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All Night Long:  Krentz, Jayne Ann.

Seventeen years after her parents' murders, Irene Stenson returns to her hometown only to find that her best friend has died suddenly, compelling her to extend her stay at a local lodge where she and the hazel-eyed owner will risk far more than local gossip to uncover the truth behind both mysteries.

ORDER # RJR-1   $15.60   ISBN 0515142506 


Beneath the Skin (The Darkwing: 03):  Russe, Savannah.

While working with Team Darkwing to catch an elusive terrorist before he assassinates a presidential candidate, vampire Daphne Urban becomes drawn to the life she once rejected - New York's secret vampire underworld, where any desire is fulfilled.

ORDER # RJR-2   $15.60   ISBN 0451220633 


Bite Me If You Can:  Sands, Lynsay.

Transformed into a vampire by a rogue marked for termination, Leigh now finds herself dealing with Lucian Argeneau, a world-weary, immortal hunter of rogue vampires, who suddenly finds himself craving the company of a sassy, irreverent beauty, while trying to stop a renegade bloodsucker from destroying the entire human race.

ORDER # RJR-3   $15.60   ISBN 0060774126 


Beware of Doug:  Fox, Elaine.

With every one of her romantic relationships falling apart thanks to the machinations of her scheming, noisy, and nasty dog, Doug, Lily Tyler is stunned when her sexy new neighbor, pilot Brady Cole, decides to come up with a scheme to woo the canine, as well as Doug's pretty owner.

ORDER # RJR-4   $15.60   ISBN 0061175684 


Blood Lines:  Wilks, Eileen.

FBI agent Cynna Weaver joins forces with sexy sorcerer Cullen Seabourne to assist fellow agent Lily Yu and her werewolf bond-mate in their investigation into elected officials who have accepted demonic pacts, but a gruesome murder forces them on a desperate race against time to find an evil apprentice who uses demons to kill.

ORDER # RJR-5   $15.60   ISBN 0425213447 


Carolina Mist:  Stewart, Mariah.

Her dreams of financial success shattered after losing her job, Abigail McKenna is surprised when she is named the sole heiress to her late aunt 's fortune and rediscovers a love from the past.

ORDER # RJR-6   $15.60   ISBN 0671527878 


Chasing Stanley:  Martin, Deirdre.

Armed with a few tricks up her sleeve, dog trainer Delilah Gould comes to the rescue of sexy professional hockey player Jason Mitchell, who has just been traded to the New York Blades, when his canine companion doesn't adjust well to city life.

ORDER # RJR-7   $15.60   ISBN 0425214478 


Causing Havoc:  Foster, Lori.

Extreme fighter Dean "Havoc" Conor finds his heart taking quite a beating when he joins forces with his sister's outspoken best friend Eve to stop his sister from marrying a man who is not what he seems.

ORDER # RJR-8   $15.60   ISBN 0425214230 


Close to You:  Shay, Kathryn.

When she is assigned to protect the vice president's wife, Secret Service Agent C. J. Ludzecky tries to keep a professional distance but finds herself longing to become part of their close-knit family - especially photographer Aidan O'Neal.

ORDER # RJR-9   $15.60   ISBN 0425214508 


Come with Me:  Hawley, J.S.

Escaping her life, Jessica Bishop, a strong-willed, African-American media icon, arrives at her brother's secluded North Carolina cabin, only to find it inhabited by a deliciously sexy Native American who shows her how to let go of all her inhibitions.

ORDER # RJR-10   $15.60   ISBN 0758219350 


Dancing on Sunday Afternoons:  Cardillo, Linda.

Through reminiscences, photographs, and letters, Giulia shares the experiences that forever changed her life with her granddaughter Cara, reliving her immigrant experience to America where she met Paolo, her first husband who was the great love of her life.

ORDER # RJR-11   $15.60   ISBN 0373654030 


Dangerous Games:  Leigh, Lora.

