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Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie: A Down-to-Earth Recipe for Living Mindfully (Even When the World Feels Half-Baked):  Davis, Deanna

Provides advice, insights and techniques for getting through personal crises and life's rough patches, including the importance of mindful living, the power of friendships, and the benefits of a good laugh or cry.

ORDER # N710-1   $24-50   ISBN 9780399535949 


Mind Body Zen: Waking Up to Your Life:  Maitland, Jeffrey

In a book aimed at Western Buddhists and spiritual seekers interested in learning more about Zen, the author provides an in-depth explanation of the Eastern discipline and offers Zen techniques for healers. By the author of Spacious Body.

ORDER # N710-2   $26-50   ISBN 9781556439049 


The Nine Eyes of Light: Ascension Keys From Egypt:  Prakasha, Padma Aon

In a book that includes 30 color illustrations, the author contemporises ancient Egyptian wisdom and combines it with New Age thought, offering practical advice for embodying a more complete spirituality.

ORDER # N710-3   $38-50   ISBN 9781556438905 


New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-First Century:  Shepherd, Philip.

Promotes the simple grace of just being present, rather than living in one's head and following materialistic urges, and includes exercises meant to bring the author's vision of the world into daily life.

ORDER # N710-4   $28-50   ISBN 9781556439117 


The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness:  Segal, Inna.

A best-selling Australian title reveals the sources of common health issues while counselling readers on how to restore balance, building on the author's practice in intuitive healing to share step-by-step methods for maximizing the body's natural healing abilities.

ORDER # N710-5   $28-50   ISBN 9781582702605 


Presence Meditation: The Practice of Life Awareness:  Risom, Jens-Erik

Describes the purpose of meditation and offers a step-by-step program for increasing self-awareness, opening trust, sensing spaciousness, deepening neutrality and more through simple meditation exercises.

ORDER # N710-6   $25-50   ISBN 9781556439124 


Steps on the Stone Path: Working With Crystals and Minerals as a Spiritual Practice:  Sardello, Robert

Provides guided meditations and rituals for developing awareness of stone qualities - such as deep silence, form, transparency and color - as modes of spiritual consciousness and encourages readers to wear gems and crystals as a way to connect with the spirit world. By the author of Love and the World.

ORDER # N710-7   $26-50   ISBN 9781556438981 


13 B'aktun: Mayan Visions of 2012 and Beyond:  Gonzalez, Gaspar Pedro.

In a book framed as fictional dialogue between a modern Mayan father and son, a Mayan author turns to the Mayan belief system to provide strategies for surviving and thriving in the year of 2012, which some believe will bring about radical cultural and spiritual change.

ORDER # N710-8   $26-50   ISBN 9781556438967 


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