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The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness:  Ralston, Peter.

A martial artist and author of Zen Body-Being explains how to master self-awareness through the practice of becoming comfortable with not knowing and breaking free from old habits, cherished presumptions, and a stubbornly solid sense of self.

ORDER # N1209-1   $36-90   ISBN 9781556438578 


Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experience:  Long, Jeffery, M.D. & Perry, Paul.

Presents real people's near death experiences, drawn from a database of more than 1,600 accounts from people of all age groups, races and religious affiiations, in a book that makes the case for the reality of near-death phenomena.

ORDER # N1209-2   $37-90   ISBN 9780061452550 


Does Your Love Life Add Up? How to Use Numbers to Find Your Perfect Relationship:  Coppa, Max.

Draws on numerology principles to counsel readers on how to pursue more fulfiling relationships, sharing guidelines on how to assess prospective partners for communication compatibility, faithfulness and challenging histories.

ORDER # N1209-3   $21-90   ISBN 9781585427758 


Simply Feng Shui:  Bartlett, Sarah.

Simply series: Each full-color, attractively designed book focuses on a particular technique that aims to improve the mind, body and/or spirit.

ORDER # N1209-4   $16-90   ISBN 9781402754579 


Why Is God Laughing? The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism:  Chopra, Deepak.

A proponent of a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to life and the best-selling author of How to Know God, Life After Death and The Third Jesus shares his inspirational guidelines for those seeking the path to spiritual enlightenment and true joy.

ORDER # N1209-5   $19-90   ISBN 9780307408891 


You're Not Who You Think You Are: A Breakthrough Guide to Discovering the Authentic You:  Gaulden, Albert Clayton.

A founder of The Sedona Intensive Institute's alternative therapy program invites readers to discover their authentic selves through a series of techniques, insights and exercises designed to help overcome mental obstacles and promote internal peace.

ORDER # N1209-6   $22-90   ISBN 9781416583790 


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