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Angel's Advocate:  Stanton, Mary.

Inheriting Savannah's haunted law firm Beaufort & Company, lawyer Brianna Winston-Beaufort, while representing the spoiled teenage daughter of a recently deceased pharmacy tycoon, must also help the ghost of her client's father whose proximity to the fiery pits of Hell is too close for comfort.

ORDER # M509-1   $15-90   ISBN 9780425228753


Bones:  Burke, Jan.

Vicious serial killer Nicholas Parrish agrees to exchange information about the location of the body of a missing woman, Judith Sayre, for a deal in which authorities will not seek the death penalty for his crimes, an agreement that traps journalist Irene Kelly in the wilderness with a murderer.

ORDER # M509-2   $15-90   ISBN 9781416596080


Cool Cache:  Smiley, Patricia.

Hoping to make a success of her new chocolate shop, Helen Taggart hires Tucker Sinclair as a consultant, but things go awry when Tucker stumbles upon the body of the shop's cleaning woman Lupe Ortiz and races against time to uncover the meaning of the bloody green feather lying next to the victim and to find a killer.

ORDER # M509-3   $15-90   ISBN 9780451225269


The Blessing Way:  Hillerman, Tony.

Witchcraft seems to be involved in the death of a Navajo whose body has been found in Many Ruins Canyon, and Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is charged with the task of solving the crime.

ORDER # M509-4   $17-90   ISBN 9780061808357 


Dyer Consequences:  Sefton, Maggie.

Kelly Flynn's plans to renovate an alpaca ranch are threatened by acts of sabotage targeting her new home and her local yarn shop, a situation that is complicated by the discovery of the body of a young woman, found drowned in a tub of dye in the basement of Kelly's shop, in a mystery complemented by a new knitting pattern and recipe.

ORDER # M509-5   $15-90   ISBN 9780425228364


Dance Hall of the Dead:  Hillerman, Tony.

When a young man from the Zuni reservation is found murdered and his missing Navajo friend becomes the prime suspect, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police investigates.

ORDER # M509-6   $17-90   ISBN 9780061808388 


Fearless Fourteen:  Evanovich, Janet.

Another installment in the popular Stephanie Plum series places the irrepressible bounty hunter and her motley companions - including Grandma Mazur, vice captain Joe Morelli, and Bob the Dog - in a new adventure involving the Burg's premier funeral home and a family pot roast.

ORDER # M509-7   $15-90   ISBN 9780312349523


Fuzzy Navel:  Konrath, J. A.

Hoping for a break in light of her fiance's recuperation from botulism poisoning and a deadly criminal's suicide, Chicago Police Department lieutenant Jacqueline Daniels finds her life thrown back into turmoil by the activities of a band of murderous vigilantes.

ORDER # M509-8  $15-90   ISBN 9780786891290


Mr. Monk Is Miserable:  Goldberg, Lee.

Accompanying his long-suffering assistant Natalie on a trip to France, detective Adrian Monk takes a tour through the underground world of the Parisian sewers, where he stumbles into a catacombs filled with ancient human remains, including one much more recent skull bearing evidence of murder.

ORDER # M509-9   $15-90   ISBN 9780451227331


Handbags and Homicide:  Howell, Dorothy.

When Haley Randolph is suspected of murdering her boss at Holt's department store and accused of embezzling one hundred thousand dollars from her previous job, she must find a killer with impeccable fashion taste. Includes teaser to next Haley Randolph Mystery Purses and Poison.

ORDER # M509-10   $15-90   ISBN 9780758223753


Murder on Bank Street:  Thompson, Victoria.

Widowed midwife Sarah Brandt teams up with Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy to investigate the murder of her late husband, Dr. Tom Brandt, but the shocking revelations that they discover could destroy Sarah, as well as any hopes Malloy might have in building a new future with her, in a mystery set in turn-of-the-twentieth-century New York.

ORDER # M509-11   $15-90   ISBN 9780425228371


Wishbones:  Haines, Carolyn.

Heading for Hollywood to take a shot at film stardom, Southern belle Sarah Booth Delaney gets a starring role in the racy remake of the movie Body Heat, but while filming on location in Costa Rica, the production is plagued by mysterious "accidents."

ORDER # M509-12   $15-90   ISBN 9780312377090


Southern Poison:  Ocean, T. Lynn.

Longing to retire from her dangerous life as an ex-Marine-turned-securities operative, Jersey Barnes finds her plans once again put on hold as she copes with her tempting partner Ox, the arrival of his ex-wife and daughter, assassins, and a father who seems bent on going to jail.

ORDER # M509-13   $15-90   ISBN 9780312383497


Sleeping Murder:  Christie, Agatha.

Although Gwenda and Giles Reed are determined to solve a macabre puzzle involving a hauntingly familiar Victorian villa and a terrifying vision of a strangled woman, Miss Jane Marple advises them not to uncover a long unreported murder.

ORDER # M509-14   $15-90   ISBN 9780451200198


Star Spangled Murder:  Meier, Leslie.

When her Houdini-esque canine instigates a feud with her neighbor Mrs. Pratt, Lucy Stone becomes the main suspect when Mrs. Pratt is murdered, while nudists, cranky lobstermen, and a rare purple-spotted lichen wreak havoc on the town of Tinker's Cove.

ORDER # M509-15   $15-90   ISBN 9780758228987


Swan Peak:  Burke, James Lee.

The latest tale featuring the popular and flawed detective Dave Robicheaux takes him from the bayous of Louisiana's New Iberia Parish to the wild mountains of Montana. Includes excerpt from the forthcoming In the Valley of Ancient Rain Gods.

ORDER # M509-16   $17-90   ISBN 9781416548546 


Precious Cargo:  Ford, Clyde.

No Picture Available

When the bodies of three young Mexican women are found under strange circumstances, detective Charlie Noble investigates with the help of Native American sea salvager Raven, following a trail of death to a suspicious father-and-son team of human traffickers, in this mystery by an award-winning author.

ORDER # M509-17   $17-90   ISBN 9781593155384


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