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Against the Wind (Raines of Wind Canyon):  Martin, Kat.

Forced to return to the town she was desperate to escape, widow and single mother Sarah Allen rents a tiny cottage from Jackson Raines, with whom she went to high school, and discovers that he is the only one who can save her when her late husband's criminal past comes back to haunt her.

ORDER # R1210-1   $13-90   ISBN 9780778329190


Angel at Dawn:  Holly, Emma.

Getting tangled up with his nemesis, Nim Wei, who wants to rule Hollywood using him as her next big star, vampire Christian Durand soon discovers Nim's secret weapon to getting him to take the role - Grace Gladwell, the woman he has not been able to forget in over 500 years.

ORDER # R1210-2   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239650


Ascension (Guardians of Ascension):  Roane, Caris.

Born with supernatural powers, Alison Wells is unable to love a man without putting his life in danger until she meets Kerrick, a vampire warrior and Guardian of Ascension who vows to protect her from the death vamp armies who crave her blood and power.

ORDER # R1210-3   $13-90   ISBN 9780312533717


Beneath the Thirteen Moons:  Kennedy, Kathryne.

In search of a healer for her swampland village, smuggler Mahri Zin unwittingly kidnaps the heir to the throne, Kori Com'nder, and as they become lovers, they discover that their fates are connected to those of their people.

ORDER # R1210-4   $13-90   ISBN 9781402236518


Captive Soul (Dark Crescent: 02):  Windsor, Anna.

Jack Blackmore, Pentagon adviser to Manhattan's Occult Crimes Unit, goes up against Andy Myles, the world's only fully trained water Sybil - and a beautiful warrior witch, when the powerful flesh-feasting Rakshasa attacks the streets of New York.

ORDER # R1210-5   $13-90   ISBN 9780345513908


Dark Waters:  Prentiss, Alex.

When the waters of a lake whose spirits both soothe her and take her to a place of unimaginable pleasure become a place of murder, diner owner Rachel Matre is plunged into a mystery that can only be solved by pain, desire and passion.

ORDER # R1210-6   $13-90   ISBN 9780553592986


Deep Kiss of Winter:  Cole, Kresley & Showalter, Gena.

Two best-selling authors offer paranormal-romance novellas just in time for the holiday season, in a collection that begins with Cole's story about a vampire soldier finding love and finishes with Showalter's tale of a shape-shifter whose capture puts her in the hands of seductive commander.

ORDER # R1210-7   $13-90   ISBN 9781451600056


Earl of Darkness (Heirs of Kilronan):  Rickloff, Alix.

When she is forced into translating the mysterious diary Aidan Douglas, Earl of Kilronan, has inherited from his murdered father, Catriona O'Connell, who is secretly an Other, an age-old mixture of Fey and human, makes a discovery that places both of their lives in great danger.

ORDER # R1210-8   $13-90   ISBN 9781439170366


Fired Up (Arcane Society: 07: Dreamlight):  Krentz, Jayne Ann.

After nightmares and blackouts signal the presence of a family curse, Jack Winters seeks the Burning Lamp in hopes of preventing his transformation into a monster, enlisting the help of Chloe Harper, an alluring private investigator with special powers, who just may be able to read the dreamlight of the Burning Lamp if the two of them can ever find it.

ORDER # R1210-9   $13-90   ISBN 9780515148787


Eternal Prey (Gods of the Night: 03):  Bangs, Nina.

Sworn to protect both the human and non-human races alike from renegade vampires, Lia, a mortal, comes to the aid of enemy Utah, who, harboring a deadly predator within his soul, is searching for the creatures that murdered his brother.

ORDER # R1210-10   $13-90   ISBN 9780062018953


Forbidden Pleasure:  Leigh, Lora.

Resigning from The Club, a members-only facility where a man's every fantasy can come true, when he marries innocent Keiley Hardin, John "Mac" McCoy is tormented by his fantasies of sharing his wife with another man, fantasies that are transformed into reality with the arrival of his best friend, Jethro Riggs, who helps him introduce Keiley to a pleasure she never expected.

ORDER # R1210-11   $13-90   ISBN 9780312535377


From this Moment:  Young, Sean D.

When she has to share a hotel room in Las Vegas with sexy banquet owner Jonathon Damon, wedding planner Ivy Hart wakes up married to her roommate and is determined to end this farce of a marriage as soon as possible, but her new husband has other ideas.

