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All I Want Is You: Bodine, Sherrill.

When she acquires an antique mermaid brooch that belongs to the Clayworth family - the very same family that ruined her father - vintage boutique owner Venus Smith approaches Connor Clayworth O'Flynn, making him an offer he cannot refuse.

ORDER # R1211-1   $13-30   ISBN 9780446584357


All That Bleeds:  Frost, Kimberly.

Merrick, a half-vampire enforcer, must rescue Alissa, the last heiress of the House of North with whom he has a forbidden friendship, when she is kidnapped and dragged outside the Etherlin walls.

ORDER # R1211-2   $13-30   ISBN 9780425245804


Be My Texas Valentine:  Thomas, Jodi, et al.

This heartwarming collection of stories, filled with second chances, rekindled passion and love, follows four daring ladies who, on Valentine's Day, will do whatever it takes to win the hearts of four sweet-talking Texans.

ORDER # R1211-3   $13-30   ISBN 9781420119671


Bedeviled (Dark Breed):  Grace, Sable.

When she accidentally turns her best friend into a vessel for a vengeful god while trying to save her life, Kyana, along with her demigod lover Ryker, races against time to save Haven from herself - and to save humanity from hell on earth.

ORDER # R1211-4   $13-30   ISBN 9780061964411


Bride by Mistake:  Gracie, Anne.

Forced to collect a wife he doesn't want after returning home from war, Lord Ripton, who made a hasty wartime marriage-in-name only to protect a young girl from a forced union, is saddled with a fiercely independent bride who stirs within him a passion unlike no other.

ORDER # R1211-7   $13-30   ISBN 9780425245798


Born of Ashes:  Roane, Caris.

Determined to destroy the people who kept her as a human slave - and an unwilling "blood donor" for the death vampires - Fiona, tormented by her ordeal, asks her guardian Jean-Pierre, a winged vampire warrior, to join her on her deadly quest.

ORDER # R1211-8   $13-30   ISBN 9780312533748


Chase:  Joyce, Brenda.

When her husband is brutally murdered at her 40th birthday party, his throat cut with a weapon that has not been used since World War II, Claire Hayden is forced to team up with her late husband's enigmatic associate, Ian Marshall, to catch a killer, plunging them both into a dangerous mystery that spans decades.

ORDER # R1211-9   $9-90   ISBN 9780312365844 


Catch of a Lifetime (Cricket Creek):  McLane, LuAnn.

While making her aunt's diner the go-to place for gourmet down-home fare, Jessica Robinson, a single mother and world-class chef, catches the eye of former major leaguer Ty McKenna who, no stranger to her cooking, tries to convince her that he is a one-woman man.

ORDER # R1211-10   $13-30   ISBN 9780451235497


The Duchess Diaries (Bridal Pleasures):  Hunter, Jillian.

When her wickedly scandalous diary, which contains her most intimate secrets, goes missing, Miss Charlotte Boscastle, the headmistress of the Scarfield Academy for Young Ladies, finds herself forced into marriage with the Duke of Wynfield.

ORDER # R1211-11   $13-30   ISBN 9780451413123


Destiny:  Phillips, Carly.

When she encounters Nash Barron at his brother's wedding, Kelly Moss, despite the attraction that still lingers between them, keeps her distance from him due to a secret from her past that she knows he will never forgive.

ORDER # R1211-12   $13-30   ISBN 9780425245743


Exclusively Yours:  Stacey, Shannon.

Ordered by her boss to secure an interview with reclusive best-selling author Joe Kowalski, the man who broke her heart, Keri Daniels is shocked when Joe refuses to answer her questions unless she survives a camping trip with his family.

ORDER # R1211-14   $13-30   ISBN 9780373776788


The Duke Is Mine:  James, Eloisa.

When Olivia Lytton, who is betrothed to the Duke of Canterwick, and Tarquin, her sister's intended, fall in love, they embark on a scandalous affair and risk losing everything.

