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Always Mine:  Johnson, Sophia.

When she is transported back in time and into the arms of the formidable Lord Damron, a legendary Scottish soldier, Lydia Hunter, now Lady Brianna, refuses to be claimed as his bride, unless he plays by her rules.

ORDER # RAUT-1   $16-50   ISBN 0821778846 


Blood Kin:  French, Judith E.

Searching for her birth mother, Bailey Elliot arrives on Tawes Island only to be met with hostility by its residents and soon discovers that her life is in danger when she finds a diary that reveals the truth about a decades-old murder.

ORDER # RAUT-2   $16-50   ISBN 0505526859 


Born to Be Wild:  Coulter, Catherine.

When someone tries to kill her, believing her to be the evil character she plays on a popular soap opera, daytime drama superstar Mary Lisa Beverly is forced to get help from an unexpected source.

ORDER # RAUT-3   $16-50   ISBN 0515142395 


Camelot's Destiny:  Breeding, Cynthia.

Set against a backdrop of magic, chivalry, good, and evil, Gwenhwyfar, after becoming the wife of King Arthur and the future queen of Britain, is torn between loyalty to a husband who betrays her and love with a man she cannot have, Lancelot, Arthur's most trusted warrior.

ORDER # RAUT-4   $16-50   ISBN 0821780301 


Captive Moon: Tale of the Sazi:  Adams, C. & Clamp, C.

After one of his tigers is stolen and killed during a trip to Stuttgart, Sazi council member and entertainer Antoine Monier finds Tahira Kuric, a lovely Turkish-American shapeshifter from the rival clan Hayalet Kabile, in police custody in tiger form, but despite their animosity, they are forced into an alliance to bring down a rogue shapeshifter out to destroy the Sazi.

ORDER # RAUT-5   $16-50   ISBN 0765354012 


The Cinderella Hour:  Stone, Katherine.

When she brings her radio talk show back home to Chicago, Snow is faced with a self-destructive mother, an heiress with a hidden agenda, and Ray, the troubled boy she once loved and with whom she shared a special relationship years ago.

ORDER # RAUT-6   $16-50   ISBN 0778323277 


Dangerous:  Roberts, Nora.

The New York Times best-selling author presents three timeless stories of romantic suspense, Risky Business, Storm Warning, and The Welcoming, in which an FBI agent on an undercover assignment at a seaside inn to expose a smuggling ring, struggles with his feelings for the lovely innkeeper as he works to clear her name.

ORDER # RAUT-7   $16-50   ISBN 0373285299 


Dark Dreamers:  Feehan, Christine & Liu, Marjorie M.

In Christine Feehan's Dark Dream ,Sara Marten finally meets the man who has haunted her dreams for years, and in Marjorie M. Liu's Stone & Shadow, Charlie, determined to escape the curse that plagues him, finds salvation in the arms of a woman he is forbidden to love.

ORDER # RAUT-8   $16-50   ISBN 0843956879 


Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots:  McLane, Luann.

When Parker Carrington, a gorgeous Hollywood producer, comes to Hootertown, Kentucky, beautician Jamie Lee Carter's dating dry spell is finally over, especially when she unexpectedly finds herself torn between two men after her brother's best friend throws his cowboy hat into the ring.

ORDER # RAUT-9   $16-50   ISBN 0451218922 


Dead End Dating:  Raye, Kimberly.

Launching Dead End Dating, a Manhattan-based matchmaking service, in order to help pay for her cosmetics obsession, fashionable vampire Lil Marchette decides that Francis Deville, a geeky vampire, will make terrific first client, but her plans for Francis soon take a back seat to gorgeous bounty hunter Ty Bonner, in New York to chase down a serial killer.

ORDER # RAUT-10   $16-50   ISBN 0345492161 


Dead Silence:  Novak, Brenda.

Grace Montgomery, unable to forget a horrible tragedy that occurred thirteen years ago, returns home to confront her family and falls for widower Kennedy Archer, who puts his political ambitions in jeopardy - and his life in danger - when he pursues a relationship with her.

ORDER # RAUT-11   $16-50   ISBN 0778323285 


Divine Madness:  Jackson, Melanie.

When her immortal life is threatened by the Dark Man, Seraphina Sandoval is guided by fate to a sensual vampire whose past is stranger than her own.

ORDER # RAUT-12   $16-50   ISBN 0505526905 


Eye of the Dream:  Sinclair, Elizabeth.

Desperate to find her young son, lost somewhere in the desert of the Arizona canyon country on the Navajo Reservation, Laura enlists the assistance of Kaine Cloudwalker, the only man she has ever loved and the father of a child he never knew he had.