Home on leave after destroying an infamous Colombian drug cartel, Navy SEAL Clint "Iceman" McIntire finds himself in deep trouble with his best friend's little sister, Morganna Chavez, a young woman who has been secretly working with the DEA to uncover a lucrative - and deadly - date-rape drug conspiracy.

ORDER # RJR-12   $15.60   ISBN 0312939922 


A Date with the Other Side:  McCarthy, Erin.

While leading a tour of haunted houses in Cuttersville, Ohio, Shelby Tucker discovers s sexy naked man in the bedroom of a supposedly vacant cottage, an encounter that shakes up her life when some feisty matchmaking spirits decide to bring her together with local bad boy Boston Macnamara.

ORDER # RJR-13   $15.60   ISBN 0425213986 


A Dangerous Love:  Jeffries, J.M.

Detective Elena Jackson teams up with attorney Reardon North to catch a killer terrorizing the city of Phoenix - a passionate partnership that places their lives - and their newfound love - in great danger.

ORDER # RJR-14   $15.60   ISBN 1585712175 


Dead and Dateless: A Novel of Vampire Love:  Raye, Kimberly.

The proprietor of Dead End Dating, a matchmaking service for hip Manhattan vampires, Liz Marchette faces new challenges when one of her undead clients turns up really dead and she becomes a prime suspect in the crime, a pack of werewolves demands that she find them mates before the next full moon, and the sexy but unsuitable Ty Bonner.

ORDER # RJR-15   $15.60   ISBN 034549217X 


Dead Giveaway:  Novak, Brenda.

Upon her return home to Stillwater, Mississippi, cold-case detective Allie McCormick is immersed in a nineteen-year-old mystery involving the disappearance of Reverend Lee Barker when his son Clay, believed to be a cold-blooded murderer, reveals a shocking secret that changes everything.

ORDER # RJR-16   $15.60   ISBN 0778324796 


Dead Sexy:  Ashley, Amanda.

In order to stop a vicious killer preying on both humans and vampires alike, ex-vampire hunter Regan Delaney must align herself with a sensual creature named Joaquin Santiago, who vows to vanquish the enemy while seducing her into his world.

ORDER # RJR-17   $15.60   ISBN 082177834X 


Demon Angel:  Brook, Meljean.

When an unholy, evil threat is unleashed in modern-day San Francisco, Hugh Castleford, a former knight turned Guardian, is forced into an uneasy alliance with the beautiful and seductive half-demon, half-human Lilith, an alliance that unites them both in a passion that has been too long denied.

ORDER # RJR-18   $15.60   ISBN 0425213471 


The Dream-Hunter:  Kenyon, Sherilyn.

Arikos, an Dream-Hunter condemned by the gods to live forever without emotions and who can only experience feelings through the dreams of others, is given the chance to live two weeks as a mortal man, in exchange for acquiring a human soul, Dr. Megeara Kafieri, a woman determined to salvage her late father's reputation by finding the fabled island of Atlantis.

ORDER # RJR-19   $15.60   ISBN 0312938810 


Fall from Grace:  Gold, Kristi.

When he is paralyzed by a stroke, heart surgeon Jack Morgan turns to his ex-wife Anne, to whom he was married for twenty years, for help, and, while in her care, discovers the healing power of forgiveness, leading to a second chance at love.

ORDER # RJR-20   $15.60   ISBN 0373654049 


Good Groom Hunting:  Galen, Shana.

With half of an old treasure map that had belonged to her legendary pirate grandfather in her possession, adventurous, headstrong Josephine Hale is determined to use any means necessary to gain control of the second half, which currently belongs to Stephen Doubleday, Earl of Westman, her family's greatest enemy.

ORDER # RJR-21   $15.60   ISBN 0061124966 


Five O'Clock Shadow:  Davis, Genie.

When her campaign for City Council takes a deadly turn, Jessie Adams, an indie-rock DJ and musician with a penchant for bad boys, finds herself under the protection of detective Chuck Jackson who holds her life - and her heart - in his hands.

ORDER # RJR-22   $15.60   ISBN 0821779788 


Hawk's Way: Faron & Garth:  Johnston, Joan.

