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Autumn in Scotland:  Ranney, Karen.

Betrothed to an earl she has never met, Charlotte Haversham is angered when she arrives at her new home to find a dilapidated Scottish castle and a missing fiancé and embarks on a plan to turn the fortress into a prestigious girls' school, until she encounters the earl's handsome, worldly cousin, Dixon MacKinnon.

ORDER # RDE-1   $15-60   ISBN 0060757450 


Anyone But You:  Crusie, Jennifer.

After unsuccessfully diving back into the dating pool, forty-year-old divorcee Nina Askew finally realizes what Fred, her newly acquired canine companion, has known all along - that her downstairs neighbor, a much-younger doctor, is perfect for her.

ORDER # RDE-2   $15-60   ISBN 037377138X 


A Babe in Ghostland:  Cach, Lisa.

Working to restore an old mansion to its former glory, Case Lambert begins to believe that the house is seriously haunted, thanks to a series of disturbing nightly visitations, and hires psychic Megan Barrows to serve as ghostbuster to uncover the truth about the local spooks.

ORDER # RDE-3   $15-60   ISBN 0743470907 


Baby Love:  Anderson, Catherine.

After fleeing her dangerous life with a baby in tow, Maggie Stanley is rescued from the snowy Idaho night by a handsome but emotionally wounded stranger, and together they will rediscover the meaning of trust and love.

ORDER # RDE-4   $15-60   ISBN 0380799375 


Be My Valentine:  Macomber, Debbie.

Just in time for Valentine's Day comes an omnibus volume containing a pair of delightful holiday romances - My Funny Valentine, in which Dianne Williams, tired of matchmaking efforts on her behalf, enlists the help of a stranger to accompany her to a Valentine dinner, and My Hero, about romance novelist Bailey York's efforts to find the perfect model for her new fictional hero.

ORDER # RDE-5   $15-60   ISBN 0778323668 


Beguiled:  Drake, Shannon.

Ally Grayson, a.k.a. the controversial writer A. Anonymous, is forced into an arranged marriage, but her heart belongs to a seductive masked highwayman, who, unbeknownst to her, is actually her betrothed, an agent of the crown working undercover to catch a killer targeting radical journalists.

ORDER # RDE-6   $15-60   ISBN 0373771312 


Blame It on Cupid:  Greene, Jennifer.

Stunned when she becomes the guardian of her best friend's orphaned eleven-year-old daughter, impulsive Merry Olson does not know anything about parenthood and enlists the assistance of her new, recently divorced, next-door neighbor, Flynn McCullough, who has no interest in becoming involved with any woman, especially Merry.

ORDER # RDE-7   $15-60   ISBN 0373771770 


Beyond the Limit:  McKenna, Lindsay.

Marine engineer Major Pete Trayhern, on a dangerous mission in war-torn Afghanistan, meets his match in civilian Calandra Roland, who, in charge of building a power station that has generated a deadly conspiracy, ignites a dangerous passion between them.

ORDER # RDE-8   $15-60   ISBN 0373771428 


Bogeyman:  Wilson, Gayle.

After the death of her husband, Blythe Wyndham, along with her young daughter Maddie, moves back to the small Alabama town where she grew up, but their fresh start in a new house takes a terrifying turn when Maddie begins having disturbing nightmares related to a twenty-five-year-old murder.

ORDER # RDE-9   $15-60   ISBN 0778323617 


Bustin:  Webber, Minda.

Sam Hammett, a ghost and paranormal pest controller, is forced to team up with a sexy rival, Nicolas Strakhov, owner of Monsters R Us, to rid the world of an ancient Greek myth that is turning people to stone.

ORDER # RDE-10   $15-60   ISBN 0505527057 


Confessions of a Viscount:  Karr, Shirley.

Thoroughly bored with the proper ladies of the ton, Alistair, Viscount Moncreiffe, yearns to find an adventurous young lady to make his life interesting, a wish that is granted when he encounters the fiery Charlotte Parnell, a secret spy for the Crown, to whom he proposes marriage at their first scandalous meeting.