ORDER # R1210-12   $13-90   ISBN 9781585713837


Frostfire (The Kyndred: 03):  Viehl, Lynn.

A genetically enhanced Kindred who can read and control the minds of animals, Lilah, after rescuing a group of kids from a wayward bear, is kidnapped, along with a critically wounded soldier from Afghanistan, by a biotech company willing to murder to acquire superhuman DNA.

ORDER # R1210-13   $13-90   ISBN 9780451413024


The Heart of Winter:  Shayne, Maggie; Jones, Linda Winstead; & Leclaire, Day. 

During a harsh winter, three women - Melinda, a mild-mannered teacher, Nell Rose, a law secretary, and Jayne Myeston, an office worker - discover what they are truly made of with the help of three very irresistible men.

ORDER # R1210-14   $13-90   ISBN 9780373837588


How Sweet It Is:  Gunn, Sophie.

When hardworking single mom Lizzie Bea Carpenter meets Dante Giovanni, she finally opens her heart to the possibility of love, but soon discovers that he has his own tragedies to overcome.

ORDER # R1210-15   $13-90   ISBN 9780446561990


I Dream of Genies:  Fennell, Judi.

When she falls in love with her new master, 2,000-year-old magic genie Eden decides to turn Matt Ewing's life upside down.

ORDER # R1210-16   $13-90   ISBN 9781402241895


Immortal Champion (Immortal Brotherhood: 03):  Hendrix, Lisa.

Searching for redemption, Gunnar the Red, cursed by an evil sorceress to walk the earth as a beast by day, human by night, rescues Lady Eleanor de Neville from near death and finds his destiny forever changed by this courageous woman who has the power to save his soul.

ORDER # R1210-17   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239216


Kiss at Your Own Risk:  Rowe, Stephanie.

Trinity Harpswell, a cursed Black Widow, is trying to get through one week without accidentally killing someone, which will break the curse, but instead gets pulled into a daring adventure involving Death's evil grandma and a sexy stranger.

ORDER # R1210-18   $13-90   ISBN 9781402241956


Master of Smoke (Mage Verse):  Knight, Angela.

Eva Roman, surviving a werewolf attack and becoming one herself, rescues a shapeshifter, who has been stripped of his memory and powers after a similar attack, and together they must find out who is trying to destroy them in order to stay alive.

ORDER # R1210-19   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239162


The McKettrick Legend:  Miller, Linda Lael.

In Sierra's Homecoming, single mom Sierra McKettrick, while dealing with strange, otherworldly occurrences, falls for ranch hand Travis Reid, and in The McKettrick Way, rodeo cowboy Brad O'Ballivan finally finds a woman he cannot tame in Meg McKettrick.

ORDER # R1210-20   $13-90   ISBN 9780373776238


My Fair Succubi (The Succubus Diaries: 03):  Myles, Jill.

When her past mistakes catch up with her, succubus Jackie Brighton is arrested by the angelic Serim council, making her a pawn in a deadly game between vampires and angels, and forcing her to choose between the two men in her life.

ORDER # R1210-21   $13-90   ISBN 9781439188194


Must Love Kilts:  Mackay, Allie.

While on vacation in the Scottish highlands, Margo Menlove, after touching a beautiful stone, awakens in a time of war, Vikings, and magic where legendary warrior Magnus MacBride takes her under his protection.

ORDER # R1210-22   $13-90   ISBN 9780451231949


Nihon Nights:  Haddad, Trisha & Haddad, Monica.

Abigail Dennis, an English World employee and head of the Nagoya schools in Japan, finds her relationship with London Crane, a teacher, threatened by the disappearance of several of her nationwide counterparts and her refusal to leave Japan and return home to protect herself.

ORDER # R1210-23   $13-90   ISBN 9781585713820


My Immortal Assassin:  Jewel, Carolyn.

When her attempts to destroy the dark mage who ruined her life fail, Grayson Spencer turns to Durian, a feared demon and expert assassin, for help in learning how to master her magical powers so that she can finally get her revenge.

ORDER # R1210-24   $13-90   ISBN 9780446563864


Promise Canyon (Virgin River):  Carr, Robyn.

Clay Tahoma, Virgin River's new veterinary assistant, is welcomed by everyone in town except Lilly Yazhi, who believes his down-to-earth attitude and rugged sex appeal is an act to charm wealthy women like his ex-wife.

