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Ace Is Wild:  McCall, Penny.

When beautiful psychic Vivienne Fost has visions of U.S. Attorney Daniel "Ace" Pierce being murdered, she, tired of not being taken seriously, uses excessive force to convince him that his life is in danger.

ORDER # R708-1   $14-50   ISBN 0425222985


A Rake's Guide to Pleasure:  Dahl, Victoria.

In desperate need of money, Emma Jensen, a.k.a. the Dowager Lady Denmore, challenges London's noblemen to games of chance, until she meets her match in the Duke of Somerhart, who dares her to take a gamble on love.

ORDER # R708-2   $14-50   ISBN 1420100165


Before I Wake:  Smith, Kathryn.

The actual daughter of the king of the dream world and capable of wandering the dreams of others to battle the nightmares that plague them, Dawn, an employee of the Sleep Center, comes to the aid of Noah Clarke, a sexy man able to control his own dreams, when he is stalked by an unnatural evil bent on destroying him and the entire human world.

ORDER # R708-3   $14-50   ISBN 0061340278


Atlantis Unleashed (Warriors of Poseidon):  Day, Alyssa.

While searching for the lost star of Artemis, Lord Justice, rescued from death, must protect Dr. Keely McDermott, a beautiful archaeologist, who is trapped between her world and his in her quest to understand the artifacts of Atlantis.

ORDER # R708-4   $14-50   ISBN 0425220419


Bound by Flame: Dark Crescent:  Windsor, Anna.

A Sybil warrior whose chosen weapon is fire, Cynda Flynn finds herself drawn to Nick Lowell, an undercover cop in the NYPD's Occult Crime Unit, who is half-human and half-demon, when they join forces to stop an evil force out to destroy fire Sybils like Cynda, in the sequel to Bound by Shadow.

ORDER # R708-5   $14-50   ISBN 0345498542


Before the Scandal:  Enoch, Suzanne.

Discovering that an unknown enemy has been targeting his family for ruin, war hero Colonel Phineas Bromley takes on the identity of a notorious highwayman to uncover the truth, only to come face to face with the beautiful Alyse Donnelly, who in turn finds herself drawn to the dashing fugitive.

ORDER # R708-6   $14-50   ISBN 0061456748


Charmed & Ready:  Havens, Candace.

In the sequel to Charmed & Dangerous, Bronwyn, a young witch and secret agent, is faced with the jealousy of her sexy warlock boyfriend when she is assigned to protect a rock star named Zane from a creepy gang of Goths who keep showing up at his concerts.

ORDER # R708-7   $14-50   ISBN 0425222497


Cutting Loose:  Andersen, Susan.

When she hires Devlin Kavanagh to restore the house she and her two best friends have just inherited, conservative Jane, who rarely loses her cool, finally finds the one man who can make her lose all control.

ORDER # R708-8   $14-50   ISBN 0373773048


Dark Warrior Unleashed:  Morgan, Alexis.

After rescuing a host of people from a deadly fire that sweeps through a local dance club, Kerry Logan discovers that she is a Kyth, a powerful being capable of manipulating human energy, a power that makes her the target of a rogue Kyth who wants to use her talents, and finds protection in the arms of Ranulf, a Talion enforcer dedicated to preserving the forces of good.

ORDER # R708-9   $14-50   ISBN 1416563423


Delicious:  Thomas, Sherry.

A rising political star, Stuart Somerset gets more than he had bargained for when he meets his talented new chef, Verity Durant, and finds himself attracted to more than just her cooking abilities.

ORDER # R708-10   $14-50   ISBN 0440244323


Get Cozy, Josey!:  Warren, Susan May.

When her husband is relocated to a Siberian village where there is no indoor plumbing or junk food, Josey, the mother of toddler twins and a former missionary, empowers the local housewives into selling their handcrafts on the Internet, while trying to spend some time alone with her man.

ORDER # R708-11   $14-50   ISBN 0373786263


First Blood:  Sizemore, Susan, et al.

This collection of four original stories explores the darker side of desire and includes Susan Sizemore's "Cave Canem," a story of forbidden passion that contains characters from her Laws of the Blood novels, as well as works by Erin MCarthy, Chris Marie Green, and Meljean Brook.

