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Arizona Caress:  Smith, Bobbi.

Chance Broderick wants only to defend his younger brother's gold from desperadoes and then leave the uncivilized Arizona territory quickly until he discovers that the half-breed boy he hired as a tracker is actually a beautiful woman in disguise.

ORDER # R711-1   $13-30   ISBN 9781420114447


The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton (Burgundy Club: 03):  Neville, Miranda. 

hen Tarquin Compton ruins her marriage prospects by kidnapping her, Miss Celia Seaton, armed with an erotic novel and an elaborate lie, decides to get him back.

ORDER # R711-2   $13-30   ISBN 9780062023049


Bad Boys of Summer:  Foster, Lori; McCarthy, Erin; & Garvey, Amy.

Summer gets even hotter with this trio of sexy stories that includes Lori Foster's "Luscious", in which Bethany Churchill is tempted to find out if her hunky new landlord, SWAT officer Lucius Ryder, aka "Luscious," lives up to his nickname.

ORDER # R711-3   $13-30   ISBN 9780758209658


The Bed and the Bachelor (Byrons of Braebourne: 05):  Warren, Tracy Anne.

Forced to spy to save her family, Sebastianne Dumont, posing as a house- keeper, begins working for Lord Drake Byron and finds herself falling in love with the very same man she has been ordered to betray.

ORDER # R711-4   $13-30   ISBN 9780062033055


Bride Wore Scarlet (St. James Society: 02):  Carlyle, Liz.

In order to prove herself worthy of joining the all-male St. James Society, Anais de Rohan must pose as the new bride to Lord Bessett, one of the Society's ruthless leaders, to save one of their own - a little girl with a frightening gift.

ORDER # R711-5   $13-30   ISBN 9780061965760


Blue Velvet:  Johansen, Iris.

From a #1 best-selling author comes a classic novel about a young woman who lives life on her own terms and the bold adventurer who risks everything to rescue her friend - and persuade her to open up her heart.

ORDER # R711-6   $13-30   ISBN 9780345528100


By His Majesty's Grace:  Blake, Jennifer.

Forced by the king to marry Earl Rand Braesford, a lusty nobleman, Lady Isabel Milton, plagued by an ominous curse, is offered a way out of her marriage when Rand is accused of a traitorous crime, but the more she gets to know him, the more she believes in his innocence.

ORDER # R711-7   $13-30   ISBN 9780778312437


Catriona:  Baker, Jeanette.

Feeling out of place in modern California, Kate Sutherland journeys to her ancestral Scottish home to seek her true heritage, only to become entangled in the life of Catriona Wells, a 15th-century woman caught in a passionate battle with Scottish border lord Patrick MacKendrick.

ORDER # R711-8   $13-30   ISBN 9781402255861 


Confessions of an Improper Bride (Donovan Sisters):  Haymore, Jennifer.

To save her family, Serena Donovan must assume her late twin's identity, marry a man she doesn't love, and spend the rest of her days living a lie until she meets notorious rogue Jonathan Dane whose amorous attentions threaten the life she has sacrificed everything to rebuild.

ORDER # R711-9   $13-30   ISBN 9780446573146


Code of the Wolf:  Krinard, Susan.

After 10 years planning his revenge and honing his hunting skills, Jacob Constantine returns to New Mexico where he finds an unexpected ally in Serenity Campbell, who is on her own deadly crusade.

ORDER # R711-10   $13-30   ISBN 9780373775521


Dark Taste of Rapture:  Showalter, Gena.

Capable of killing with a single brush of his fingertips, AIR agent Hector Dean leads a solitary life until he meets Noelle Tremain, who tempts him to break the rules when they are partnered together to catch a killer in New Chicago's seediest district.

ORDER # R711-11   $13-30   ISBN 9781439175781


Darkness Descending:  Quinn, Devyn.

Risking her fiercely guarded independence, Jesse Burke, to stop a war of biblical proportions, turns to slayer Maddox de Valois for training as the demon Queen Amonate tries to lure her into embracing the darkness within.

ORDER # R711-12   $13-30   ISBN 9780451234339


Deadly Sins (The Mindhunters: 06):  Brant, Kylie.

When an elusive assassin takes out high-level human targets citywide, FBI agents and ex-lovers Adam Raiker and Jaid Marlowe are plunged into the most shocking investigation of their careers - one that will force them to choose between the past and the present to stay alive.

ORDER # R711-13   $13-30   ISBN 9780425242704


Delaney's Widow:  Weaver, Ingrid.

When her wealthy husband is killed in a car accident she cannot recall, Delaney Wainwright turns to John Maxwell Harrison, with whom she forged a psychic bond years earlier, for help in unlocking the secrets of her memory and discover who is trying to kill her.

ORDER # R711-14   $13-30   ISBN 9780425242681


Enemy Mine:  Harlow, Karin.

After she injects L.O.S.T. operative Nikko Cruz, the only man she has ever loved, with immortal blood serum to save his life, half-daemon Selena Guererro, who has secrets she would kill for, goes on the run from this man who believes that she killed their daughter.

ORDER # R711-15   $13-30   ISBN 9781439177877


The Finley Sisters' Oath of Romance:  Walker, Keith 

In an attempt to recapture the hope and innocence of their youth, three childhood friends - Mona, Rene and Dawn - reunite and decide to live life to the fullest - a journey that results in self-discovery and love.

