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Amethyst Destiny:  Montgomerie, Pamela.

When an old family heirloom transports her back in time to 17th-century Scotland, Julia Brodie wakes up in the arms of Talon, a charming Scottish rogue known as the Wizard, and discovers that magic has called her through time to perform a task in order to guarantee both her and Talon's survival.

ORDER # R410-1   $14-50   ISBN 9780425234709


Blood Born:  Howard, Linda & Jones, Linda.

A vampire from birth, Luca Ambrus, a rare specimen of his breed, must stop rogue vampires bent on subjugating the mortal world - a mission that leads him to Chloe Fallon, a conduit who is able to channel spirit warriors into the physical world to protect mankind and the target of a vampire assassin.

ORDER # R410-2   $14-50   ISBN 9780345520760


Bound by Darkness: Soul Gatherer:  McCleave, Annette.

Soul Gatherer Brian Webster, after a young girl dies in his arms while protecting an ancient coin from a demon, decides to take up her cause and kidnaps Soul Gatherer and thief Lena Sharpe, who holds the key to finding these dark relics of immense power that could destroy civilization.

ORDER # R410-3   $14-50   ISBN 9780451229762


A Breath of Magic:  Madison, Tracy.

With the help of some gypsy magic, New Age storeowner, Chloe Nichols, the last in a long line of witches, will stop at nothing to get her happily-ever-after.

ORDER # R410-4   $14-50   ISBN 9780505528360


Chasing Perfect:  Mallery. Susan.

Settling down in Fool's Gold, California, city planner Charity Jones, who has a long list of romantic disasters, is tempted to take a chance on former world-class cyclist Josh Golden, the town's most famous resident who needs to be taken down a peg or two.

ORDER # R410-5   $14-50   ISBN 9780373774524


Extreme Danger:  McKenna, Shannon.

On the remote Frakes Island, Becca Cantrell decides to take an innocent, yet illicit, midnight skinnydip in a millionaire's pool, only to be hauled out by a sexy hard-muscled man who embodies her innermost fantasies and who draws her into a world of danger.

ORDER # R410-6   $14-50   ISBN 9780758211880


The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker:  Hieber, Leanna Renee.

When the ghosts she alone can converse with warn her of a spectral threat to Victorian London, Percy Parker, along with the mighty bastion of Athens Academy and The Guard, who shields mortals from the agents of the Underworld, prepares to fight the oncoming threat.

ORDER # R410-7   $14-50   ISBN 9780843962970


The Demon in Me:  Rowen, Michelle.

Possessed by a demon, who, due to her psychic abilities, can take form during the daylight hours, Eden Riley, a consultant to the police, must learn to live with this devilishly sexy creature whether she likes it or not.

ORDER # R410-8   $14-50   ISBN 9780425234686


Heartless:  Palmer, Diana.

His long-standing best friendship with Gracie shattered by a moment of passion, Jason refuses to see Gracie as anything more than a younger step-sibling until their circumstances are further challenged by Gracie's abduction, an interfering woman and Jason's brush with death.

ORDER # R410-11   $14-50   ISBN 9780373774500


In Shelter Cove:  Freethy, Barbara.

When her husband Derek dies just weeks before his release from prison, Brianna Kane returns to Angel's Bay determined to prove his innocence, but is met with resistance from Jason Marlow, the police officer who sent Derek to jail.

ORDER # R410-12   $14-50   ISBN 9781439173251


Into the Dark:  Showalter, Gena.

Features a trio of darkly sensual paranormal romances including 'The Amazon's Curse', in which Zane, a fierce vampire warrior, is enslaved by the Amazons and must place his trust in a rebel Amazon soldier who has captured his heart.

ORDER # R410-13   $14-50   ISBN 9780373774517


It Had to be You:  Ray, Francis.

R.D., a hot young record producer, desperately wants to sign classical violinist Laurel Raineau to his label, and, refusing to take no for an answer, will do anything to prove to this talented beauty that he is not the player he's made out to be.

