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Bear Bait (Summer Westin: 02):  Beason, Pamela.

While working on a 12-week project for the National Park Service as a biologist and volunteer fire-watcher, Summer "Sam" Westin finds things heating up when an explosion almost claims the life of another volunteer and is linked to an old gold mine and an illegal bear hunter.

ORDER # M912-1   $12-90   ISBN 9780425251652


D. C. Dead (Stone Barrington):  Woods, Stuart.

Evaluating his life in New York as a Woodman & Weld partner after a shocking loss, Stone Barrington is summoned by the President to Washington, D. C. and assigned to a special ops mission that reunites him with his former partner, Holly Barker.

ORDER # M912-2   $12-90   ISBN 9780451237859


Deadly Patterns (Magical Dressmaking: 03):  Bourbon, Melissa.

While designing a holiday fashion show set in the town's most prominent historic mansion, dressmaker Harlow Jane Cassidy stumbles upon the dead body of Dan Lee Chrisson, who was supposed to play Santa in this year's festival, and must catch a killer who is now on the naughty list.

ORDER # M912-3   $12-90   ISBN 9780451238245


Dial C for Chihuahua (Barking Detective):  Curtis, Waverly.

Pepe, a talking chihuahua whose new owner Geri is the only one who can understand him, must help Geri on her first assignment for an eccentric investigator by dressing up in a sparkly costume for a reality TV show called Dancing With Dogs to sniff out a killer.

ORDER # M912-4   $12-90   ISBN 9780758274953


A Fatal Stain (Daring Finds: 03):  Hamilton, Barbara.

While working on restoring a table to avoid wedding preparations, Candyce Dare, the owner of a furniture refinishing business, discovers that her new purchase is linked to a murder and is drawn into a solve-it-yourself mystery project.

ORDER # M912-5   $12-90   ISBN 9780425255230


A Grid for Murder (Mystery by the Numbers: 03):  Mayes, Casey.

When Joanna Clayton, her greatest rival, is poisoned, Savannah Stone, who makes her living creating puzzles for logic lovers, is stumped by this mystery and must sort through Joanna's long list of enemies to solve this crime.

ORDER # M912-6   $12-90   ISBN 9780425251645


If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance (Country Cooking School:  02): Shelton, Paige.

While searching for the killer of a foodie tourist, who turned up dead after one of her cooking classes, Isabelle "Betts" Winston must also help the axe-wielding ghost of Sally Swarthmore, one of Broken Rope, Missouri's legendary murderers, prove that she was a victim, not a villain.

ORDER # M912-7   $12-90   ISBN 9780425251614


Iced Chiffon (Consignment Shop):  Brown, Duffy.

Turning the first floor of her home into a consignment shop, Reagan Summerside discovers that murder is good for business when her ex-husband's new girlfriend is found dead in his Lexus, causing her shop to become a hub for gossip and clues to catching the killer.

ORDER # M912-8   $12-90   ISBN 9780425251607


Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder (Ellie Avery Mysteries):  Rosett, Sara.

When an obnoxious professional rival sets up shop in the same small Georgia town - and then is murdered - super organizer Ellie Avery, who is buried in holiday preparations, must unwrap the clues to catch a killer who wants to wish her a very deadly Christmas.

ORDER # M912-9   $12-90   ISBN 9780758269218


Mrs. Malory and a Necessary End:  Holt, Hazel.

While filling in for a friend at a local charity shop in the quiet English town of Taviscombe, Sheila Malory must employ her keen detecting skills when the store's ill-tempered supervisor is found dead and everyone in town is a suspect.

ORDER # M912-10   $12-90   ISBN 9780451415387


Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues (Jesse Stone):  Brandman, Michael.

A latest entry in the best-selling series continues the story of Massachusetts police chief Jesse Stone, whose investigation into a violent series of car thefts is complicated by political pressures, the summer tourist season and the questionable goals of an ambitious PR executive.

ORDER # M912-11   $12-90   ISBN 9780425250457


Restless in the Grave (Kate Shugak):  Stabenow, Dana.

A crossover mystery featuring Aleut private investigator Kate Shugak and Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell finds them teaming up to investigate a suspicious plane crash that ended the life of aviation entrepreneur Finn Grant, a case that requires Kate to work undercover as a bar waitress.

ORDER # M912-12   $12-90   ISBN 9780312559120


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