ORDER # R1211-15   $13-30   ISBN 9780062021281


Forever and a Day:  Marvelle, Delilah.

The head of New York's notorious Forty Thieves, flame-haired beauty Georgia Milton comes to the aid of the newly appointed Duke of Wentworth who, due to her actions, has lost his memory - and who awakens a fierce passion within her.

ORDER # R1211-16   $13-30   ISBN 9780373776368


Flashfire (Dragonfire):  Cooke, Deborah.

Photographer Cassie Redmond becomes caught in a war between the Slayers and Pyr when she, while in Las Vegas on a job, gets swept away by a sensual illusionist and dragon shifter who reveals more than just his secrets.

ORDER # R1211-17   $13-30   ISBN 9780451235473


Heir of Danger:  Rickloff, Alix.

In order to defeat the evil mage Maelodor, Brendan Douglas must convince Elisabeth Fitzgerald, the woman he jilted at the altar seven years earlier, that she holds the key to stopping this malevolent enemy from unlocking the past and reshaping the future.

ORDER # R1211-18   $13-30   ISBN 9781439170380


Haunted Warrior:  Mackay, Allie.

While taking a working holiday in the tiny Scottish fishing village of Pennard, ghost whisperer Kendra Chase is faced with not only paranormal activity but with Graeme MacGrath who is skeptical of her abilities.

ORDER # R1211-19   $13-30   ISBN 9780451235480


Hidden Summit (Virgin River):  Carr, Robyn.

Accepting a job at the Virgin River branch of Haggerty Construction, Leslie Petruso, using this opportunity to start over after a bitter divorce, tries to ignore the chemistry between her and Conner Danson, who has also been burned by love, but to no avail.

ORDER # R1211-20   $13-30   ISBN 9780778313007


Hot & Heavy:  Hill, Sandra.

Preparing for a special ops mission in northern Iraq, Lieutenant Ian MacLean, an adrenaline-loving bachelor, comes face to face with Madrene Olgadottir, a gorgeous female warrior mysteriously transported from a thousand years in the past.

ORDER # R1211-21   $13-30   ISBN 9780062019042


How the Marquess Was Won:  Long, Julie Anne.

The ruthless Marquess Drydens believes he has found the perfect bride in beautiful heiress Lisbeth Redmon, whose dowry will restore his family's reputation, until he has an unforgettable encounter with Lisbeth's irresistible paid companion, Phoebe Vale, that changes everything.

ORDER # R1211-22   $13-30   ISBN 9780061885693


Ice Lake:  Daniels, B. J.; Fossen, Delores; & Miller, Julie.

This trio of romantic suspense stories includes B. J. Daniels's "Gone Cold," in which Morgan Sinclair, while on a romantic getaway with her fiancé, discovers that he is not who he says he is when they are snowed in with a killer out for revenge.

ORDER # R1211-23   $13-30   ISBN 9780373837656


In Too Deep (Arcane Society: Looking Glass: 01):  Krentz, Jayne Ann.

Hiring the troubled Isabella to be his assistant, paranormal investigator Fallon Jones is drawn into his new town's secret history when a routine case reveals unsettling truths about Isabella's family and unearths an antique clock infused with dark energy.

ORDER # R1211-24   $13-30   ISBN 9780515150261


Immortal Hope (Curse of the Templars):  Ashgrove, Claire

Cursed for all eternity, templar knight Merrick du Loire, sworn to protect mankind from evil, struggles with conflicting oaths when he encounters history professor Anne MacPherson, who possesses a sacred artifact that could set him free.

ORDER # R1211-25   $13-30   ISBN 9780765367587


A Lady Awakened:  Grant, Cecilia.

To protect her estate and beloved servants from her evil brother-in-law, newly widowed Martha Russell devises a daring plan to conceive an heir and approaches her neighbor, a London exile with a wicked reputation, with a business proposition he cannot refuse.