ORDER # R410-14   $14-50   ISBN 9780312365073


A Lady Never Tells:  Camp, Candace.

When her stepfather tries to sell her and her sisters to the highest bidder after their mother's death, Mary Bascombe and her sisters escape to London where they take their rightful place in society as the granddaughters of the Earl of Stewkesbury with the help of Sir Royce Winslow.

ORDER # R410-15   $14-50   ISBN 9781439117972


A Lady's Guide of Improper Behavior:  Enoch, Suzanne.

Theresa Weller, a prim and proper young miss on the surface, finds herself pursuing Colonel Bartholomew James, who is the complete opposite of everything a gentleman should be, but who has captured her heart with one passionate kiss.

ORDER # R410-16   $14-50   ISBN 9780061662218


Line of Fire: The Firefighters of Station Five:  Davis, Jo.

When firefighter Tommy Skyler lands in the ER after a dangerous rescue, he seizes this opportunity to win over beautiful nurse Shea Ford, and as passion rages between them, arson, betrayal and a deadly enemy threaten to tear them apart.

ORDER # R410-17   $14-50   ISBN 9780451229786


Last Chance:  Reece, Christy.

In this thrilling conclusion to the highly-popular trilogy. McKenna Sloan, an operative for Last Chance Rescue, must save the man she secretly loves - Lucas Kane - from his captors without blowing her cover.

ORDER # R410-18   $14-50   ISBN 9780345517746


Lord of Devil Isle:  Mason, Connie.

When she is rescued from shark-infested waters by Captain Nicholas Scott, Eve Upshall, the epitome of propriety, must convince this notorious rogue to see things her way after he refuses to escort her to her prospective bridegroom - and demands that she choose a husband among his crew.

ORDER # R410-19   $14-50   ISBN 9780843964035


Love in the Time of Dragons:  MacAlister, Katie.

When she wakes up in a strange world where everyone claims to be dragons, suburban mom Tully Sullivan learns that she is Ysolde de Bochier, a famed figure from dragon history who has been sentenced to death for the misdeeds of a dragon mate she cannot remember.

ORDER # R410-20   $14-50   ISBN 9780451229717


Marked:  Naughton, Elisabeth.

Theron, the leader of an elite group of guardians that defends the immortal realm from the Underworld - and who also is the 200-year-old descendant of Hercules - must find the woman who, bearing a special mark, must be sacrificed to save his people, but when he finds her, he cannot bring himself to let her go.

ORDER # R410-21   $14-50   ISBN 9780505528223


McKettricks of Texas: Garrett 02:  Miller, Linda Lael.

In this second book of the New York Times bestselling author's contemporary romance trilogy, Garrett McKettrick meets his match in one of the Remington sisters.

ORDER # R410-22   $14-50   ISBN 9780373774418


Men of Danger:  Leigh, Lora, et al.

This dangerously sexy collection of stories features Lora Leigh's 'Hannah's Luck, in which kindergarten teacher Hannah Brookes, after burglars attempt to break into her home, finds safety - and intense passion - in the arms of Sheriff Rick Grayson.

ORDER # R410-23   $14-50   ISBN 9780312576363


Montana Destiny:  Ryan, R. C.

After stumbling upon a clue to the legendary McCord gold, emergency medic Marilee Trainor is targeted by a mysterious killer, forcing her to turn to irresistible playboy Wyatt McCord - a man she doesn't know if she can trust.

ORDER # R410-24   $14-50   ISBN 9780446548632


Never Less Than a Lady (Lost Lords):  Putney, Mary Jo.

Alexander Randall, the sole remaining heir to the Earl of Daventry, must find a suitable bride, but instead finds himself drawn to Julia Bancroft, a village midwife who needs his protection from her first husband's ruthless enemies.

ORDER # R410-25   $14-50   ISBN 9781420103298


Nothing But Trouble:  Gibson, Rachel.

Leaving Hollywood behind to become the personal assistant to a famous hockey player, Chelsea Ross believes she has made the worst career move ever until her ornery new boss makes a play for her heart.