ORDER # RDE-11   $15-60   ISBN 0060834129 


Cornered Tigress:  Lee, Jade.

When her master is captured during the rise of the Empire, Little Pearl must save the Tigress school from being shut down by satisfying the needs of Captain Jonas Storm, who takes her to a magical and passionate place filled with promise and hope.

ORDER # RDE-12   $15-60   ISBN 0843956895 


The Crystal Rose:  Brandewyne, Rebecca.

During the Great Exhibition, Rose Windermere becomes unwittingly drawn into a world of deceit and intrigue related to her tragic childhood in India, forcing her into the arms of an aristocrat whose quest for power threatens the monarchy.

ORDER # RDE-13   $15-60   ISBN 0778322963 


The Cursed One:  Thompson, Ronda.

Married and widowed in a single day, beautiful socialite Amelia Sinclair is forced to rely on the kindness of a stranger, Gabriel Wulf, to protect her from the vicious creatures that are stalking her.

ORDER # RDE-14   $15-60   ISBN 0312935757 


Dark Angel:  Blue, Lucy.

Returning to the Highlands to avenge his father's death at the hands of his uncle, only to be brutally attacked and left for dead, with his companions slaughtered, Gareth is rescued by Roxanna, a seductive beauty and vampire princess, who finds in him her soulmate and her only chance for breaking the curse that exiles her and her kind to the darkness.

ORDER # RDE-15   $15-60   ISBN 1416511962 


Dark Defender:  Morgan, Alexis.

Paladin warrior Blake Trahern launches his own investigation into the mysterious killing of his old friend, Judge Nichols, joining forces with the victim's daughter, beautiful Brenna Nichols, to uncover a traitor among the immortal warriors and to protect Brenna from the forces of darkness, in the sequel to Dark Protector.

ORDER # RDE-16   $15-60   ISBN 1416520376 


Dark Side of the Moon: A Dark-Hunter Novel:  Kenyon, Sherrilyn.

Her career shattered by a public scandal, Seattle reporter Susan Michaels works as a tabloid reporter and is disgusted by claims linking the mayor to a vampire coven, a situation that turns bizarre when she adopts a cat that turns out to be a gorgeous shape-shifting vampire slayer.

ORDER # RDE-17   $15-60   ISBN 0312934343 


Dark Whispers:  Garver, Samantha.

When her friends pay for her to visit a country estate rumored to be haunted, adventurous Harriet Mosley, intrigued by a handsome fellow guest bent on revenge, finds herself plunged into a world of danger when she discovers a sinister presence lurking in the shadows.

ORDER # RDE-18   $15-60   ISBN 0821779435 


Darkest Dreams:  St. Giles, Jennifer.

Refusing to be deterred by rumors of a curse, Andromeda arrives in Dartmoor's End to catalog the Killdaren family antiques and, drawn to darkly sensual Alexander Killdaren, her brother-in-law's estranged twin brother, is plunged into a dangerous mystery involving an ancient Druid ritual.

ORDER # RDE-19   $15-60   ISBN 042521303X 


Desire Never Dies:  Petersen, Jenna.

Cryptographer Lady Anastasia Whittig joins forces with master spy Lucas Tyler to uncover the unknown enemy working to bring down the espionage organization run by Lady M, assigned to use her talent for breaking codes to reveal dangerous, top-secret information, but her tempting partner could prove to be a distraction, in the second volume in a series about three seductive English spies.

ORDER # RDE-20   $15-60   ISBN 0061138088 


A Dream Come True:  Neels, Betty.

Forced to start a new life after her parents' deaths, Jemima becomes the companion to Lady Manderly and finds herself distracted from her duties by her employer's handsome nephew, Professor Alexander Cator.

ORDER # RDE-21   $15-60   ISBN 0373470959 


The End of the Rainbow:  Neels, Betty.