ORDER # R1211-26   $13-30   ISBN 9780553593839


King of the Isles:  Mazzuca, Debbie.

When his mentor is kidnapped, battle-scarred Highland warrior Lachlan MacLeod is forced to ride into combat alongside Evangeline, his beautiful advisor - and forced to choose between her safety and his own independence.

ORDER # R1211-27   $13-30   ISBN 9781420110074


Lara:  Small, Bertrice.

In the refined and elegant world of Hetar, as a dangerous rebellion is brewing in the Outlands, a region of mystery and magic, Lara, the half-faerie daughter of John Swiftsword, embarks on a quest that will take her into the essence of darkness and teach her the true meaning of eternal love.

ORDER # R1211-28   $13-30   ISBN 9780373776382


Locked and Loaded (Men of Delta Force):  Grant, Alexis

Going undercover as the mistress of Miami's biggest drug lord, DEA agent Sage Warner finds her dangerous plan threatened by Captain Anthony Davis who could blow her cover with one kiss.

ORDER # R1211-29   $13-30   ISBN 9780312943042


Lover's Leap (Eternity Springs):  March, Emily.

When Sarah, the woman he once loved, unexpectedly comes back into his life, along with the daughter he never knew he had, former bad boy Cameron Murphy returns home to Eternity Springs to prove to Sarah, to the town, and to himself that everybody was wrong about him.

ORDER # R1211-30   $13-30   ISBN 9780345528773


Mad About the Earl:  Brooke, Christina.

When she meets her intended husband, the Earl of Tregarth, Lady Rosamund Westruther is disappointed that he is not the charming nobleman she has dreamed of for so long and demands a proper courtship.

ORDER # R1211-31   $13-30   ISBN 9780312534134


Midnight Reckoning:  Castle, Kendra

When he steps in to help a woman being hunted by two men, Jaden Harrison, one of the Cait Sith bloodline of vampire cat-shifters, discovers that the men are werewovles, and that the woman he just saved is one he knows very well.

ORDER # R1211-32   $13-30   ISBN 9781609418380


McKettrick's Luck:  Miller, Linda Lael.

Rancher Jesse McKettrick goes up against Cheyenne Bridges, who, haunted by her painful past, has arrived in Indian Rock, Arizona, to convince him to sell his land.

ORDER # R1211-33   $13-30   ISBN 9780373776429


Moonlight in the Morning:  Deveraux, Jude.

Leaving New York City behind for the summer to pursue her passion for painting in Edilean's tightly knit artistic community, Jecca Layton is swept off her feet by the town's handsome doctor and they both must make a difficult decision when the summer ends.

ORDER # R1211-34   $13-30   ISBN 9781416509745


My Ruthless Prince:  Foley, Gaelen.

When she risks her life to save his, the Earl of Westwood, who is playing a deadly game of deception in the king's court, is no longer able to deny his long-suppressed attraction to Emily Harper.

ORDER # R1211-35   $13-30   ISBN 9780062075918


The Nature of a Woman:  Stephens, Sylvester.

A follow-up to The Office Girls finds the sex-addict psychologist brother of Michael Forrester, Johnny, violating his doctor-patient boundaries in his inappropriate obsession with understanding five of his disturbed women patients; a situation that places Johnny in serious trouble when two of the patients die under suspicious circumstances.

ORDER # R1211-36   $13-30   ISBN 9781593092344


The Pleasure of Your Kiss:  Medeiros, Teresa.

Agreeing to retrieve his brother's kidnapped fiancé from a sultan's harem, legendary adventurer Ashton Burke is stunned to discover that his quarry is Clarinda Cardew, the woman who broke his heart 10 years ago - and who sill has a sensual hold over him.

ORDER # R1211-37   $13-30   ISBN 9781439157893


The Price of Temptation:  Cornwall, Lecia.

