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Beyond the Matrix: Daring Conversations With the Brilliant Minds of Our Times:  Cori, Patricia.

Collects some of the most provocative interviews conducted by the author on her radio show, bringing together leaders in various fields of alternative thinking to propose new and exciting perspectives on the future of humanity as it approaches the potentially life-changing year of 2012.

ORDER # N410-1   $31-90   ISBN 9781556438936 


Consequences of Hermeneutics: 50 Years After Gadamer's Truth and Method:  Malpas, Jeff & Zabala, Santiago, eds.

Celebrates the 50th anniversary of the publication of one of the most important philosophical works in the 20th century with essays by most of the leading figures in contemporary hermeneutic theory.

ORDER # N410-2   $68-90   ISBN 9780810126862 


Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfilment:  Buffett, Peter.

The award-winning musician son of Warren Buffett shares an uplifting primer on how to achieve life satisfaction by maintaining strong values, describing how his father worked to separate Peter and his siblings from fame and wealth by encouraging them to define their own paths.

ORDER # N410-3   $35-90   ISBN 9780307464712 


The Essence of Thought:  Hofstadter, Douglas & Sander, Emanuel.

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Shows how analogy-making pervades human thought at all levels, choosing our words and phrases for us when we speak, framing how we understand even the most boring everyday situation, guiding us in unfamiliar situations, and giving rise to great acts of imagination.

ORDER # N410-4   $46-90   ISBN 9780465018475 


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