The companion to her overbearing aunt, Olympia finds refuge in a marriage of convenience with handsome Dutchman Waldo van der Graaf, who needs someone to care for his home and look after his young daughter.

ORDER # RDE-22   $15-60   ISBN 0373470940 


Eternal Hunger: A Candace Steele Vampire Killer Novel:  Dean, Cameron.

When Las Vegas vampire killer Candace Steele is attacked by a member of the Board, an ancient, sinister, and powerful vampire sect seeking revenge against Ash, the only way she can save her life is to become a vampire herself, but she soon discovers that her lust for blood and for Ash's embrace threatens to drag her ever deeper into his seductive dark world.

ORDER # RDE-23   $15-60   ISBN 0345492552 


For the Love of a Pirate:  Layton, Edith.

On the verge of searching for a proper, well-behaved wife to suit his own straitlaced lifestyle, Constantine, Lord Wylde, is stunned when a fierce, roguish, aging pirate invades his home to announce that he is already engaged to the outlaw's lovely granddaughter, Lisabeth.

ORDER # RDE-24   $15-60   ISBN 0060757868 


Full Moon Rising:  Arthur, Keri.

When her twin brother, Rhoan, an assassin assigned the task of protecting the innocent from evil supernatural beings, vanishes while on one of his missions, dhampire Riley Jensen - a young woman who is half werewolf, half vampire - joins forces with the sexy, and very disoriented, vampire who shows up on her doorstep.

ORDER # RDE-25   $15-60   ISBN 0553588451 


The Gazebo:  Cates, Kimberly.

In this sequel to Picket Fence, two lost souls and kindred spirits - outsider Deirdre McDaniel and hardened P.I. Jake Stone - must face the pain of the past and learn to trust each other as they open their damaged hearts to love.

ORDER # RDE-26   $15-60   ISBN 0373771789 


Haven:  Davidson, Carolyn.

Fleeing charges in the alleged murder of her prominent husband, Susannah Carvel seeks refuge in the tiny town of Ottawa Falls, where she works as a private duty nurse under the assumed name of Anna Whitfield, until her latest patient, Sheriff Aaron McBain, recognizing her from wanted posters, sets out to help her prove her innocence.

ORDER # RDE-27   $15-60   ISBN 0373771797 


Harmony's Way:  Leigh, Lora.

A huntress with an unquenchable thirst for killing, Harmony Lancaster of the Lion Breed must place her trust in mortal Sheriff Lance Jacobs, a brave man who is determined to tame her, when a cult leader sets out to destroy all of the Breeds.

ORDER # RDE-28   $15-60   ISBN 0425213056 


Heart of Honor:  Martin, Kat.

The publisher of the weekly London ladies' gazette Heart to Heart, Krista Hart speaks out on a variety of social reform issues, despite the risks to her reputation and safety, even rescuing the powerful descendant of Vikings from his imprisonment as a sideshow attraction, which comes in handy when the threats against her escalate into violence.

ORDER # RDE-29   $15-60   ISBN 0778323838 


Highland Barbarian:  Howell, Hannah.

When a dying old man hires him to bring his niece home, Sir Artan Murray kidnaps Cecily Donaldson from her wedding to a brutal lord, only to find himself saddled with a raging beauty who changes his destiny and holds his heart in the palm of her hand.

ORDER # RDE-30   $15-60   ISBN 0821779982 


Howling Moon: A Novel of the Sazi:  Adams, C.T.& Clamp, Cathy.

Forced into retirement by scandal, Raphael, a former agent of the shape-shifter secret police and a werewolf, comes to the aid of Catherine, a young woman attacked by a serial killer and accidentally transformed into a were-jaguar, only to discover that she is his destined mate, the murderer is still on her trail, and his own pack wants her dead.

ORDER # RDE-31   $15-60   ISBN 0765354020 


His Boots Under Her Bed:  Leigh, Ana.

Vowing never again to become involved with a woman or to let his trusting nature get him into trouble, Garth Fraser finds his determination undermined by California dancehall girl Rory O'Grady, who not only charms him with her beauty but steals his map to a gold mine at the behest of her scheming father.

