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Angel Interrupted (Dead Detective: 02):  McGee, Chaz

Trapped in limbo and searching for redemption, late cop Kevin Fahey must help the detective who replaced him, Maggie Gunn, solve the murder of a nurse and a kidnapping - two crimes he knows are connected because, as a ghost, he can go where others can't.

ORDER # M810-1   $14-50   ISBN 9780425233146


Buzz Off:  Reed, Hannah

During National Honey Month, beekeeper Story Fischer sets the town of Moraine, Wisconsin, abuzz when she must defend her bees, her business and her ex-husband from a murder accusation.

ORDER # M810-2   $14-50   ISBN 9780425236420


Crossing the Lion:  Baxter, Cynthia

Veterinarian and smalltown pet detective Jessica Popper and husband Nick, while investigating the mysterious death of business magnate Linus Merrywood, find themselves trapped on a stormy Solitude Island with a killer who is determined to protect the biggest family secret of all.

ORDER # M810-3   $14-50   ISBN 9780553592382


The Way of the Guilty (Hope Street Church: 03):  Stanley, Jennifer

When her sister Ashley is implicated in a gruesome murder, Cooper Lee, along with her friends in the Sunrise Bible Study Group and her new boyfriend Nathan, comes to the rescue.

ORDER # M810-4   $14-50   ISBN 9780312376840


The Silent Hour:  Koryta, Michael

Twelve years after the failure of a mafia daughter's elaborate parole program at a luxurious estate, private Investigator Lincoln Perry investigates the program founder's disappearance and is alarmed to discover that an initial search was derailed by a murder.

ORDER # M810-5   $14-50   ISBN 9780312389574


A Deadly Row:  Mayes, Casey

When math genius and puzzlemaker Savannah Stone accompanies her husband - a retired police chief who does consulting work, on his latest job, she is the only one who can save Mayor Grady Winslow from a killer who is playing a deadly game.

ORDER # M810-6   $14-50   ISBN 9780425236413


Driven to Ink (Tattoo Shop: 03):  Olson, Karen E

When her car, which was borrowed by newlyweds Sylvia Coleman and Bernie Applebaum, is returned with a dead body in the trunk and then Sylvia and Bernie go missing, tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh and Sylvia's son Jeff go undercover as bride and groom to catch a killer who preys on impersonators.

ORDER # M810-7   $14-50   ISBN 9780451231574


The Morning Show Murders:  Roker, Al & Lochte, Dick

A debut mystery by the Emmy winning television host finds celebrity chef Billy Blessing struggling to clear his name by solving the murder of his producer, who has been poisoned while eating a dish from Billy's four-star restaurant.

ORDER # M810-8   $14-50   ISBN 9780440245803


The Professional:  Parker, Robert B.

Hired to counter a blackmailer who has had affairs with several wealthy women, Boston private eye Spenser finds the case turning violent when the women are systematically murdered, a situation that is complicated by the discovery that not all of the blackmailer's conquests make sense.

ORDER # M810-9   $16-50   ISBN 9780425236307 


There Goes the Bride:  Beaton, M. C.

Despite her interest in a handsome new Frenchman, Agatha Raisin cannot get her mind off her ex-husband James Lacey, especially when his young bride is killed right before saying "I do" and Agatha becomes the prime suspect, leading her to enlist the help of her sidekick Toni to solve the tricky case. From the author of A Spoonful of Poison. 

ORDER # M810-13   $14-50   ISBN 9780312373221


Scoop to Kill (Mystery a la Mode: 02):  Watson, Wendy

When a graduate student and the teacher he accused of sexual harassment are found dead after the annual Honor's Day festivities, Tally Jones, the proprietor of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, must get the scoop on a cold-blooded murderer.

ORDER # M810-11   $14-50   ISBN 9780451230768


Royal Flush:  Bowen, Rhys

Sent home to Castle Rannoch in the wake of an employment scandal, Lady Georgiana becomes a companion to a divorcée who would seduce the prince of Wales, an assignment that serves as a front during her secret mission to help Scotland Yard prevent an assassination attempt.

ORDER # M810-12   $14-50   ISBN 9780425236390


Revenge:  Holton, Hugh

No Picture Available

Chicago police officer Larry Cole finds himself challenged by simultaneous difficult cases involving a dark magician with a secret past, a former pro athlete turned gangster and a violently obsessed femme fatale.

ORDER # M810-13   $14-50   ISBN 9780765340467

Deadly Daggers (Renaissance Faire: 03):  Lavene, Joyce

No Picture Available

During the Renaissance Faire, Jessie Morton, an assistant professor at a local college, must help her friend Daisy find out who killed her ex-boyfriend, professional dueller Alastair the Great, while trying to keep her own boyfriend safe from his meddling brother.

ORDER # M810-14   $14-50   ISBN 9780425236444


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