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The Armageddon Chord:  Wagner, Jeremy.

Deep beneath the Egyptian sands, an ancient and evil song written in hieroglyphics is discovered in the long lost and buried pyramid of the demonic pharaoh, Aknaseth. It is written, that if this song is performed for the world to hear, it will unleash the Apocalypse upon the world of man. Satan will reign and grant immortality to the chosen. Kirk Vaisto, dubbed the "God of Guitar," finds himself caught between divine good and evil.

ORDER # H1111-1   $25-90   ISBN 9780983129776 


Salem's Lot:  King, Stephen.

The author's classic novel about vampires in in smalltown America is offered in a new edition, with this terrifying novel now accompanied by previously unpublished material from the author's archive, two short stories and eerie photographs that bring his fictional darkness and evil to vivid life. Illustrations.

ORDER # H1111-2   $13-30   ISBN 9780307743671 


Petrified:  Masterton, Graham.

Braydon Harris is convinced God has it in for him. Although Suki, his little girl, seemed thrilled to be kidnapped from her mom's parents' house, an electric storm has hit, and it looks like the Lord isn't going to make it easy for Braydon to get away. Braydon's right. A huge truck jackknifes in front of him, his car catches alight and Sukie winds up in hospital with terrible burns - burns which only exacerbate the terrible nightmare she's had for years about scary things flying through the sky, like shadows - or him. The latest from a "master of modern horror.

ORDER # H1111-3   $37-90   ISBN 9780727880727 


Autumn: Disintegration:  Moody, David.

Surviving against all odds 40 days after the entire world's population is turned into zombies, 11 men and women fight for their lives and team up with another group of survivors with whom they consider extreme options when they are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of undead attackers.

ORDER # H1111-4   $21-90   ISBN 9780312570019 


Granta 117: Horror:  Freeman, John, ed.

A latest collection of horror stories examines the phenomenon of how one person's interests can be another person's torment, in an anthology edited by a former president of the National Book Critics Circle that includes contributions by such genre masters as Rajesh Parameswaran, Nic Dunlop and Mark Doty.

ORDER # H1111-5   $23-90   ISBN 9781905881369 


Ghost Music:  Masterson, Graham.

Successful composer Gideon Lake finds himself in a passionate affair with Kate Solway, but after a series of terrifying events, he begins to suspect that Kate may not be all that she seems and desperately tries to find out what she wants from him before it is too late.

ORDER # H1111-6   $21-90   ISBN 9781428512221 


Midnight:  Koontz, Dean.

A series of bizarre deaths draws Tessa Lockland and Sam Booker to Moonlight Cove, where they team up with natives Chrissie Foster and Harry Talbot to combat the evil that threatens the community.

ORDER # H1111-7   $22-90   ISBN 9780425243275 


Reprisal:  Wilson, F. Paul.

Poised and waiting for the moment he can unleash an ancient wave of horror that will extinguish humanity, Jonah poses as a graduate student in a small southern town to hide his venomous vampiric identity.

ORDER # H1111-8   $22-90   ISBN 9780765321664 


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