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Blind Rage:  Persons, Terri.

When a series of suicides involving troubled young women haunts the Twin Cities, FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Clare begins to believe that the women are not dying by their own hand and probes the background of the uncooperative psychiatrist who had treated one of the victims.

ORDER # M309-1   $16-90   ISBN 9780425224960


The Actress:  Sims, Elizabeth.

Hired by a criminal defense attorney to work with a woman accused of killing her own daughter to make her more sympathetic to the jury, struggling actress Rita Farmer soon finds her own life in danger, as well as that of her five-year-old son Petey.

ORDER # M309-2   $16-90   ISBN 9780312377281


4 Bodies and a Funeral:  Bond, Stephanie.

When she receives a surprise visit from her father, who is on the run from the law, Carlotta Wren must decide if she should join her former fiancé in proving her father's innocence, while a close friend's behavior spirals out of control, her brother has a new vice, and a serial killer terrorizes Atlanta.

ORDER # M309-3   $16-90   ISBN 9780778326687


Cheating at Solitaire:  Haddam, Jane.

Former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian is asked to investigate the murder of the latest boy toy of aging teen idol Arrow Normand, a crime in which Normand is the prime suspect, and finds himself dealing with a morass of motives and little real evidence.

ORDER # M309-4   $16-90   ISBN 9780312943400


Death Walked In:  Hart, Carolyn.

In the aftermath of a million-dollar coin collection theft, bookstore owner Annie Darling and her private investigator husband Max are further perplexed by a client's untimely murder in an antebellum home that the Darlings are restoring.

ORDER # M309-5   $16-90   ISBN 9780060724146


Degrees of Separation:  Henry, Sue.

After several years spent recovering from a devastating knee injury, champion musher Jessie Arnold is working to get back into shape for the Iditarod, but when she stumbles upon a corpse during a practice run down a local trail, she is sidetracked by the hunt for a killer.

ORDER # M309-6   $16-90   ISBN 9780451223708


Finished Off:  Kent, Rebecca.

When Headmistress Meredith Llewellyn, who has the gift of the second sight-and the ability to turn the most incorrigible tomboy into a refined young lady - sees the ghost of a little girl, she discovers that the grounds of Bellehaven Finishing School are harboring some sinister secrets.

ORDER # M309-7   $16-90   ISBN 9780425228111


House Dick:  Hunt, E. Howard.

This powerful crime drama, written by an award-winning novelist involved in the Watergate conspiracy, follows a detective in a Washington, D.C. hotel as he, investigating a burglary and murder, discovers the price you pay when you trust the wrong people.

ORDER # M309-8   $16-90   ISBN 9780843961164


Murder of a Royal Pain:  Swanson, Denise.

When school psychologist Skye Denison finds the body of pushy Promfest chairperson and prom mom Annette Paine, who was desperate to see her daughter crowned queen, she decides to investigate and discovers that she might have been the intended victim, not Annette.

ORDER # M309-9   $16-90   ISBN 9780451226587


Killing Bridezilla:  Levine, Laura.

Hired by her high school nemesis, Patti, to rewrite the ending of "Romeo and Juliet" for her wedding, Jaine Austen gets more than she had bargained for when Patti falls to her death from the balcony just before her big scene.

ORDER # M309-10   $16-90   ISBN 9780758220448


A Night at the Operation:  Cohen, Jeffrey.

When his ex-wife goes missing after the death of one of her patients, Elliot Freed, the owner of an all-comedy movie theatre, embarks on a frantic search for her with the help of her second - and soon-to-also-be-ex husband - his eccentric family, and his good friend Detective Vidal.

ORDER # M309-11   $16-90   ISBN 9780425228159


Never Say Sty:  Johnston, Linda O.

When wealthy hunk and pet-supply magnate Dante DeFrancisco sets his sights on her new reality show - and her - Kendra Ballantyne is in heaven until a murder occurs on the set and the suspects include Kendra's cop friend Ned, his sister, and Dante.

ORDER # M309-12   $16-90   ISBN 9780425227046


Nightshade:  Albert, Susan Wittig.

With her half-brother Miles and her husband determined to investigate the circumstances surrounding her father's death, herbalist China Bayles reluctantly joins in to uncover the truth, but she and McQuaid soon discover that Miles may be hiding more secrets than he apparently is willing to reveal.

ORDER # M309-13   $16-90   ISBN 9780425227039


Notoriously Neat:  Price, Suzanne.

When Pigeon Cove's veterinarian is murdered and all of the animals boarded at her clinic are released, professional cleaner Sky Taylor scrubs the crime scene for clues only to find herself faced with another murder.

ORDER # M309-14   $16-90   ISBN 9780451226594


Winter Study:  Barr, Nevada.

Visiting an isolated Lake Superior isle to study wolf behavior, ranger Anna Pigeon joins a scientific group that subsequently discovers unusual DNA evidence suggesting that a giant and dangerous wolf hybrid has been introduced by an unknown source.

ORDER # M309-15   $16-90   ISBN 9780425226957


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