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All U Can Eat:  Holly, Emma.

Frankie Smith is stunned to discover that she is the prime suspect in Chief Jack West's murder investigation when the body of a wealthy woman turns up in the alley near her diner, but Jack's search for a killer does not seem to put a damper on his passion for the sexy proprietor of All U Can Eat.

ORDER # R407-1   $15-60   ISBN 0425215776 


All About Evie:  Ciotta, Beth.

When she gets hired to play the role of a ditzy former Vegas showgirl for eight days aboard a cruise ship, actress Evie Parish soon discovers that her "doting older husband" is on an undercover mission to catch a grifter - and is the hottest man she has ever seen under his stage makeup.

ORDER # R407-2   $15-60   ISBN 0373772076 


The Brat:  Sands, Lynsay.

In desperate need of a wife, valiant knight Sir Balan stumbles upon a dastardly marriage plot involving King Edward III's goddaughter, and when he steps in to save this spoiled beauty, he must decide whether or not she is worth his time.

ORDER # R407-3   $15-60   ISBN 0843955015 


Born in Death:  Roberts, Nora, writing as J.D. Robb.

When a pair of young lovers, employees of a prestigious accounting firm, are brutally murdered, mid-twenty-first-century lieutenant Eve Dallas finds the case complicated by the suspicious disappearance of a pregnant woman.

ORDER # R407-4   $15-60   ISBN 0425215687 


Captive of My Desires:  Lindsey, Johanna.

An eighth instalment of the popular Mallory family series finds young Gabrielle Brooks accompanying her pirate father on the high seas until he insists she return to London to find a proper husband, only to find herself falling for Drew Anderson, a carefree sea captain who is disinterested in matrimony.

ORDER # R407-5   $15-60   ISBN 1416505482 


Breakfast in Bed:  Brown, Sandra.

When a handsome mystery writer arrives at her bed-and-breakfast, Sloan Fairchild finds herself acting out scenes from his latest novel, but the conflict separating them is all too real, forcing Sloan to choose between a lover's embrace and a friend's loyalty.

ORDER # R407-6   $15-60   ISBN 0553590189 


Cover of Night:  Howard, Linda.

The owner of a struggling B&B in a picturesque Idaho town, Cate Nightingale, a young widow and mother, is forced to turn for help to her mysterious handyman, Calvin Harris, when a trio of vicious thugs threatens her and the entire town, demanding the possessions of a guest who vanished days before.

ORDER # R407-7   $15-60   ISBN 034548651X 


Castle of the Wolf:  Schwab, Sandra.

In order to claim her inheritance, the Castle of Wolfenbach, a crumbling ruin of solitude, secrets, and mystery, Celia Fussell must marry its former master, an enigmatic recluse.

ORDER # R407-8   $15-60   ISBN 0505527200 


Dancing Shoes and Honky-Tonk Blues: McLane, Lu Ann.

When quirky and klutzy waitress Abilene Harper agrees to be a contestant on a reality TV show called "Dancing with the Rednecks," she becomes America 's newest sweetheart and two-steps her way into the heart of her smokin-hot dance instructor.

ORDER # R407-9   $15-60   ISBN 0451221036 


Dark Seduction (The Masters of Time):  Joyce, Brenda.

When she is transported back in time and into the arms of sensual medieval warrior Malcolm of Dunroch, bookseller Claire Camden must place her trust in this Master of Time who is the only hope for her survival in a terrifying world where no one is safe.

ORDER # R407-10   $15-60   ISBN 0373772335 


The Demon You Know:  Warren, Christine.

Abby Baker's peaceful, ordinary life takes a bizarre turn when she is possessed by a rogue demon and is forced to turn to Rule, a hunter sun demon, to free herself, while mischief is afoot in the demon realm now that the Others - vampires, werewolves, witches - have revealed their existence to humankind.

ORDER # R407-11   $15-60   ISBN 0312347774 


The Devil's Temptation:  Logan, Kimberly.

Searching for the truth about the scandal that led to her mother's murder, proper Lady Maura Daventry risks her own reputation to attend a risque ball filled with debauched revelers, never expecting to encounter the Earl of Hawksley, a charismatic rake whose own father had been the prime suspect in the murder of his married lover, her mother.

ORDER # R407-12   $15-60   ISBN 0061239194 


The Duke's Indiscretion:  Ashworth, Adele.