ORDER # R410-26   $14-50   ISBN 9780061579097


The Notorious Scoundrel:  Benedict, Alexandra.

Rescued by a swashbuckling pirate turned reluctant aristocrat, Amy Peel, a veiled dancer who, luring gentleman to London's underworld to see her dance, finds her life in danger, must place her trust in this sensual man who is the only one who knows her darkest secret.

ORDER # R410-27   $14-50   ISBN 9780061689321


One Enchanted Evening:  Kurland, Lynn.

Tasked with rebuilding the most dilapidated castle in all of England, knight Montgomery de Piaget discovers that magic does exist and that danger lurks in the most unexpected places when Pippa Alexander, a costume designer from the future, storms into his life.

ORDER # R410-28   $14-50   ISBN 9780515147919


Out of Sight:  Cameron, Stella.

When the evil Embran race attacks New Orleans, Sykes Millet, a psychic master who can read minds and control others with hypnosis, and Poppy Fortune, who is burdened with paranormal talent, must set aside old distrust and use their bonded powers to save their families, themselves and their beloved city.

ORDER # R410-29   $14-50   ISBN 9780778327752


Ravished by a Highlander:  Quinn, Paula.

When a shocking betrayal lands her in the arms of a ruthless Highland warrior, Davina Montgomery, the Crown's most closely guarded secret, falls in love with her powerful protector, but her secret threatens to destroy his clan.

ORDER # R410-30   $14-50   ISBN 9780446552387


The Rogue Prince:  Maguire, Margo.

Disguised as Prince Thomas of Sabedoria, Thomas Thorne enters London society after being imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and sets in motion a plan of revenge that involves taking the innocence of Lady Margaret Blackmore - his enemy's sister.

ORDER # R410-31   $14-50   ISBN 9780061667893


Rule's Bride:  Martin, Kat.

When Violet Griffin, the American heiress he married three years earlier, arrives in London, seeking an annulment to marry another, notorious rogue, Rule Dewar is surprised to discover that he doesn't want to end their arrangement and vows to win her over. .

ORDER # R410-32   $14-50   ISBN 9780778327745


Seducing an Angel (Huxtable: 04):  Balogh, Mary.

Cassandra, Lady Paget - banished, destitute and labelled a murderess - arrives in Regency London and soon becomes the mistress of Stephen, Earl of Merton, a man of means who, despite his looks and easy charm, is no angel.

ORDER # R410-33   $14-50   ISBN 9780440244271


Seducing the Knight:  Russell, Gerri.

A Templar knight and the princess he rescued from an arranged marriage embark on a dangerous quest to find the legendary Ark of the Covenant, which brings them face-to-face with betrayal and an army of assassins.

ORDER # R410-34   $14-50   ISBN 9780843962604


Silent Truth: A BAD Agency Novel:  Kenyon, Sherrilyn & Love, Dianna.

While attending a charity fund-raiser to find the ruthless assassin he's hunted for four years, Bureau of American Defense agent Hunter Thornton-Payne is distracted by a beautiful brunette who draws him into a dangerous conspiracy involving the government and an evil enterprise.

ORDER # R410-35   $14-50   ISBN 9781416597452


Sex and the Single Earl:  Kelly, Vanessa.

A marriage of convenience brings together Simon St. James, fifth Earl of Trask, and Sophie Stanton, a wild, untamed beauty who, harbouring a secret crush on the dashing young earl for years, refuses to let him tell her how to life her life.

ORDER # R410-36   $14-50   ISBN 9781420106558


The Slightest Provocation:  Rosenthal, Pam.

Nine years after eloping into a failed marriage, Mary Penley and Kit Stansell, the children of feuding Derbyshire landowners, are reunited when Kit, now a successful military officer, and Mary, a member of an intellectual society of poets and reformers, join forces to uncover a political conspiracy and rediscover an old passion.

ORDER # R410-37   $14-50   ISBN 9780451230652


Stealing Kathryn (The Gatherers):  Frank, Jacquelyn.