ORDER # RDE-32   $15-60   ISBN 0743469976 


Jacob (The Nightwalkers):  Frank, Jacquelyn.

Jacob, an enforcer who makes certain that his people uphold the ancient law of a Nightwalker, which is to never fall in love with a human, breaks this code of honor when he succumbs to forbidden temptation with a mortal beauty after he saves her life.

ORDER # RDE-33   $15-60   ISBN 0821780654 


If Only in My Dreams:  Markham, Wendy.

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer, actress Clara McCallum, on location in New York City for her next big movie, is transported back in time and into the embrace of an American soldier, who embodies a character from the film.

ORDER # RDE-34   $15-60   ISBN 045122003X 


A Kiss in Winter:  Crandall, Susan.

Left in the position of raising her two younger siblings after the deaths of her parents, Caroline finally gets the chance to pursue her own dream of photographing exotic locales around the world when her youngest sibling starts college, but her plans change when she meets Mick Larson, the grieving man who purchased her childhood home.

ORDER # RDE-35   $15-60   ISBN 0446616400 


Kiss of Death:  Sawyer, Meryl.

Returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, Adam Hunter heads for San Diego to investigate the suspicious circumstances behind his uncle's death and encounters Whitney Marshall, his uncle's beautiful young house guest, who claims to be caring for his late uncle's prized show dog, Jasper.

ORDER # RDE-36   $15-60   ISBN 0373771754 


A Lady at Last:  Joyce, Brenda.

After her father is sentenced to death, pirate's daughter Amanda Carre, searching for the mother she never knew, is escorted to London by notorious rake and gentleman privateer Cliff de Warenne, who transforms her into a lady and becomes her number one suitor.

ORDER # RDE-37   $15-60   ISBN 0373771371 


The Lipstick Chronicles:  Shay, Kathryn, et al.

The owners of an online greeting card company called Allheart.com - Elyssa, Alix, Dana, Carole, and Robyn - search for true love in this collection of novellas, originally published as e-novellas, by Kathryn Shay, Fiona Kelly, Vivian Leiber, and Lynn Emery.

ORDER # RDE-38   $15-60   ISBN 042521432X 


A Little Bit Wicked:  Alexander, Victoria.

Four of London's most eligible bachelors form a tontine in which the last man left unwed will win a prize, but for Gideon Pearsall, Viscount Warton, his chances of winning are undermined when he encounters Judith, Lady Chester, the most scandalous and desirable woman in London.

ORDER # RDE-39   $15-60   ISBN 006088262X 


Love in the Fast Lane:  McKnight, Jenna.

A dedicated and ambitious businesswoman, Maggie Cooper is stunned by the arrival of adrenaline junkie Scott Templeton, who claims that her dead father, a legendary race car driver, has sent him to her.

ORDER # RDE-40   $15-60   ISBN 0060843470 


Love Is Lovelier:  Brashear, Jean.

Widow Anne Marchand, an independent businesswoman, gets a second chance at love when William Armstrong, a man who has loved her for years, steps in to save Hotel Marchand from being taken over by a hotel chain.

ORDER # RDE-42   $15-60   ISBN 0373389442 


Without a Sound:  Cassidy, Carla.

No Picture Available

Returning home to Kansas City to care for her orphaned niece Holly and to catch the psychopath who murdered her sister, Haley Lambert must gain the trust of psychologist Grey Banes to help Holly remember what happened on that fateful night before the killer comes back to finish what he started.

ORDER # RDE-41   $15-60   ISBN 0451220021 

The McCaffertys:  Slade: Jackson, Lisa.

Self-proclaimed bachelor Slade McCafferty finds his resolve sorely tested when a woman from his past, lawyer Jamie Parsons, returns home, bringing up feelings and emotions that he thought were long-buried.

ORDER # RDE-43   $15-60   ISBN 0373771401 


Midnight Bride:  Carroll, Susan.