ORDER # R708-12   $14-50   ISBN 0425224007


A Highlander Never Surrenders:  Quinn, Paula.

"Rescued" by Graham Grant during a battle with a group of Highlander marauders, spirited swordswoman Claire Stuart feels that she is quite capable of fending for herself, despite Graham's refusal to allow her to continue alone on her trip to Edinburgh, and as the unlikely duo continues on their journey together, love begins to change everything.

ORDER # R708-13   $14-50   ISBN 0446619132


The Golden Valkyrie:  Johansen, Iris.

Hired to steal incriminating letters from visiting royalty Prince Rubinoff, private detective Honey Winston gets more than she bargains for when she finds herself falling for the charismatic playboy, who promptly hires her as his bodyguard to keep her by his side.

ORDER # R708-14   $14-50   ISBN 0553591673


Hot Mama:  Estep, Jennifer.

A New York fashion designer by day who at night is Fiera, a member of the heroic Fearless Five who can manipulate fire with her bare hands, Fiona Fine is finally ready to get back in the dating game after a year of grieving over her murdered fiancé, while dealing with the arrival of two new supervillians.

ORDER # R708-15   $14-50   ISBN 0425223000


His Wicked Sins:  Silver, Eve.

As a serial killer with a penchant for blonde woman terrorizes the Burndale School in the sleepy town of Yorkshire, teacher Elizabeth Canham falls for Griffin Fairfax, the handsome father of one of her students, until she stumbles upon the disturbing truth about him.

ORDER # R708-16   $14-50   ISBN 0821781294


Just One Bite:  Raye, Kimberly.

The vampire owner of Manhattan's hottest dating service, Lil Marchette is given the unwelcome task of finding the perfect woman for Vinnie Balducci, the Brookyn representative for the Snipers of Otherworldly Beings, while dealing with the three gorgeous demon Prince brothers, who are hunting a rogue spirit who has taken up residence in Liz's oblivious assistant, Evie.

ORDER # R708-17   $14-50   ISBN 0345503651


Into the Flame:  Dodd, Christina.

While searching for the birth family who gave him the ability to change into a savage golden cougar, cop Doug Black meets Firebird Wilder, who flees upon discovering his secret, forcing him to go on the hunt for this mysterious woman he cannot forget.

ORDER # R708-18   $14-50   ISBN 0451224663


Kiss of Fury: A Dragonfire Novel:  Cooke, Deborah.

When her world-changing invention is destroyed and her partner is murdered, scientist Alexandra Madison, plagued by recurring dragon-haunted nightmares, finds a protector in Donovan Shea, a shape-shifting dragon warrior who needs her help in ending the Pyr/Slayer war.

ORDER # R708-19   $14-50   ISBN 0451224760


Just One of the Guys:  Higgins, Kristan.

In a last ditch effort to find the man of her dreams, Chastity O'Neil, a 5'11" editor and soon-to-be spinster, gives online dating a try, with interesting results.

ORDER # R708-20   $14-50   ISBN 0373772998


Lost in You:  Rickloff, Alix.

When Ellery Reskeen meets Conor Bligh, an Other sworn to protect the divide between the Faery and mortal worlds, he unleashes the magic within her as they both do battle against a malevolent demon determined to destroy both mortal and Faery alike.

ORDER # R708-21   $14-50   ISBN 1420104527


The Making of a Gentleman:  Morren, Ruth Axtell.

Escaping from the gallows with a prison volunteer in tow, Jonah Quinn, leaving Newgate Prison behind forever, finds himself unable to extricate himself from his beautiful hostage when she makes it her mission to turn his life around.

ORDER # R708-22   $14-50   ISBN 0373786212


The Manning Brides:  Macomber, Debbie.

In Marriage of Inconvenience, Jamie Warren asks her best friend Rich Manning to father the child she so desperately wants, which leads to unexpected romance, and in Stand-in-Wife, Paul Manning, a grieving widower with small children, finds comfort in the arms of Leah Baker.

ORDER # R708-23   $14-50   ISBN 0778324745


The Mistress Diaries:  MacLean, Julianne.

When his father, the Duke of Pembroke, announces plans to disinherit his sons unless they marry, Lord Vincent Sinclair, the duke's second son, makes plans to do his duty, but he had never planned on someone like the beautiful Cassandra Montrose.

