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Checkered Past (NASCAR):  Gaines, Abby.

When NASCAR team owner Chad Matheson must work with hotel heiress Brianna Hudson, who he impulsively wed in Las Vegas two years earlier, he desperately tries to keep things between them strictly business, which becomes extremely difficult especially since legally, they are still married.

ORDER # R209-1   $16-90    ISBN 9780373185214


Angel's Blood: A Guild Hunter Novel:  Singh, Nalini.

Hired by the archangel Raphael, a lethal being, vampire hunter Elena Deveraux, realizing that failure is not an option, must track down a rogue archangel on a killing spree - a job that leads her into Raphael's seductive - and deadly - embrace.

ORDER # R209-2   $16-90    ISBN 9780425226926


As Shadows Fade: Gardella Vampire:  Gleason, Colleen.

Victoria, a direct descendant of the very fist vampire hunter, must join forces with the enemy when demons find their way to the earth, and must pay a high price when the queen of the vampires offers her help in exchange for the man that Victoria loves.

ORDER # R209-3   $16-90    ISBN 9780451226327


Betrayals:  Neggers, Carla.

Literally holding the fate of her jet-setting family - ten precious stones - in her hands, Rebecca Blackburn is determined to unveil the scandal that has separated her from the man she loved.

ORDER # R209-4   $16-90    ISBN 9780778326236


Between a Rock and a Heart Place:  Stenzel, Natale.

Unable to control her magical powers, Daphne Forbes, a CPA and a druid, turns to the gorgeous spirit in her newly acquired Sarsen stone who, unbeknownst to her, holds the key to her happiness.

ORDER # R209-5   $16-90    ISBN 9780505527837


Bled Dry: A Tale of Vegas Vampires:  McCarthy, Erin.

After a single night of passion with sexy vampire Corbin Jean Michel, a vampire secretly trying to find a cure for his condition, Brittany Baldizzi is stunned that she has become pregnant.

ORDER # R209-6   $16-90    ISBN 9780425227022


Bride by Command:  Jones, Linda Winstead.

Forced into an arranged marriage with Emperor Jahn of Columbyana, Lady Morgana Ramsden, while crossing the unfamiliar landscape toward his palace, has a passionate affair with the handsome sentinel escorting her until he reveals a secret that changes everything.

ORDER # R209-7   $16-90    ISBN 9780425228043


Casual Hex:  Thompson, Vicki Lewis.

The fate of Gwen Dubois's love life is in the hands of Big Knob's resident matchmaking witch and wizard when they ask the two men vying for Gwen's affections to prove their love in ways no one could have ever imagined.

ORDER # R209-8   $16-90    ISBN 9780451412683 


Dark Victory: The Masters of Time:  Joyce, Brenda.

When Tabitha Rose, a schoolteacher by day who uses her magic to protect others by night, is transported to a dark and violent time to help the Black Macleod, a ruthless Highlander bent on revenge, she must fight for his destiny as well as her own.

ORDER # R209-11   $16-90    ISBN 9780373773466


Danger in a Red Dress:  Dodd, Christina.

When her employer, a wealthy elderly woman on her death bed, entrusts her with a dangerous secret, Hannah Grey, forced to go on the run and pursued by killers, desperately searches for the one man who can keep her alive.

ORDER # R209-12   $16-90    ISBN 9780451226266


Darkness Revealed:  Ivy, Alexandra.

After spending one night of forbidden passion with vampire Conde Cesar, Anna Randal, two hundred years later, finds herself once again in his embrace when the Oracles order him to protect her from an ancient enemy who wants to possess her unearthly power.

ORDER # R209-13   $16-90    ISBN 9781420102963


Eden:  Davidson, Carolyn.

John Roper comes to the aid of a frightened young woman, whose inner beauty and courage calls out to him and makes him want to protect her no matter what the cost.

ORDER # R209-14   $16-90    ISBN 9780373773626


Every Time We Kiss:  Kelley, Christie.

Haunted by the death of her fiance, Lady Jennette Selby, swearing off marriage, agrees to help Matthew Harris, the man who accidentally killed her fiancé - and who has been scorned by the ton, find a suitable wife in order to save his estate.