When she hires a new footman to protect her from her former husband, Lady Evelyn Renshaw is drawn to Captain Sinjon Rutherford, who, unbeknownst to her, is working undercover as a servant in order to infiltrate her home and uncover the truth about her shady relatives.

ORDER # R1211-38   $13-30   ISBN 9780062018946


Sanctuary Cove:  Alers, Rochelle.

After her husband's death, Deborah Robinson packs up her family and returns to her grandmother's ancestral home on Cavanaugh Island where she gets a fresh start, especially when she meets a handsome doctor who is also recovering from a great loss.

ORDER # R1211-39   $13-30   ISBN 9781455501403


Sunrise With a Notorious Lord (Lords of Vice):  Hawkins, Alexandra.

When he meets Miss Isabel Thorne, who stops a pickpocket from making off with one of his prized possessions, the Earl of Vanewright decides to break his vow to stay single as he attempts to seduce this sharp-tongued, strong-willed beauty who has stolen his heart.

ORDER # R1211-40   $13-30   ISBN 9781250001368


Susanna's Choice:  Luck, Sara.

When wealthy entrepreneur Rab Trudeau poses as an investigator to discover who is printing fraudulent stock prices that could close down his silver mine, he is plunged into a violent mine scandal that leads him to a beautiful aspiring writer who captures his heart.

ORDER # R1211-41   $13-30   ISBN 9781451650426


Sweet Reward (Last Chance Rescue: 03): Reece, Christy

When his ex-wife asks him to rescue her missing daughter, Last Chance Rescue operative Jared Livingston teams up with Mia Ryker, the only agent ever fired from LCR, to find an innocent child - a case that takes them to dark places and to the every edge of desire.

ORDER # R1211-42   $13-30   ISBN 9780345524096


Tempted Again:  Linz, Cathie.

Returning home to Hopeful, Ohio, after a painful divorce, Marissa Bennett, while dealing with her menopausal mom and crazy co-workers, finds herself distracted by lawman Connor Doyle, the bad boy who took her virginity back in high school.

ORDER # R1211-43   $13-30   ISBN 9780425244548


Trouble at the Wedding (Abandoned at the Altar):  Guhrke, Laura Lee.

Miss Annabel Wheaton, who has an aversion to love, finds her plans of marrying an earl who needs her money derailed by the Duke of Scarborough who, believing that she is making the biggest mistake of her life, has agreed to stop the wedding, by any means necessary, on her family's behalf.

ORDER # R1211-44   $13-30   ISBN 9780061963179


Twice Fallen (Ladies in Waiting):  Wildes, Emma.

Re-entering society after her disastrous elopement four years earlier, Lady Lillian Bourne tries to avoid scandal until Lord Damien Northfield, investigating a scheme of blackmail and murder involving some of England's most prominent families, believes that she is the key to catching a killer.

ORDER # R1211-45   $13-30   ISBN 9780451235282


Waking Up in Charleston:  Woods, Sherryl.

Burdened by her late husband's debt, widow and single mother Amanda O'Leary finds her life taking a strange turn when she falls in love with her preacher, who helps her out of a tough situation and tries to fix the strained relationship between her and her arrogant father, Big Max.

ORDER # R1211-46   $13-30   ISBN 9780778313267


Untamed:  Clare, Pamela.

When he is captured by the French and threatened with an agonizing death at the hands of their Abenaki allies, Scottish Highland warrior Morgan MacKinnon finds salvation in the arms of Amalie, a convent-bred French lass who forces him to choose between honor and love.

ORDER # R1211-47   $13-30   ISBN 9780425245811


Whispers in the Dark (KGI):  Banks, Maya.

On the run from people who want to exploit her unique abilities, Shea reaches out to Nathan Kelly, the man with whom she formed a soul-deep bond in hell and whom she rescued from captivity, for help in escaping the danger that follows her at every turn.

ORDER # R1211-48   $13-30   ISBN 9780425246108


The Mortal Bone (Hunter Kiss):  Liu, Marjorie M.

