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Kultus:  Ford, Richard.

Searching for a mysterious key at the behest of his clandestine benefactors, mercenary and demonist Thaddeus Blaklok soon discovers that other parties are after this priceless artifact and must race against time to find it before it falls into the wrong hands and the gates of Hell are opened.

ORDER # H1011-1   $13-30   ISBN 9781907992285


Dead of Night: A Zombie Novel:  Maberry, Jonathan.

Injected by a prison doctor with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake after death, a condemned serial killer experiences unforeseen, contagious side effects and emerges from his grave to begin a murderous rampage that is combated by two small-town cops.

ORDER # H1011-2   $22-90   ISBN 9780312552190 


Them or Us (Hater Trilogy: 03):  Moody, David.

A conclusion to the Hater trilogy focuses on a fledgling society of Unchanged who would settle in a less-damaged east coast town away from the ravages of the war's nuclear winter, where Hater army leader Danny McCoyne finds himself at the center of a pivotal confrontation.

ORDER # H1011-3   $35-90   ISBN 9780312535834 


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