ORDER # R708-24   $14-50   ISBN 0061456845


My Wicked Enemy:  Jewel, Carolyn.

Fleeing her guardian, John Magellan, an authority on ancient demon myths and artifacts, after witnessing him commit murder, Carson Phillips, a young woman with remarkable awakening powers, falls into the clutches of a seductive demon, Nikodemus Dancer, who warns her that Magellan has been using her for her magical gifts.

ORDER # R708-25   $14-50   ISBN 0446178233


Never Romance a Rake:  Carlyle, Liz.

Shunning the glitter of elite high society for the decadent pleasures of the demimonde and hardened by his past, Kieran, Baron Rothewell, accepts a wager from the dissolute Comte de Valigny - the possession of the French aristocrat's illegitimate daughter, Mademoiselle Camille Marchant.

ORDER # R708-26   $14-50   ISBN 1416527168


Out of Time:  Graves, Samantha.

A curator with the mystical power to see into the distant pasts of artifacts and relics, Jillian Talbot comes to the aid of retired tomb-raider Simon Bonner, who is in possession of a mysterious ancient crystal lens, which takes them on a quest to Mexico in search of a legendary treasure and puts them in the path of murderous criminals who will do anything to gain possession of both the crystal and the treasure.

ORDER # R708-27   $14-50   ISBN 0446618373


Overheated (NASCAR):  Dunlop, Barbara.

When Crystal Hayes, tired of men only liking her for her looks, meets Larry Grosso at a NASCAR event, she finally finds a man who loves her for who she is, but his well-known family has a problem with their age difference as their romance becomes the talk of the NASCAR circuit.

ORDER # R708-28   $14-50   ISBN 0373217927


Scandalous by Night:  Pierce, Barbara.

Twelve years after nearly costing Lord Everod his life, lovely innocent Marua Keighly is on the verge of marriage, when the vengeful rake sets out to ensnare her in his passionate web, never expecting to become caught himself by his would-be prey.

ORDER # R708-31   $14-50   ISBN 0312947976


Scandalous Deception:  Rogers, Rosemary.

Escaping her lecherous stepfather, Brianna Quinn seeks refuge with the Duke of Huntley, a childhood friend, only to find his twin brother Edmond in residence and, desperate and alone, agrees to pose as his fiancée as he tries to thwart an assassination scheme.

ORDER # R708-32   $14-50   ISBN 0373772505


Seducing Mr. Darcy:  Cready, Gwyn.

Fed up with romance, divorcée Flip Allison visits an enigmatic massage therapist who promises her an opportunity for an imaginary session with one of literature's great heroes, an offer that lands Flip in Regency England and in the middle of a sensuous liaison with Fitzwilliam Darcy.

ORDER # R708-33   $14-50   ISBN 1416541160


Sea Fever (The Children of the Sea):  Kantra, Virginia.

Returning home to World's End, Maine, for his brother's wedding, Dylan Hunter, an immortal being of the sea who is troubled by his human ties, is unable to control his attraction to a beautiful human, which has disastrous consequences.

ORDER # R708-34   $14-50   ISBN 0425222977


Shades of Dark:  Sinclair, Linnea.

In the sequel to Gabriel's Ghost, fugitives Chasidah "Chaz" Bergren and her lover, ex-monk, mercenary, and telepath Gabriel Ross Sullivan, are forced out of hiding when Chaz's brother is arrested for treason, as they cope with a killer targeting human females, a renegade gen lab, Chaz's ex-husband Admiral Philip Guthrie, and other trials that could change their lives forever.

ORDER # R708-35   $14-50   ISBN 0553589652


Some Like It Wicked:  Medeiros, Teresa.

Determined to restore her clan's honor, Scottish beauty Catriona Kincaid braves the dangers of Newgate Prison to enlist the assistance of disgraced aristocrat Sir Simon Wescott, never expecting that the rakish nobleman will demand her in exchange for his help.

ORDER # R708-36   $14-50   ISBN 0061235350


Strangers in Death: Roberts, Nora, writing as J. D. Robb.

The scandal-ridden death of a prominent businessman in 2060 New York prompts Lieutenant Eve Dallas to seek assistance from her billionaire husband, an investigation that proves more complicated than anticipated when clues suggest that the killer had been known by the victim's family.