When the bond she shares with Zee and the boys is severed, Maxine Kiss is left vulnerable and unprotected while the boys, for the first time in 10,000 years, have a taste of freedom that could unleash hell on Earth.

ORDER # R1211-49   $13-30   ISBN 9781937007188


Heartwishes (Edilean Series 06):  Jude Deveraux

Gemma Ranford wants the job cataloging the documents of the Frazier family so much that she is ready to do battle to get it. Fascinated with history, and desperately trying to finish her dissertation, she's hoping against all hope that the papers will yield new information to invigorate her research. What she didn't expect to find is references to the Heartwishes Stone - believed by most to be pure legend - and said to grant wishes to anyone named Frazier.

ORDER # R1211-50   $13-30   ISBN 9781439108017


Wild Cat (Shifters Unbound):  Ashley, Jennifer.

When he encounters Cassidy Warden, his first Shifter, police detective Diego Escobar, defying all human laws, agrees to help this feline beauty track down a mysterious killer who, after murdering her mate, could bring danger to all Shifters.

ORDER # R1211-51   $13-30   ISBN 9780425245781


Born of Shadows (League Series: 05):  Sherrilyn Kenyon

For Caillen Dagan, a defiant soldier of fortune, survival isn't a right, it's a brutal daily battle. Moving through the Ichidaian universe like a wraith, his brushes with the law and death are legendary. But when an act of rare heroism reveals his hidden birthright, he's forced into a world much more dangerous and cold-hearted than the bloody streets where he was raised - one of obscene wealth and lethal politics.

ORDER # R1211-52   $13-30   ISBN 9780446573269


That Old Black Magic (Living in Eden 03):  Michelle Rowen

Reluctant witch Eden Riley knows that co-dependent relationships aren't good, especially when you're possessed by a sexy but troublemaking demon. Darrak's physical form makes good girl Eden want to go bad, but the constant itch to use the soul-destroying black magic she's recently acquired might force Eden to explore her dark side in an entirely different way.

ORDER # R1211-53   $13-30   ISBN 9780425244937


An Unexpected Gentleman:  Alissa Johnson

Adelaide Ward has but one goal-to obtain an offer of marriage from the respectable, if unappealing, Baron Maxwell. But it's the devilishly handsome Connor Brice who captures her imagination-and a kiss in broad daylight-in front of a dozen members of the ton. Now Adelaide must decide if the charming scoundrel who stole away her reputation might still be trusted with her heart. Because Brice is after more than Adelaide's affection: he wants revenge on the baron.

ORDER # R1211-54   $13-30   ISBN 9780425244913


Minding Frankie:  Maeve Binchy

When Noel learns that his terminally ill former flame is pregnant with his child, he reluctantly agrees to take care of the baby girl. Along with the help of a caring network of friends, family and neighbours - including Lisa, his broken-hearted classmate, and Emily, his American cousin - Noel adapts to his new responsibilities. But when a nosy social worker decides to get involved, she threatens to ruin their unconventional but special arrangement.

ORDER # R1211-55   $13-30   ISBN 9780307475497


Recklessly Yours: Her Majesty's Secret Servants 03:  Allison Chase

Holly has always been the reckless Sutherland sister, the one most likely to hitch up her skirts and gallop astride a powerful stallion. Holly's affinity for horses leads Queen Victoria to enlist her help when a prized Thoroughbred colt disappears. To catch the horse thief, Holly must put on her best manners and mingle with the dashing Colin Ashworth, Earl of Drayton. Uncertain she can trust him, she is also powerfully attracted to him.

ORDER # R1211-56   $13-30   ISBN 9780451235381


You, Again: Baby Blessed / Yesterday Once More:  Debbie Macomber

Molly Larabee left her husband, Jordan, after a tragedy destroyed her faith in their marriage. She began a new life as a foreign aid volunteer. But now, four years later, her safety is in jeopardy - and Jordan comes to her rescue. She discovers that her feelings for him have never died, and they share a night of passion that results in pregnancy.