ORDER # R209-15   $16-90    ISBN 9781420103526


Evie Ever After:  Ciotta, Beth.

Profession anti-grifter Evie Parish agrees to help the Chameleon spy agency with one last mission, while dealing with her romance with former con artist Arch Duvall who is holding back some secrets.

ORDER # R209-16   $16-90    ISBN 9780373773602


From the Outside (NASCAR):  Brenna, Helen.

Ordered by his sponsor to clean up his image as the quintessential playboy, NASCAR driver Roberto Castillo asks pretty actress Mallory Dalton to date him for appearances only, but his plan backfires when he falls for her.

ORDER # R209-17   $16-90    ISBN 9780373185221


Gorgeous as Sin:  Johnson, Susan.

Rosalind St. Vincent, whose bookshop stands in the way of the Duke of Groveland's lucrative development deal, refuses to sell her shop to an entitled scoundrel who will stop at nothing - even seduction - to change her mind.

ORDER # R209-18   $16-90    ISBN 9780425226810


A Husband's Wicked Ways:  Feather, Jane.

Fearing that she will be less fortunate in love than her two best friends, young widow Aurelia Farnham learns that her late husband did not die in battle as reported but actually died recently during a secret mission; a revelation after which Aurelia is courted by a dashing military man who would perform espionage services for the crown.

ORDER # R209-19   $16-90    ISBN 9781416525530


Highland Rebel:  Mallory, Tess.

When Ellie Graham, the tour manager for music's hottest pop idol, Celtic bad boy Ian MacGregor, is transported back in time and into the clutches of the Black Watch, she must learn how to open her heart to save herself, the future, and a dangerously sexy Highland Rebel.

ORDER # R209-20   $16-90    ISBN 9780425226353


Immortals: The Reckoning:  Ashley, Jennifer; Nash, Joy; & Popp, Robin T.

This sensual collection of stories, centering around a group of magical beings, follows a lone werewolf as he defies his entire pack to protect a demon woman; a vampire as he gets revenge against the beautiful Sidhe muse who killed him; and a sexy spirit-walker who helps a tormented woman find the truth about the murder of her sister.

ORDER # R209-21   $16-90    ISBN 9780505527684


Kiss of Darkness:  St. Giles, Jennifer.

A third installment in the popular series finds Sam succumbing to an attack by the dark forces of Cinatas and Emerald enlisting the help of their friends and a pair of Shadowmen shape-shifters in order to save Sam's life.

ORDER # R209-22   $16-90    ISBN 9781416563396


The MacKade Brothers: Rafe & Jared:  Roberts, Nora.

In "The Return of Rafe MacKade," reserved antiques dealer Regan Jones finds herself tempted by notorious bad boy Rafe MacKade, and in "The Pride of Jared MacKade," attorney Jared MacKade matches wits with sexy, unconventional Savannah Morningstar.

ORDER # R209-23   $16-90    ISBN 9780373285754


Love Comes Home & A Sheltering Love:  Reed, Terri.

Features two classic stories of love and belonging by a prominent author from the Love Inspired line.

ORDER # R209-24   $16-90    ISBN 9780373651283


Montana Creeds: Dylan:  Miller, Linda Lael.

When the daughter he rarely sees is adandoned by her mother, "rodeo's bad boy" Dylan Creed returns home to Stillwater Springs ranch to become a father and finds love with a former flame who is determined to tame his wild ways once and for all.

ORDER # R209-25   $16-90    ISBN 9780373773589


The Matchmakers:  Macomber, Debbie.

Single mother Dori Robertson, who is not interested in being in a relationship, agrees to pretend to date former football player Gavin Parker so their matchmaking kids will lay off, but their plan soon goes passionately awry.

ORDER # R209-26   $16-90    ISBN 9780373200009


More Than Words: Stories of Strength:  Neggers, Carla; Mallery, Susan; & Harper, Karen.

Three New York Times best-selling authors present original short stories inspired by three exceptional - and heroic - women who have been selected as recipients of Harlequin's "More Than Words" award.

ORDER # R209-27   $16-90    ISBN 9780373836680


Moontide:  Cameron, Stella.

Two years after losing her husband, her baby, and her dreams for the future, Greer Beckett returns to England to make peace with her past and comes face to face with Dr. Andrew Monthaven, a man who had befriended her in her time of need and whom she has never been able to forget.

