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The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder (Charlotte Adams: 05):  Maffini, Mary Jane. 

Professional organizer and occasional sleuth Charlotte Adams must find Mona Pringle, the local 911 operator who has gone missing after several of the mean girls from high school who used to torment her are murdered.

ORDER # M311-1   $13-90   ISBN 9780425240601


The Cat, the Lady and the Liar (Cats in Trouble: 03):  Sweeney, Leann.

Jillian, along with her three wise cats, must solve a decades-old mystery, involving the fabulously wealthy and eccentric Ritaestelle Longworth, when a dead body is discovered in the lake behind her house.

ORDER # M311-2   $13-90   ISBN 9780451233028


Cookie Dough or Die (Cookie Cutter):  Lowell, Virginia

Olivia Greyson finds her reputation and cookie shop in danger when she becomes the prime suspect in the murder investigation of her mentor, prominent business owner Clarisse Chamberlain, when it is revealed that Clarisse left her a large sum of money along with a collection of valuable antique cookie cutters.

ORDER # M311-3   $13-90   ISBN 9780425240670


Crawlspace (Home Repair Is Homicide):  Graves, Sarah

Six years after the alleged death of murderer Randy Dodd, true-crime writer Jake Tiptree and her assistant journey to the city of Eastport to investigate suspicions that Dodd faked his death, an effort that is challenged by sinister threats and the abduction of Jake's son.

ORDER # M311-4   $13-90   ISBN 9780553591132


Deadly Notions (Southern Sewing Circle: 04):  Casey, Elizabeth Lynn.

After rude and self-important pageant mom Ashley Lawson is murdered, librarian Tori Sinclair and the members of South Carolina's Sweet Briar Ladies Society sewing circle, who were heard making threats against Ashley, must band together to find the real killer.

ORDER # M311-5   $13-90   ISBN 9780425240595


Dead Head (Dirty Business: 03):  Harris, Rosemary.

Learning that one of her popular neighbors is actually an escaped convict, investigator Paula is hired to find out which of the community's inner circle ladies is a fugitive from the law and why the woman's long-kept secret is being exposed. By the author of Pushing Up Daisies.

ORDER # M311-6   $13-90   ISBN 9780312569952


A Hard Day's Fright (Pepper Martin: 07):  Daniels, Casey

When cemetery tour guide and medium Pepper Martin is haunted by the ghost of Lucy, a teenager who disappeared one night in 1966 after a Beatles concert - and who can't rest in peace until her body is found and buried - she must solve a 45-year-old mystery.

ORDER # M311-7   $13-90   ISBN 9780425240564


The Last Illusion (Molly Murphy):  Bowen, Rhys.

Harry Houdini's wife hires Irish immigrant private investigator Molly Murphy to investigate the on-stage death of a magician's assistant, in the hopes of clearing Houdini's name and finding the person truly responsible for the death.

ORDER # M311-8   $13-90   ISBN 9780312535353


Night of the Living Dandelion (Flower Shop Mysteries: 11):  Collins, Kate.

Flower shop owner Abby Knight, while hobbling around on crutches, agrees to help her fiance, Marco, clear the name of his old army buddy Vlad Serban, who everyone thinks is a vampire - and responsible for the death of local nursing director Lori Willis.

ORDER # M311-9   $13-90   ISBN 9780451233011


Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder (Pizza Lovers Mysteries):  Cavender, Chris.

After the body of her delivery driver's brother ends up on the floor of her pizzeria, Eleanor Swift enlists the help of her sister Maddy in searching for the real killer, all while trying to keep her pizza business afloat.

ORDER # M311-10   $13-90   ISBN 9780758229519


Sweet Revenge (Lady Arianna Hadley): Penrose, Andrea

Disguised as a French chef in one of London's aristocratic households to find her father's murderer, Lady Arianna Hadley becomes the center of scandal when her special chocolate dessert causes the Prince Regent to fall ill, forcing her to reveal her deception to the only man who can help her find the truth.

ORDER # M311-11   $13-90   ISBN 9780451233035


An Uninvited Ghost (Haunted Guesthouse Mysteries):  Copperman, E. J.

While investigating a case for the ghost of Scott McFarlane, who got roped into a prank that may have killed a resident, Alison Kerby, discovering a dead body in her Jersey Shore guesthouse, is plunged into a murder investigation of epic proportions. 

ORDER # M311-12   $13-90   ISBN 9780425240588


Wrecked (Regan Reilly):  Clark, Carol Higgins.

A raucous family vacation on Cape Cod with her husband, his five siblings and their children finds Regan Reilly challenged to apply her investigative skills in the wake of unexpected events.

ORDER # M311-13   $13-90   ISBN 9781439170267


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