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Awaiting the Fire:  Simpson, Donna Lea.

Refusing to marry Simeon St. Ange, the man her family has promised her to, fiercely independent Countess Charlotte von Wolfram, believing that he could never understand her family's wild nature, unexpectedly unleashes his passionate side as they search for her half-sister's English mother.

ORDER # R807-1   $15-60   ISBN 0425217612 


Witchy Business:  Leto, Julie Elizabeth; Nelson, Rhonda

This spellbinding trio of romances, centering around the Sedona Rehab Center for the Magically Challenged, follows three would-be witches as they learn how to use their powers, finding love in the process.

ORDER # R807-2   $15-60   ISBN 037383716X 


Beyond Seduction:  Laurens, Stephanie.

Recklessly vowing to marry the next eligible lady he meets, Gervase Tregarth, Sixth Earl of Crowhurst, never expects to have to fulfil his pledge, especially while visiting his remote ancestral estate in Cornwall, until he encounters his neighbor, beautiful, independent Madeline Gascoigne.

ORDER # R807-3   $15-60   ISBN 0060839252 


Between You and Me:  Blackwood, Jane.

When her commitment-phobic ex-boyfriend and the love of her life, asks her to join him for two weeks of yacht racing, Meghan Rose, longing for some excitement in her rather dull life, must choose between her fiancé and following her heart.

ORDER # R807-4   $15-60   ISBN 0821779516 


Breaking All the Rules:  Carroll, Marisa.

While aboard Alexandra's Dream, sports journalist Lola Sandler stumbles upon a career-making story when she discovers that pro golfer Eric Lashman, who has been in hiding, is an instructor on the ship, and must make a tough choice when she falls in love with him.

ORDER # R807-5   $15-60   ISBN 0373389639 


Born to be Wilde:  Denison, Janelle.

When ex-Marine-turned-security specialist Joel Wilde is hired to protect Lora Marshall from a violent gang, he, preferring danger to commitment, breaks his own ground rules when he has an affair with his sexy client.

ORDER # R807-6   $15-60   ISBN 0425210820 


Bride Enchanted:  Layton, Edith.

Skeptical about the romantic attentions of the handsome and charming Aubrey Ashford, London's most eligible bachelor, Eve Faraday is unable to resist his seductive wiles and marries him after a whirlwind courtship, only to discover that there is something mysterious and magical about her new husband.

ORDER # R807-7   $15-60   ISBN 0061253626 


Bride for a Knight:  Welfonder, Sue-Ellen.

After years of trying to please his father, James Macpherson agrees to an arranged marriage to a woman he does not love and finds himself wedded to the ethereal Aveline Matheson, but their growing feelings for each other are threatened by a ruthless foe who has already murdered Jamie's brothers and is out to destroy every Macpherson.

ORDER # R807-8   $15-60   ISBN 044661730X 


Calder Storm:  Dailey, Janet.

Newly married and with a baby on the way, Trey Calder finds life on the Triple C Ranch perfect, until he makes a shocking discovery about his wife, freelance photographer Sloan Davis, that submerses his family in scandal and places them all in the path of a dangerous enemy who is out for revenge.

ORDER # R807-9   $15-60   ISBN 082177543X 


Caressed by Ice:  Singh, Nalini.

Judd Lauren, a deadly assassin forced to do terrible things in the name of his people, must help Brenna Shane Kincaid, whose mind was violated by a serial killer, discover the truth about a recent murder, which plunges them both into the very heart of danger and passion.

ORDER # R807-10   $15-60   ISBN 0425218422 


Coming Undone:  Andersen, Susan.

When Priscilla Jayne Morgan, a country music superstar, becomes the talk of the tabloids, her record label hires her ex-crush Jared Hamilton to escort her on her summer tour, causing things to get hot and heavy.

ORDER # R807-11   $15-60   ISBN 0373772130 


Dark Rider:  Dennis, Kathrynn.