ORDER # R708-37   $14-50   ISBN 0425222896


You Don't Know Jack:  McCarthy, Erin.

When her cross-dressing psychic's prediction that she would meet her soul mate during an accident comes true, Jamie Peters finds Mr. Right in down-to-earth, honest Jack Davidson, who, unbeknownst to her, has been hired to investigate her for criminal misconduct.

ORDER # R708-38   $14-50   ISBN 0758214103


Surrender to Me:  Jordan, Sophie.

Left alone and penniless by tragedy, Lady Astrid Derring survives on her wits and determination, until she discovers a way to restore her reputation and her fortunes, even if it requires a perilous journey to the Scottish Highlands, where she encounters the roguish Griffin Shaw.

ORDER # R708-39   $14-50   ISBN 006133927X


Sweet Spot:  Mallery, Susan.

Kept busy running the family bakery and caring for her younger sister, Nicole Keye is tired of putting everyone else's needs first and succumbs to temptation with a former NFL player who offers her a taste of freedom and passion.

ORDER # R708-40   $14-50   ISBN 0373773145


Teaming Up (NASCAR):  Gaines, Abby.

When scientist Kim Murphy stumbles upon an old list, "Things To Do Before I Die," she decides to live life to the fullest, which includes wearing a push-up bra, playing hooky, and asking out NASCAR car chief Ward Abraham.

ORDER # R708-41   $14-50   ISBN 0373217935


Things Forbidden:  Diaab, Maryam.

No Picture Available

When she is forced to relocate to Nashville, thirty-four-year-old Yvette Brooks finds her life forever changed when she encounters Mr. Right, who just might be Mr. Wrong.

ORDER # R708-42   $14-50   ISBN 1585713279


Too Dangerous to Desire:  Benedict, Alexandra.

Grieving over a terrible loss, a lonely Adam Westmore wanders the ocean's edge, seeking solace for his pain, until he rescues the lovely Evelyn Waye, a young woman forced into marriage with a depraved prince, from the wild surf and vows to protect her from her dangerous and ruthless would-be groom.

ORDER # R708-43   $14-50   ISBN 006117047X


Touch of Darkness:  Adams, C. T. & Clamp, Cathy.

As they prepare for their marriage, Katie and Tom find the upcoming ceremony threatened by Tom's werewolf former girlfriend who is stalking Katie, Katie's hostile brothers, a freak blizzard, the latest schemes of the Thrall, and her dead former fiancé, who may not be so dead after all, in the sequel to Touch of Madness and Touch of Evil.

ORDER # R708-44   $14-50   ISBN 0765359626


Turbulent Sea: Drake Sisters:  Feehan, Christine.

When her life is threatened while on tour, rock-and-roll superstar Joley Drake, born with a legacy of unexpected magical gifts, turns to bodyguard Ilya Prakenskii, a dangerously sexy man with ties to the Russian mob, for protection.

ORDER # R708-45   $14-50   ISBN 0515145068


Trial by Fire:  Davis, Jo.

Confirmed bachelor Howard "Six-Pack" Paxton, a hard-bodied fireman, finds a special woman to light his fire in voluptuous teacher Kat McKenna, but an arsonist bent on revenge is determined to tear them apart forever.

ORDER # R708-46   $14-50   ISBN 0451224779


Untouchable:  Jones, Linda Winstead.

When his twin brother, the Emperor of Colymbyana, orders him to bring Sanura, an exotic slave with the power to see into men's souls, back to the palace, Prince Alixandyr falls in love with this rare creature, unleashing the demons within him.

ORDER # R708-47   $14-50   ISBN 0425222969


Unbreak My Heart:  Tomlinson, Dar.

While dealing with a custody battle over her son, Cameron Vickers, a woman of Anglo-Samoan ancestry, finds herself drawn to Lukas Wind Dancer, a Navajo architect who refuses to cross cultural lines despite his attraction to her.

ORDER # R708-48   $14-50   ISBN 1585713155


Wages of Sin:  Maclaine, Jenna.

A witch descended from a long line of powerful magic users, Dulcinea Craven discovers that her wild, untrained talents have made her the target of a ruthless vampire and an ancient demon, and she is forced into an alliance with the Righteous, a band of warrior vampires that includes Michael, who forces her to choose between her human existence and immortality.