ORDER # R1211-57   $13-30   ISBN 9780778312994


After Dark:  Beverly Barton

No Picture Available

From the back cover: When a shocking scandal exposes southern secrets. As the blazing heat of summer gives way to sultry September, a shroud of suspicion settles over the Noble's Crossing, a sleepy Alabama town. Nothing is as it seems and never will be again. Lane Noble Graham stands accused of murdering her ex-husband and the one man who can help, Johnny Mack Cahill vowed never return to the town that scorned him - or the woman whose love he knew he didn't deserve!

ORDER # R1211-58   $13-30   ISBN 9781420123944 


MacKinnon's Rangers: Surrender:  Pamela Clare

No Picture Available

When he awakens sweet passion in a convent-bred French lass, Morgan MacKinnon finds himself cursing the war that's forced him to choose between upholding his honor and pledging himself to the woman he loves.

ORDER # R1211-59   $13-30   ISBN 9780425245811


Dead Broke:  Trista Russell

Thanks to a gunshot wound from her cheating ex-boyfriend, Sarai Emery wakes up after a month in a coma, and all she wants to do is crawl into bed with Damian, who she thinks is still her man. But her memory is ten months behind, and her life went from fabulous to scandalous in the time she forgot. She has no clue that "high class" prostitution was her way of making ends meet. Her new but forgotten lover Mel vows to stay by her side, patiently waiting to remind her of the long, steamy nights she spent in his arms.

ORDER # R1211-60   $13-30   ISBN 9781451647372


Wild Thing:  Robin Kaye

White-water rafting guide Hunter Kincaid is psyched to lead a group of fashion models into the Idaho wilderness for a photoshoot. But it's Toni, the feisty manager of Action Models, who creates enough sparks to start a forest fire. When rugged outdoorsman meets the original city girl, worlds will definitely collide in Robin Kaye's fresh new series.

ORDER # R1211-61   $13-30   ISBN 9781402257278


Mr. and Miss Anonymous:  Michaels, Fern.

This novel explores the unexpected twists of fate that can pull people apart and bring them back together as Lily Madison and Sam Parker, who met 20 years earlier in a fertility clinic, find each other again and are drawn into a mystery that forces them to let go of their secrets from the past.

ORDER # R1211-62   $13-30   ISBN 9780821779576


Playing the Game:  Bradford, Barbara Taylor.

When his beloved younger wife and protégé is rendered a top player in the international art scene, proud Marius introduces her to a leading journalist to cover her life story, unaware that an instant connection between his wife and the journalist will ignite powerful secrets.

ORDER # R1211-63   $13-30   ISBN 9780312578091


Large Size Paperbacks
Colorado Dawn (Runaway Brides: 02):  Warner, Kaki.

Maddie Wallace heads West to become a photographer and to build a life without her absent calvaryman husband, until he returns from war after six years and tries to convince her to come back home.

ORDER # R1211-64   $20-90   ISBN 9780425245224 


The Bungalow:  Jio, Sarah.

A military nurse in Bora Bora during the summer of 1942 finds herself drawn to a mysterious soldier until they witness a horrible crime and he is redeployed, leaving her seeking the truth about what happened for 60 years.

ORDER # R1211-65   $20-90   ISBN 9780452297678 


Delicacy:  Foenkinos, David.

Losing her beloved husband after only seven years of marriage, heartbroken widow Nathalie steels herself against emotional attachments until she unexpectedly falls in for her offbeat, guileless co-worker, Markus, who represents the opposite of everything Nathalie once admired.

ORDER # R1211-66   $20-90   ISBN 9780062004369 


The Demon Lover:  Dark, Juliet.

Pursuing an education and career built on her love of folklore, Callie McFay discovers that her new colleagues are witches, vampires and other supernatural beings and begins to experience passionate dreams about a shadowy lover.