Two classic romance novels from the popular Hawk's Way series includes The Cowboy and the Princess, in which Faron Whitelaw matches wits and passion with Belinda Prescott, the woman with whom he shares an inheritance, and The Wrangler and the Rich Girl, in which Garth Whitelaw finds himself dealing with wealthy Candy Baylor, an aspiring horse trainer.

ORDER # RJR-23   $15.60   ISBN 0373772270 


Her Summer Lover (Hotel Marchand):  Carroll, Marisa.

When she returns to Indigo, Louisiana, to attend a funeral, Sophie Clarkson encounters Alain Boudreaux, a man whom she has never been able to forget and discovers that it is never too late for a second chance at love.

ORDER # RJR-24   $15.60   ISBN 0373389469 


A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest:              Mancusi, Marianne.

Transported back in time and into the arms of Robin of Locksley, a.k.a. the real Robin Hood, photographer Chrissie Hayward must convince him - and his not-so-Merry Men - to change their ways for historical accuracy, while trying not to lose her heart - and her mind.

ORDER # RJR-25   $15.60   ISBN 0505526743 


The House:  Steel, Danielle.

A workaholic attorney, Sarah Anderson finds her life transformed by an unexpected inheritance from an elderly client and by a magnificent mansion, built in the 1920s by a wealthy Frenchman for the woman he loved, a legacy that leads Sarah to a history she had never known and to architect Jeff Parker, who shares her passion for restoring the old house.

ORDER # RJR-26   $15.60   ISBN 0440242037 


I Love You to Death:  Garvey, Amy.

Three women rise to the challenge when their blind dates lead to mystery - and to Mr. Right - in this delightful collection that includes "Dial M for Mortified," in which a "blind date night" at a local coffeehouse results in murder, leading owner Darcy Bennett into the arms of reporter Noah Gleason.

ORDER # RJR-27   $15.60   ISBN 075821040X 


How to Abduct a Highland Lord:  Hawkins, Karen.

Hoping to save her family from a bloody clan feud, Fiona MacLean comes up with a scheme to kidnap and marry her family's greatest enemy, handsome rogue Black Jack Kincaid, the man she had once loved.

ORDER # RJR-28   $15.60   ISBN 1416525033 


In My Wild Dream:  Lord, Sasha.

When she has a vision of Cadedryn, a Scottish laird, being murdered, Kassandra, a flame-haired fey dreamer, journeys to the king's court to save him from a political marriage that will be the death of him and prove to him that she is his destiny.

ORDER # RJR-29   $15.60   ISBN 0451220641 


Insufficient Mating Material:  Cherry, Rowena.

When he is unable to mate in public, Prince Djetth is shot down and stranded on a desert island where he must hide his true identity from a beautiful and mysterious fashionista who could be his soulmate.

ORDER # RJR-30   $15.60   ISBN 0505527111 


Irish Dreams:  Roberts, Nora.

Includes Irish Rebel, in which Irish horse trainer Brian Donnelly finds himself beguiled by Keeley Grant, the innocent daughter of his new employer, and Sullivan's Woman, in which Cassidy St. John agrees to model for passionate artist Colin Sullivan and fears that his discerning eye will uncover her love for him.

ORDER # RJR-31   $15.60   ISBN 0373285418 


Wicked Pleasure:  Bangs, Nina.

At the Castle of Dark Dreams, a popular attraction in an adult amusement park in which women make their fantasies come true in erotic role-playing games, a female talk-show host gets more than she had bargained for in the arms of Eric McNair, the castle's resident vampire.

ORDER # RJR-32   $15.60   ISBN 0425203727 


Island Heat:  Kearney, Susan.

Living as a recluse on an exotic, private South Pacific island, former film star Shara Weston finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Cade Archer, a man who literally fell out of the sky, unaware that Cade is on a mission to open a portal between the volcano on her island and his world, or that a ruthless enemy has followed Cade to prevent him from fulfilling his assignment.

ORDER # RJR-33   $15.60   ISBN 076535666X 


Kissing Sin:  Arthur, Keri.