When Sir Robert Breton, a rival of her family's house, saves her life, Lady Eldswythe, betrothed to another, finds her heart torn between two very different men.

ORDER # R807-12   $15-60   ISBN 1420100475 


Darkfever:  Moning, Karen Marie.

Mac is stunned to discover that her sister's murder had been far more than a random act of violence and resents the awakening of a mysterious ability to sense the Fae and their talismans, a talent that sends her on a quest to find the Sinsar Dubh, a mystical book of dark power, and to insure that it cannot fall into the wrong hands.

ORDER # R807-13   $15-60   ISBN 0440240980 


What a Rogue Desires:  Linden, Caroline.

Aristocrat David Reece finds his plans to regain his respectability going awry when he tracks down the beautiful pickpocket who stole his brother's signet ring, keeping her as his captive until she agrees to become a player in his game of seduction.

ORDER # R807-14   $15-60   ISBN 0821780506 


Dead Girls Are Easy:  Garey, Terri.

A young Goth girl whose near brush with the hereafter has left her with a talent to see and communicate with the dead, Nicki Styx suddenly finds herself in the position of cleaning up the messes left behind by the departed, a task that threatens to come between Nicki and her gorgeous boyfriend, Dr. Joe Bascombe, the surgeon who had saved her life.

ORDER # R807-15   $15-60   ISBN 0061136158 


Die for Me:  Rose, Karen.

Assigned to investigate a series of brutal killings, homicide detective Vito Ciccotelli is reluctantly paired with Sophie Johannson, an archaeologist, museum curator, and expert in medieval warfare, who is brought in to provide insight into the killer's use of ancient weaponry and torture devices, but complications arise when Sophie is targeted as the next victim.

ORDER # R807-16   $15-60   ISBN 0446616915 


The Dream Thief:  Abé, Shana.

In eighteenth-century England, Lia, the daughter of the leader of the drákon tribe whose members possess the ability to transform from human to dragon, uses her own talents to locate a powerful diamond, hidden deep in the Carpathian mountains, a gem that could allow a human to control or destroy the drákon.

ORDER # R807-17   $15-60   ISBN 0553588052 


Don't Say a Word:  Herron, Rita.

When his brother is arrested for murder, Damon, a special agent with the FBI, must find a mysterious woman who holds the key to this case, while trying to stop a deadly enemy who is threatening to expose his darkest secrets and destroy them all.

ORDER # R807-18   $15-60   ISBN 0373772173 


The Eagle and the Dove:  Morrow, Victoria.

When spoiled heiress Katherine Kelly Dory, who was rescued and seduced by a wild man, returns home to Boston, she is unable to forget the man who stole her virtue, and longs to be in his arms again, in this epic love story set against the backdrop of the building of our nation's railroads.

ORDER # R807-19   $15-60   ISBN 0843958421 


Driven:  Kenin, Eve.

When a hot guy named Wizard hijacks her co-pilot's seat, Raina Bowen, while fighting off rival truckers, ice pirates, and a deadly maniac bent on revenge, is unable to deny her attraction to this dangerous man who is hiding a secret that could get them both killed.

ORDER # R807-20   $15-60   ISBN 050552709X 


Every Girl's Guide To...:  London, Cait.

When her lifelong friend, cowboy Clint Danner, decides to dive back into the dating pool, Lilah McCord, determined to prepare him for the female urban sophisticate, does some research and realizes that she has missed out on a lot of things over the years and longs for a willing male partner of her own.

ORDER # R807-21   $15-60   ISBN 0373198876 


Fangs for the Memories:  Love, Kathy.

Sebastian Young must find a way to help his brother Rhys when he breaks his one rule and saves the life of a mortal woman, which leads to a sensual encounter that makes him forget that he is a vampire.

ORDER # R807-22   $15-60   ISBN 0758211325 


Forbidden Fantasy:  Holt, Cheryl.

Jilted and humiliated, Lady Caroline Foster finds herself forced into an unwanted betrothal to a much older man and enlists the aid of her ex-fiancé's illegitimate brother, the rakish Ian Clayton, only to become embroiled in a passionate and illicit affair with a man who has secretly yearned for her from afar.

