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Bone Appetit (Sarah Booth Delaney):  Haines, Carolyn

Retreating to a weekend spa and cooking school after a romantic disappointment, private investigator Sarah Booth Delaney enjoys watching a spiteful competition for the spa's next spokesperson until a top contender is poisoned and the leading suspect hires Sarah Booth to clear her name.

ORDER # M511-1   $13-90   ISBN 9780312388423


Burn (Anna Pigeon):  Barr, Nevada.

Recovering from the emotional scars of recent traumas, National Park Service ranger Anna Pigeon goes to stay with her friend, Geneva, in New Orleans, only to become the target of a dark curse, prompting her to investigate what it has to do with Geneva's creepy tenant and a fugitive mother accused of killing her family.

ORDER # M511-2   $15-50   ISBN 9780312381806 


Finger Lickin' Dead (Memphis BBQ: 02):  Adams, Riley

When her friend Evelyn's cheating boyfriend, an anonymous food critic that has been negatively bashing several local restaurants, including hers, is found dead, Lulu Taylor must step out of the kitchen and catch the real killer before her loved ones get sentenced to a strict diet of prison food.

ORDER # M511-3   $13-90   ISBN 9780425241912


Dire Threads (Threadville Mysteries):  Bolin, Janet.

When Mike Krawbach, the town's corrupt commissioner who keeps denying her renovation plans, is found dead in her yard, Willow Vanderling, Threadville's newest outspoken resident, becomes the prime suspect and must unravel a tangled mystery to clear her name.

ORDER # M511-4   $13-90   ISBN 9780425241899


Hexes and Hemlines (Witchcraft Mysteries: 03):  Blackwell, Juliet.

When the head of a rationalist society who was devoted to discrediting superstitions is found stabbed to death next to a broken mirror, a black cat and the number 13, Lily Ivory, witch and vintage clothing store owner, is called in to investigate this strange case.

ORDER # M511-5   $13-90   ISBN 9780451233783


Grace Interrupted (Manor House: 02):  Hyzy, Julie.

When one of the Civil War re-enactors is found murdered on the grounds of Marshfield Manor, caretaker Grace Wheaton must put herself in harm's way when Jack Embers, the groundskeeper, stands accused of the crime and she must prove his innocence.

ORDER # M511-6   $13-90   ISBN 9780425241905


Ink Flamingos (Tattoo Shop: 04):  Olson, Karen E.

When one of her best customers, the lead singer of the Flamingos, is found dead in a hotel room surrounded by ink pots and needles, tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh discovers that someone is impersonating her all over the city, setting her up to take the fall for murder.

ORDER # M511-7   $13-90   ISBN 9780451233790


A Parfait Murder (a La Mode: 03):  Watson, Wendy

When her cousin Bree is accused of murdering her deadbeat ex-husband's attorney, Tallulah Jones, the owner of the sweetest ice-cream parlor in Texas, agrees to help Bree get out of this sticky situation.

ORDER # M511-8   $13-90   ISBN 9780451233806


Sentenced to Death (Booktown: 05):  Barrett, Lorna.

When her friend Deborah, the festivities organizer for Stoneham's Founders' Day celebration, is killed in a freak accident during the opening ceremonies, mystery bookstore owner Tricia Miles discovers that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

ORDER # M511-9   $13-90   ISBN 9780425241868


Royal Pains: First, Do No Harm:  Lyle, D. P.

When he notices that something is wrong with his most cherished patient's granddaughter, who is getting married soon, Dr. Hank Lawson must think fast before a high-profile wedding turns deadly.

ORDER # M511-10   $13-90   ISBN 9780451234148


Sizzling Sixteen (Stephanie Plum):  Evanovich, Janet.

A latest entry in the best-selling series finds intrepid sleuth Stephanie Plum, her grandmother and her other companions struggling to outmaneuver a killer who is targeting Vinnie, a case that is further complicated by Lula's involvement in a fraudulent investment scheme.

ORDER # M511-11   $15-50   ISBN 9780312383312 


Shallow Graves:  Deaver, Jeffery.

While striving to rebuild his career and reputation in Hollywood, John Pelham heads to Cleary, New York, to scout out a location for a new film and instead encounters deadly resistance from small-town folk.

ORDER # M511-12   $15-50   ISBN 9781451621419 


To Sketch a Thief (Portrait of Crime Mysteries: 02):  Pape, Sharon.

Involved in yet another homicide case after a stray dog named Hobo leads her to his murdered owner's corpse, former police sketch artist turned P.I. Rory McCain, along with her partner - the ghost of a lawman who was shot in 1878, is fast on the trail of some deadly dogknappers.

ORDER # M511-13   $13-90   ISBN 9780425241929


Skein of the Crime (Knitting: 08):  Sefton, Maggie

Kelly Flynn unravels the murder of a college student who was attending her knitting classes at the House of Lambspun in this latest instalment of knitting mysteries from the best-selling author of Dropped Dead Stitch.

ORDER # M511-14   $13-90   ISBN 9780425241882


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