In the sequel to Full Moon Rising, Riley Jenson - half-werewolf and half-vampire - joins forces with Kade, a sexy warrior, as they flee for their lives from a new and deadly conspiracy aimed at creating the ultimate warrior.

ORDER # RJR-34   $15.60   ISBN 055358846X 


Knight's Treasure:  Scott, Amanda.

After being kidnapped, held hostage, and watching her elderly husband collapse during their wedding feast, Adela Macleod joins forces with Sir Robert Logan, the new Baron Lestarlic after the murders of his father and elder brother, to battle their mutual enemies and to disprove nasty rumors that she and Robert had conspired to kill his family and her husband.

ORDER # RJR-35   $15.60   ISBN 0446618551 


A Lady of Scandal:  Byrd, Nicole.

Risking social ruin by becoming an actress, Miss Ophelia Applegate, with her sensible sister Cordelia in tow, runs away from home to London where she meets a handsome, yet shady gentleman who promises to get her an audition at the Malory Road Theatre if she does him a special favor.

ORDER # RJR-36   $15.60   ISBN 0425214257 


Method Man:  Neale, Naomi.

Becca Egan, a Manhattan divorcee longing for romance, gets some help from a professional pickup artist who teaches her the secrets of The Method, and, as she parties in the most exclusive clubs searching for Mr. Right, she discovers that it might be better to play by her own rules.

ORDER # RJR-37   $15.60   ISBN 0505526972 


McKettrick's Luck:  Miller, Linda Lael.

When she tries to convince rancher and world-class poker player Jesse McKettrick to sell the Triple M Ranch, cautious and practical Cheyenne Bridges, drawn to this dangerously sexy man, must beat him at his own game.

ORDER # RJR-38   $15.60   ISBN 0373771851 


Midnight Eyes:  Brophy, Sarah.

Determined to claim his birthright, Robert Beaumont, a royal mercenary, must complete one final mission for the king to gain an estate, which entails saving - and marrying - the infamous Lady Deformed, a tormented beauty who is being held prisoner by her sadistic brother.

ORDER # RJR-39   $15.60   ISBN 0821780948 


Moon Awakening:  Monroe, Lucy.

Refusing to return home after the laird she is supposed to marry cancels the wedding due to her headstrong ways, Emily Hamilton is kidnapped by a vengeful - and deeply sensual - werewolf named Lachlan Balmoral who believes her to be someone else.

ORDER # RJR-40   $15.60   ISBN 0425214265 


Night of the Huntress:  Smith, Kathryn.

Bishop, a vampire dedicated to eradicating evil from the world since the brutal murder of his wife three centuries earlier, meets his match when he encounters Marika Korzha, a determined vampire hunter known as The Huntress.

ORDER # RJR-41   $15.60   ISBN 0060849916 


My Lord's Desire:  Moore, Margaret.

When danger leads her into the arms of valiant knight Armand de Boisbaston, a recent captive of their French enemies, Lady Adelaide reconsiders her vow never to marry.

ORDER # RJR-42   $15.60   ISBN 0373772289 


No Regrets:  Butcher, Shannon K.

A mathematician with a talent for cryptography, Noelle Blanche is rescued from a violent attack by David Wolfe, a former Delta Force operative, who returns to his former job after the reappearance of the Swarm, a savage group of terrorists, and who hopes to persuade Noelle to help his team locate a cache of missing nuclear weapons before they can fall into the wrong hands.

ORDER # RJR-43   $15.60   ISBN 0446618659 


The Nymph King:  Showalter, Gena.

While vacationing in Florida, Shaye Holling is kidnapped and spirited off to the underwater realm of Atlantis, where she becomes the prisoner of Valerian, the darkly sensual king of the nymphs, who is determined to claim her as his own - forever.

ORDER # RJR-44   $15.60   ISBN 0373771886 


The Perfect Kiss:  Gracie, Anne.

To assist a timid friend who is being forced to marry Dominic Wolfe, a man with a terrible reputation who stands to inherit a huge estate upon his marriage, adventurous Grace Merridew disguises herself as a plain and mousy chaperone to accompany her on a visit to the groom-to-be, but Dominic has some unexpected surprises in store.