ORDER # R1211-67   $20-90   ISBN 9780345510082 


The Departed:  Walker, Shiloh.

A medium, Dez Lincoln, and an FBI agent, Taylor Jones, team up to save a young girl in trouble in Taylor's home town and discover answers to his sister's disappearance years ago in this follow-up to The Missing.

ORDER # R1211-68   $20-90   ISBN 9780425245217 


Gift of Magic:  Kurland, Lynn.

The fate of the realm hangs in the balance as the daughter of a dreamweaver and a mage's son struggle to save it, in the conclusion of the Nine Kingdoms trilogy following A Tapestry of Spells and Spellweaver.

ORDER # R1211-69   $20-90   ISBN 9780425245200 


A Place of Secrets:  Hore, Rachel.

Alarmed when her 6-year-old niece begins to experience the same nightmares that plagued her own childhood, auctioneer and widow Jude travels to Norfolk to assess the value of a collection of scientific articles belonging to a lonely 18th-century astronomer whose tragic story is linked to dangers in the present world.

ORDER # R1211-70   $20-90   ISBN 9780805094497 


High Impact:  Baldwin, Kim.

Emery Lawson seeks high adventure in the wilds of Alaska, and adventure outfitter Pascha Dunn aims to help her, but the two women are thrust into a nightmare above the Arctic Circle and their feelings for each other grow as they fight for survival.

ORDER # R1211-71   $21-90   ISBN 9781602825802 


A Promise of Safekeeping:  Dale, Lisa.

A prosecutor seeks forgiveness from the innocent man she helped send to prison but can only access him through his best friend who won't forgive her for destroying his life.

ORDER # R1211-72   $20-90   ISBN 9780425245149 


Slade (The Shadow Wranglers):  McCarty, Sarah.

When vampire technological genius Slade Johnson is tasked with saving the life of his nephew, he must get in bed with the one woman who has the power to destroy them all.

ORDER # R1211-73   $20-90   ISBN 9780425241394 


Under the Same Sky:  Graham, Genevieve.

Connected by an incomprehensible intimacy and devotion they don't understand, a young woman from South Carolina and a Scottish Highlander who have never met embark on a quest to find each other in 1746.

ORDER # R1211-74   $20-90   ISBN 9780425245231 


Dating the Undead:  Showalter, Gena & Monroe, Jill.

In this hilarious parody of popular women's magazines, two best-selling paranormal romance authors offer a wealth of advice for dating vampires, werewolves, zombies, angels and other members of the undead community.

ORDER # R1211-75   $21-90   ISBN 9780373892525 


Second Grave on the Left:  Darynda Jones

When Charley and Cookie (her best friend/receptionist) have to track down a missing woman, the case is not quite as open and shut as they anticipate. A friend of Cookie's named Mimi disappeared five days earlier. This friend then sends Cookie a cryptic message telling them to meet her at a nearby coffee shop. The coffee is brewing, but Mimi's still missing. There is, however, a clue left on the bathroom wall: a woman's name, scribbled by Mimi. Mimi's husband explains that his wife had been acting strange since she found out an old friend of hers from high school had been murdered a couple weeks prior.

ORDER # R1211-76   $20-90   ISBN 9781250002709 


Silver-Tongued Devil:  Jennifer Blake

How can a man be so loving, and so treacherous.
Angelica Carew is wedded to a man she barely knows. But as she learns to care for him deeply she gets the sense that beneath her husband's sweet words of love, something is very wrong. When the truth comes out, Angelica will have to make the most devastating choice of her life.

ORDER # R1211-77   $19-90   ISBN 9781402238505 


Smitten:  Colleen Coble

With Smitten Lumber closing, residents wonder if their town can stay afloat. Then four friends and local business owners, Natalie, Julia, Shelby, and Reese, decide the town is worth saving. How will they do it? They'll turn Smitten into a honeymoon destination! As Natalie, Julia, Shelby, and Reese work to save the town, each discovers romance in her own life. Meanwhile, the faith of a little child reminds the whole town what it means to have real faith in the God who is the always and forever Love.