A young woman who lives a double life - as the demure sister of a domineering brother who wants her married, and at night, as the seductive opera singer Lottie English, Lady Charlotte Hughes falls for Colin Ramsey, Duke of Newark, a dashing nobleman who works as a secret agent for the Crown and who discovers her true identity.

ORDER # R407-13   $15-60   ISBN 0061128570 


The Duke's Proposal:  LaFoy, Leslie.

Arriving at the doorstep of Lord Ian Cabott, Duke of Dunsford, with an injured cat she wants the former military surgeon to treat, the unconventional Lady Fiona finds herself moving into the Dunsford estate to assist Ian with his sickly ward, Charlotte, a young woman who has become the target of sinister curiosity among the ton.

ORDER # R407-14   $15-60   ISBN 0312347723 


French Kiss:  Johnson, Susan.

Hired by gorgeous record producer and single father Johnny Patrick to create a fancy tree house for his young daughter, L.A. architect Nicole Lesdaux gets more than she had bargained for when Johnny's ex-wife absconds to Paris with the child and he enlists her help in finding the missing Jordi.

ORDER # R407-15   $15-60   ISBN 0425216349 


Ever My Love:  Craig, Gretchen.

Leading a double life helping slaves escape via the Underground Railroad, Marianne Johnston, the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner, finds her noble mission endangered by her attraction to a charming Southerner.

ORDER # R407-16   $15-60   ISBN 0821780204 


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot:  Rowe, Stephanie.

Working as the VP of Vic's Pretzels by day and as Satan's right-hand woman by night, Becca Gibbs is trapped in her unpleasant job by the fact that her life force is tied to that of her hellish boss, but she finds herself falling for Nick Rawlings, a gorgeous gun-for-hire, who has arrived to kill Satan and rescue his kidnapped sister.

ORDER # R407-17   $15-60   ISBN 0446619019 


Heaven's Price:  Brown, Sandra.

New York dancer Blair Simpson is confronted with a difficult choice when a career-threatening injury forces her to put her life on hold and recuperate on Long Island, where she encounters Sean, her passionate and provocative new landlord.

ORDER # R407-18   $15-60   ISBN 0553590170 


Her Outlaw: A Bad Luck Brides Story:  Dawson, Geralyn.

The tables turn on thief Dair MacRae, a.k.a. the notorious Highland Reiver, when he attempts to rob beautiful widow Emma McBride Tate, who, in turn, steals his heart and leads him on a merry adventure from England to Scotland, and finally home to Texas.

ORDER # R407-19   $15-60   ISBN 0373771967 


Hello, Gorgeous!:  Davidson, Mary Janice.

Shopping maven and beauty salon owner-turned-bionic superspy, Caitlyn James, the government's new and reluctant secret weapon, must track down a rebel cyborg, who happens to be dangerously sexy and well-equipped with special enhancements.

ORDER # R407-20   $15-60   ISBN 0758208057 


Highland Savage:  Howell, Hannah.

When he is rescued by Katerina Haldane, the very same woman who betrayed him, warrior Sir Lucas Murray must try to ignore his growing feelings for her after she, determined to regain his trust, reveals a startling truth that changes everything.

ORDER # R407-21   $15-60   ISBN 0821779990 


Homecoming:  Michaels, Fern, et al.

Four short romances prove that home is where the heart is and include "Heading Home" by Janet Dailey, "The Journey" by Fern Michaels, "The Return of Walker Lee" by Dinah McCall, and "Rockabye Inn" by Deborah Bedford.

ORDER # R407-22   $15-60   ISBN 0061085081 


If You Desire (The MacCarrick Brothers):  Cole, Kresley.

Now a wealthy man working as an assassin in Her Majesty's Service, Highlander Hugh MacCarrick is reunited with the beautiful Jane Weyland, the daughter of his superior and a woman who has always been unattainable, after he receives a message that her life is in danger and that is asked to serve as her protector, in the sequel to If You Dare.

ORDER # R407-23   $15-60   ISBN 1416503609 


Hot Desert Nights:  Monroe, Lucy; Allen, Louise; & Lawrence, Kim.

Set against the backdrop of the Middle Eastern deserts, three sultry romances, seasoned with wealth, power, glamour, and desire, include "Temptation," in which Jade will do anything to win the sensual favors of sheikh Khalil.

ORDER # R407-24   $15-60   ISBN 0373837216 


Immortals: The Calling:  Ashley, Jennifer.