A hero with a mystical healing power, Valentine St. Leger is doomed to a single life thanks to the prophecy that states that his marriage would lead to an early death for his bride, until Kate Fitzleger uses an ancient love spell that transforms both their lives.

ORDER # RDE-44   $15-60   ISBN 0345436369 


Must Love Mistletoe:  Ridgway, Christie.

Despising Christmas even though her family owns a store specializing in holiday cheer, Bailey Sullivan returns home to help her family save the business and comes face to face with her long-lost high-school sweetheart and local bad boy, Finn Jacobson, now a dashing Secret Service agent.

ORDER # RDE-45   $15-60   ISBN 0061140201


A Misty Harbor Wedding:  Evanick, Marcia.

In the quaint fishing village of Misty Harbor, Maine, Matthew Porter finds his dreams of starting a family and renovating the town's abandoned lighthouse coming true when he meets newcomer Sierra Morley, the daughter of a hotel chain owner, and her son.

ORDER # RDE-46   $15-60   ISBN 0821780085 


My Nerdy Valentine:  Thompson, Vicki Lewis.

With her busy schedule and her job, aspiring psychologist Amanda Rykowsky has no time for romance but is delighted to receive a series of anonymous love notes, until the messages begin to take a sinister turn, and enlists the assistance of stockbroker William Sloan to masquerade as her lover to uncover the culprit.

ORDER # RDE-47   $15-60   ISBN 0312939094 


My Lady Knight:  Kelley, Jocelyn.

At the behest of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, scientist and alchemist Isabella de Montfort joins forces with Jorda le Courtenay, a war-weary knight, to recover some incriminating papers that could not only spell trouble for the royal family but also ignite a brutal war.

ORDER # RDE-48   $15-60   ISBN 0451220099 


Not Another New Year's:  Ridgway, Christie.

Hating New Year's because of her bitter memories of her unfaithful fiancé's betrayal, Hannah Davis is spending the night alone in a Coronado, California, bar, until she allows herself to be picked up by a gorgeous and brooding man, who turns out to be former Secret Service agent Tanner Hart, a man with his own ghosts to put to rest.

ORDER # RDE-49   $15-60   ISBN 006114021X 


One Christmas Night:  Reid, Michelle; Porter, Jane; & Stephens, Susan.

Three very special couples receive the gift of love during the holiday season in this trio of romances that includes Michelle Reid's "A Sicilian Marriage," in which a Sicilian billionaire, determined to save his marriage, will stop at nothing to persuade his wife to give him another chance.

ORDER # RDE-50   $15-60   ISBN 0373837380 


One Last Look:  Miller, Linda Lael.

Preparing for the birth of their first child, attorney Clare Westbrook and homicide detective Tony Sonterra are starting a new life in a small Arizona town - Tony as sheriff, and Clare with her law practice - only to find themselves drawn once again into a dangerous mystery in which the body count keeps rising, in the sequel to Don't Look Now and Never Look Back.

ORDER # RDE-51   $15-60   ISBN 9780743470513 


Over the Moon:  Knight, Angela, et al.

Four romance authors journey to a world of mystery, magic, and passion in an anthology featuring four tales of paranormal romance by Mary Janice Davidson, Angela Knight, Virginia Kantra, and Sunny.

ORDER # RDE-52   $15-60   ISBN 0425213439 


Passions of the Ghost:  Mackenzie, Sara.

Thirteenth-century warrior Lord Reynald de Mortimer awakens from a seven-hundred-year sleep to discover that his beloved home has been transformed into a modern-day hotel that is hosting a medieval festival and meets Amy Fairweather, a beautiful young woman and former con artist.

ORDER # RDE-53   $15-60   ISBN 0060795824 


Philippa:  Small, Bertrice.

Heiress to the Friarsgate manor, Philippa Meredith never expected to be turned down by the man she sought to marry, but her sudden change of fortune brings her back to take her rightful place in the court of Queen Katherine of Aragon and into the arms of Crispin St. Clair, Earl of Witton.