ORDER # R1210-25   $13-90   ISBN 9780778329213


Prelude to a Scandal (Scandal):  Marvelle, Delilah.

In this delightfully wicked Regency trilogy, a scandalous red book by an unknown author wreaks havoc in the lives of three unlikely couples.

ORDER # R1210-26   $13-90   ISBN 9780373775378


The Scent of Jasmine (Edilean):  Deveraux, Jude.

When her godfather asks her to deliver a packed horse to an old friend's son, who also happens to be an escaped convict charged with murdering his wife, Southern belle Catherine Edilean Harcourt finds herself on the run with this fugitive Scotsman who has stolen her heart.

ORDER # R1210-27   $13-90   ISBN 9780743479028


Ruthless Game (GhostWalker: 07):  Feehan, Christine.

While on a mission in Mexico to rescue hostages, GhostWalker Kane Cannon stumbles upon the hiding place of Rose Patterson, a fugitive - and fellow GhostWalker pregnant with his child, and is forced to make a difficult decision.

ORDER # R1210-28   $13-90   ISBN 9780515149210


Seducing the Vampire:  Hauf, Michele.

When his vengeful brother casts a spell on the woman he loves, vampire Viviane, condemning her to a living death inside a glass coffin, Rhys, after many centuries, finally finds her deep in the tunnels under Paris and will stop at nothing to set her free.

ORDER # R1210-29   $13-90   ISBN 9780373775385


Sins of a Highland Devil (Highland Warriors):  Welfonder, Sue-Ellen.

During a battle to the death between three clans, Highland warrior, James Cameron, a.k.a. "The Devil," finds his loyalties tested when he is tempted by Catriona MacDonald, a fiery tempered beauty from a rival clan.

ORDER # R1210-30   $13-90   ISBN 9780446561785


Skin Heat:  Gray, Ava.

After surviving cruel experiments that have cost him too much of his humanity, Zeke Noble, determined to start a new life, finds redemption in the arms of veterinarian Geneva Harper, while a twisted killer, leaving a trail of carnage behind him, will stop at nothing to destroy Zeke.

ORDER # R1210-31   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239209


Sun Kissed:  Anderson, Catherine.

Ending up in jail after trying to stop a drunk from abusing his horse at the local rodeo, Samantha Harrigan is rescued by Turcker Coulter, a handsome veterinarian, an act that has unexpected - and passionate - implications for all concerned, in a reissued edition that includes the bonus novella.

ORDER # R1210-32   $13-90   ISBN 9780451232908


Surrender to Darkness (Soul Gatherers: 03):  McCleave, Annette.

Tormented by an inner beserker that fills him with uncontrollable rage, immortal demon slayer Jamie Murdoch is sent to Japan where he, while investigating a mystical weapon, falls in love with warrior Kiyoka Ashida, whose lifeline is connected to the artifact.

ORDER # R1210-33   $13-90   ISBN 9780451231932


A Taste of Desire:  Kendall, Beverly.

When she slanders the sexual prowess of Thomas Armstrong, one of London's most eligible bachelors, daring beauty Lady Amelia Bertram is forced by her father to accompany Thomas to the country, properly chaperoned, where he will teach her a lesson in ladylike behavior.

ORDER # R1210-34   $13-90   ISBN 9781420108705


Trouble (The Rescues):  Howard, Linda.

Features two classic romantic suspense stories from The Rescues series - Midnight Rainbow, in which a wealthy socialite, taken captive in the middle of a conspiracy of international proportions, finds hope in a government agent, and Diamond Bay, in which a young woman risks her own life to save a man she hardly knows.

ORDER # R1210-35   $13-90   ISBN 9780373775699


Then He Kissed Me:  Ridgway, Christie.

To save her family's winery, Stevie Baci, the owner of Napa Princess Limousine, meets her match in her new client, Jacques Parini, a real prince and a friend of the Bennett brothers - her family's biggest rivals in the wine business.

ORDER # R1210-36   $13-90   ISBN 9780425239179


Undertow (Cutter Brothers):  Adair, Cherry.

When Zane Cutter, the "Casanova of the Caribbean," convinces her to join him on a real-life treasure hunt, mechanic Teal Williams, while searching for gold, silver and emeralds, finds a passion like she has never known when they are stranded together in the middle of the ocean.