After being attacked by a demon and rescued by a stranger, Amber Silverthorne finds her destiny in the form of an Immortal warrior whom she accidentally summons while investigating her sister's murder.

ORDER # R407-25   $15-60   ISBN 0505526875 


The Immaculate Complexion:  Bloom, Edie.

When Marnie Mann, LeVigne Cosmetics's newest employee, gets involved in a high-concept product launch, make-up mayhem ensues when tainted samples lead to murder.

ORDER # R407-26   $15-60   ISBN 0843958561 


Inferno, Book One:  Howard, Linda.

Two hundred years after defeating the Ansara wizards, the Raintree clan, who have blended into the modern world as bankers, cops, husbands, wives, and lovers, find their loyalties and relationships sorely tested when their enemy rises again.

ORDER # R407-27   $15-60   ISBN 0373617623 


Island Heat:  Forster, Suzanne.

While on vacation in Barbados, Lauren Cambridge, taking a break from relationships, get swept up into a passionate adventure when she meets Justin Dunne, a sexy man with a hidden agenda.

ORDER # R407-28   $15-60   ISBN 0373198701 


Kiss of Midnight:  Adrian, Lara.

Drawn to the enigmatic stranger she sees across the room in a crowded dance club, Gabrielle Maxwell is drawn into the dark and dangerous world of hunter vampires, one in which a blood war is on the edge of ignition, when she falls for Lucan Thorne, a vampire Breed warrior sworn to protect other vampires and humans from the threat of the Rogues.

ORDER # R407-29   $15-60   ISBN 0553589377 


The Legacy (Hotel Marchand):  Jump, Shirley.

When he inherits Indigo's opera house, a historic pre-Civil War building, photojournalist Paul Clermont, determined to sell the property, goes up against the beautiful head of the opera house committee and unexpectedly finally finds a place to call home.

ORDER # R407-30   $15-60   ISBN 0373389493 


Lord Sin:  Hughes, Kalen.

Beautiful young widow Georgianna Exley, who only allows her lovers to spend one night in her bed, makes an exception for Ivo Dauntry, who, returning home to England from exile, must once again save her from herself when she is stalked by a dangerous madman.

ORDER # R407-31   $15-60   ISBN 0821781499 


Lord of the Nile:  O'Banyon, Constance.

Ramtat, a tamer of wild beasts, finds his heart captured by one of Cleopatra's exotic slave girls whose true identity is hidden within an emerald-eyed cobra charm that she guards with her life.

ORDER # R407-32   $15-60   ISBN 0843958219 


Loveseekers:  Garlock, Dorothy.

Fleeing her bittersweet memories of Tom Clary, Beth Marshall has built a new life for herself in Minnesota, until he reappears to summon her home to Cody, Wyoming, to care for her ailing sister in Sing Softly to Me and in Gentle Torment, Lindy Williamson's ex-husband, Jake, follows her to Alaska, hoping to win her back, in two stories of love and second chances.

ORDER # R407-33   $15-60   ISBN 0446619221 


Love's Haven:  Palmer, Catherine.

Young widow and single mother Mara Rosemond must choose between living a life of wealth and privilege with the man she believes responsible for her husband's death or subject her daughter to poverty.

ORDER # R407-34   $15-60   ISBN 0373785968 


A Mother's Way Romance Anthology:  Cach, Lisa, et al.

A delightful collection of romantic tales by Lisa Cach, Susan Grant, Julie Kenner, and Lynsay Sands follows four different people as they discover their true loves - with a little help from their meddling mothers.

ORDER # R407-35   $15-60   ISBN 0505524716 


Midnight Fantasy:  Major, Ann.

Wealthy socialite Claire Woods, while preparing for her upcoming wedding to the perfect man,discovers what she truly wants in life is Tag Campbell, a sexy bad boy who makes her wildest fantasies come true.

ORDER # R407-36   $15-60   ISBN 0373198728 


Night Lost: A Novel of the Darkyn:  Viehl, Lynn.

Rescuing Gabriel Seran, a vampire, from the clutches of a fanatical religious order in hopes that he will lead her to a holy relic, thief Nicola Jefferson discovers that they are connected in a way she never could have imagined.

ORDER # R407-37   $15-60   ISBN 0451221028 


Nightsong:  Davidson, Carolyn.

Half-breed Debra Nightsong, an outcast from her tribe, finds her life forever changed by an encounter with a mysterious stranger who, after much convincing, takes up residence on her farm and in her heart.

