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The Dark Hunters: Vol.2:  Kenyon, Sherrilyn. 

A second manga volume based on the best-selling series finds Kyrian and Amanda facing off against a Daimon of unusual powers, a confrontation that is challenged by Kyrian's wavering abilities and Amanda's unwillingness to acknowledge her own psychic potential. Illustrations.

ORDER # R210-1   $16-90   ISBN 9780312554002 


Secret Whispers (Heavenstone: 02):  Andrews, V.C.

The Heavenstone series concludes with a riveting second installment that follows Heavenstone, the 1st book in the new series that fans of the author have been looking forward to.

ORDER # R210-2   $14-50   ISBN 9781439154977


Abandon the Night:  Ware, Joss.

When civilization is basically destroyed, Quentin Fielding, harnessing a strange, new power, searches for the man responsible for the chaos and destruction and finds his mission further complicated by a mysterious, arrow-wielding beauty who is on a quest of her own.

ORDER # R210-3   $14-50   ISBN 9780061734038


At Last I Bloom:  Sigers, Cas.

In this sequel to Pieces of a Man, Lily, after breaking it off with Romance, Dick and Wealth, decides to abstain from sex until she figures out what she wants in a relationship, but her ex-lovers have other plans for her.

ORDER # R210-4   $14-50   ISBN 9781599830926


Atlantis Redeemed (Warriors of Poseidon: 05):  Day, Alyssa.

When Tiernan, an investigative reporter gifted with the ability of truth telling, discovers that horrifying experiments are being conducted by scientists on humans and shape-shifters alike, she turns to a cursed Atlantean warrior for help in protecting mankind.

ORDER # R210-5   $14-50   ISBN 9780425233030


Audrey and the Maverick:  Levine, Elaine.

When the sheriff blackmails her into seducing Virginia financier Julian McCaid, Audrey Sheridan, the caretaker of a makeshift orphanage, finds herself falling in love with this man who is the only one who can protect her from the corrupt lawman.

ORDER # R210-6   $14-50   ISBN 9781420105520


The Battle Sylph:  McDonald, L. J.

Kidnapped as a sacrifice for a ruthless battle sylph named Heyou, Solie refuses to succumb without a fight and, using her shape-shifting abilities, takes control of this powerful warrior, unleashing a desire that could change the world.

ORDER # R210-7   $14-50   ISBN 9780843963007


Big Jack:  Robb, J. D.

In a future where crime meets cutting-edge technology, NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas must locate missing diamonds from a decades-old heist that have been surrounded by danger and death for years.

ORDER # R210-8   $14-50   ISBN 9780425234907


Desire in His Eyes:  O'Riley, Kaitlin.

Stowing away in captain Harrison Fleming's ship to escape the London season, Juliette Hamilton, who has a penchant for scandal, embarks on a passionate adventure on the high seas when Harrison, after discovering her on board, forces her to act as his personal servant.

ORDER # R210-9   $14-50   ISBN 9781420104479


Blood of the Demon:  Rowland, Diana.

Kara Gillian, a cop with the power of "othersight" and the exclusive summoner of a demon lord, calls on Lord Rhyzkahl to help her with two challenging cases on her docket that involve a soul eater among the rich, powerful and corrupt in Beaulac, Louisiana.

ORDER # R210-10   $14-50   ISBN 9780553592368


Born to Be Wild: The Others:  Warren, Christine.

A local veterinarian in a town comprised mostly of shape-shifters, Josie Barrett must team up with sheriff - and part-time were-lion - Eli Pace when the werewolves of Stone Creek start turning feral, becoming trapped in their animal forms.

ORDER # R210-11   $14-50   ISBN 9780312357191


Bride of the Wolf:  Krinard, Susan.

When his late boss's mail-order bride arrives, Heath Renier, now Holden Renshaw, foreman of Dog Creek Ranch, fears that his attraction to this beautiful woman, who has secrets of her own, will expose his deadly secret.

ORDER # R210-12   $14-50   ISBN 9780373774777


Chick with a Charm (Babes on Brooms: 02):  Thompson, Vicki Lewis.

When she slips a love elixir into divorce lawyer Griffin Taylor's drink during her sister's engagement party, fun-loving witch Lily Revere finds her dreams of love and romance coming true - until the spell wears off.

