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Candy Cane Murder:  Fluke, Joanne; Levine, Laura

This delightful collection of holiday whodunits, featuring more than fifteen delectable recipes, includes Joanne Fluke's Candy Cane Murder, in which bakery owner Hannah Swenson, while dressed as an elf, finds murder on the agenda at Lake Eden's annual Christmas gala.

ORDER # M908-1   $15-90   ISBN 0758221991


The Clockwork Teddy:  Lamb, John J.

During their trip to San Francisco, Brad and Ashleigh Lyon get to spend some quality time with their daughter, an undercover detective, when they stumble upon a murder at a teddy bear show.

ORDER # M908-2   $15-90   ISBN 0425224295


Daughter of Deceit:  Springkle, Patricia.

Working hard to repair her Atlanta home after it is vandalized, Katherine Murray comes to the aid of Bara Weidenauer, a socialite who wants her to investigate the military medals that once belonged to her father, but Katherine's case is complicated by the murder of Bara's greedy, estranged husband and by the discovery that Bara's father had been hiding some profoundly disturbing secrets.

ORDER # M908-3   $15-90   ISBN 0060819839


The Diva Runs Out of Thyme:  Davis, Krista.

Determined to take down her childhood rival at the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown, Sophie Winston instead finds herself accused of murder when her quest for basting the perfect turkey goes horribly wrong, in a mystery complete with tasty recipes and entertaining tips.

ORDER # M908-4   $15-90   ISBN 0425224260


Death in Daytime:  Davidson, Eileen.

When her arch nemesis Marcy Blanchard, the new head writer for The Yearning Tide is found dead, soap opera actress Alexis Peterson becomes the prime suspect and must play the role of a lifetime to clear her name.

ORDER # M908-5   $15-90   ISBN 0451225643


The Ever-Running Man:  Muller, Marcia.

Narrowly escaping an explosion in her apartment building that had been set by a man under investigation for blowing up her husband's security firm offices, Sharon McCone is dismayed to uncover the security firm's shadowy past, a finding that compromises her marriage.

ORDER # M908-6   $15-90   ISBN 0446401161


A Few Good Murders:  Kalian, Cady.

Having argued with a leading lady whom she believes to be misrepresenting her character, screenplay writer Maggie Mars is declared a suspect when the actress is subsequently murdered, a case that is complicated by the involvement of one of Maggie's former lovers.

ORDER # M908-7   $15-90   ISBN 0765352273


Extracurricular Activities:  Barbieri, Maggie.

When her ex-husband turns up dead, Alison Bergeron, a professor at an upstate New York college, teams up with her on-again, off-again lover, married NYPD Homicide Detective Bobby Crawford, to prove that the killing is linked to a local mob boss. 

ORDER # M908-8   $15-90   ISBN 0312945302


Frill Kill:  Childs, Laura.

When her friend Ava hires a sexy tarot reader to entertain during a Halloween bash at her New Orleans scrapbooking store, Carmela never expected to stumble upon the corpse of a beautiful model or be attacked herself on the way home, but as she and Ava launch their own investigation into the crime, they discover that something evil is lurking in the shadows of the French Quarter.

ORDER # M908-9   $15-90   ISBN 0425224252


The First Quarry:  Collins, Max Allan.

This gripping story takes readers back in time to the very first job of Quarry, a ruthless killer-for-hire, when he is hired to eliminate a college professor whose sins are far worse than his liaisons with his young students.

ORDER # M908-10   $15-90   ISBN 0843959657


An Ice Cold Grave:  Harris, Charlaine.

Heading for Doraville, North Carolina, to investigate the disappearance of a young boy, Harper Connelly and her brother Tolliver are stunned to discover that he is one of several teens who had vanished over the previous five years, but when she uses her talent to communicate with the dead to find the missing boy, she discovers that her knowledge has placed her in the sights of a killer.

ORDER # M908-11   $15-90   ISBN 0425224244


Kill Chain:  Gardiner, Meg.

When a wrecked car belonging to her father is found at the bottom of hundred-foot drop, Evan Delaney soon discovers that he has been kidnapped, and she has seventy-two hours to solve a puzzle and save his life.

ORDER # M908-12   $15-90   ISBN 0451225236


Kissing Christmas Goodbye:  Beaton, M. C.

Bored with the routine cases coming her way, Agatha Raisin finally gets the chance for some excitement with the arrival of her handsome ex, James Lacey, and the poisoning death of a wealthy widow, Mrs. Tamworthy, who had sent Agatha a letter warning that she believed that someone in her family intended to kill her.

ORDER # M908-13   $15-90   ISBN 0312946775


A Killer Workout:  Lilley, Kathryn.

Plus-sized TV reporter Kate Gallagher, determined to win her war on fat, signs up for active duty at Body Blast, a boot camp-style fitness program, only to be faced with murder, which gives her keen skills of detection a full-body workout.

ORDER # M908-14   $15-90   ISBN 045122535X


Mrs. Jeffries & the Feast of St. Stephen: Brightwell, Emily.

Assigned to investigate the murder of Stephen Whitfield during a Yuletide celebration in West Brompton, Inspector Witherspoon is none too happy when Scotland Yard insists that the case be solved before Christmas, and his busy household staff puts their sleuthing talents to work to help him find the killer.

ORDER # M908-15   $15-90   ISBN 0425224279


Now & Then:  Parker, Robert B.

Investigating a new client's unfaithful wife, Boston private eye Spenser finds himself in a web of trouble when the seemingly open-and-shut case goes terribly wrong and three people wind up dead, a situation that reveals the wife's lover's ties to a terrorist organization.

ORDER # M908-16   $15-90   ISBN 0425224147


Three Sisters:  Doss, James D.

With the help of his aunt Daisy Perika, a Ute shaman, part-time tribal investigator Charlie Moon and his friend, Granite Creek, Colorado, police chief Scott Parris, investigate the vicious murder of a woman, one of three daughters of a wealthy rancher, a probe that is complicated by the arrival of her sister, a popular TV psychic.

ORDER # M908-17   $15-90   ISBN 0312945299


Shrouds of Holly:  Kingsbury, Kate.

At the height of the Christmas season, Cecily Sinclair Baxter undertakes a personal investigation to find her missing husband and stable manager, who vanished during an expedition into the nearby woods to cut holly to decorate the ballroom for the Pennyfoot Hotel's annual Christmas reception, and the killer responsible for returning a corpse in their place.

ORDER # M908-18   $15-90   ISBN 0425224317


Why Mermaids Sing:  Harris, C. S.

In 1811 London, murder stalks the city's elite as the sons of prominent families are found in public places, with their bodies mutilated and strange objects stuffed in their mouths, and Sebastian St. Cyr takes time out from his shaky relationship with actress Kat Boleyn to track down the killer.

ORDER # M908-19   $15-90   ISBN 0451225333


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