ORDER # R407-38   $15-60   ISBN 0373772858 


Not Quite a Lady:  Chase, Loretta.

Darius Carsington, a rake who divides his time between bedding women and writing scholarly papers, is unexpectedly intrigued by Lady Charlotte Hayward, a charming, gracious, and beautiful young lady who has become an expert at avoiding marriage.

ORDER # R407-39   $15-60   ISBN 0061231231 


No Commitment Required:  Glass, Seressia.

Yvonne Mitchelson, the owner of a small string of lingerie boutiques, finds creative inspiration after having a fling with Michael Benjamin, one of Atlanta's most eligible bachelors.

ORDER # R407-40   $15-60   ISBN 1585712221 


One Night with a Goddess:  McCoy, Judi.

Banished from Olympus when Zeus becomes convinced that she is not doing her job, Chloe, the Muse of Happiness, must spend a year among mortals working as a wedding planner in Chicago, a job that leads to a confrontation with sexy doctor Matthew Castleberry, who believes that Chloe is out to fleece his grandmother.

ORDER # R407-41   $15-60   ISBN 0060774606 


Notorious:  Henley, Virginia.

Lady-in-waiting to Queen Isabelle, Brianna de Beauchamp, betrothed to a distinguished aristocrat, longs for something more and finds it in the arms of Wolf Mortimer, a darkly sensual man who, possessing the Celtic gift of second sight, draws her into a dangerous game of courtly intrigue.

ORDER # R407-42   $15-60   ISBN 0451221052 


Operation Gigolo:  Thompson, Vicki Lewis.

Determined to stop her parents from getting divorced, Lynn Morgan asks her friend Tony Russo, a steady, reliable lawyer, to pose as her leather-wearing, hell-raising fiancé in hopes that her parents will reunite to save her from herself, but her plan goes romantically awry.

ORDER # R407-43   $15-60   ISBN 037319871X 


Outsider:  Palmer, Diana.

When he starts a new job as the assistant chief of security for Ritter Oil Corporation, former black ops CIA operative Colby Lane finds his past catching up with him when his ex-wife Sarina Carrington gets involved with a drug trafficker and introduces him to the daughter he never knew he had.

ORDER # R407-44   $15-60   ISBN 0373772343 


The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (The Desperate Debutantes):  London, Julia.

Desperate to avoid marriage to the first bidder, Lady Greer Fairchild embarks on a journey into the untamed Welsh countryside in search of a mysterious inheritance that is supposedly controlled by Rodrick Glendower, Earl of Radnor - the so-called Prince of Powrys - a ruthless man rumored to be a murderer.

ORDER # R407-45   $15-60   ISBN 1416516166 


Perfect:  McNaught, Judith.

Julie Mathison is abducted by Zachary Benedict after his escape from prison and taken to his Colorado hideaway, where she gradually becomes convinced of his innocence and her passionate need for him.

ORDER # R407-46   $15-60   ISBN 0671795538 


The Secret:  Martin, Kat.

After a brush with death, Kate Rollins and her young son arrive in Lost Peak, Montana, to start a new life, but soon it becomes apparent that someone doesn't want her in Lost Peak, and she turns to handsome Chance McLain for comfort.

ORDER # R407-47   $15-60   ISBN 0821767984 


Prince of Swords:  Jones, Linda Winstead.

Held hostage in the cellar of a secluded house, waiting to be claimed by the demon-possessed Ciro, Rayne finds salvation in Lyr Hern, who, while on a mission to find the crystal dagger, comes to her rescue in more ways than one.

ORDER # R407-48   $15-60   ISBN 0425215741 


The Secret Seduction:  Long, Julie Anne.

Despite her best intentions, beautiful and bookish Sabrina Fairleigh finds herself falling for notorious libertine, Rhys Gillray, until Rhys discovers that he may have been responsible for the death of Sabrina's father and the disappearance of her mother.

ORDER # R407-49   $15-60   ISBN 0446616885 


Secrets in the Shadows:  Black, Jenna.

When Jules, one of their own members, goes rogue and plots to kill a vampire living in Baltimore, the Guardians of the Night - a Philadelphia vampire sect that does not believe in drinking human blood - send Drake, a killer vampire, and Hannah, a human private detective, to stop him from exacting his vengeance on his maker.

ORDER # R407-50   $15-60   ISBN 076535716X 


Shattered Image:  Margos, J.F.