ORDER # R1210-37   $13-90   ISBN 9780312371920


True Colors (True: 02):  Lamb, Joyce.

When a near-death experience unlocks within her an intense psychic ability, photographer Alex Trudeau is dragged into the twisted mind of a serial killer who, bent on revenge, is using her to get to her lover, police detective John Logan.

ORDER # R1210-38   $13-90   ISBN 9780425240359


A Werewolf in Manhattan (Wild About You):  Thompson, Vicki Lewis.

When werewolf Aidan Wallace, the son of the rich and powerful pack leader of Manhattan Weres, is sent in to find out if bestselling author Emma Gavin, who writes about werewolves, is working with an informant, he is surprised by his attraction to this beautiful woman who doesn't believe in his kind.

ORDER # R1210-39   $13-90   ISBN 9780451232472


Wedding of the Season (Abandoned at the Altar):  Guhrke, Laura Lee.

As Lady Beatrix Danbury, the woman he loves, but who he jilted six years earlier, prepares to marry another, William Mallory is hell-bent on stopping the wedding of the season and winning Beatrix back.

ORDER # R1210-40   $13-90   ISBN 9780061963155


Yours for the Taking:  Kaye, Robin.

Agreeing to a marriage of convenience with gallery owner Ben Walsh to get out of debt, administrative assistant Gina, believing that her new husband is gay, discovers that he is every bit a hot, straight man when they take a trip to Idaho to meet his grandfather.

ORDER # R1210-41   $13-90   ISBN 9781402240102


Whisper Falls (Destiny):  Blake, Toni.

When shy, petite Tessa Sheridan moves back to her hometown of Destiny after her big-city career crumbles, she is drawn to her neighbor, former teen rebel Lucky Romo, who invites her into a his seductive world.

ORDER # R1210-42   $13-90   ISBN 9780061765803


Rafferty's Wife:  Kay Hooper

From New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper comes a classic tale of love undeniable, as two government agents posing as newlyweds learn the real meaning of "undercover." Sarah Cavell is a beautiful, brilliant cryptographer with the uncanny ability to crack any code. But her most daunting challenge may be reading the true feelings of her new "husband," Rafferty Lewis, the secretive federal agent to whom she's just been assigned.

ORDER # R1210-43   $13-90   ISBN 9780553590630


Venus Guy Trap:  Shannon Mckelden

The charming sequel to the appealing Venus Envy finds Venus, the Goddess of Love herself, once again forced to play fairy godmother to a wayward mortal. Unlike Venus' last charge, Haydee Miller is definitely looking for love: she has a carefully mapped-out plan for her life that includes getting married by the age of 33.

ORDER # R1210-44   $13-90   ISBN 9780765363169


The Lady Most Likely:  Julia Quinn

Three of the brightest stars of historical romance invite you to a party at the country home of the Honorable Marquess of Finchley. Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, needs a wife, so his sister hands him a list of delectable damsels and promises to invite them - and a few other gentlemen - to her country house for what is sure to be the event of the season.Hugh will have time to woo whichever lady he most desires....Unless someone else snatches her first.

ORDER # R1210-45   $13-90   ISBN 9780061247828


Love Me to Death:  Allison Brennan

Six years ago, Lucy Kincaid was attacked and nearly killed by an online predator. She survived. Her attacker did not. Now Lucy's goal is to join the FBI and fight cyber-crime, but in the meantime, she's volunteering with a victim's rights group, surfing the Web undercover to lure sex offenders into the hands of the law. But when the predators she hunts start turning up as murder victims, the FBI takes a whole new interest in Lucy.

ORDER # R1210-46   $13-90   ISBN 9780345520395


From the Heart:  Nora Roberts

This collection includes three of Roberts's early series romances and will be of interest both to recent fans who may never have read her older works and to long-time readers who may want to have a copy of some old favorites. Included are Tonight and Always (Silhouette, 1983), A Matter of Choice (Silhouette, 1984), and Endings and Beginnings (Silhouette, 1984).