Adrian, also known as Sandman, Angus and Morpheus, reaps the dark energy of nightmares until he meets his earthly match in Kathryn, a woman he's risked everything to obtain not realizing that she has the power to save him from his self-made hell - or destroy them both.

ORDER # R410-38   $14-50   ISBN 9781420109849


Stormwalker:  James, Allyson.

When Janet Begay, a Stormwalker, and her lover Mick arrive in the desert town of Magellan to investigate the disappearance of the police chief's daughter, she fears that her powerful mother might be involved and makes a discovery that leaves her distrustful of Mick.

ORDER # R410-39   $14-50   ISBN 9780425234693


Still the One:  Wells, Robin.

Recently widowed, Katie Charmaine finds her life forever changed by the arrival of Zack Ferguson, a man from her past who brings along with him the daughter she gave up for adoption nearly 17 years ago who is pregnant and needs both of their help.

ORDER # R410-40   $14-50   ISBN 9780446555982


Sweetest Little Sin:  Wells, Christine.

After being betrayed by the Marquis of Jardine, the man she loves, Lady Louisa Brooke accepts a mission from the head of the secret service that plunges her into a dangerous world where nothing is what it seems and where she must place her trust in the one man she despises - Jardine.

ORDER # R410-41   $14-50   ISBN 9780425234808


Straight Up:  Martin, Deirdre.

On the run from New York's Irish mob, Liam O'Brien returns to his parents' old village in Ireland where he works as a bartender and, eagerly accepting a wager, pursues the stubborn and beautiful Aislinn, who, after being jilted at the altar, wants nothing to do with men.

ORDER # R410-42   $14-50   ISBN 9780425234662


Three Times A Bride:  Anderson, Catherine; Chase, Loretta; & James, Samantha.

Three of the top names in romance present a passionate celebration of marriage that follows three couples as they each find a love to last a lifetime.

ORDER # R410-43   $14-50   ISBN 9780061971808


Tender Savage:  Johansen, Iris.

When rebel leader Ricardo Lazaro, a legendary poet warrior, is captured saving her brother, Lara Clavel journeys to the Caribbean island of Saint Pierre, planning to risk her life to free him - and risks her heart as well.

ORDER # R410-44   $14-50   ISBN 9780553593396


Touch of Surrender:  Byrd, Rhyannon.

When lycan and Watchman Kierland Scott teams up with Morgan Cantrell, the woman who betrayed him long ago, to rescue his brother, their combined shape-shifting sensitivities plunge them into a battle that will take them beyond death - and understand the history that tore them apart.

ORDER # R410-45   $14-50   ISBN 9780373774647


Touching Darkness:  Rush, Jaime.

While working for a shady controller named Darkwell, Nicholas Braden, who has a psychic talent for finding things, draws closer to Darkwell's gorgeous young assistant Olivia and finds himself trapped in a battle between good and evil.

ORDER # R410-46   $14-50   ISBN 9780061690372


Undead and Unwelcome (Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor: 08):  Davidson, MaryJanice.

Returning the body of her faithful werewolf friend to the home of the Wyndham werewolves, vampire queen Betsy Taylor learns that her posse back home has been frantically trying to outmanoeuvre her half-sister's increasingly erratic behaviour.

ORDER # R410-47   $14-50   ISBN 9780515147926


The Sweet Scent of Blood:  McLeod, Suzanne.

When a sexy vampire is accused of killing his lover, an old debt forces Genevieve Taylor, a sidhe and rising star at Spellcrackers.com, to risk everything - her job, her safety and her own dark secrets - to prove his innocence as they both become pawns in a centuries-old power struggle.

ORDER # R410-48   $14-50   ISBN 9780441018710


Wild Fire (Leopard: 04):  Feehan, Christine.

Returning to the Panama rain forest of his homeland after a dangerous mission, leopard shifter Conner Vega, a member of the most lethal of the shifter tribes, crosses the path of Isabeau Chandler, the Borneo shifter he once betrayed, and old passions soon rage wildly out of control.

