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Cat Breaking Free:  Murphy, Shirley Rousseau.

Investigating a series of retail break-ins in the quaint village of Molena Point, California, feline private investigator Joe Grey pursues suspicions about a blonde next-door neighbor, a case that becomes complicated when the perpetrators begin trapping feral cats.

ORDER # MOT-1   $16.90   ISBN 0060578122 


Turkey Day Murder:  Meier, Leslie.

Amateur sleuth Lucy Stone investigates when Tinker's Cove's annual Thanksgiving festivities are interrupted by the murder of Metinnicut Indian activist Curt Nolan and uncovers a host of suspects while cooking up a holiday dinner for twelve.

ORDER # MOT-2   $16.90   ISBN 1575666855 

A Catered Christmas:  Crawford, Isis.

Caterers Bernadette and Libby Simmons are coping with their busiest time of the year when they are recruited for a cooking show contest that pits celebrity chefs against each other, resulting in murder.

ORDER # MOT-3   $16.90   ISBN 0758206887 


Corpus Christmas:  Maron, Margaret.

When art historian Dr. Roger Shambley, the trustee of a collection by a reclusive artist, is found dead after a posh New York Christmas party, Lieutenant Sigrid Harald, the artist's girlfriend, investigates.

ORDER # MOT-4   $16.90   ISBN 0446618330 


A Crossworder's Delight:  Blanc, Nero.

Private detective Rosco Polycrates and crossword editor Belle Graham investigate the disappearance of a valuable poem, a case that leads to the discovery of a handmade book of dessert recipes written in the form of crossword puzzles.

ORDER # MOT-5   $16.90   ISBN 0425212289 


Dark Harbor:  Woods, Stuart.

Investigating the unlikely murder-suicide case of his cousin, who secretly worked for the CIA, Stone Barrington is surprised to learn that his cousin had named him the executor of his estate just prior to his death.

ORDER # MOT-6   $18.50   ISBN 0451218701 


Death Drop:  Adams, Alina.

When a young ice-dancing champion is murdered and her baby is abandoned, Bex, a reporter for the 24/7 television network, finds herself skating on thin ice when she calls into the question the paternity of the child.

ORDER # MOT-7   $16.90   ISBN 0425212661 


Dolled Up for Murder:  Baker, Deb.

Gretchen Birch, her mother Caroline, and her Aunt Nina discover that doll collecting can be a dangerous business, especially when it leads to murder, in this all new mystery series inspired by one of the world 's most popular hobbies.

ORDER # MOT-8   $16.90   ISBN 0425212637 


A Fatal Appraisal:  Stanley, J.B.

While covering a taping of Hidden Treasures, a popular antiques show in Richmond, Virginia, writer Molly Appleby must solve the murder of the show's main appraiser who, after inspecting an eighteenth-century desk with secret compartments, is found dead in his car.

ORDER # MOT-9   $16.90   ISBN 0425212645 


For Edgar:  Rusch, Sheldon.

A series of bizarre and baffling crimes draws Special Agent Elizabeth Taylor Hewitt into a deadly pursuit of a madman calling himself The Raven who is paying homage to the literary works of Edgar Allan Poe with his twisted and violent killings.

ORDER # MOT-10   $16.90   ISBN 0425212629 


Guilt Trip:  Rehder, Ben.

Blanco County, Texas, game warden John Marlin has his peaceful life turned upside down by the disappearance of the womanising treasurer of the local Rotary Club, the explosion of a drug house down the road, the theft of an exotic car, and murder.

ORDER # MOT-11   $16.90   ISBN 0312940947 


Grave Descend:  Lange, John.

Off the coast of Jamaica, diver James McGregor finds himself in too deep when he is hired to explore the wreck of luxury yacht Grave Descend, which was carrying a mysterious cargo.

ORDER # MOT-12   $16.90   ISBN 084395597X 


Jamaica Me Dead:  Morris, Bob.

Attending a posh party at Florida Field, Zack Chasteen finds a fake bomb strapped beneath the chair of Darcy Whitehall, owner of a chain of anything-goes Caribbean resorts, and is hired by Monk DeVane, a former Miami Dolphins teammate and Darcy's employee, to find out who is responsible and to protect Darcy from an unknown enemy.

ORDER # MOT-13   $16.90   ISBN 0312997485 


High Heels and Homicide:  Michaels, Kasey.

While in England to watch one of her novels being shot as a motion picture, Maggie Kelly, along with her beau, Alexandre, becomes immersed in a murder mystery when the manor house they are staying in becomes the playground of a clever killer.