ORDER # R210-13   $14-50   ISBN 9780451229366


Dark Angel/Lord Carew's Bride:  Balogh, Mary.

The New York Times best-selling author presents two classic love stories in one volume - "Dark Angel" and "Lord Carew's Bride," in which the notorious, irresistible Earl of Rushford waltzes back into Samantha's life after betraying her in the past.

ORDER # R210-14   $14-50   ISBN 9780440245445


Defeat the Darkness (Paladin: 06):  Morgan, Alexis.

When his beautiful - yet nosy - new landlady follows him into the woods late one night, Hunter Fitzsimon, an immortal warrior tasked with protecting Earth and his world from their mutual enemies, decides to teach her a passionate lesson that unexpectedly awakens his soul.

ORDER # R210-15   $14-50   ISBN 9781416563457


Black Jack:  Leigh, Lora.

While working for America's top intelligence force, renegade agent Travis Caine, code name "Black Jack," wonders if he can trust his dangerously sexy new partner, Lillian Belle, when their mission turns into a deadly game of deception and betrayal.

ORDER # R210-16   $14-50   ISBN 9780312945824


Dragon Unmasked:  Nance, Kathleen.

When the last words of a dying mage identify Grace Armatrading as the next victim, Adam Zolton must find this gifted healer - and woman from his past - and convince her to help him hunt down the "dragon" who is murdering innocent practitioners of magic.

ORDER # R210-17   $14-50   ISBN 9780505528148


Heart of Gold:  Hoag, Tami.

Starting a new life in the quaint seaside town of Anastasia, California, after a much publicized divorce from a corrupt senator, Faith Kincaid, preparing to testify against her ex, falls for the FBI agent assigned to protect her and must convince him that she is worth the risk.

ORDER # R210-18   $14-50   ISBN 9780553593358


The Hellion and the Highlander:  Sands, Lynsay.

Spending her time with Kade Stewart, the wounded Scot her brother brought home from the Crusades, flame-haired beauty Lady Averill Mortagne wants nothing more than to be his bride and will do anything to make him see that her heart is as fiery as her hair.

ORDER # R210-19   $14-50   ISBN 9780061344794


Her Last Chance (Avalon: 04):  Albert, Michele.

Former Dallas police officer Claudia Cruz, an operative with Avalon, a clandestine organization of mercenaries who recover stolen art, must outwit FBI agent Vincent DeLuca, who is determined to take Avalon down, by any means necessary.

ORDER # R210-20   $14-50   ISBN 9781416531401


An Impossible Attraction (de Warenne Dynasty):  Joyce, Brenda.

In order to save her family from absolute ruin, Alexandra Bolton agrees to marry an elderly squire until she meets the infamous Duke of Clarewood who makes her a shocking proposition that changes both of their lives forever.

ORDER # R210-21   $14-50   ISBN 9780373774609


In Bed with the Duke:  Dodd, Christina.

Prim and proper lady's companion Emma Chegwidden throws caution to the wind when she unexpectedly ends up in the arms of the mysterious Reaper, a dangerous man on a mission of vengeance, who rides under the cover of darkness.

ORDER # R210-22   $14-50   ISBN 9780451229335


In for a Penny:  Lerner, Rose.

Forced into a life of respectability, Lord Nevinstoke is in desperate need of a rich wife and sets his sights on Penelope Brown, a manufacturing heiress looking for a marriage of convenience, but when he brings her home to his family's estate, things take a turn for the worse.

ORDER # R210-23   $14-50   ISBN 9780843963359


Jordan (Pendragon Legacy: 03):  Kearney, Susan.

One thousand years after helping King Arthur save the world from the ruthless Tribes, Jordan returns to Earth when the Tribes resurface and, to destroy them once and for all, joins forces with an American businsswoman who is a self-made billionaire in the aerospace industry.

ORDER # R210-24   $14-50   ISBN 9780446543330


Ladies Prefer Rogues:  Chapman, Janet, et al.

Love transcends time in this collection of four romance novellas that includes Janet Chapman's "Man from the Moon," in which a young woman comes across a wounded warrior from the 23rd-century who is on a mission to save humankind.

ORDER # R210-25   $14-50   ISBN 9780425233818


Love Out of Order:  Green, Nicole.

When Denise Rich, a second-year law student, falls in love with fellow student John Archer, her carefully constructed life slowly unravels as John's bitter ex-girlfriend tries to ruin Denise's life.