ORDER # R209-28   $16-90    ISBN 9780373200023


Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs:  Harper, Molly.

Turned into a vampire by a handsome stranger at the peak of a cascade of misfortunes that includes the loss of her librarian job and her unlucky shooting by a drunken hunter, Jane struggles to adjust to her new nature while working to find employment and clear her name for a murder rap.

ORDER # R209-29   $16-90    ISBN 9781416589426


Mother's Day Miracle & Blessed Baby:  Richer, Lois.

Contains two classic heartwarming and inspirational romances that take the reader on an uplifting spiritual journey.

ORDER # R209-30   $16-90    ISBN 9780373651276


Practice Makes Perfect:  James, Julie.

When lawyers and rivals Payton Kendall and J. D. Jameson are forced to work together on a major case, an all-out battle of the sexes - both in the boardroom and in the bedroom - ensues when they discover that only one of them will make partner at the firm.

ORDER # R209-31   $16-90    ISBN 9780425226742


Redneck Cinderella:  McLane, LuAnn.

When she and her father are relocated to the swanky Copper Creek Estates, Jolie Russell, a tomboy and farm girl at heart, has trouble adjusting to her new surroundings - even with the help of a sexy land developer.

ORDER # R209-32   $16-90    ISBN 9780451226334


The Rose & the Shield:  Barbieri, Elaine.

After coming to the rescue of Rosamund of Hendsmille, fierce knight Dagan vows to protect her and, after gaining her trust, must fight for her love when she discovers that the loyalty he has sworn to her belongs equally to the king she loathes.

ORDER # R209-33   $16-90    ISBN 9780843960143


Scandalous:  Foster, Lori.

Features two sizzling romances in one volume: "Sex Appeal" and "Scandalized!," in which Tony Austin, a man with no use for a wife but a fierce desire for a child of his own, enters into a passionate and complex relationship with Olivia Anderson.

ORDER # R209-34   $16-90    ISBN 9780373773824


Seducing the Viscount:  Raleigh, Deborah.

Notorious rogue Ian Breckford, who has bedded his way through London's most exclusive society, meets his match in his aunt's new companion, Mercy Simpson, who wants to experience a wild, sensual adventure before she returns to her spinster life.

ORDER # R209-35   $16-90    ISBN 9780821780459


Someone Like You:  Greenwood, Leigh.

When he is forced to return home due to the terms of his father's will, Rafe Jerry, a hardened soldier, must deal with the family ranch - and the widow who betrayed him.

ORDER # R209-36   $16-90    ISBN 9780843961355


A Taste of Magic:  Madison, Tracy.

When Liz Stevens, armed with ancient gypsy magic passed down from her grandmother, becomes empowered, everything she bakes has special ingredients that profoundly impact those around her including her hunky policeman neighbor and her loser of an ex-husband.

ORDER # R209-37   $16-90    ISBN 9780505528100


Tangled Lies:  Stuart, Anne.

A mysterious man masquerades as political fugitive Emmet Chandler, but his mission becomes complicated by his growing attraction to Chandler's beautiful sister, Rachel.

ORDER # R209-38   $16-90    ISBN 9780373200016


Tears of the Renegade:  Howard, Linda.

The return of Cord Blackstone, the vengeful family renegade and a cousin by marriage, brings fear, personal turmoil, passion, and love to Susan Blackstone as they take part in a battle for control of the family company.

ORDER # R209-39   $16-90    ISBN 9780373200030


Temptation Ridge:  Carr, Robyn.

Twenty-five-year-old Shelby MacIntyre unexpectedly discovers that opposites really do attract when, while visiting Virgin River, she meets a thirty-eight-year-old jaded former Blackhawk pilot who is afraid of commitment.

ORDER # R209-40   $16-90    ISBN 9780778326571


Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy:  Dimon, HelenKay.

When Kauai Police Chief Kane Travers, on suspension, rescues a gorgeous, foul-mouthed redhead, who claims to have amnesia, he is determined to discover her secret and employs his special powers of persuasion to find the truth.

ORDER # R209-41   $16-90    ISBN 9780758215864


Too Hot for a Spy:  Wolf, Pearl.