ORDER # RDE-54   $15-60   ISBN 0451219643 


Pleasure for Pleasure:  James, Eloisa.

Labelled the "Scottish Sausage" after her first ball, a witty, unconventional Josie is determined to use her newfound notoriety, tempting fate by attending horse races, discarding her corset, and allowing an arrogant rogue to kiss her, until she finds herself trapped in an unwilling betrothal.

ORDER # RDE-55   $15-60   ISBN 0060781920 


The Prince Kidnaps a Bride:  Dodd, Christina.

After years in a remote Scottish convent, sent there to keep her safe during a revolution, Princess Sorcha returns home, accompanied by a simple fisherman as her protector and unaware that her companion is really a disguised Prince Rainger to whom she was betrothed at birth.

ORDER # RDE-56   $15-60   ISBN 0060561181 


Reckless Love:  Lowell, Elizabeth.

Janna Wayland, the wild stallion Lucifer, and Ty MacKenzie, the stranger who had come for the stallion but stays to capture Janna's heart, join forces to escape from the steep mountains and canyons of the Utah Territory, where El Cascabel and his renegade warriors roam.

ORDER # RDE-57   $15-60   ISBN 0373772521 


Ready for Love:  Macomber, Debbie.

In "Ready for Romance," Jessica Kellerman had been infatuated with Evan Dryden as a teen, but now, nearly a decade later, she has fallen in love with his older brother, while in "Ready for Marriage," Mary Jo Summerhill is reunited with her former flame, Evan Dryden.

ORDER # RDE-58   $15-60   ISBN 0778323692 


The Rest Falls Away: The Gardella Vampire Chronicles:  Gleason, Colleen.

Taking up the family legacy of vampire slaying on the eve of her social debut, Victoria Gardella Grantworth finds herself juggling her new role with her growing attraction to two men - London's most eligible bachelor, the Marquess of Rockley, and her mysterious ally, Sebastian Vioget - as she is called on to take on a powerful master vampire.

ORDER # RDE-59   $15-60   ISBN 0451220072 


Rising Moon: A Nightcreatures Novel:  Handeland, Lori.

When her sister Katie mysteriously vanishes, private detective Anne Lockhart follows a trail to Rising Moon, a jazz club in the French Quarter of New Orleans, and to the club's enigmatic proprietor, John Rodolfo, a gifted musician with ties to the creatures that stalk the night.

ORDER # RDE-60   $15-60   ISBN 0312938500 


Rogue's Salute:  Blake, Jennifer.

Pledged to the church since infancy but forced to marry to preserve her family's future, Juliette Armant comes to the aid of dashing stranger Nicholas Pasquale and his young charge, but when Nicholas offers her marriage in exchange for her help, an unknown enemy is determined to stop the wedding, no matter what it takes.

ORDER # RDE-61   $15-60   ISBN 0778324052 


Rough and Ready:  Hill, Sandra.

When Lt. Torolf Magnusson and his team of Navy SEALS are sent back in time to the eleventh-century Norselands, they set out to change the course of history by ridding the world of an evil villian, a mission that leads them to a sanctuary filled with beautiful women.

ORDER # RDE-62   $15-60   ISBN 0425213021 


Running Fox:  Edwards, Cassie.

Forced by her evil stepfather to sing nightly at his seedy saloon and participate in his whiskey trading scheme, Nancy Partain, looking for a way to escape, is kidnapped by a virile Lakota warrior who, using her as leverage, is determined to stop her stepfather from corrupting his people.

ORDER # RDE-63   $15-60   ISBN 0451219961 


Safe Haven:  Alexander, Hannah.

In the quaint town of Hideaway, Missouri, Dr. Karah Lee Fletcher places her own life in danger when she takes in Fawn Morrison, a secretive teenage runaway, a selfless and compassionate act that leads her into the arms of Ranger Taylor Jackson.