ORDER # R210-26   $14-50   ISBN 9781585713813


Marriage Ring (Scandals and Seductions: 03):  Maxwell, Cathy.

When upstanding gentleman Richard Lynsted goes up against Grace MacEachin, a notorious hellion who is trying to blackmail his father, he finds himself falling in love with this fearless beauty who is on a misguided mission of justice.

ORDER # R210-27   $14-50   ISBN 9780061771927


Masquerade (de Warenne Dynasty: 02):  Joyce, Brenda.

Two years after she is denied a midnight rendezvous with Lord Tyrell de Warenne, Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald shows up on his doorstep claiming that the child she is carrying is his, a lie that prompts Tyrell to play along, hoping to discover the reason behind her dishonesty.

ORDER # R210-28   $14-50   ISBN 9780373775071


Master of Fire (Mageverse: 05):  Knight, Angela.

Chemist Giada Shepherd, who is also a powerful immortal witch, teams up with Logan MacRoy, a forensic chemist - and, unbeknownst to him, the mortal son of immortal vampire King Arthur - to protect him from a bomber who is setting a series of deadly traps.

ORDER # R210-29   $14-50   ISBN 9780425233351


Montana Legacy:  Ryan, R. C.

When their grandfather, Coot McCord, passes away, three estranged cousins, including Jesse, form a tentative truce to locate the family's lost fortune with the help of Jesse's lost love Amy Parrish, who has returned home to care for her ailing father.

ORDER # R210-30   $14-50   ISBN 9780446548618


Moonlight Road (Virgin River: 03):  Carr, Robyn.

Dr. Adam Riordan, recuperating after leaving the Navy, is intrigued by his encounter with Erin Foley, who, escaping from the rat race, is on a journey of self-discovery - one she wants to travel alone unless he convinces her otherwise.

ORDER # R210-31   $14-50   ISBN 9780778327684


Night Tales: Nightshade & Night Smoke:  Roberts, Nora.

Two chilling novels of romantic suspense come together in one volume that features "Nightshade" and "Night Smoke," in which passions ignite between Natalie Fletcher and arson investigator Ryan Piasecki.

ORDER # R210-32   $14-50   ISBN 9780373285877


No Other Lover Will Do:  Hodges, Cheris.

Notorious womanizer and co-owner of the hottest resort in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina, Solomon Crawford meets his match in one of his guests, the beautiful Kandace Davis; but his business partner, Carmen, who has loved him for years, will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

ORDER # R210-33   $14-50   ISBN 9780758247094


No Chance:  Reece, Christy.

When his ex-wife, Skyler James, is kidnapped, Gabe Maddox, an elite operative who rescues victims, is called into action to save this woman who is his last chance for happiness.

ORDER # R210-34   $14-50   ISBN 9780345517784


Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark):  Cole, Kresley.

Watching over Lucia the Huntress from the shadows, Highland warrior Garreth MacRieve, Prince of the Lykae, makes his presence known when he must keep this proud beauty safe from harm by exploiting her greatest weakness - her passion for him.

ORDER # R210-35   $14-50   ISBN 9781416580959


Out of Body:  Cameron, Stella.

When she glimpses the fate of two missing New Orleans jazz singers, Marley Millet, born of an ancient family of clairvoyants, after going to the police, catches the attention of cop-turned-writer Gray Fisher who is interested in her story as well as in her.

ORDER # R210-36   $14-50   ISBN 9780778327622


Promise Me Tonight:  Lindsey, Sara.

When her plan to make James Sheffield, the man she has loved for years, see her in a new light during her coming-out ball is successful, Isabella Weston must convince this man, who has sworn never to fall in love, that she is his soul mate.

ORDER # R210-37   $14-50   ISBN 9780451229373


Provocative in Pearls:  Hunter, Madeline.

When he finally finds heiress Verity Thompson, who disappeared on their wedding day, Grayson Bridlington, the Earl of Hawkeswell, strikes a seductive bargain with this woman who holds the future of his family in her hands.

ORDER # R210-38   $14-50   ISBN 9780515147629


Lessons in French:  Laura Kinsale

Childhood sweethearts Lady Callista Taillefaire and Trevelyan d'Augustin have been parted for nine years after being caught in a compromising position. Trev went away, presumably to regain the French holdings his family had lost, and Callie has never forgotten him.