ORDER # R708-49   $14-50   ISBN 0312946163


When Twilight Burns (Gardella Vampire): Gleason, Colleen

Lady Victoria Gardella, a legendary vampire hunter, returns to London where she, torn between two men, searches for a new breed of vampire, one that kills by day and one that is trying to frame her for murder.

ORDER # R708-50   $14-50   ISBN 0451224752


Large Size Paperbacks
Acheron: A Dark-Hunter Novel:  Kenyon,Sherrilyn.

Determined to solve an ancient mystery, a woman undertakes a forbidden quest that pits her against Dark-Hunters leader and proud god Acheron Parthenopaeus, with whom she joins forces when ancient guardians and old enemies threaten both of them. (Hardcover)

ORDER # R708-52   $36-90   ISBN 0312362153 


Blood Noir (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter): 
Laurell K. Hamilton

A favor for Jason, vampire hunter Anita Blake's werewolf lover, puts her in the center of a full-blown scandal that threatens master-vampire Jean-Claude's reign - and makes her a pawn in an ancient vampire queen's new rise to power. (Hardcover)

ORDER # R708-53   $36-90   ISBN 0425222195 


Dangerous Pleasures:  Small, Bertrice.

A widow and stay at home mother of five children, Annie Miller struggles with the difficult realities of her life, until she wins the grand prize in a contest sponsored by The Channel, a network that caters to women's fantasies, a prize that includes a week at a luxurious spa and a chance to program and experience her own personal sexual fantasies.

ORDER # R708-54   $18-90   ISBN 0451223977 


The Highest Price for Passion:  Brown, Laurinda D.

Ridiculed in her Civil War community for her inability to have children in spite of her husband's innumerable illegitimate children with his slaves, Lizzie Wellsworth acquires a highly priced female slave whom she finds attractive and commits a violent act when the slave becomes pregnant.

ORDER # R708-55   $17-90   ISBN 1593090536 


A Hot Man Is the Best Revenge (Ellora's Cave Presents):  Havlir, Beverly; Walker, Shiloh; & Devlin, Delilah. 

A trio of short erotic novellas features women who seek sexual healing after their hearts are broken by cheating spouses, in an anthology that features the tales Beverly Havlir's "Irresistible," "Good Girls Don't" by Shiloh Walker, and "Ride a Cowboy" by Delilah Devlin.

ORDER # R708-56   $18-90   ISBN 1416577300 


Hot Property:  Johnson, Susan.

Seeking refuge in a secluded lake house to finish her exposé on art collectors, Zoe Chandler comes face to face with Nick, her gorgeous, troubled, and reclusive neighbor, whose CIA past comes in handy when her controversial book brings danger to her door, in an erotic new romance by the author of Wine, Tarts & Sex.

ORDER # R708-57   $19-90   ISBN 0425221733 


In Her Wildest Dreams:  Dean, Kimberly.

Having struggled with a sleepwalking disorder in childhood, Shea fears a return of her sleepwalking problem will complicate her pursuit of the seductive Derrick, a colleague who hides his identity as a dream spirit who would keep Shea out of harm by otherwise engaging her nights.

ORDER # R708-58   $18-90   ISBN 141655114X 


Hotter than Hell:  Kessler, Jackie.

When Pan, the King of Lust, offers to make him his right-hand incubus, Daunaun, in order to get the much coveted position, must entice a soul destined for heaven into his arms, but his target, Virginia Reed, seems immune to his powers of seduction.

ORDER # R708-59   $19-90   ISBN 0821781049 


Lyon: The Lords of Satyr:  Amber, Elizabeth.

Journeying to Paris to fulfil his destiny of taking the last daughter of King Feydon as his bride, Lyon Satyr discovers that his voluptuous new wife, who is built for sin, is a mistress of sensual pleasure, in the third volume in a series that includes Raine and Nicholas.

ORDER # R708-60   $17-90   ISBN 0758220413 


Lord of the Dark:  Thompson, Dawn.

Exiled to the Dark Isle after a fall from grace, Gideon, once the greatest among the archangels of the Arean gods, finds a soulmate in Rhiannon, the beautiful survivor of a shipwreck who is a sensual being like no other.