ORDER # RAUT-13   $16-50   ISBN 1932815686 


The Falcon's Bride:  Thompson, Dawn.

When a romantic encounter leads to an unexpected betrothal, Theodosia journeys to her intended's estate in Scotland, where she becomes obsessed with the legend of "The Black Falcon" - a tragic Celtic warrior whose ghost is rumored to haunt the halls of Cashel Cosgrove searching for his true love.

ORDER # RAUT-14   $16-50   ISBN 0505526794 


From London with Love:  Petersen, Jenna.

To uncover a dangerous conspiracy and to bring a would-be traitor to justice, Meredith Sinclair, a witty and resourceful agent working for the mysterious Lady M, targets Tristan Archer, Marquis of Carmichael, one of the most powerful members of Regency London society and a man who had once saved Meredith's life, in the first volume in a series about three seductive English spies.

ORDER # RAUT-15   $16-50   ISBN 0060798610 


Fancy:  Hess, Norah.

Struggling to keep her family together after her father's accidental death, Fancy Cranson vows to work herself to the bone instead of selling herself to the highest bidder, until she meets woodsman Chance Dawson, who decides to claim her as his own.

ORDER # RAUT-16   $16-50   ISBN 0843937831 


Get Some Love:  Foxx, Nina.

In order to inherit her multimillion-dollar trust fund from her grandfather, Angelica Chappee must agree to several unusual stipulations, including one to find true love, a situation that could be fulfilled when she meets Juan Delgado.

ORDER # RAUT-17   $16-50   ISBN 0061139971 


A Girl to Love:  Neels, Betty.

In danger of losing her beloved home, Sadie finds her solitary life in a quiet Dorset village forever changed by Mr. Oliver Trentham, a kind man who buys her house and offers her a job as his housekeeper.

ORDER # RAUT-18   $16-50   ISBN 0373470800 


Heart Mate:  Owens, Robin D.

In a world whose inhabitants are defined by their individual psychic gifts, Danith Mallow, a young woman with little psychic talent, is drawn to the aristocratic Rand T'Ash, a respected nobleman and artisan who has crafted a magnificent necklace to attract his destined beloved.

ORDER # RAUT-19   $16-50   ISBN 0425212408 


God's Gift:  Henderson, Dee.

After being injured in Africa doing missionary work, James Graham comes back home to Chicago, where he finally meets Rachel Ashcroft, the woman who has been sending him care packages, and tries to bring happiness and love back into her life.

ORDER # RAUT-20   $16-50   ISBN 0373785216 


Here Comes Trouble:  Kelly, Leslie.

On a mission to expose Max Taylor, the owner of a charter airline service for the rich and famous, as a womanizing jerk, junior book editor Sabrina Cavanaugh, posing as a wealthy heiress, hits some turbulence when love gets a special boarding pass on her flight.

ORDER # RAUT-21   $16-50   ISBN 0373771339 


Hers to Desire:  Moore, Margaret.

The daughter of a traitor, Lady Beatrice, unable to marry due to her family's reputation, is determined to win the heart of Sir Ranulf, the brave knight sent to take command of a castle in Cornwall, and concocts a clever scheme of seduction that challenges his honor.

ORDER # RAUT-22   $16-50   ISBN 037377124X 


Highland Bride:  Howell, Hannah.

When Gillyanne Murray arrives at the small keep she has received as a gift from her father's kinsmen, she is faced with war as three lairds prepare to battle for her hand in marriage as well as her land, forcing her to choose Sir Connor MacEnroy, a cold and distant man, as her husband.

ORDER # RAUT-23   $16-50   ISBN 0821779958 


His Lordship's Desire:  Wolf, Joan.

Searching for a proper, stable husband during her London season, Diana Sherwood believes that she has found a suitable match in Robert Welbourne, but soldier Alexander Devize, with whom she shared one night of reckless passion, has other ideas and launches a full-scale attack on her heart.

ORDER # RAUT-24   $16-50   ISBN 0778323307 


Home Before Midnight:  Kantra, Virginia.

When her job with best-selling crime author Paul Ellis leads her back home, Bailey Wells becomes a suspect in a murder investigation when Paul's wife is killed in their new house, forcing her to team up with a hardened police detective to clear her name.

ORDER # RAUT-25   $16-50   ISBN 0425211088 


An Innocent Man:  Savoy, Deirdre.

Set to testify against a man accused of several violent attacks around campus, Francesca "Frankie" Hairston senses that the man might be innocent and hires private detective Nelson Santiago to investigate, which leads to danger and romance.