ORDER # R210-39   $14-50   ISBN 9781402237010


Relentless:  Smith, Bobbi.

Taken captive by outlaws, Dusty Martin finds salvation in the arms of her rescuer, Texas Ranger Grant Spencer whose self-control is no match for her determination to break down his defenses with her innocent sensuality.

ORDER # R210-40   $14-50   ISBN 9780843962826


Revenge Wears Rubies:  Bernard, Renee.

To avenge his friend's untimely demise, Galen Hawke decides to seduce - and destroy - Miss Haley Moreland, who, instead of mourning the loss of her fiance, is celebrating her upcoming wedding to another man.

ORDER # R210-41   $14-50   ISBN 9780425233375


Renegade Riders:  MacTavish, Dawn.

While working for two ranchers up north, renegade wrangler Trace Ord finds his heart captured by the desperate and beautiful wife of a cruel rancher.

ORDER # R210-42   $14-50   ISBN 9780843963229


Secrets of a Scandalous Bride:  Nash, Sophia.

Pretending to be a grieving young widow to escape marriage to the man who destroyed her father, Elizabeth Ashburton comes to the aid of Rowland Manning, the most powerful and notorious blackguard in all of England, and, playing a dangerous game, must convince him to make her his wife.

ORDER # R210-43   $14-50   ISBN 9780061493300


Serpent Moon (Sazi):  Adams, C. T. & Clamp, Cathy.

Considered dangerous among his own Sazi kind, Eric Thompson has been called back from exile to fight a war no one expects him to survive and finds an unlikely ally in Holly Sanchez, who is the key to his survival.

ORDER # R210-44   $14-50   ISBN 9780765364258


Something About You:  James, Julie.

Becoming involved in a murder investigation, which brings her face-to-face with FBI Special Agent Jack Pallas, who still blames her for almost ruining his career three years earlier, Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde tries to deny the attraction between them by focusing on the case at hand.

ORDER # R210-45   $14-50   ISBN 9780425233382


Smooth Talking Stranger:  Kleypas, Lisa.

Living a life of pleasure and zero commitments, millionaire Texas playboy Jack Travis confronts responsibility for the first time in his life when an enraged aunt and the abandoned infant of one of Jack's former lovers appears on his doorstep.

ORDER # R210-46   $14-50   ISBN 9780312351670


Sucker Bet (Vegas Vampires: 04):  McCarthy, Erin.

The 900-year-old ex-wife of notorious vampire Roberto Donatelli, Gwenna Carrick unexpectedly spends a passionate night in the arms of rugged detective Nate Thomas, but when Donatelli discovers the tryst, he is determined to eliminate his romantic competition.

ORDER # R210-47   $14-50   ISBN 9780425230732


The Summer Hideaway (Lakeshore Chronicles: 02):  Wiggs, Susan.

This second installment in the USA Today best-selling author's Lakeshore Chronicles presents a heart-warming tale of secrets and sacrifice, loss and redemption, and a love like no other.

ORDER # R210-48   $14-50   ISBN 9780778327998


Tempt Me If You Can:  Chapman, Janet.

When he discovers that he has a teenage son, shipping magnate and confirmed bachelor Ben Sinclair is determined to make things right, but his son's aunt, Emma Sands, does not trust him and he must prove to her, with his son's help, that he is ready to be a father.

ORDER # R210-49   $14-50   ISBN 9781416595441


To Be Seduced:  Stephens, Ann.

In desperate need of money, Lord Richard Harcourt kidnaps heiress Bethany Dallison and forces her into marriage, but he soon discovers that under his bethrothed's prim exterior lies a beautiful seductress who tempts him like no other.

ORDER # R210-50   $14-50   ISBN 9781420108675


To Sin With a Scoundrel:  Elliott, Cara.

Suspected of poisoning her husband, Ciara decides that she has no choice but to accept an earl's proposal of a temporary alliance, thus beginning a seductive dance of sinful pleasures and hidden desires as the two of them waltz through the mansions of Mayfair.

ORDER # R210-51   $14-50   ISBN 9780446541299


Too Wicked to Kiss:  Ridley, Erica.

