a son confronts a psychotic new WOCOP leader, an unlikely human lover, blood- drinking religious fanatics, a pack of London werewolves and the world's oldest living vampire.

ORDER # H512-3   $33-90   ISBN 9780307595096 


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