ORDER # R410-49   $14-50   ISBN 9780515147902


Wicked Becomes You:  Duran, Meredith.

When being nice just gets her jilted at the altar again and again, heiress Gwen Maudsley decides to become naughty with the help of her late brother's friend, Alexander de Grey, a notorious rogue who, unbeknownst to her, has no wish to see her change.

ORDER # R410-50   $14-50   ISBN 9781416593126


A Rogue of My Own:  Johanna Lindsey

For Lady Rebecca Marshall, a whirlwind of excitement begins when she becomes a maid of honor at the court of Queen Victoria. But when Rebecca unknowingly steps into the rivalry between the Queen's spymaster and a noblewoman who uses the maids as courtly spies, she is soon entangled in a web of deceit with the charming marquis Rupert St.John.

ORDER # R410-51   $14-50   ISBN 9781416599036


The Wish List:  Stevens, Gabi.

When she discovers that her aunts are actually fairy godmothers and that she has her own magical powers, CPA Kristin Montgomery, armed with a wand, finds her life thrown into hilarious chaos, especially when she meets her reluctant - and distractingly sexy - magical arbiter, scholar Tennyson Ritter.

ORDER # R410-52   $14-50   ISBN 9780765365033


Kentucky Bride:  Hannah Howell

Beautiful Clover Sherwood never expected such a cruel fate. Her father's death has left her penniless, ostracized from Pennsylvania society, and abandoned by her fiancé. All she has now is a grieving mother, two hungry little brothers and no prospects - until a wealthy Kentucky backwoodsman with a deep Scottish burr comes to town-and inspires her to make a most daring move...

ORDER # R410-53   $14-50   ISBN 9781420104653


Chaos Bites: The Phoenix Chronicles:  Handeland, Lori.

While trying to outrun death at every turn, demon-slayer Elizabeth Phoenix must turn to her ex-lover Jimmy Sanducci when she acquires a new set of paranormal powers and discovers that she is pregnant with her late lover's baby.

ORDER # R410-54   $14-50   ISBN 9780312366032


Hunted by the Others:  Haines, Jess.

Hired by a mage to recover an ancient artifact owned by one of New York's most powerful vampires, PI Shiarra Waynest plays a high-stakes game, risking both her life and her heart, when she becomes a secret weapon in a battle between good and evil.

ORDER # R410-55   $14-50   ISBN 9781420111873


Running Scared: The Sentinel Wars:  Butcher, Shannon

Raised to fear and hate the Sentinels - three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, Lexi Johns finds her honor and loyalty tested when she meets Zach, a selfless and courageous Sentinel who needs her help in channeling the magic he has absorbed.

ORDER # R410-56   $14-50   ISBN 9780451412904


The Veil of Gold:  Wilkins, Kim.

Setting out for the university in Arkhangelsk to investigate the authenticity of a recently discovered ancient artifact, researcher Daniel St. Clair and his frosty colleague, Em Hayward, go missing in the wake of a series of otherworldly mishaps, a situation that prompts Daniel's lost love, Rosa, to set out to rescue him.

ORDER # R410-57   $14-50   ISBN 9780765359735



Large Size Paperbacks
God Ain't Blind:  Monroe, Mary.

After a crash diet and a makeover in order to regain the affections of her drifting husband, Annette Goode Davis instead shacks up with Louis Banes and goes on a spending spree, until she discovers a terrible secret about him and must turn to her friend, Rhoda O'Toole, for help.

ORDER # R410-59   $23-90   ISBN 9780758212207 


Crown of Destiny:  Small, Bertrice.

In this final installment of the World of Hetar series, Lara, faerie woman of Hetar, needs the support of her Shadow Prince more than ever when her formidable powers aren't enough to stop the darkness from converging on the peaceful world she has struggled to preserve.

ORDER # R410-60   $22-90   ISBN 9780373774494 


Seducing the Highlander:  Wildes, Emma.