When she is invited to a party at the home of Gavin Lioncroft, a man rumoured to have murdered his parents, Evangeline Pemberton is powerfully drawn to this mysterious man until a guest is murdered, forcing her to question his true nature.

ORDER # R210-52   $14-50   ISBN 9781420109931


Truly, Madly:  Webber, Heather.

The last person to want to run a matchmaking service, Lucy Valentine, filling in for her parents when they temporarily step down from Valentine, Inc., finds her true calling in life when a missing wedding ring leads her to a sexy P.I.

ORDER # R210-53   $14-50   ISBN 9780312946135


Delicious:  Susan Mallery

Mallery serves up a steamy romance between a Seattle chef and her former husband, who offers her the chance to make a name for herself if she helps him get his flagship restaurant back on track. Times have changed, but the passion between them still sizzles.

ORDER # R210-54   $14-50   ISBN 9780373775200


The Vampire and the Virgin (Love at Stake: 08):  Sparks, Kerrelyn.

While vacationing in Greece, FBI psychologist Olivia Sotiris is drawn to Robby MacKay, who, unbeknownst to her, is a vampire bent on revenge against the Malcontent clan who once held him captive, and who is her best chance of survival when a case from back home tracks her down.

ORDER # R210-55   $14-50   ISBN 9780061667862


Warrior Ascended:  Fox, Addison.

To save humanity from the Goddess of War, Leo Warrior Brody Talbot must protect the ancient Stones of Egypt and convince wary museum curator Ava Harrison, who, after her father's murder, has continued his research of Egypt's ancient treasures, to help him.

ORDER # R210-56   $14-50   ISBN 9780451229380


The Wild Marquis:  Neville, Miranda.

The Marquis of Chase - a man who, shunned by the ton, leads a life of wanton pleasure and is never received in respectable houses - sets his sights on Juliana Merton, an upstanding shopkeeper who has a mysterious past, much to society's surprise.

ORDER # R210-57   $14-50   ISBN 9780061808708


Whispered Lies:  Kenyon, Sherrilyn

When the Bureau of American Defense intercepts an anonymous tip identifying a threatening secret organization, female agent Victoria comes out of hiding to flush out the informant, a situation that turns deadly when her identity is exposed.

ORDER # R210-58   $14-50   ISBN 9781439169940


Wildflowers: Sea Gypsy/Golden Lasso:  Michaels, Fern.

A two-in-one edition from the best-selling author of No Place Life Home includes the novels Sea Gypsy and Golden Lasso.

ORDER # R210-59   $14-50   ISBN 9780373775064


Hot Number:  Carly Phillips

Michelle Jordan is the Hot Zone Sports Agency's tomboyish PR exec who's as much at home on the playing field as in a locker room full of naked guys. Damian Fuller is an aging minor league center fielder with a bad wrist and a couple of seasons left of his career. The couple shared an alcohol fueled kiss on New Year's Eve that Micki can't forget but hasn't had the guts to act on until now.

ORDER # R210-60   $14-50   ISBN 9780373774739


Emerald Embrace:  Shannon Drake

Martise St. James journeys to the brooding Scottish castle of the late Mrs. Creegan to find her mystifying widower. Lord Bruce Creegan's presence arouses more than just her suspicions. Surrounded by fear, temptation, and uncertainty, Martise tries to unlock the mystery of the ancient castle and locate a missing emerald. But when the Lord's stormy eyes and charm melt her resolve, Martise struggles to destroy the shadow of her doubts in flames of reckless passion.

ORDER # R210-61   $14-50   ISBN 9781605420820


The Reckoners:  Doranna Durgin

Ghost hunter Lisa McGarrity can't understand what's gotten into the undead recently. Ectoplasm-flinging spirits and ghouls with grudges seem to be coming out of the woodwork, and she's been run ragged trying to calm the unusually outraged spirits. Tired of dealing with the disgruntled dead, Lisa is determined to take a break from all things metaphysical.

ORDER # R210-62   $14-50   ISBN 9780765361646


Dare to Surrender:  Lilli Feisty

Art gallery curator Joy Montgomery has never liked her body's generous curves. And she's always been too shy to explore her wild side. But tonight, everything is going to change . . . Desperate to save her job, Joy approaches bad-boy artist Ash Hunter and asks him to exhibit his erotic work at her gallery. Ash agrees on one condition: Joy must pose as his model.