Forensic sculptor Toni Sullivan must cast aside her personal and professional doubts - with faith and God's help - when the remains of an old friend are discovered, reopening a cold murder case that forces her to confront the painful memories of the past.

ORDER # R407-51   $15-60   ISBN 0373785836 


Shelter Mountain:  Carr, Robyn.

When Paige Lassiter, scared and covered with bruises, comes into his bar with her three-year-old son, Marine John "Preacher" Middleton, immediately drawn to this courageous woman, offers her a safe haven in his arms.

ORDER # R407-52   $15-60   ISBN 077832429X 


Wolf River:  Gregory, Jill.

Haunted by the past and by dark visions of death, violence, and danger, New York City children's book author Erinn Winters heads for Wolf River, Montana,to search for her estranged sister and encounters Jase Fortune, a handsome local rancher plagued by an unknown enemy out to destroy him and his entire family.

ORDER # R407-53   $15-60   ISBN 0440243041 


Spirited Away:  Miles, Cindy.

Cursed to roam his estate for all eternity, medieval knight Tristan de Barre, who was murdered in 1292, must convince beautiful forensic archaeologist Andi Monroe, who is escavating the remains of his keep, to help him break the spell.

ORDER # R407-54   $15-60   ISBN 0451221451 


Over the Line (The Bodyguards):  Gerard, Cindy.

When her estranged mother is killed in a car accident and a series of bizarre coincidences plagues her life, "Sweet Baby Jane" Perkins, rock music's notorious bad girl, begins to suspect that someone is watching her every move and enlists the aid of former Army Ranger-turned-security agent Jason Wilson to protect her on her sold-out tour.

ORDER # R407-55   $15-60   ISBN 031294859X 


Tempting the Prince:  Grasso, Patricia.

When a vicious attack leaves her disfigured, Belle Flambeau retreats to the country, where she meets the perfect man in a handsome stranger whose true identity plunges her into a world of danger.

ORDER # R407-56   $15-60   ISBN 0821780727 


To the Brink (The Bodyguards):  Gerard, Cindy.

Former Special Forces operative-turned-bodyguard Ethan Garrett risks everything to find his missing ex-wife, Darcy Prescott, a specialist working on sensitive diplomatic affairs, after she mysteriously vanishes off the streets of Miami, following a trail of clues that take him into the dangerous heart of the Philippines jungles.

ORDER # R407-57   $15-60   ISBN 0312948581 


To the Edge (The Bodyguards):  Gerard, Cindy.

After growing up surrounded by bodyguards because of her position as the daughter of a wealthy businessman, Jillian Kincaid, a successful TV journalist, is determined to refuse all protection, even after she begins to receive frightening death threats and even if the protector is the handsome and sexy Nolan Garrett.

ORDER # R407-58   $15-60   ISBN 0312948565 


Virtually His:  Low, Gennita.

As secret operative Helen Roston, the most dangerous woman in the world, prepares for the final phase of her training, a combination of virtual reality and a mind-altering serum, she becomes addicted to the touch her mysterious and faceless "trainer."

ORDER # R407-59   $15-60   ISBN 0778324486 


Undead and Unpopular:  Davidson, MaryJanice.

As her birthday approaches, vampire queen Betsy Taylor finds herself playing politics with a group of European vampires who have come to pay their respects and coping with her reluctant fiance Eric, who is trying to dodge wedding plans.

ORDER # R407-60   $15-60   ISBN 0425215997 


The Wedding Dress:  Cates, Kimberly.

Escaping from the press to Scotland, actress Emma McDaniel, recovering from a painful divorce, spends her time with brooding historian Dr. Jared Butler when she decides to research the legendary Lady Aislinn, a partnership that leads to the role of a lifetime.

ORDER # R407-61   $15-60   ISBN 0373771894 


When I Fall in Love:  Kurland, Lynn.

While on vacation in England, Jennifer McKinnon wakes up eight hundred years into the past where she discovers that chivalry is alive and well when a handsome knight comes to her rescue and vows to help her return home.

ORDER # R407-62   $15-60   ISBN 0515142964 


Wicked Fantasy:  Bangs, Nina.

Cursed to serve the Kavanagh family for centuries, vampire Conall O'Rourke, longing to claim his freedom, finds himself drawn to the last remaining Kavanagh, Gerry, a beautiful hunter of nonhuman creatures who has come to the Castle of Dark Dreams in search of a wereweasel.

ORDER # R407-63   $15-60   ISBN 0425209954 



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