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Be the Change: How Meditation Can Transform You and the World:  Shapiro, Ed & Shapiro, Deb.

Collects the insights of spiritual writers and leading meditation practitioners from a variety of disciplines to inspire readers to begin their own meditation practice, in a guide that includes contributions by such figures as Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass and Marianne Williamson.

ORDER # N1109-1   $33-50   ISBN 9781402760013 


The New Chinese Astrology:  White, Suzanne.

An updated edition of a best-selling classic applies Chinese astrological perspectives to modern life, providing 12 years of forecasts and coverage of such topics as the characteristics of each sign, the influences of the five elements and how to further personal and professional goals.

ORDER # N1109-2   $47-50   ISBN 9780312586447 


The Everything Guide to 2012: All You Need to Know about the Theories, Beliefs, and History Surrounding the Ancient Mayan Prophecies:  Heley, Mark.

A producer and director of the Frequency Shift documentary focuses on the astronomy and science behind the myths and theories pertaining to the end of the Mayan calendar, covering everything from the Mayan cyclical view of time to various apocalypse theories.

ORDER # N1109-3   $26-50   ISBN 9781605501611 


Seven: The Number for Happiness, Love, and Success:  Leo, Jacqueline.

A founder of Child magazine demonstrates how the number seven may improve the focus of a life, drawing on the expertise of a respected mathematician to explore the number's scientific, psychological and religious significance in various cultures.

ORDER # N1109-4   $41-50   ISBN 9780446542692 


Work on a Rotten Day: Astrological Advice for Outwitting Conniving Coworkers, Slacker Staff, and the Boss from Hell:  Dixon-Cooper, Hazel.

The Cosmopolitan Bedside Astrologer and author of the best-selling Love on a Rotten Day applies her signature snarky insights to workplace politics, counseling readers on how to understand the darker side of coworker astrological signs to overcome challenges and further a career. Illustrations.

ORDER # N1109-5   $33-50   ISBN 9780762750894 


Knack Astrology: A Complete Illustrated Guide to the Zodiac:  Nagy, Molly Hall.

A visual introduction to astrology profiles the signs and houses of the zodiac while covering the basics of reading and interpreting a birth chart, counseling readers on the key steps for preparing and understanding one's own astrological charts. Illustrations.

ORDER # N1109-6   $33-50   ISBN 9781599216232 


Cosmic Coupling: The Sextrology of Relationships:  Starsky, Stella & Cox, Quinn.

Profiles every relationship pairing of the zodiac signs for both gay and straight couples, sharing whimsical assessments for anticipating the chemistry, compatibility and intimacy potential for 300 possible matches. By the best-selling authors of Sextrology. Illustrations.

ORDER # N1109-7   $35-50   ISBN 9780307337962 


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