ORDER # RAUT-26   $16-50   ISBN 1583147764 


Just One of Those Flings:  Hern, Candice.

When she embarks on an affair with the Marquess of Thayne, the most sought after bachelor in London, Lady Somerfield, who is busy chaperoning her own young daughters and niece, must make a difficult decision - stay his mistress or become his wife despite her vow never to marry again.

ORDER # RAUT-27   $16-50   ISBN 0451219201 


Just for Kicks:  Andersen, Susan.

When Carly Jacobsen, a Las Vegas showgirl with an odd assortment of pets, spends one incredible night with her gorgeous neighbor Wolfgang Jones, they hit the jackpot when they take a gamble on love.

ORDER # RAUT-28   $16-50   ISBN 0778323153 


Ladies' Man:  Brockmann, Suzanne.

Becoming embroiled in a sizzling affair with a gorgeous cop, Ellen Layne, a divorced single mother, is forced to turn to sexy NYPD detective Sam Schaefer for her very survival when she suddenly becomes the target of a deranged stalker.

ORDER # RAUT-29   $16-50   ISBN 0440243653 


Lady Katherne's Wild Ride:  Westin, Jeane.

Accused of murdering her lecherous uncle, Lady Katherne Lindsay, to avoid a death sentence, masquerades as an actress with the help of handsome actor and notorious womanizer Jeremy Hughes, whom she wants to play a leading role in her life.

ORDER # RAUT-30   $16-50   ISBN 045121921X 


Lady Rogue:  Enoch, Suzanne.

Masquerading as a boy to spy on Alexander Cale, Earl of Everton, Christine "Kit" Brantley finds herself unmasked by her quarry, and soon the pair is plunged into one escapade and adventure after another as Alexander tries to uncover the real reason Kit is in London.

ORDER # RAUT-31   $16-50   ISBN 0060875240 


The Lady's Code:  Saxon, Samantha.

After her reputation is ruined, destroying any future romantic prospects, Lady Juliet Pervill takes a job in the Foreign Office decrypting French codes, where she meets cryptographer Seamus McCurren, who, distracted by her mathematical prowess, tries to expose a spy in their midst.

ORDER # RAUT-32   $16-50   ISBN 042521107X 


Last Kiss Goodbye:  Herron, Rita.

Haunted by the murder of her parents, Ivy Stanton, returning home to face her past and find answers, gets help from Matt Malone, the man wrongly accused of the crime, who has come back to clear his name, but someone in the town is determined to stop them from exposing the truth.

ORDER # RAUT-33   $16-50   ISBN 0373771029 


Lily and the Major:  Miller, Linda Lael.

Determined to locate the two sisters from whom she has been separated for years and to own her very own farm, Lily Chalmers has little room in her busy life for handsome Major Caleb Halliday.

ORDER # RAUT-34   $16-50   ISBN 0671676369 


Long Time Coming:  Brown, Sandra.

For sixteen years, Marnie Hibbs has raised her dead sister's illegitimate son, hoping that the boy's father, the handsome astronaut Law Kincaid, will return to help her care for him, but when Kincaid does show up, it is in response to some mysterious threatening blackmail letters.

ORDER # RAUT-35   $16-50   ISBN 0553589350 


Love Becomes Her:  Hill, Donna.

When a basketball superstar, who is half her age, asks her to spend the night with him, Barbara Allen goes to her girlfriends for advice and together they come up with a crazy plan that unexpectedly changes all of their lives.

ORDER # RAUT-36   $16-50   ISBN 1583147748 


A Lover's Pretense:  Washington, Al Tonya.

When she encounters resort developer Quaysar Ramsey at a wedding, Tykira Lowery, longing to rekindle their romance, must face some hard truths and startling revelations in order to finally find happiness with this man she has loved for years.

ORDER # RAUT-37   $16-50   ISBN 1583147772 


Make Me a Match:  Holquist, Diana.

Leaving behind her past of psychic powers and small-time cons, Cecilia Burns has built a thriving practice as a cardiologist and is engaged to a staid and reliable man, until her sister arrives, claiming that Cecilia is destined to find eternal love with another man, Finn Franklin Concord, and that Finn is in dire need of Cecilia 's help.

ORDER # RAUT-38   $16-50   ISBN 0446617970 


Midnight Moon: A Nightcreature Novel:  Handeland, Lori.

After a devastating tragedy, Cassandra takes on a new identity as Priestess Cassandra, owner of a New Orleans voodoo shop and researcher for a paranormal secret society, in which role she journeys to Haiti, accompanied by fortune hunter Devon Murphy, to seek out the truth about rumors of a powerful and sinister voodoo master, Jacques Mezareau, who can resurrect the dead.