ORDER # RJR-45   $15.60   ISBN 0425213455 


Perfect Partners:  Krentz, Jayne Ann.

Thornquist Gear, Inc. CEO Joel Blackstone reluctantly agrees to teach midwestern librarian Letitia Thornquist the business after her uncle wills her the sporting goods company, but he does not count on romance in the office and after hours.

ORDER # RJR-46   $15.60   ISBN 0671728555 


Possession (Blood Ties: 02):  Armintrout, Jennifer.

When her new sire and lover, Nathan, becomes possessed by a soul eater and slaughters an innocent human, vampire Carrie must face her fears and find him before the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement does.

ORDER # RJR-47   $15.60   ISBN 0778324184 


Pretty Bad:  Jump, Shirley.

Madison Worth, a spoiled supermodel, gets a much-needed attitude makeover from Jake Pleeseman, the sexy owner of the Cheese Pleese Company, when she is hired to be their spokesperson and forced to live on a dairy farm.

ORDER # RJR-48   $15.60   ISBN 0821779494 


Remember the Alimony:  True, Bethany.

When she becomes the prime suspect in her ex-husband's murder, Delaney Davis-Daniels, former Miss Texas, must prove her innocence with the help of her ex's gorgeous divorce lawyer, with whom she had an incredible one-night stand.

ORDER # RJR-49   $15.60   ISBN 0843957883 


Winter Lodge (Lakeshore Chronicles):   Wiggs, Susan.

When a devastating house fire reveals a rare treasure among her grandfather's belongings, leading her on a search for the truth, Jenny Majesky returns to the only place she feels safe, The Winter Lodge, where she finds an ally in the local police chief who makes her feel safe - and loved.

ORDER # RJR-50   $15.60   ISBN 0778324141 


Savage Quest:  Edwards, Cassie.

Escaping the carnival where she grew up, Annamae Jacobs, tired of being a freakish sideshow, is taken in by Chief Cougar of the Blackfoot tribe who, introducing her to the customs and ways of his people during the day, takes her to new heights of ecstasy at night.

ORDER # RJR-51   $15.60   ISBN 084395535X 


Secrets of a Duchess:  O'Riley, Kaitlin.

Vowing never to marry, Caroline Armstrong, during the London season, finds an ally in the Duke of Woodborough, who, also adverse to wedded bliss, agrees to a sham betrothal, but when fate intervenes, this unlikely couple find themselves in a compromising position.

ORDER # RJR-52   $15.60   ISBN 0821780921 


Sign of the Wolf:  Barbieri, Elaine.

When her return to Texas results in chaos and danger, Meredith Wolf finds herself under the protection of a tracker named Trace Stringer, who, hired by her mother to bring her home, shows her a passion like she has never known in his strong arms.

ORDER # RJR-53   $15.60   ISBN 0843958243 


Spellstruck:  Reding, Jaclyn.

Romantic havoc enters salon owner and "hedge" witch Jenna Wren's life after her eight-year-old daughter, testing her own spellcasting powers, unleashes a love spell for the "perfect man."

ORDER # RJR-54   $15.60   ISBN 045122065X 


The Stranger in Her Bed:  Chapman, Janet.

Agreeing to work at sawmill about to be purchased by his family, Ethan Knight finds himself getting fired after causing an accident on his first day of work and answering to the mill's outspoken female foreman, Anna Segee, a woman who has never forgotten her schoolgirl crush on Ethan.

ORDER # RJR-55   $15.60   ISBN 1416505288 


Stealing Home:  Woods, Sherryl.

While dealing with a wealth of family issues, Serenity, South Carolina, resident Maddie Townsend, jobless and newly single, finds herself the talk of the town when her son's baseball coach declares his love.

ORDER # RJR-56   $15.60   ISBN 0778323633 


Surrender to Sin:  Lejeune, Tamara.