The first female student to be accepted at England's prestigious spy school, Lady Olivia Fairchild goes up against a dashing spymaster who will stop at nothing to oust her from a world where he believes she doesn't belong.

ORDER # R209-42   $16-90    ISBN 9781420104806


Twist of Fate:  Clark, Beverly.

After the death of her husband, Camille, holding on to the dream of having her husband's child through alternative methods, meets Nicholas, a man who lost his wife and their unborn child, and together they find a way to overcome their sorrow and tragic pasts.

ORDER # R209-43   $16-90    ISBN 9781585712953


The Vampire's Bride:  Showalter, Gena.

Trapped by the gods, who have devised an impossible game, on an island, Layel, king of the vampires, must place his trust in a beautiful Amazon and surrender to the passion that will bind them forever.

ORDER # R209-44   $16-90    ISBN 9780373773596


Whisper of Warning:  Griffin, Laura.

A sequel to Thread of Fear finds Courtney Glass wrongfully implicated in a murder investigation and placing her fate in the hands of a rookie detective who believes in her innocence; a situation that is further complicated by the pair's growing attraction.

ORDER # R209-45   $16-90    ISBN 9781416570646


Vexing the Viscount:  Bryan, Emily.

In order to join Lucian Beaumont's search for a long-buried Roman treasure, Daisy Drake, who craves adventure, disguises herself as an infamous French courtesan and promises to teach him all that she knows about sensual pleasure.

ORDER # R209-46   $16-90    ISBN 9780843961348


The Wicked Ways of a True Hero:  Metzger, Barbara.

Determined to find a husband during London's debutante Season to escape her abusive father, Miss Corisande Abbott finds a hero - and the man of her dreams - in British soldier Daniel Stamfield who, despite her unsavory reputation, agrees to fake an engagement.

ORDER # R209-47   $16-90    ISBN 9780451226341


Yellow Rose Bride:  Copeland, Lori.

When she is asked to make the wedding dress for her ex-husband's new bride-to-be, seamstress Vonnie Taylor, who has never gotten over Adam Baldwin, must deal with her feelings toward this man who broke her heart as danger, betrayal, and dark secrets bring them back together.

ORDER # R209-48   $16-90    ISBN 9780373786459


Large Size Paperbacks
The Bikini Diaries:  Alexander, Lacey.

Noticing a sexy woman while on vacation in Florida, Wendy decides she wants a sultry style and so buys a new bikini to fit her new attitude, but when she gets what she is after, the reality between who she really is and the person she is playing becomes blurred as important decisions loom in the evening air.

ORDER # R209-50   $27-90    ISBN 9780451225900 


The After Wife:  Davis, Lexi.

Unaware of her supernatural destiny as a daughter of a witch and a holy person, twenty-four-year-old Nia Youngblood plans to marry her fiancé, David, and is covertly pursued by demon lord Rephraim, who would eliminate David and marry Nia in order to increase his dark power.

ORDER # R209-51   $27-90    ISBN 9781416505266 


Cry for Passion:  Schone, Robin.

Desperate to get out of her loveless marriage, Rose seeks the help of a barrister to get the matter resolved, but a strange request by her counselor leads to an intimate relationship between the two and they soon find themselves in a situation more complex than they could have ever imagined.

ORDER # R209-52   $27-90    ISBN 9780425225936 


Naughty Bits: An Anthology of Short Erotic Fiction.

Collected from the editors of SPICE BRIEFS, this pulse-quickening collection of short erotic fiction features arousing contributions from some of the genre's best authors including Megan Hart, Delilah Devlin, and Sarah McCarty.

ORDER # R209-53   $27-90    ISBN 9780373605385 


Dominic: The Lords of Satyr:  Amber, Elizabeth.

When her husband returns home from battle injured and unable to perform on Calling night, Emma is forced to mate with a lusty, royal Satyr named Quentin, while Satyr lord Vincent decides to summon the same partner every Calling night so that she can experience the same erotic pleasure he feels.

ORDER # R209-54   $25-90    ISBN 9780758225818 


Echoes of the Dance:  Willett, Marcia.

Aiding a divorced father with his teenage son and manipulative ex-wife, Kate Webster finds the ex-wife exceeding her worst experiences before discovering some unsettling truths about the father and son.