ORDER # R807-23   $15-60   ISBN 0312942559 


Fate:  Starr, Pamela Leigh.

Desperately trying to deny her attraction to Scott Halloway, Vanessa Lewis wonders if she can cast aside their racial differences and embrace the promise of love.

ORDER # R807-24   $15-60   ISBN 1585712582 


Her Secret Fantasy:  Foley, Gaelen.

The last hope of restoring the fortunes of her once great family, Lily Balfour comes to London with the plan to marry a wealthy man, but her schemes go awry thanks to the seductive charms of Major Derek Knight, a handsome soldier and adventurer recently returned to England from India to take part in a vital secret mission that could threaten both their lives.

ORDER # R807-25   $15-60   ISBN 034549668X 


Highlander Unmasked:  McCarty, Monica.

In the second volume in a back-to-back trilogy, Meg Mackinnon, desperate to find a trustworthy husband to support her simple brother as Chief, meets the seductive Alex MacLeod, a mercenary outlaw who claims no loyalties but who hides his mission to protect the Highlands and its people from the king's injustice.

ORDER # R807-26   $15-60   ISBN 0345494377 


Hunting the Demon:  Burton, Jaci.

Problems arise when demon hunter Shay Peterson discovers that her next quarry is Nic Diavolo, a gorgeous surfer trapped between two warring realms, who must use his seductive wiles to join forces with an unwilling Shay to save himself from an evil enemy out to steal his very soul.

ORDER # R807-27   $15-60   ISBN 044024336X 


If His Kiss Is Wicked:  Goodman, Jo.

When she agrees to meet her cousin's secret lover and end their affair, painfully shy Emma Hathaway becomes immersed in a world of scandal and danger, turning to the only person who can help her, notorious scoundrel Restell Gardnell.

ORDER # R807-28   $15-60   ISBN 0821777777 


Innocent in Death:  Roberts, Nora, writing as J.D. Robb.

Investigating the baffling murder case of an absolutely ordinary and seemingly much-loved private school teacher, futuristic New York City lieutenant Eve Dallas struggles to identify who may have wanted the death of an innocent man, a case that is complicated by the machinations of Eve's husband's former lover.

ORDER # R807-29   $15-60   ISBN 042521754X 


Immortals: The Gathering:  Ashley, Jennifer.

When she finds a gorgeous half-naked warrior in her lion's pen, taming the tempermental beast, Lela Stowe surrenders her body and soul to this dangerous Hunter as they join the other Immortals in a battle against great evil.

ORDER # R807-30   $15-60   ISBN 0505526883 


Just Wicked Enough:  Heath, Lorraine.

Desperate for much needed funds, a penniless Michael Tremayne, Marquess of Falconridge, allows his title to be auctioned off to the highest bidding American father, only to find himself tied to the wilful and determined Kate Rose, who wants nothing more from her aristocrat husband than unending love.

ORDER # R807-31   $15-60   ISBN 0061129704 


Knights of the Round Table: Gawain:  Rowley, Gwen.

Fiercely loyal to King Arthur, brave knight Sir Gawain agrees to marry a hideous crone in exchange for a secret that will save Arthur's life - a devil's bargain that is fraught with deception, revenge, and ultimately love - as he breaks the spell and restores his new bride to her true form.

ORDER # R807-32   $15-60   ISBN 0515143499 


Madame's Deception:  Bernard, Renee.

Believing that her mother's couture business had financed her boarding school education in Europe, virginal bookworm Jocelyn Tolliver is stunned to discover that her dying mother is the infamous madame of London's elite Crimson Belle bordello and that she has inherited the establishment and its ladies.

ORDER # R807-33   $15-60   ISBN 1416524215 


Love Letters from a Duke:  Boyle, Elizabeth.