ORDER # RAUT-39   $16-50   ISBN 0312938497 


Nerds Like It Hot:  Thompson, Vicki Lewis.

Seeking refuge on a cruise aimed at single geeks after becoming the sole eyewitness to a mob killing, Hollywood makeup artist Gillian McCormick disguises herself in order to fit in, accompanied by P.I. Lex Manchester who is assigned to protect her - whether it is from a hitman on a mission, a cross-dressing sociopath, or hundreds of lusty nerds.

ORDER # RAUT-40   $16-50   ISBN 0312939086 


Never a Lady:  D'Alessandro, Jacquie.

Leaving Cornwall for London to find a bride, a proper, high-born lady willing to bear him an heir, Colin Oliver, Viscount Sutton, is appalled when he finds himself falling for Madame Alexandra Larchmont, a beautiful fortune-teller, especially when they are forced into an uneasy alliance to stop a murder plot.

ORDER # RAUT-41   $16-50   ISBN 0060779411 


Nothing to Lose:  McClafferty, S.K.

Deke McCall, an undercover cop haunted by the unsolved murders of his family members, must rely on the help of a beautiful journalist named Anna, who is the only woman who can save him from himself, when the same serial killer strikes again.

ORDER # RAUT-42   $16-50   ISBN 0821778455 


Once Upon a Wedding Night:  Jordan, Sophie.

Left widowed and penniless after the death of her husband, Lady Meredith Brookshire finds herself with the prospects of losing her home, where her addled father and spinster aunt also reside, thanks to Nicholas Caulfield, the heir to the Brookshire estate, and devises a desperate scheme to save them all.

ORDER # RAUT-43   $16-50   ISBN 0061122203 


One Forbidden Evening:  Goodman, Jo.

Succumbing to temptation with a stranger during a masked ball, Cybelline Caldwell is stunned when the Earl of Ferrin, her mystery lover, tracks her down, determined to prove that one night was not enough.

ORDER # RAUT-44   $16-50   ISBN 0821777769 


The Panther & the Pyramid:  Vanak, Bonnie.

Fuelled by vengeance, Graham Tristan, raised in Egypt and trained as a warrior, returns to London and enters polite society only to find himself distracted by an encounter with a flame-haired beauty, who is linked to his dreams, in a brothel.

ORDER # RAUT-45   $16-50   ISBN 0843957557 


Primal Heat:  Sizemore, Susan.

The Prime of his vampire Family, Mathias Bridger continues to yearn for Phillipa Elliot, the beautiful police officer with whom he had a brief, erotic affair, but his feelings are sorely tested when the Family comes under attack from a fanatical group of vampire hunters.

ORDER # RAUT-46   $16-50   ISBN 1416513353 


Real Women Don't Wear Size 2:  St.John, Kelley.

Tired of her staid and proper life, thirty-year-old Clarise Robinson decides that it is finally time to cut loose and joins her friends on a weekend getaway to the Gasparilla Festival in Tampa, where she comes face to face with her long-time crush, her boss Ethan Eubanks.

ORDER # RAUT-47   $16-50   ISBN 0446617210 


The Promise of Happiness:  Neels, Betty.

Rescued from poverty by Baron Tiele Raukema van den Eck, Rebecca Saunders falls in love with her generous benefactor even though he has made it abundantly clear that she is not his type.

ORDER # RAUT-48   $16-50   ISBN 0373470789 


Return of the Highlander:  Mackenzie, Sara.

Stunned by the modern-day world in which he has awakened, legendary eighteenth-century Scottish warrior Black Maclean is drawn to Arabella, a mysterious woman who is the only one who can see him, and together they must explore the destiny that has brought them together across the centuries.

ORDER # RAUT-49   $16-50   ISBN 0060795409 


Scandal in Spring:  Kleypas, Lisa.

After three London seasons without finding a husband, Daisy Bowman is faced with her father's ultimatum about getting married - if she cannot snare an appropriate suitor, she will marry the man of her father's choice, the ruthless, aloof Matthew Swift.

ORDER # RAUT-50   $16-50   ISBN 0060562536 


Seducing the Spy (The Royal Four):  Bradley, Celeste.

An outcast from Regency society, Lady Alicia Lawrence joins forces with the Falcon, Stanton Horne, Lord Wyndham, posing as his mistress in order to bring down a conspiracy that threatens the entire British nation, but as their mission becomes increasingly dangerous, their partnership takes an unexpected and passionate turn.