ORDER # R708-61   $17-90   ISBN 0758221800 


Nauti Dreams:  Leigh, Lora.

After years of estrangement from his family, Natches Mackay is drawn back into his father's orbit when government agent Chaya Dane involves him in the investigation into his father's possible involvement in the theft of government missiles, in the third novel in a seductive trilogy that began with Nauti Boy and Nauti Nights.

ORDER # R708-62   $18-90   ISBN 0425219518 


The Midnight Man:  Mede, Charlotte.

Newly widowed, Lady Helena Hartford forges an uneasy alliance with the mysterious and dangerously dashing Nicholas Ramsay when a dangerous enemy, determined to seize her fortune, will stop at nothing to have her committed to an asylum.

ORDER # R708-63   $18-90   ISBN 0758223676 


Private Places:  Schone, Robin, et al.

A collection of four historical romances brings together tales of seduction, desire, and danger in works by Robin Schone, Claudia Dain, Allyson James, and Shiloh Walker, including the story of a man and a woman who discover the perils of passion in a notorious club, and that of a woman who comes up with a special way of showing her gratitude to the shapeshifter who had rescued her.

ORDER # R708-64   $18-90   ISBN 0425221725 


Pleasure U (Heat):  Hart, Carole.

Hoping to rebuild her confidence - both in bed and out - after being dumped by her fiancé, Lila embarks on a year-long course of study at the Babylona Institute, where she explores every aspect of human sensuality and discovers her true potential under the guidance of her sexy advisor, Ben.

ORDER # R708-65   $18-90   ISBN 0451224132 


Reflections & Dreams:  Roberts, Nora.

Featuring characters from Considering Kate, a poignant two-in-one volume details the lives and loves of two unforgettable women - Lindsay Dunne, whose inexperienced heart finds love with seductive Seth Bannion in Reflections, and Ruth Bannion, who falls for her demanding mentor Nickolai Davidov in Dance of Dreams.

ORDER # R708-66   $19-90   ISBN 0373285701 


Sweet and Sinful:  Copeland, Jodi Lynn.

When Courtney Baxter invests in a sexy new wardrobe, she finds men falling at her feet, including sexy Blaine Day who will do anything to please her, while her co-worker Candy finally finds the one man who can satisfy her.

ORDER # R708-67   $17-90   ISBN 0758227116 


Wanton (The Pack of St. James):  Mack, Noelle.

When an unknown assailant begins targeting the women who consort with the men of the Pack of St. James, Kyril Taruskin hides his lover in the far north, while Marko, Kyril's brother, begins to investigate and follows a trail that leads him to a scandalous beauty who is playing a dangerous game.

ORDER # R708-68   $18-90   ISBN 0758222769 


Vision of Seduction:  Ryan, Cassie.

Katelyn Hunt, a Seer and owner of a New Age store, is drawn to a dangerously sexy customer who, unbeknownst to her, is the prince of an otherworldly clan who uses sexual energy as his life-force and needs her help in saving his planet.

ORDER # R708-69   $17-90   ISBN 0758220669 


Wicked Hot:  Telgia, Charlene.

A succubus doomed to an eternity of wandering the earth, offering men the fulfilment of their erotic fantasies in exchange for their souls, Edana meets her match in Eli Moss, a Nephilim dedicated to the destruction of demons and one of the only beings who can touch her safely, whom she must destroy before he can destroy her.

ORDER # R708-70   $18-90   ISBN 0312369468 


Black Sheep and the English Rose:  Kauffman, Donna.

Finn Dalton is once again drawn to British heiress and jewel thief Felicity Trent, who is at his mercy when he discovers her scantily clad and handcuffed to a bed in a posh Manhattan hotel room.

ORDER # R708-71   $18-90   ISBN 0758217293 


The Carterchronic: Til Death Do Us:  Galuminatti.

No Picture Available

The book is about a heterosexual couple trying to sustain their marriage in light of challenges consisting of baggage from their past. Both respond to evolving information that could destroy the relationship. The lead character is faced with the threat of his wife leaving due to the belief that he may still be secretely living the life of a single man who is seeing a variety of women. Full of mystery, humor, drama, suspense, and excitement.

ORDER # R708-72   $19-90   ISBN 0978919602 



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