ORDER # R1211-78   $21-90   ISBN 9781401684945 


A Discovery of Witches:  Deborah Harkness

In this tale of passion and obsession, Diana Bishop, a young scholar and the descendant of witches, discovers a long-lost and enchanted alchemical manuscript deep in Oxford's Bodleian Library. Its reappearance summons a fantastical underworld, which she navigates with her leading man, vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont.

ORDER # R1211-79   $21-90   ISBN 9780143119685 


How to Worship a Goddess:  Stephanie Julian

Lucy was once the beloved Goddess of the Moon, and she could have any man she wanted. But these days, the goddesses of the Etruscan pantheon are all but forgotten. The only rituals she enjoys now are the local hockey games, where one ferociously handsome player still inflames her divine blood. Brandon Stevenson is one hundred percent focused on the game, until he looks up and sees a celestial beauty sitting in the third row. A man could surely fall hard for a distraction like that.

ORDER # R1211-80   $20-90   ISBN 9781402251504 


Hardcover Titles
Copper Beach (Dark Legacy):  Krentz, Jayne Ann.

Receiving a blackmail threat after a deadly incident in the private library of an obsessive rare-book collector, Abby Radwell, a psychic who is able to detect paranormal secrets in old texts, hires paranormal investigator Sam Coppersmith to track down a ruthless killer with supernatural abilities.

ORDER # R1211-81   $32-90   ISBN 9780399157875 


Darker After Midnight (Midnight Breed: 10):  Adrian, Lara

A conclusion to the best-selling series completes the story of the half-human, half-otherworldly Breed whose justice-wielding Order warriors share triumphs and losses while struggling to maintain peace and anonymity in spite of dangerous passions.

ORDER # R1211-82   $31-90   ISBN 9780345530875 


Love in a Nutshell:  Evanovich, Janet & Kelly, Dorien.

Lacking the money to open a bed and breakfast in her parents' summer house in Michigan, former magazine editor Kate takes a questionable undercover job from a brewery owner who wants to find out who has been sabotaging his company, a situation that is compromised by Kate's distaste for beer and her crush on her employer.

ORDER # R1211-83   $34-90   ISBN 9780312651312 


Lothaire (Immortals After Dark):  Cole, Kresley.

A latest entry in the RITA Awardwinning series traces the story of Lothaire the Enemy of Old, following his determined pursuit of the vampire Horde's crown before his efforts are thwarted by his Bride, the mortal Elizabeth Peirce, who harbors a secret power that will kill her if he uses it to achieve his goals.

ORDER # R1211-84   $32-90   ISBN 9781439136829 


Maiden Voyage:  Judith O'Brien

Maura Finnegan is utterly taken with the quaint, romantic nature of her new home on Merrion Square - as well as the dashing, elegant ghost who lives there. Lingering to solve the mystery surrounding his death, the apparition appeals to Maura for help in his desperate quest, and unknowingly leads her to Donal Byrne - the extraordinarily handsome man who holds the long-buried secret. Maura's about to discover the compelling history behind her own Irish roots - and a love that transcends the barriers of time

ORDER # R1211-85   $31-90   ISBN 9781451677683 


One Perfect Knight:  Judith O'Brien

Madison Avenue advertising executive Julie Gaffney is on the lookout for a good man and a love that will last forever. But heroes are few and far between in New York City, and - after one too many disastrous blind dates - Julie has all but given up. Then, while chaperoning a children's birthday party in a suburban medieval theme restaurant, Julie suddenly falls into a cold faint - and awakens in fabled Camelot, face-to-face with the greatest hero of them all - the legendary Lancelot.

ORDER # R1211-86   $32-90   ISBN 9781451677669 


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