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Angel's Verdict (Beaufort & Company: 04):  Stanton, Mary

Celestial advocate Brianna Winston- Beaufort and her company of angels are drawn into the golden age of Hollywood when the set of a made-for-TV movie, based on the murder of a beautiful B-movie actress, is sabotaged by frightening acts

ORDER # M111-1   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239872


The Black Cat (Richard Jury):  Grimes, Martha.

Struggling with guilt three months after his lover's tragic auto accident, Richard Jury becomes deeply suspicious when he is requested for a murder case out of his jurisdiction involving a shy local librarian who is also recognized as a posh city escort.

ORDER # M111-2   $13-90   ISBN 9780451232946 


Blast From the Past (Where Are They Now?: 03):  Kelner, Toni L.

While visiting a movie set, Boston freelance entertainment reporter Tilda Harper gets more than she bargained for when John Laryea, the former star of The Blastoffs, garners some unwanted attention from a scene-stealing killer.

ORDER # M111-3   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239902


Cat of the Century (Mrs. Murphy Mysteries):  Brown, Rita Mae & Brown, Sneaky Pie.

Gathering at William Woods University to celebrate the 100th birthday of spunky Aunt Tally, Harry Haristeen and her sleuthing cats investigate the disappearance of a close friend who has gone missing from the college library after giving Aunt Tally an unusual gift.

ORDER # M111-4   $13-90   ISBN 9780553591606


Cook the Books (Gourmet Girl Mysteries):  Conant-Park, Jessica & Conant, Susan.

Reeling from her breakup with her boyfriend Josh, Chloe Carter works as an assistant cookbook writer in Boston, until the mysterious death of one of Josh's friends brings him back into her life, in this Gourmet Girl Mystery with recipes.

ORDER # M111-5   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239919


A Crafty Killing (Victoria Square Mysteries):  Bartlett, Lorraine.

When her business partner, Ezra Hilton, is found murdered, Katie Bonner, the new manager of Artisans Alley, launches her own investigation and discovers a shocking link between Ezra's death and her late husband's death six months earlier.

ORDER # M111-6   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239858


Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (Magical Cats Mysteries):  Kelly, Sofie.

In this first instalment in a brand new series, small-town librarian Kathleen Paulson discovers that the two strays she has taken in - Owen and Hercules - are truly special when she, the prime suspect in a murder, gets some unexpected feline help in solving the crime and clearing her name.

ORDER # M111-7   $13-90   ISBN 9780451232496


Drip Dead (Georgiana Neveral: 03):  Evans, Christy.

When her mother is accused of killing her real estate mogul fiance, plumber's apprentice Georgiana Neverall must plunge into a dark world of secrets to clear her mother's name.

ORDER # M111-8  $13-90   ISBN 9780425239896


The Glass is Always Greener (Den of Antiquity Mysteries):  Myers, Tamar.

When her best friend Rob's eccentric Aunt Jerry is murdered and her priceless emerald ring is stolen, Abigail Timberlake Washburn becomes the prime suspect in the case, which forces her to launch her own investigation and put the real killer behind bars.

ORDER # M111-9   $13-90   ISBN 9780060846619


Illegal:  Levine, Paul.

Fingered for a crime he didn't commit, brash lawyer Jimmy Payne goes on the most terrifying run of his life, from bloody Mexicali to the bullet-riddled San Joaquin Valley, and when he meets a foul-mouthed Mexican teenager in search of his missing mother, the unlikely duo attempt to find the woman against startlingly violent odds.

ORDER # M111-10   $13-90   ISBN 9780553591057


The Merry Wives of Maggody (Arly Hanks Mysteries):  Hess, Joan.

After Mrs. Jim Bob Buchanan sets the small town of Maggody, Arkansas, on the path to chaos by holding a golf tournament where the first hole-in-one wins a premier bass-fishing boat, local golf instructor Tommy Ridner wins the prize on the first day, only to be found dead later, a case that Sheriff Arly Hanks must take on just as the cut-throat golf tournament begins anew.

ORDER # M111-11   $13-90   ISBN 9780312365646


Mind-Altering Murder (Psych):  Rabkin, William.

While investigating the mysterious disappearance of a computer-game magnate, Shawn discovers that Gus wants a grown-up job and does not want to be a detective anymore until a murder occurs at Gus's new job and he needs Shawn more than ever.

ORDER # M111-12   $13-90   ISBN 9780451232526


Polished Off (Southern Beauty Shop):  Dare, Lila

When her client, Audrey Faye, is found dead during the talent portion of the Miss Magnolia Blossom pageant, hairdresser Grace Terbune and the beauticians of Violetta's saloon must untangle a mystery of epic proportions when one of their own is accused of the crime.

ORDER # M111-13   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239865


Shot Through Velvet (Crime of Fashion Mysteries):  Byerrum, Ellen.

When she stumbles upon a dead body while touring a failing Virginia velvet factory, Crimes of Fashion columnist Lacey Smithsonian discovers that her own life is in danger when she receives the killer's rumoured calling card - a length of blue velvet ribbon.

ORDER # M111-14   $13-90   ISBN 9780451232502


Split Image (Jessie Stone):  Parker, Robert B.

Overwhelmed by a double homicide involving a mob hit, a high-ranking crime figure and twin mafia wives, Jesse Stone increasingly succumbs to alcoholism before agreeing to assist fellow investigator Sunny Randall on a seemingly unrelated case. By the author of Night and Day.

ORDER # M111-15   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239735 


Stitch Me Deadly (Embroidery Mysteries):  Lee, Amanda.

When an elderly client brings an antique piece of embroidery to Marcy and then is murdered, Marcy is convinced that the sample holds a clue to an even older crime and will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery.

ORDER # M111-16   $13-90   ISBN 9780451232519


Submerged (Mystery Case Files: Blackpool Mystery):  Gray, Jordan.

When a massive restoration project is brought to the marina, which results in political turmoil, kidnapping and murder, Molly and Michael Graham, newcomers to the English seacoast town of Blackpool, dive into the case and become submerged in a mystery involving smugglers and long-buried truths.

ORDER # M111-17   $13-90   ISBN 9780373837533


This Body of Death (Inspector Lynley):  George, Elizabeth.

After a woman is found dead in an isolated cemetery, Inspector Thomas Lynley and his former partner, Barbara Havers, find that the roots of the crime trace to a long-ago act of violence that has poisoned subsequent generations.

ORDER # M111-18   $13-90   ISBN 9780061160912 


Wanna Get Lucky? (Lucky O'Toole):  Coonts, Deborah.

When a young woman falls to her death from a Vegas sightseeing helicopter, casino "fixer" Lucky O'Toole discovers that one of her own exes may be involved and finds the case further complicated by cutthroat business stakes and her relationship with a female impersonator.

ORDER # M111-19   $13-90   ISBN 9780765364579


Town in a Lobster Stew (Candy Holliday):  Haywood, B.

During the 29th Annual Cape Willington Lobster Stew Cook-off, farmer Candy Holliday soon discovers that the competition is fierce when a stolen award-winning recipe leads to murder.

ORDER # M111-20   $13-90   ISBN 9780425240014


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