ORDER # R1210-47   $13-90   ISBN 9780515149180


Tiger Eye (Dirk & Steele Series #1):  Marjorie M. Liu

No Picture Available

Long ago they roamed the earth - dragons, tigers -  shapeshifters - men who wore the forms of beasts. Their world was magic. Now it is gone. But some remain. He looks out of place in Dela Reese's Beijing hotel room- exotic and poignant, some mythic, tragic hero of an epic tale. With his feline yellow eyes, he's like nothing from her world. Yet Dela has danced through the echo of his soul and knows this warrior will obey her every command

ORDER # R1210-48   $13-90   ISBN 9780062020154


The Ranger (Highland Guard Series #3):  Monica McCarty

Chosen to help Robert the Bruce in his quest to free Scotland from English rule and claim his crown, the legendary team of warriors known as the Highland Guard battles on. Embedded deep behind enemy lines, Arthur "Ranger" Campbell is prized for his razor-sharp senses and his ability to blend into the shadows. But when Arthur infiltrates the clan of the chieftain who murdered his father, his heart is locked on revenge. Inside he faces unexpected resistance from the sweetest of obstacles - a honey-haired siren who is his enemy's daughter.

ORDER # R1210-49   $13-90   ISBN 9780345518262


Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan Series #8):  Kim Harrison

The eighth bewitching but overly dense Hollows adventure (after 2009's White Witch, Black Curse) updates the travails of Rachel Morgan, delectable magical jack of all trades. Having recently learned that Rachel is a witch-born demon whose children would be demons, a white magic coven is shunning her and accusing her of black magic. They offer her a terrible choice: sterilization or imprisonment in Alcatraz.

ORDER # R1210-50   $13-90   ISBN 9780061138041


Taken by the Others (H & W Investigations: 02):  Haines, Jess.

Torn between two dangerously seductive vampires - one who wants to kill her, and one who just wants her, New York P.I. Shiarra Waynest, while dealing with her jealous werewolf boyfriend, finds her beliefs challenged when she is asked to join a powerful vampire-hunting faction.

ORDER # R1210-51   $13-90   ISBN 9781420111880


Tempest's Legacy (Jane True: 03):  Peeler, Nicole.

While investigating a series of grisly attacks on supernatural, halfling and human females, Jane True must confront her darkest fears as well as her deepest desires.

ORDER # R1210-52   $13-90   ISBN 9780316056601


Large Size Paperbacks
Desperate Measures:  Michaels, Fern.

An orphan as a boy, Pete Sorenson benefited from a rich uncle and grew up to become a prominent attorney with a devoted wife, Annie, but Pete begins to stray when he meets the true love of his life, Maddie, who soon disappears without a trace.

ORDER # R1210-53   $22-90   ISBN 9780345523853 


Demon Marked: A Demon Bound Novel:  Evans, Anna J.

Demon Emma Quinn, who preys only upon humans who deserve it, must turn to an arrogant, womanising mob lawyer for assistance when she angers a street gang in this second novel in the Demon Bound series.

ORDER # R1210-54   $21-90   ISBN 9780451232106 


Goodnight Tweetheart:  Medieros, Teresa.

Meeting Mark Spenard on the Twitter social media site, Abby Donovan struggles to forge a new relationship in a public environment fraught by the inane postings of strangers, in an innovative love story told almost entirely in Tweets.

ORDER # R1210-55   $22-90   ISBN 9781439188156 


Finding Destiny (Sons of Destiny):  Johnson, Jean.

The national best-selling author of the Sons of Destiny series presents four novellas that include tales of a sexy war-slave, the Arbran diplomat Sir Zeilas, a mage serving as a Guildaran envoy to Aurul and a beautiful pirate seductress

ORDER # R1210-56   $22-90   ISBN 9780425238622 


Mistress by Midnight (Courtesan Court: 02):  Robinson, Maggie.

When fate sent Desmond Ryland, Marquess of Conover, and Laurette Vincent down separate paths, Desmond, unable to forget his beautiful Laurette, will stop at nothing - not even seduction - to make her his forever.

ORDER # R1210-57   $21-90   ISBN 9780758251015 


The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance:  Telep, Tricia

Collects more than 20 romance stories set in Scotland, including tales that involve both contemporary and historical settings, time travel, ghosts and fantastical and paranormal elements.

ORDER # R1210-58   $21-90   ISBN 9780762440030 


Off Kilter:  Kauffman, Donna.

After being photographed for the Men of the Highlands calendar, entrepreneur - and notorious playboy - Roan McAuley, who has no problem dropping trou, finds himself unable to stop thinking about photographer, Tessa Vandergriff, even though she is not his type.

ORDER # R1210-59   $21-90   ISBN 9780758250896 


Spellweaver: Nine Kingdoms:  Kurland, Lynn.

