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American Detective:  Estleman, Loren D.

Hired by former Detroit Tigers pitcher Darius Fuller to break up his daughter's romance with Hilary Bairn, a presumed fortune-hunter, Amos Walker gets more than he bargained for when Fuller's daughter turns up dead, he discovers that Bairn had been in debt to a loan shark, Bairn vanishes, and he must tangle with crooked cops and dangerous gangsters to find the truth.

ORDER # M1108-1   $15-90    ISBN 9780765350824


The Book of Old Houses:  Graves, Sarah.

Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree undertakes a new investigation into the murder of antiquarian book expert Horace Robotham during a random mugging, after his death is linked to an enigmatic old volume discovered in the cellar of her 1823 fixer-upper, taking on a UFO-chasing book specialist, a reclusive conspiracy theorist, and a frustrated novelist to find the killer.

ORDER # M1108-2   $15-90    ISBN 9780553588033


Death Song:  McGarrity, Michael.

Police Chief Kevin Kerney and his Mescalero Apache son, Sergeant Clayton Istee, reunite to investigate the ambush killing of a Lincoln County deputy sheriff, and the brutal Santa Fe murder of the deputy's wife, a probe that leads to a major drug trafficking scheme, a double murder in Albuquerque, and the search for the slain officer's troubled teenage son.

ORDER # M1108-3   $15-90    ISBN 9780451412492


Dead Men Don't Crochet:  Hechtman, Betty.

The Tarzana Hookers, a group of yarnholics, come to the aid of one of their members, Sheila, a timid, anxiety-ridden crocheter who is in desperate need of money, when the owner of a consignment store who had stiffed her is found dead.

ORDER # M1108-4   $15-90    ISBN 9780425225004


Defending Angels:  Stanton, Mary.

When she takes over her uncle's law firm in Savannah, Brianna Winston Beaufort, renting space in an old house located in the middle of an all-murderers' cemetary, gets a call from beyond from a murdered local businessman who needs her help.

ORDER # M1108-5   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224984


Devil May Ride:  Roberts, Wendy.

Sadie Novak, the owner of a crime scene cleanup company who is gifted with the second sight, comes face-to-face with evil and a gang of meth-deprived motorcyclists, when she finds evidence of a chilling cult ritual in an abandoned meth lab.

ORDER # M1108-6   $15-90    ISBN 9780451225658


Dying By the Sword:  D'Almeida, Sarah.

When his servant Mousqueton is accused of murdering the local armorer, Porthos turns to his fellow musketeers to help him save his loyal retainer from the gallows, a mission that leads them to Cardinal Richelieu and to a plot against the king himself.

ORDER # M1108-7   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224618


Ding Dong Dead:  Baker, Deb.

After the Phoenix Dollers anonymously receive a house to turn into a museum, doll restorer Gretchen Birch begins to believe her mother's claims that the house is haunted when strange things begin happening and a murder occurs.

ORDER # M1108-8   $15-90    ISBN 9780425225028


Dying for Dinner:  Bliss, Miranda.

While managing her boyfriend's restaurant, Annie discovers that the special of the day is murder when the assistant to legendary chef Jacques Lavoie, who teaches their cooking class, is found dead and Lavoie is missing.

ORDER # M1108-9   $15-90    ISBN 9780425226100


Eggs in Purgatory:  Childs, Laura.

When they open the Cackleberry Club café, three widows and best friends - Suzanne, Toni, and Petra - find their first customer to be murder when Suzanne's lawyer is found dead with a secret on his lips and egg on his face.

ORDER # M1108-10   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224953


False Witness:  Thurlo, Aimée & Thurlo, David.

Faced with unexpected and costly repairs to the cloistered Our Lady of Hope monastery, Sister Agatha, the local extern nun with a talent for detection, accepts an offer by the ailing and wealthy John Gutierrez to search for his estranged niece, who is believed to be in the area, but her investigation soon leads to unexpected, life-threatening peril for all concerned.

ORDER # M1108-11   $15-90    ISBN 9780312993719


Fifty-to-One:  Ardai, Charles.

When he releases a supposedly nonfiction account of a heist at a Mob-run nightclub, which had actually been written by an eighteen-year-old showgirl, a shady book publisher and his protégé discover that living a pulp fiction novel is much more dangerous than writing them.

ORDER # M1108-12   $15-90    ISBN 9780843959680


Hush My Mouth:  Pickens, Cathy.

Settling into life as a small-town attorney, Avery Andrews is hired by an Atlanta woman in town to search for her adopted sister, Neanna, a case that could be linked to the twenty-year-old unsolved murder of Neanna's aunt, and finds her investigation complicated by three ghost hunters who have had altercations with the local biker gang and Avery's own.

ORDER # M1108-13   $15-90    ISBN 9780312354435


Hail to the Chef:  Hyzy, Julie.

While dealing with holiday meal planning and the First Lady's matchmaking attempts, White House executive chef Ollie Paras finds things ready to boil over when an electrician is electrocuted to death and the First Lady's nephew dies in an apparent suicide after helping Ollie in the kitchen.

ORDER # M1108-14   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224991


Mrs. Malory and a Time to Die:  Holt, Hazel.

When a series of shocking and suspicious deaths plagues the quiet English town of Taviscombe, including that of a popular riding school owner, Sheila Malory, always ready with a cup of tea and an ear for the latest gossip, gets back in the saddle as she tries to solve another mystery.

ORDER # M1108-15   $15-90    ISBN 9780451225696


Sante Fe Dead:  Woods, Stuart.

When the wife who had hired an assassin to kill him escapes from police custody, attorney Ed Eagle struggles to survive and protect the life of his new girlfriend, a situation that is further challenged by the questionable credibility of a new client.

ORDER # M1108-16   $15-90    ISBN 9780451225597 


Take Two:  Klensch, Elsa.

While working on a story about the anniversary of a thrift shop founded by the late wife of a publishing magnate, TV producer Sonya Iverson becomes embroiled in a bitter feud between Hilda Woodruff and her sisters over control of the family magazine empire, a battle complicated by the murder of the manager of the thrift shop and the return of Hilda's long-lost secret daughter.

ORDER # M1108-17   $15-90    ISBN 9780765353177


Wash and Die:  Colley, Barbara.

When Charlotte LaRue, owner of the Maid for a Day cleaning service, discovers the dead body of her houseguest, a recovering alcoholic, in her living room, she becomes the number one suspect in the murder investigation.

ORDER # M1108-18   $15-90    ISBN 9780758222527


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