ORDER # MOT-14   $16.90   ISBN 0758208812 


Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose:  Davies, Martin.

When a priceless ruby known as the Malabar Rose vanishes while being guarded by Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson, the formidable Mrs. Hudson sets out to give a lesson in criminal deduction for her most famous and logical of tenants, the master sleuth himself.

ORDER # MOT-15   $16.90   ISBN 0425206513 


Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight:  Brightwell, Emily.

Aided by his sleuthing housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries, Inspector Witherspoon is called in by the Home Secretary to uncover the truth about the bludgeoning murder of Sir George Braxton, an investigation complicated by the victim's three daughters.

ORDER # MOT-16   $16.90   ISBN 0425207080 


Murder at The Washington Tribune:  Truman, Margaret.

When two attractive young women are found murdered in the nation's capital, disillusioned Washington Tribune crime reporter Joe Wilcox invents a serial killer stalking the city, but when his long-lost brother Michael, who has spent years in an Illinois mental institution, shows up, Joe begins to suspect that Michael could be the real thing.

ORDER # MOT-17   $16.90   ISBN 0345478207 


Nail Biter:  Graves, Sarah.

Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree is up to her neck in trouble when a coven of self-styled witches takes over her Eastport, Maine, rental property for Halloween, fundamentalist preacher Gene Dibble turns up dead, rumors begin to spread about Jake's involvement in dark magic, ghostly moaning terrorizes her neighbors, and she must do everything to find the culprit.

ORDER # MOT-18   $16.90   ISBN 0553585797 


School Days:  Parker, Robert B.

Hired by a Massachusetts grand dame to prove the innocence of her grandson, who has been implicated in a school shooting, Spenser wonders why the boy seems unconcerned about his possible wrongful imprisonment.

ORDER # MOT-19   $16.90   ISBN 0425211347 


A Peach of a Murder:  Washburn, Livia J.

Retired schoolteacher Phyllis Newsom, who is on a personal mission to win the blue ribbon for the best peach pie at the Peach Festival, finds herself accused of murder when her spicy entry kills a judge.

ORDER # MOT-20   $16.90   ISBN 0451219740 


The Silver Pigs:  Davis, Lindsey.

Marcus Didius Falco finds himself in the midst of ancient Roman intrigue when he accepts a case from the beautiful Sosia Camillina, one that mushrooms into a plot to depose the emperor and leads to Helena Justina, a senator's daughter who is somehow linked to the traitors he has sworn to expose, in a new edition of the first novel in the ancient Roman mystery series.

ORDER # MOT-21   $16.90   ISBN 031235777X 


Shooting Gallery:  Lind, Hailey.

When her friend Bryan is accused of stealing a Chagall painting from the Brock Museum, Annie Kincaid, a former art forger, gets help from a hunky art thief to clear Bryan's name, while dealing with the arrival of her mother.

ORDER # MOT-22   $16.90   ISBN 0451219732 


Summer Garden Murder:  Ripley, Ann.

Garden show host Louise Eldridge finds her career and life in danger when she is accused of murdering a former mental patient who harbored a grudge against her, and as she sets out to dig up the truth, she unearths dark secrets about her neighbors.

ORDER # MOT-23   $16.90   ISBN 0758208189 


Anne Perry Christmas: Two Holiday Novels:  Perry, Anne

No Picture Available

When a peaceful weekend party at a posh English country manor house is ruined by a mysterious death, Lady Vespasia Cumming-Gould takes on the role of sleuth to investigate the crime, in A Christmas Journey, and in A Christmas Visitor, when the tranquillity of a snowbound Victorian estate is shattered by a shocking murder, mathematician and inventor Henry Rathbone must put his analytical abilities to work to uncover the killer.

ORDER # MOT-24   $16.90   ISBN 0345483480 


Unsafe Harbor:  Speart, Jessica.

Heading for Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, to help stop the import of illegal flora and fauna, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent Rachel Porter gets more than she had bargained for when a body turns up near her post, a corpse found wearing a priceless shawl made from the skin of a nearly extinct Asian animal.

ORDER # MOT-25   $16.90   ISBN 0060559616 


The Young Widow:  Chan, Cassandra.

An ambitious young detective sergeant with Scotland Yard, Jack Gibbons enlists the assistance of his friend, Philip Bethancourt, a charismatic and wealthy bon vivant, as he investigates the poisoning death of Geoffrey Berowne, in a case that takes a strange turn when the prime suspect, the victim's young wife Annette, turns her attentions on Jack.

ORDER # MOT-26   $16.90   ISBN 0312941889 


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