Ruith must accept magic as his birthright and gather his father's spells together so he can destroy them, or he must turn away and permit his father's evil to take control over the Nine Kingdoms.

ORDER # R1210-60   $22-90   ISBN 9780425238639 


The Golden Prince:  Rebecca Dean

At the outset of Dean's solid historical, the highly arranged life of the 17-year-old prince of Wales, the future Edward VIII, takes a drastic turn. One day in May 1911 while speeding in his motorcar, the prince, known as David, hits a young woman, Rose Houghton, riding on her bicycle near her home, Snowberry Manor. He rushes Rose to the manor house, where he falls almost instantly in love with her youngest sister, Lily.

ORDER # R1210-61   $21-90   ISBN 9780767930567


Demon Rumm:  Sandra Brown

As far as Kirsten Rumm is concerned, it's the publicity stunt from hell. But for the good of her book, she agrees to share her beachfront home with the impossibly sexy bad-boy actor starring in the film version of her story. Any other woman would die to be in her sandals, but Kirsten isn't falling for Rylan North. Seducing an audience is his job. So why is he so desperately pretending to want her?

ORDER # R1210-62   $21-90   ISBN 9780553386844


A Royal Likeness:  Christine Trent

As heiress to the famous Laurent Fashion Dolls business, Marguerite Ashby's future seems secure. But France still seethes with violence in the wake of the Revolution. And when Marguerite's husband is killed during a riot, the young widow travels to Edinburgh and becomes apprentice to her old friend, Marie Tussaud, who has established a wax exhibition. When Prime Minister William Pitt commissions a wax figure of Admiral Nelson, Marguerite becomes immersed in a dangerous adventure - and earns the admiration of two very different men.

ORDER # R1210-63   $22-90   ISBN 9780758238580


Be Careful What You Pray For:  Kimberla Lawson Roby

Her first marriage didn't work out, but that isn't going to stop Alicia Black, the privileged daughter of the charismatic Reverend Curtis Black, from getting what she wants. Alicia can't believe her good fortune. God has heeded her prayers, blessing her with the perfect second husband, Pastor JT Valentine, a handsome, dynamic man of the cloth with his own large congregation, just like her father. Unfortunately, Alicia doesn't understand how much like Curtis her new husband truly is.

ORDER # R1210-64   $21-90   ISBN 9780061443121


Hardcover Titles
Family Affair:  Macomber, Debbie.

A revised edition of a first stand-alone tale by the best-selling author of Hannah contains new material and cat treat recipes, recounting the story of Lacey Lancaster, who spurns the advances of a handsome neighbor in spite of their cats' mutual attraction.

ORDER # R1210-65   $23-90   ISBN 9780061997129 


Call Me Irresistible:  Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.

Ostracized for her role in halting best friend Lucy's wedding, Meg finds herself stranded without family support in a hostile Texas town where she unexpectedly falls for a grown-up Teddy.

ORDER # R1210-66   $35-90   ISBN 9780061351525 


In Too Deep (Arcane Society: 10):  Krentz, Jayne Ann

Hiring the troubled Isabella to be his assistant, paranormal investigator Fallon Jones is drawn into his new town's secret history when a routine case reveals unsettling truths about Isabella's family and unearths an antique clock infused with dark energy.

ORDER # R1210-67   $35-90   ISBN 9780399157028 


Love Letters:  Fforde, Katie.

Helping to organize a literary festival, former bookstore owner Laura is mistaken for a personal friend of a famous reclusive writer with whom she has been long infatuated, a situation that compels her to recruit the curmudgeon writer into attending in spite of his temper and writer's block.

ORDER # R1210-68   $35-90   ISBN 9780312674533 


Texas! Sage:  Brown, Sandra.

Jilted by her fiancé, Sage Taylor reluctantly accepts the help of handsome drifter Harlan Boyd when her family business gets in deep financial straits, and the two of them try to keep their passions at bay, but fate has a different idea in mind, in a hardcover re-release of a classic romance novel.

ORDER # R1210-69   $35-90   ISBN 9780553804058 


Nocturne:  James, Syrie.

After a reclusive writer - and vampire - rescues her from a blinding Colorado snowstorm, Nicole Walker and her new undead lover engage in several nights of passion as the storm rages outside, an experience that will change them both forever.

ORDER # R1210-70   $30-90   ISBN 9781593156282 


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