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The Undervalued Self: Correct Your Love Power Imbalance, Transform the Inner Voice That Holds You Back, and Find Your True Self-Worth:  Aron, Elaine N.

The author of The Highly Sensitive Person outlines a program for developing self-worth that explains how to balance love and power in personal and professional settings, providing related coverage of resolving hostilities and overcoming negative feelings.

ORDER # N210-1   $37-90   ISBN 9780316066990 


The Birthday Almanac:  Kendrick, Sophia.

An astrology expert explains how to harness the power of your birth sign and discover the hidden secrets of the zodiac and how birth signs influence personality and predetermine how you, your friends and your family feel and behave. Illustrations.

ORDER # N210-2   $24-90   ISBN 9781607100805 


The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Paranormal:  Brown, Nathan Robert.

Focuses on the most interesting and creepy aspects of strange experiences and the supernatural that can't be defned by science, including psychics, ghosts, monsters, weird creatures, angels, demons and other unexplained phenomena.

ORDER # N210-3   $24-90   ISBN 9781592579884 


Conquer the Cosmos: Use Astrology to Attract the Man, Money, and Happiness You Deserve:  Walther, Bridgett.

An astrologer to the stars and for Elle magazine teaches readers how to work with both the good and the bad traits of their sun sign to maximize happiness in love, money, friendship, health and the future.

ORDER # N210-4   $24-90   ISBN 9780452295858 


Healing Crystals: The Shaman's Guide to Making Medicine Bags & Using Energy Stones:  Zerner, Amy & Farber, Monte.

A full-color guide shares the power of crystal teachings and techniques to help readers improve their lives spiritually, mentally and physically, in a book that explains the meanings of 15 "Master Healing Crystals " and provides 12 patterns for creating pouches to carry, protect and activate crystals. Illustrations.

ORDER # N210-5   $24-90   ISBN 9781402770852 


The Dreamer's Almanac:  Parker, Sasha.

A noted dream reader, author and journalist explains how to record and interpret your dreams by decoding the symbols they contain, and provides information on the study of dreams from ancient cultures and the work of Jung and Freud. Illustrations.

ORDER # N210-6   $24-90   ISBN 9781607100799 


The Quotable Spirit: Quotations of Wisdom and Grace:  Lorie, Peter & Mascetti, Manuela Dunn.

A unique treasury contains more than 1,000 quotations by spiritual masters, writers, artists, poets and wise men and women from throughout history on such topics as joy and despair, enlightenment, love and nature, in a book that includes contributions from more than 500 people, including Lao Tzu, William Shakespeare and more.

ORDER # N210-7   $20-90   ISBN 9781402757914 


The Mysterious Story of X7: Exploring the Spiritual Nature of Matter:  Anonymous.

Offers transcriptions of purported telepathic transmissions - sent from a group of political prisoners, code-named X7, incarcerated in a Siberian salt mine - that a group of psychics claimed to have received, in a new edition that includes an explanation of the signficance of the transmissions.

ORDER # N210-8   $26-90   ISBN 9781556438714 


Second Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Extraordinary Story and Shows You How to Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom:  Orloff, Judith.

The psychiatrist author of Emotional Freedom presents a classic account of her efforts to develop intuitive skills, a decision that positively transformed her medical practice, after tragically ignoring a gut feeling about a suicidal patient.

ORDER # N210-9   $24-90   ISBN 9780307587589 


The Science Behind The Secret: Decoding the Laws of Attraction:  Taylor, Travis S. 

A NASA scientist connects the concepts of such books as The Secret and The Power of Positive Thinking to modern physics, showing that, with every thought we have, we are creating our own reality, and that we can control our own realities with proper practice.

ORDER # N210-10   $24-90   ISBN 9781439133392 


Tarot Secrets: A Fast and Easy Way to Learn a Powerful Ancient Art:  Zerner, Amy & Farber, Monte.

Explains the hidden meaning of each card in a standard 78-card tarot deck, how to choose a tarot deck, how to ask questions of the deck and how to perform detailed readings and includes keywords, "quick read" sidebars and secrets about tarot that not everyone may know. Illustrations.

ORDER # N210-11   $24-90   ISBN 9781402770869 


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