ORDER # RDE-64   $15-60   ISBN 0373785933 


The School for Heiresses:  Jeffries, Sabrina, et al.

At the elite School for Heiresses, headmistress Charlotte Harris takes pride in teaching her wealthy students how to find true love while avoiding fortune hunters and other undesirable spouses, in a quartet of Regency stories by four popular romance authors - Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle, Julia London, and Renee Bernard.

ORDER # RDE-65   $15-60   ISBN 1416516115 


Salvation, Texas:  Jeffrey, Anna.

Elected to one of the most powerful positions in the county, Rusty Joplin is back in his hometown of Salvation, Texas, only to come face to face with the woman who once cost him everything, her powerful and wealthy family, and a cold-blooded killer.

ORDER # RDE-66   $15-60   ISBN 0451220080 


The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe:  Blair, Annette.

When she, possessing the magic of her ancestors, opens the mysterious family wardrobe with the key she has inherited, Vickie Cartwright discovers a beautifully carved unicorn that makes all of her dreams come true, until a man from the past arrives to claim both the unicorn and her.

ORDER # RDE-67   $15-60   ISBN 0425213463 


The Secret Lives of Doctors' Wives:  Major, Ann.

When Pierce Carver, one of Austin's most successful surgeons, is murdered, trauma nurse Rose Marie Castle, who was the last person to see him alive, is accused of the crime and, to clear her name, cuts deep into the layers of Carver's life, peeling back a dark secret that could destroy them all.

ORDER # RDE-68   $15-60   ISBN 0778323463 


Seduction By Chocolate:  Bangs, Nina, et al.

This delightfully decadent collection of romances follows four couples, who, craving something more in their lives, discover that there is something sweeter than chocolate - love - in works by Nina Bangs, Lisa Cach, Thea Devine, and Penelope Neri.

ORDER # RDE-69   $15-60   ISBN 0843946679 


Secrets and Lies:  Montgomery, Selena.

Running for her life after witnessing the murder of her uncle, Dr. Katelyn Lyda finds an unexpected refuge with Sebastian Cain, a "recovery specialist" out to steal the priceless ancient relic she has in her possession.

ORDER # RDE-70   $15-60   ISBN 0060798513 


Simply Sexy:  Phillips, Carly.

Advice columnist Rina Lowell finds herself falling for her sexy boss, Colin Lyons, who feels torn between Rina's advances and the newspaper's financial difficulties, which could result in Rina losing her job.

ORDER # RDE-71   $15-60   ISBN 037377284X 


Shards of Crimson:  Maverick, Liz, et al.

Some of the best voices in paranormal romance unite in this fascinating collection that centers around Crimson City, a place where vampires, werewolves, demons, and humans attempt to lead a peaceful co-existence, and find a love to last a lifetime.

ORDER # RDE-72   $15-60   ISBN 0505527103 


Sizzling:  Mallery, Susan.

A former professional baseball pitcher and owner of the family sports bar, Reid Buchanan attracts all the women around him, except for his grandmother's nurse, Lori Johnston, a woman determined to remain professional at all costs.

ORDER # RDE-73   $15-60   ISBN 0373771762 


Sleeping with the Fishes:  Davidson, Mary Janice.

When Fred, a cantankerous mermaid who is neither blonde nor buxom volunteers at the New England Aquarium, she stumbles upon a mystery involving high levels of toxins in the local seawater that leads her to a sexy marine biologist.

ORDER # RDE-74   $15-60   ISBN 0515142220 


Stroke of Midnight:  Phillips, Carly; Denison, Janelle; & D'Alessandro, Jacquie.

Midnight is the time of fantasy and passion in this collection of holiday bedtime stories that follows two ex-lovers who get a second chance at love, a young woman who accepts a secret admirer's New Year's Eve invitation, and two co-workers who succumb to temptation on Christmas Eve.

ORDER # RDE-75   $15-60   ISBN 0451411641 


Wild and Wicked in Scotland:  Thoms, Melody.