Despite her dreams of falling in love with and marrying a duke, a passionate young lady finds herself falling for the enigmatic footman next door, in delightful romance set against the backdrop of Regency England.

ORDER # R807-34   $15-60   ISBN 0060784032 


Male Call:  MacAllister, Heather.

After being dumped by yet another boyfriend, desperate computer geek Marnie LaTour turns to her friend, carpenter Zach Renfro, for help in transforming her into a sexy siren, until she discovers that Zach likes her just the way she is.

ORDER # R807-35   $15-60   ISBN 0373198884 


The Marriage Wager:  Camp, Candace.

When her benefactor transforms her into a ravishing beauty, Miss Constance Woodley, considered a "nobody," catches the eye of notorious Lord Dominic Leighton and decides to take a gamble on love, which shocks the entire ton.

ORDER # R807-36   $15-60   ISBN 0373772432 


Midsummer Madness:  Rimmer, Christine.

Determined to lose her virginity by her thirtieth birthday, Juliet Huddleston, unleashing her Inner Assertive Woman, decides to indulge in a midsummer fling with her sexy neighbor Cody MacIntyre, which sends shockwaves through the small town in which she lives.

ORDER # R807-37   $15-60   ISBN 0373198892 


Missing:  Cresswell, Jasmine.

When her father disappears with millions of dollars, which exposes his secret double life, Megan Raven, to save her family from further pain, must help bank manager Adam Fairfax search for the missing money and uncovers a tangled web of lies, secrecy, and greed.

ORDER # R807-38   $15-60   ISBN 0778324672 


The Morgue the Merrier:  Laurey, Rosemary; Kelley, Karen; & Castell, Dianne.

During a snowstorm, six star-crossed lovers and some mischievous ghosts are trapped in a mysterious old morgue-turned-hotel where anything can happen, in this spinetingling collection of holiday romances that reveals whose been naughty and nice.

ORDER # R807-39   $15-60   ISBN 1420100424 


My Immortal:  McCarthy, Erin.

In exchange for the gift of immortality, Damien du Bourg, a tortured soul forced into an eternity of servitude, is unable to resist the lure of a woman for the first time in his life when Marley Turner, who is searching for her missing sister, stumbles upon his plantation on the outskirts of New Orleans.

ORDER # R807-40   $15-60   ISBN 0515143480 


My Immortal Highlander:  Howell, Hannah & Sands, Lynsay.

Two best-selling authors join forces to present a tale of passion, intrigue, and betrayal that follows identical twins, Bothan and Calum MacNachton, as they, roaming the highlands at night to satisfy their unquenchable thirst, search for the mortal women who can break their eternal curse.

ORDER # R807-41   $15-60   ISBN 0821779753 


The Naked Truth:  McCarthy, Erin, et al.

All bets are off in this erotically charged collection of four all-new stories that follows four daring women as they risk it all to win the often challenging and unpredictable game of love.

ORDER # R807-42   $15-60   ISBN 0425216659 


Outback:  Fletcher, Aaron.

Patrick Garrity, the bastard child of a female convict, flees Sydney and his past to settle in the Australian Outback with a native woman, and together they build an empire in the wilderness.

ORDER # R807-43   $15-60   ISBN 0843946865 


Perfidia:  McKendrick, Elspeth.

In 1939 Berlin, Sophie de Havilland, during the rise of the Third Reich and the Nazi regime, seeks escape with the help of a dashing half-American stranger who, seducing her with the promise of safety, is not what he seems.

ORDER # R807-44   $15-60   ISBN 0505527391 


Primal Desires:  Sizemore, Susan.

A master magician known as "The Beast Master" for his Las Vegas performances with big cats, Jason Cage the Prime of his vampire family, uses his remarkable telepathic skills to rescue beautiful Sofia Hunyara from a werewolf attack and sets out to teach her about her family's secret history as wolf tamers and about her role as his destined bondmate.

ORDER # R807-45   $15-60   ISBN 1416513361 


Project Date:  Perry, Kate.