ORDER # R209-55   $27-90    ISBN 9780312539634 


The Education of Madeline:  Williamson, Beth.

Wealthy landowner Madeline Brewster, a lonely thirty-two-year-old virgin, decides to save a handsome rough-and-tumble cowboy from the hangman's noose because he is the perfect man to take her virginity.

ORDER # R209-56   $27-90    ISBN 9780758234698 


Hittin' It (Aphrodisia):  Stuart, Amie.

Professional hit man Wynn Collier finds himself unable to resist the sensual charms of Bohemian beauty Sabrina Walker who soon comes to know his innermost secrets and desires.

ORDER # R209-57   $25-90    ISBN 9780758228567 


Let Me In:  Kauffman, Donna.

Tate Winslow, a former intelligence agent, must get back in the game when her enigmatic ex-boss, who has gone rogue, needs her help on a case that could blow the intelligence world apart.

ORDER # R209-58   $27-90    ISBN 9780758231291 


Kept:  Alden, Jami.

When he is hired to watch notorious party girl Alyssa Miles - and his former lover - 24/7, security expert Derek Taggart has a hard time staying focused on the job.

ORDER # R209-59   $27-90    ISBN 9780758225474 


Disciplined: An Invitation Erotic Odyssey:  Hobbs, Allison.

Having pursued a life of unbridled, hedonistic pleasure, heiress Yoyin travels to a beautiful villa under the premise of fulfilling her darkest erotic desires only to be shocked into reality when she is pushed beyond her comfort level, an awakening that helps her to learn the benefits of pleasing others.

ORDER # R209-60   $19-90    ISBN 9781593092313 


The Nature of a Woman:  Stephens, Sylvester.

No Picture Available

A follow-up to The Office Girls finds the sex-addict psychologist brother of Michael Forrester, Johnny, violating his doctor-patient boundaries in his inappropriate obsession with understanding five of his disturbed women patients; a situation that places Johnny in serious trouble when two of the patients die under suspicious circumstances.

ORDER # R209-61   $27-90    ISBN 9781593092337 


Pleasures of the Forbidden Valley:  Mercury, Diana.

Agreeing to marry a man from a remote and forbidden Himalayan valley in exchange for access to his village, ambitious anthropologist Diandra arrives in her new home after an arduous journey only to learn that she is also the wife of all of the man's brothers, with whom she must ritually consummate each marriage.

ORDER # R209-62   $27-90    ISBN 9780061450952 


Revealed:  Noble, Kate.

Stealing away in the night one evening to have an affair with a handsome marquis, Phillipa encounter England's most notorious spy, The Blue Raven, and her life is changed after she makes a dangerous pact with him in order to increase her social status in London society.

ORDER # R209-63   $27-90    ISBN 9780425221747 


Satisfy Me Tonight:  Zedde, Fiona; Molare, Sydney; & Terry, Kimberly Kaye.

In Fiona Zedde's "Sexual Attraction," a DJ finds a new beat to groove to; in Sydney Molare's "Driving My Man Wild," a woman finds a special book to help spice up her marriage; and in Kimberly Kaye Terry's "Captive," a woman is kidnapped by the very same man she has lusted after for years.

ORDER # R209-64   $27-90    ISBN 9780758229045 


Total Surrender:  McCray, C.

When a woman seeks to lose all control to a dominant man and so attends an exclusive resort known as "The Bondage Club" to make her dreams come true, the results are anything but what she expected in this one of three erotic tales from this New York Times bestselling author.

ORDER # R209-65  $27-90    ISBN 9780312537548 


Texas Men:  Devlin, Delilah.

Set in the hottest town in Texas, where the most adventurous women and irresistible men live, a trio of erotic tales includes "Bound and Determined," in which bar owner Tara Toomey decides to kidnap bad boy Cody Westhofen for the weekend and show him who's boss.

ORDER # R209-66   $26-90    ISBN 9780758228734 


Sylvester:  Heyer, Georgette.

Proposing to the woman that he believes will complement his high position in life, the powerful Duke of Salford is scandalized when he learns that the sought-after maiden has written a romance novel that casts him as the villain.

ORDER # R209-67   $27-90    ISBN 9780373773855 


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