Reluctantly agreeing to an arranged marriage to the Earl of Hampstead, a man she has never met, Cassandra Sheridan is angered when her fiancé cannot even be bothered to appear at their betrothal ball and sets out to enjoy her own adventure, until she encounters a dashing stranger who turns out to be the man she is engaged to marry and a dedicated spy for the Crown.

ORDER # RDE-76   $15-60   ISBN 0061129593 


Sun Kissed:  Anderson, Catherine.

When her champion quarter horses are poisoned, Samantha Harrington, the insurance beneficiary, becomes the prime suspect and, with rumors circulating that she is guilty, finds the one person who believes in her innocence, local veterinarian Tucker Coulter.

ORDER # RDE-77   $15-60   ISBN 0451218957 


Surrender to a Scoundrel:  MacLean, Julianne.

Lord Martin Langdon, a rake who prides himself on his scandalous reputation and his talent for seduction, is determined to prove that no one, not even the prim and proper Evelyn Wheaton can resist him, but he is about to discover that he is no match for love.

ORDER # RDE-78   $15-60   ISBN 0060819367 


Surviving Demon Island:  Burton, Jaci.

Taking a break from the Hollywood rat race to compete in a survival-type reality TV show, Gina Bliss, America's top female action star, gets more than she bargained for when she encounters real-life survival specialist Derek Marks and stumbles upon a dangerous secret that could get them both killed.

ORDER # RDE-79   $15-60   ISBN 0440243351 


Tempted in the Night: Night Slayer:  Popp, Robin T.

Dedicating her life to destroying vampires after her mother is killed when she was a child, Jessica Winslow journeys to America to take on a colony of chupacabras, joining forces with attorney John Boehler in her search, but her quest is threatened when John himself is transformed into one of the beings she has vowed to eliminate.

ORDER # RDE-80   $15-60   ISBN 0446617849 


Texas Tender:  Greenwood, Leigh.

When a cowboy named Will arrives on her doorstep, looking for work, Idalou Ellsworth, a fiercely independent woman trying to rescue her family's failing ranch, discovers what it means to be loved in his strong arms.

ORDER # RDE-81   $15-60   ISBN 0843956852 


Twice in a Lifetime:  O'Day-Flannery, Constance.

Turning fifty just after the seventh anniversary of her husband's death, Isabel is convinced that she will never again find love, but her friends in the Yellow Brick Road Gang are determined to prove her wrong, especially after Isabel meets Joshua, a sexy younger man.

ORDER # RDE-82   $15-60   ISBN 0765354047 


Unmasked (Hotel Marquand):  Weaver, Ingrid.

As Charlotte Marchand prepares for the onslaught of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, she begins to realize that someone on the staff of the Hotel Marquand is out to destroy the family business and is forced to turn to her former high school sweetheart for help, especially after the two of them are kidnapped.

ORDER # RDE-83   $15-60   ISBN 0373389450 


Under the Wire:  Gerard, Cindy.

Abandoned and betrayed by Lily Campora, the only woman he had ever loved, Manny Ortega is reunited with his former lover when she enlists his aid for a mission into a perilous land torn apart by political turmoil and civil war.

ORDER # RDE-84   $15-60   ISBN 031298104X 


Valentine's Day Is Killing Me:  Davidson, Mary Janice; Esdaile, Leslie; & Carr, Susanna.

Three popular romance authors celebrate Valentine's Day with a trio of seductive holiday romances, including "Cuffs and Coffee Breaks" by Mary Janice Davidson, Leslie Esdaile's "No Drama Valentine's," and Susanna Carr's "Valentine Survivor."

ORDER # RDE-85   $15-60   ISBN 0758212852 


The Warrior Trainer:  Russell, Gerri.

When fierce warrior Scotia, the protector of the Stone of Destiny, which is the key to Scotland's salvation, falls in love with Ian MacKinnon, a clansman driven by revenge who seeks to learn her skills, she must choose between love and duty.

ORDER # RDE-86   $15-60   ISBN 0843958251 


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