Forced to leave London and change her name after a horrible scandal, Abigail Ritchie, a.k.a. Miss Smith, arrives in the quaint village of Hertfordshire, only to find herself entangled in a web of gossip, mischief, and conspiracy when she has an affair with a country gentleman.

ORDER # RJR-57   $15.60   ISBN 0821779745 


Sweet Home Carolina:  Rice, Patricia.

Hoping to turn her life around and get back on her feet following a messy divorce, Amy Warren plans to reopen North Fork's old textile mill, but the arrival of Zack St. Etienne, a suave European businessman with his own ambitious ideas for the mill, turns everything upside down.

ORDER # RJR-58   $15.60   ISBN 0345482611 


To Love a Texan:  Gentry, Georgina.

When she inherits half ownership of a brothel called The Texas Lily, Miss Lillian Primm, a straightlaced schoolmarm, goes up against her new business partner, smooth-talking gambler Bradley O'Neal, who bets that he can unleash her wild side.

ORDER # RJR-59   $15.60   ISBN 0821779907 


Tongue in Chic:  Dodd, Christina.

When she is caught stealing a priceless painting in Devlin Fitzwilliam's mansion, Meadow Szarvas pleads amnesia and Devlin, pulling a fast one, claims that she is his wife, plunging her into a dangerous game of high-stakes deception.

ORDER # RJR-60   $15.60   ISBN 0451220560 


Touched by Darkness:  Spangler, Catherine.

Fleeing the powerful reach of a supernatural underworld, Dr. Kara Cantrell seeks refuge with her child in the tiny town of Zorro, Texas, but when dark forces threaten her new life, she is forced to turn to Damien Morgan, a seductive man with superhuman abilities with whom she shares a mystical link.

ORDER # RJR-61   $15.60   ISBN 0425214001 


Twist of Fate:  Krentz, Jayne Ann.

In order to save her brother's company, Hannah Jessett, while dealing with an inheritance from a famous relative that thrusts her into the spotlight, confronts wealthy entrepreneur Gideon Cage, only to find herself attracted to this infuriating man who won't take no for an answer.

ORDER # RJR-62   $15.60   ISBN 0373772297 


Two Weeks with a Stranger:  Mullins, Debra.

Abandoned by her new groom after a heated wedding night, Lucy refuses to play the demure bride left behind at the country estate while her husband, Simon, Earl of Devingham, spends his time enjoying all the pleasures of London, unaware that Simon is really an agent taking part in a dangerous game at the behest of the Crown.

ORDER # RJR-63   $15.60   ISBN 0060799242 


What a Lady Wants:  Alexander, Victoria.

Intent on enjoying all of life's pleasures to the fullest, unrepentant rake Nigel Cavendish unwittingly falls victim to a scheme hatched by Lady Felicity Melville, a plan that goes badly awry when the two find themselves married, in the second volume in the series The Last Man Standing.

ORDER # RJR-64   $15.60   ISBN 0060882638 


What Price Love?:  Laurens, Stephanie.

Jaded and disillusioned with love, Dillon Caxton, the protégé of Demon Cynster, has no time for marriage-minded young ladies, devoting himself to thwarting a criminal scheme threatening the thoroughbred racing world, but his plans take an unexpected turn when he meets beautiful Lady Priscilla Dalloway, in Newmarket to rescue her twin brother from a swindler.

ORDER # RJR-65   $15.60   ISBN 0060840854 


When Darkness Comes:  Ivy, Alexandra.

When it is revealed that she is the Chalice, a mortal woman chosen to hold back the darkness, Abby Barlow is plunged into an epic battle between good and evil where her only hope for salvation is a seductive vampire named Dante.

ORDER # RJR-66   $15.60   ISBN 0821779354 


Just Between Us:  Bedford, Deborah.

No Picture Available

After his wife dies, Richard Small arranges for a Big Sister to offer his daughter Ann the support he feels incapable of giving himself, but what he did not count on was both feeling resentful of the bond growing between Ann and Monica Albright and falling in love with her.

ORDER # RJR-32   $15.60   ISBN 0373785941 



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