ORDER # R210-63   $14-50   ISBN 9780446541930


The Comeback:  Abby Gaines

Making a comeback to drive his family team to NASCAR victory, Zack Matheson doesn't want any distractions--and that includes sexy Gaby Colson, the PR rep hired to promote his single-guy image.

ORDER # R210-64   $14-50   ISBN 9780373185313


Happy Hour of the Damned:  Mark Henry

Alive, ad exec Amanda Feral worked hard to wring enjoyment out of her days. Now that she's a zombie, it's a different story. Turns out, Seattle is home to glamorous undead of every description, and Amanda - stylish and impeccably groomed even in the afterlife - is swigging cocktails and living large (so to speak) among its elite. But there are downsides. Not being able to stomach anything except alcohol and human flesh, for instance.

ORDER # R210-65   $14-50   ISBN 9780758225238


Touch of Evil:  Thompson, Colleen.

After surviving a brutal attack, Sheriff Justine Wofford, investigating a series of grisly hangings that everyone else considers suicide, reaches out to the one man she's sworn to avoid and discovers that he is mixed up in this strange case.

ORDER # R210-66   $14-50   ISBN 9780843962444


Large Size Paperbacks
Cougars:  Sewell, Earl.

Pursuing a physical relationship with an attractive newcomer to her pharmaceutical research team, 40-year-old chemist Jasmine Sallie attempts to create a sexual enhancement drug that is found to have disastrous side effects, a product her lover illegally sells on the black market.

ORDER # R210-68   $23-90   ISBN 9781593092689 


Carnal Innocence:  Roberts, Nora.

A paperback re-release of a popular title by the author of Sweet Revenge finds a small Mississippi town shattered by a serial killer who targets the community's most attractive women.

ORDER # R210-69   $24-90   ISBN 9780553386431 


Night Glitter:  Shure, Jill.

In the long-awaited sequel to the Ben Franklin Award-winning novel, Night Jazz, the story of Jeri Devlin continues. It's 1932. The Great Depression has left Jeri and Lex bankrupt and Lex fighting for his life against a deadly illness. While Lex convalesces, Jeri becomes embroiled in a murderous game of cat-and-mouse with two mobsters hell-bent on revenge.

ORDER # R210-70   $23-90   ISBN 9780982410516 


Drop Dead Beautiful:  Collins, Jackie.

Determined to reclaim her position of power in Las Vegas, Lucky Santangelo works to outmaneuver a deadly enemy who would steal away Lucky's two beloved sons and out-of-control teenage daughter.

ORDER # R210-71   $23-90   ISBN 9780312624002 


If You Were My Man:  Ray, Francis.

Avoiding the dating scene after inheriting her late husband's bar, Natalya Fontaine finds herself unexpectedly falling for hostage negotiator Rafael Dunlap, who resists relationships because of his dangerous job. By the best-selling author of And Mistress Makes Three.

ORDER # R210-72   $23-90   ISBN 9780312573690 


Island of the Swans:  Ware, Ciji.

In a best-selling romance, the passionate and flamboyant Jane Maxwell - thinking Thomas Fraser, the object of her affection, has been killed in the America Revolution - enters into a disastrous marriage with the Duke of Gordon, but Thomas, very much alive, returns to England to claim her love.

ORDER # R210-73   $24-90   ISBN 9781402222689 


Lovers & Players:  Collins, Jackie.

A gripping romance novel takes readers behind the scenes and into the bedrooms of the glamorous world of superstardom, where narcissism is a virtue, and fidelity means not sleeping with anyone less attractive than your spouse.

ORDER # R210-74   $23-90   ISBN 9780312623999 


Nauti Deceptions:  Leigh, Lora.

After she is framed in a sex scandal and skips town, taking a new identity, Rogue meets Sheriff Zeke Mayes - who aims to get her to drop her defenses, and give in to desire - but soon Zeke will become embroiled in a deadly game that sweeps Rogue up in its wake.

ORDER # R210-75   $23-90   ISBN 9780425232552 


On the Night of the Seventh Moon:  Holt, Victoria.

According to Black Forest legend, the night of the seventh moon is a time for singing dancing and love, and Helena Trant is enchanted by everything she finds in the forest until the enchantment suddenly turns into a terrifying nightmare.

ORDER # R210-76   $23-90   ISBN 9780312384319 



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