Three new Scottish Highland romances from the award-winning author of Lessons from a Scarlet Lady, including 'Seducing Robbie' in which a woman seeks a roguish protector, and 'Seducing Aidan', where a highlander rescues a woman from an attacker.

ORDER # R410-61   $22-90   ISBN 9780451229823 


Spring's Renewal (Seasons of Sugarcreek: 02):  Gray, Shelley Shepard.

As a flash flood threatens everything they hold dear, Time Graber and Clara Slabaugh must determine how much they'll sacrifice for a chance at true love.

ORDER # R410-62   $21-90   ISBN 9780061852367 


Beyond the Shadows:  Granger, Jess

Rushing home to claim the Azralen throne and prevent war, Commander Yara boards the ship of the Earthlen rebel Cyn, whose plans to intentionally delay Yara and ignite the revolution are foiled when he falls for her.

ORDER # R410-63   $23-90   ISBN 9780425234150 


Haunting Warrior:  Quinn, Erin.

Lured back to the site of his father's disappearance by a woman in his dreams, Rory McGrath is plunged back in time and into the body of another man to discover the secrets of his family.

ORDER # R410-64   $23-90   ISBN 9780425234143 


Honeymoon of the Dead:  Hallaway, Tate.

In the latest book from the author of Dead If I Do, Garnet Lacy and her vampire husband are stuck in Minneapolis after a vengeful frost demon ruins their plans for a gothic honeymoon in Transylvania.

ORDER # R410-65   $22-90   ISBN 9780425234129 


Hardcover Titles
Arm Candy:  Kargman, Jill.

A long-time reluctant mistress to a philandering art tycoon leaves her glamorous world to reclaim the dreams of her early years and finds herself embroiled in a heated love affair with a younger man, a relationship that is tested by the return of a former flame.

ORDER # R410-66   $37-90   ISBN 9780525951599 


Lover Mine: Black Dagger Brotherhood:  Ward, J.R.

Unaware of the attraction he holds for Xhex, vampire John Matthew is taken in by The Brotherhood who have no knowledge of his history or true identity, in this novel from the New York Times bestselling author.

ORDER # R410-67   $36-90   ISBN 9780451229854 


Montana Man:  Delinsky, Barbara.

A single mother - A terrifying blizzard - A scorching stranger! Lily Danziger wanted more than the shallow life she'd been living in so-called New England society. She wanted more security than money could buy. So she packed up her newborn daughter and headed for a new start - until a blizzard stopped them in their tracks and she had to ask a stranger for help, the rugged traveller their one chance for survival.

ORDER # R410-68   $38-90   ISBN 9780727868657 


A Secret Affair (Huxtable: 05):  Balogh, Mary.

A final installment in the best-selling series that includes Seducing an Angel focuses on darkly mysterious cousin Constantine, who finds unexpected love when a passionate woman compels him to question his life of solitude.

ORDER # R410-69   $36-90   ISBN 9780385343305 


Shameless:  Robards, Karen.

Known as a heartbreaker after breaking three prior engagements in her search for true love, beautiful Beth Banning falls victim to a vengeful scheme on the part of her last jilted fiancé, a plot that is foiled when the victim frees herself and turns the tables on her seductive kidnapper.

ORDER # R410-70   $37-90   ISBN 9780743410618 


The Time Weaver:  Abe, Shana.

Believing herself a powerless misfit in a tribe of dangerous shape-shifters who possess an ability to transform into smoke and dragons, Honor discovers her powers as a Time Weaver and falls in love with a prince from a rival tribe, a union that is destined to fulfil a terrible prophecy.

ORDER # R410-71   $35-90   ISBN 9780553806861 


Young, Restless, & Broke:  Kan, Blossom & Yu, Michelle

Struggling to make ends meet while pursuing her dream of becoming a soap actress, Sarah Cho falls in love with a handsome Hollywood soap opera producer and relocates to L.A. to pursue her ambitions, with unexpected results.

ORDER # R410-72   $37-90   ISBN 9780312374204 


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