ORDER # RAUT-51   $16-50   ISBN 0312939671 


Sister Peters in Amsterdam:  Neels, Betty.

When Sister Adelaide Peters participates in an exchange program that takes her to Holland, she falls in love with her new job, her colleagues, and Professor Coenraad van Essen, who is way out of her league - or so she thinks.

ORDER # RAUT-52   $16-50   ISBN 0373470797 


Someone to Love:  White-Owens, Karen.

With her love life in desperate need of resuscitation, nurse practitioner Shae Weitherspoon finally finds a suitable candidate in sports agent James Daniels, but his high-powered career puts a damper on their relationship both in and out of the bedroom.

ORDER # RAUT-53   $16-50   ISBN 1583147756 


Son of the Morning:  Howard, Linda.

Targeted by a murderer who wants to foil her search for a lost Celtic treasure linked to the legendary Knights Templar, scholar Grace St. John must travel back in time to obtain the assistance of warrior Black Niall of Scotland.

ORDER # RAUT-54   $16-50   ISBN 067179938X 


Summer at Willow Lake:  Wiggs, Susan.

When her grandparents request one last summer together with the whole family at an old resort camp in the Catskills, Olivia Bellamy hires contractor Connor Davis to fix up the camp, but gets more than she bargained for when the renovations unearth shocking secrets and searing passion.

ORDER # RAUT-55   $16-50   ISBN 0778323250 


Tempting the Wolf:  Greiman, Lois.

Falling victim to a beautiful witch, O'Banyon, the "Irish Wolf," has been cursed for centuries, until he encounters Antoinette Desbonnete, a mysterious and alluring young countess who possesses a powerful gift that may hold the key to his ultimate destiny.

ORDER # RAUT-56   $16-50   ISBN 0060783982 


3 Guys You'll Never Date:  Bond, Stephanie; LaBrecque, Jennifer; & Nelson, Rhonda.

Three women learn that appearances can definitely be deceiving in this hilarious collection of stories that includes Jennifer LaBrecque's "The Total Package," in which Abby Carmichael falls for a computer geek when he hires her to transform him into a ladies' man.

ORDER # RAUT-57   $16-50   ISBN 0373837186 


Thrill Me to Death:  St.Claire, Roxanne.

Now a member of an elite team of bodyguards known as the Bullet Catchers, ex-DEA agent Max Roper is reunited with an old lover, Cori, the daughter of his murdered former partner and mentor, when she becomes the target of the assassin who had killed her billionaire husband.

ORDER # RAUT-58   $16-50   ISBN 1416521852 


Trouble in High Heels:  Dodd, Christina.

When she discovers that her fiancé has run off to Las Vegas to marry another woman, Brandi Michaels spends the night with a gorgeous Italian stranger only to discover that her new lover has a dangerous past when she becomes the target of a killer.

ORDER # RAUT-59   $16-50   ISBN 0451219120 


Twice Kissed:  Jackson, Lisa.

When her twin sister disappears, Maggie McCrae, determined to find the truth, steps into her shoes and discovers her twin's dark side that leads her down a path of revenge, betrayal, and deceit link to a twisted family legacy and a desperate killer.

ORDER # RAUT-60   $16-50   ISBN 0821779443


The Unknown Woman:  Paige, Laurie.

When a dead woman turns up in his hotel room, Matt Anderson and fellow tourist Kelly Johnston, to solve this strange mystery, delve into a world of intrigue and voodoo where they discover that they are destined to be together.

ORDER # RAUT-61   $16-50   ISBN 037338940X 


Whirlwind:  Holby, Cindy.

While trying to retrieve a valuable thoroughbred, confirmed bachelor and notorious womaniser Zane Brody butts head with a stubborn goat named Lucifer and meets his match in a beautiful schoolteacher who captures his heart.

ORDER # RAUT-62   $16-50   ISBN 084395308X 


A Whisper in the Dark:  Castillo, Linda.

When someone discovers her darkest secret and begins sending her threatening letters, bookseller Julia Wainwright must place her trust in ex-cop John Merrick, who is haunted by his own past, as a dangerous stalker gets closer.

ORDER # RAUT-63   $16-50   ISBN 042521138X 


Your Planet or Mine?:  Grant, Susan.

Submerged in a PR nightmare, Jana Jasper, a fledging California state senator, is stunned when a trip to the grocery store leads to an encounter with her supposedly "imaginary" friend from childhood who, on the run from an intergalactic assassin, needs her help in averting an alien invasion.

ORDER # RAUT-64   $16-50   ISBN 0373771061 


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