Philomena Donovan makes a mess of her romantic life when she uses her ex-boyfriend's best friend, Rio, in her crazy plan to get one up on her superior sister and actually falls in love with him.

ORDER # R807-46   $15-60   ISBN 0821780298 


A Reckless Beauty:  Michaels, Kasey.

When she follows her beloved adopted brother into battle, headstrong Fanny Becket finds herself in the line of fire and in the arms of Valentine Clement, Earl of Brede, who saves her life and determines that she is in need of his protection.

ORDER # R807-47   $15-60   ISBN 0373772165 


Savage Skies:  Edwards, Cassie.

When she is rescued by Chief Blue Thunder from rape and torture at the hands of the Comanche, Shirleen, on the run from her abusive husband and searching for her missing daughter, finds salvation in his powerful arms.

ORDER # R807-48   $15-60   ISBN 0843955376 


Scandal's Daughter:  Wells, Christine.

Promising his dying godfather that he will find a husband for his childhood friend Gemma, the daughter of a notorious seductress, in three months or marry her himself, Sebastian Laidley, the sixth Earl of Carleton, introduces her to several suitors, only to realize that he wants her for himself.

ORDER # R807-49   $15-60   ISBN 0425218325 


The Secret Seduction:  Thacker, Cathy Gillen.

Known as the "Ice Princess," Lily Madsen, determined to prove that she has a wild side, sets out to seduce a visiting TV star who is in town for only a week, but her best friend Fletcher Hart, refusing to let her make a fool of herself, stands in her way.

ORDER # R807-50   $15-60   ISBN 0373198868 


The Serpent Prince:  Hoyt, Elizabeth.

Content with her quiet country life, Lucy Craddock-Hayes stumbles upon the naked body of an unconscious Viscount Simon Iddesleigh, beaten and left for dead by his enemies, and sets out to nurse him back to health, never expecting to fall for the jaded nobleman, but now his enemies threaten her life as well.

ORDER # R807-51   $15-60   ISBN 044640053X 


Sex and the Single Ghost:  Taylor, Tawny.

Released from Purgatory to investigate her mysterious death, solve the crime, and do good deeds for others, Claire Weiss is distracted from her mission by Jake Faron, the man she has been in lust with for ages, who introduces her to a different kind of heaven in his arms.

ORDER # R807-52   $15-60   ISBN 0758215088 


Shadows on the Soul:  Black, Jenna.

Crowning himself the Master of Baltimore after defeating his mother in battle, Gabriel, a five-hundred-year-old vampire, is forced into an uneasy alliance with his father, Eli, Master of Philadelphia and leader of the Watchers, vampires who have vowed to protect humans, when an ancient enemy targets the woman Gabriel loves. 

ORDER # R807-53   $15-60   ISBN 0765357178 


Silver Master:  Krentz, Jayne Ann, writing as Jayne Castle

Escaping scandal, psychic Celinda Ingram arrives in Cadence City to start a new life only to find herself drawn into a mystery involving a powerful relic and a gorgeous fellow psychic and security specialist who introduces her to a whole new world of ecstasy.

ORDER # R807-54   $15-60   ISBN 0515143553 


Sorceress:  Jackson, Lisa.

No Picture Available

Tormented by strange visions and voices, and bound by destiny to save the life of an innocent, Bryanna, the only one who can lift the curse of darkness, must place her trust in a mysterious and darkly sensual stranger when she is surrounded by evil.

ORDER # R807-55   $15-60   ISBN 0451221982 


The Darkest Night:  Showalter, Gena.

No Picture Available

Determined to free herself from the voices that torment her, Ashlyn Darrow arrives in Budapest to seek help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities and finds herself drawn to a dangerous man, trapped in a hell of his own, who unleashes within her a dark hunger.

ORDER # R807-56   $15-60   ISBN 0373772467 


Take Me Home:  Corgiat, Jerri.

After a tragic accident, Florida Jones finds her seemingly perfect life turned upside down when she discovers that the only two people she can depend on are her mother, who abandoned her when she was little, and her ex-lover, Stan, proving that love can be found when you least expect it.

ORDER # R807-57   $15-60   ISBN 0451222032 


To Hell with Love:  Erwin, Sherri.

When her new lover, real estate mogul Owen Glendower, reveals that he is Hades, ruler of the underworld, Boston interior designer Kate Markham, consumed with desire, must choose between her business, her family, her life on Earth, and spending an eternity in Hell with the man she loves.

ORDER # R807-58   $15-60   ISBN 1420101056 


Too Scandalous to Wed:  Benedict, Alexandra.

Determined to win the heart of the man she has long loved from afar, Henrietta Ashby enlists the aid of England's most notorious courtesan to teach her how to seduce Sebastian, Viscount Ravenswood, a rogue who has vowed never to marry, and finds herself risking everything to save him from a diabolical enemy out for revenge.

ORDER # R807-59   $15-60   ISBN 0061170437 


To Scotland, with Love:  Hawkins, Karen.

Lord Gregor MacLean rides to the rescue when his childhood friend, Venetia Oglivie, is abducted by a young fortune hunter planning to force her into marriage, but his rescue is complicated by the passionate feelings of two headstrong individuals, an unexpected snowstorm, and her boisterous and unpredictable family.

ORDER # R807-60   $15-60   ISBN 1416525041 


Truly Yours:  Metzger, Barbara.

When Amanda Carville, who has been shunned by polite society after being accused of murdering her stepfather, asks for his help in proving her innocence, Viscount Rexford, dealing with his own troubles, refuses to get involved, until his heart gives him no choice.

ORDER # R807-61   $15-60   ISBN 0451222059 


Total Control:  Britton, Pamela.

When Indi Wilcox, a caseworker for Miracles, is forced to team up with Todd Peters, NASCAR's notorious bad boy, to grant the wish of a terminally ill child, she finds her bad track record with race-car drivers standing in the way of true love.

ORDER # R807-62   $15-60   ISBN 0373772424 


Undercover in High Heels:  Halliday, Gemma.

The new wardrobe assistant on the hot TV show Magnolia Lane, shoe designer Maddie Springer discovers that murder is in fashion when a young starlet is found dead, forcing her to play the role of a lifetime to catch a Hollywood killer.

ORDER # R807-63   $15-60   ISBN 0843958340 


Unforgettable:  Ortolon, Julie.

While trying to pull the town of Hope, Texas, out of bankruptcy, Jackson Hope must choose between the life he planned and the woman he has never been able to forget when she returns home, determined to save the old music hall before he tears it down. 

ORDER # R807-64   $15-60   ISBN 0451222040 


Wicked Magic:  McCray, Cheyenne.

Rhiannon Castle, a D'Anu witch possessing unique and powerful magic gifts, and Keir, a ruggest Tuatha D'Danann warrior, share a passionate alliance that is threatened when a demon goddess unleashes her evil, and only Rhiannon's secret power can stop her, but unleashing it could destroy the man she loves.

ORDER # R807-65   $15-60   ISBN 031294957X 



Hardcover Titles
Dark Possession: A Carpathian Novel:  Feehan, Christine

On the verge of becoming a vampire, Manolito De La Cruz is called back to his Carpathian homeland and unexpectedly finds his destined lifemate, MaryAnne Delaney, a counsellor for battered women who has no use for the aggressive tendencies of Carpathian males and who has no idea of the lengths that Manolito will go to keep his mate.

ORDER # R807-68   $41-00   ISBN 0425217094 


Devil May Cry: A Dark-Hunter Novel:  Kenyon, Sherrilyn.

Stripped of his godhood by Artemis, Sin seeks revenge by kidnapping a woman he believes to be the deceitful goddess, only to discover instead that he has abducted her servant, Katra, an irresistible and compassionate young woman who persuades him to save Artemis from an enemy who threatens all human life.

ORDER # R807-69   $32-00   ISBN 0312369506 


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