ORDER # R711-16   $13-30   ISBN 9781585714414


Betrayal:  Fern Michaels

She Lost Everything. . .Kate and Alex Rocket are blessed with a wonderful marriage and a lovely home. Although Kate can't have children, she and Alex look upon Sara and Emily, daughters of their good friends Don and Debbie Winter, as part of their family. Except Hope. . .With one phone call, everything changes.

ORDER # R711-17   $13-30   ISBN 9780821779545


The Greatest Love on Earth:  Dennis, Mary Ellen.

In the exotic world of a 19th-century circus, equestrian star Calliope Kelley becomes engaged to another man after her lover, daredevil animal tamer Brian O'Connor, disappears; but when Brian returns, she has quite a problem on her hands.

ORDER # R711-18   $13-30   ISBN 9781402249822


His Darkest Salvation (His Darkest: 03):  Stone, Juliana

While trying to find the key to the portal that stands between the human realm and unprecedented darkness, and win back the pieces of his soul, shifter Julian Castille is distracted from his mission by Jaden DaCosta - the woman to whom he has been mated.

ORDER # R711-19   $13-30   ISBN 9780062022639


In the Air Tonight (Shadow Force):  Tyler, Stephanie.

Former Delta Force operative Mace Stevens, while running a small bar in upstate New York, finds the memories of a mission he barely survived rushing back when Paige Grayson arrives, demanding answers about her heroic stepbrother's death under his command.

ORDER # R711-20   $13-30   ISBN 9780440423034


It's Always Been You:  Dahl, Victoria.

When he discovers that the woman he has been mourning for 10 years is very much alive and well, Aidan York demands answers from Kate Hamilton, the woman he once loved and lost who is harbouring a dangerous secret.

ORDER # R711-21   $13-30   ISBN 9781420104844


The Irish Duke:  Henley, Virginia.

A family scandal throws Lady Louisa reluctantly into the arms of Lord Abercorn of Ireland, bringing consequences she never expected.

ORDER # R711-22   $13-30   ISBN 9780451230508


The Lady of the Storm:  Kennedy, Kathryne.

With her life in danger, storm lord's daughter Cecily Sutton, who can control the sea and the sky, finds an unwilling protector in Giles Beaumont who refuses to fall under her enchanting spell.

ORDER # R711-23   $13-30   ISBN 9781402236532


Leah and the Bounty Hunter:  Levine, Elaine.

Arriving in the lawless town of Defiance, professional bounty hunter Jace Gage is determined to clean up this corrupt town and must convince Leah Morgan, the town's most lawful citizen, to help him.

ORDER # R711-24   $13-30   ISBN 9781420118667


The Lost (The Sin Hunters):  Pineiro, Carldad.

Joining Adam Salvatore, the heir to an ancient race possessing a dark, powerful magic, in his battle against paranormal enemies who hide in plain sight, soldier Bobbie Carerra is drawn to this strong man whose passion can either transport her to the height of ecstasy or destroy her.

ORDER # R711-25   $13-30   ISBN 9780446584616


The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie:  Ashley, Jennifer.

Drawn to Ian Mackenzie, a Scottish lord rumoured to be mad and not to be trusted, especially with a lady, Beth finds ecstasy in his arms and vows to heal his wounded heart.

ORDER # R711-26   $13-30   ISBN 9780425244463


Master of Shadows (Mageverse):  Knight, Angela.

To prevent a war with the werewolves, Tristan, a Knight of the Round Table, must place his trust in La Belle Coeur, the Whore of Avalon, to stop Warlock, a werewolf wizard and the sworn enemy of Arthur, from destroying the Mageverse.

ORDER # R711-27   $13-30   ISBN 9780425243671


The Many Sins of Lord Cameron:  Ashley, Jennifer.

While on a mission to retrieve letters that could prove embarrassing to the queen, Ainsley Douglas finds herself in the bedchamber of Cameron Mackenzie, who is determined to finish what they started years ago.

ORDER # R711-28   $13-30   ISBN 9780425240496


Midnight Sins:  Leigh, Lori.

Now a prosperous ranch owner, Rafe Callahan, once a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who was thought to be involved in several brutal murders, must make things right with Cambria Flannigan, the woman he has never been able to forget, but a series of new murders threaten to destroy everything.

ORDER # R711-29   $13-30   ISBN 9780312389086


Midnight Fear:  Tentler, Leslie.

When a copycat killer emerges, forcing her to relive her nightmarish past, heiress Caitlyn Cahill, who helped the FBI link her troubled brother to several brutal murders, turns to FBI agent Reid Novak for protection against a twisted psychopath.

ORDER # R711-30   $13-30   ISBN 9780778312468


Nocturne:  James, Syrie.

After a reclusive writer - and vampire - rescues her from a blinding Colorado snowstorm, Nicole Walker and her new undead lover engage in several nights of passion as the storm rages outside, an experience that will change them both forever.

ORDER # R711-31   $13-30   ISBN 9781593156749


Night Falls on the Wicked:  Kohler, Sharie.

Stalked by demons, Darby, a seductive witch, waits tables in a small town and tries to forget who she is until a new threat finds her in the form of a lycan pack - and a mysterious stranger whose passion matches her own.

ORDER # R711-32   $13-30   ISBN 9781451611410


Pure Silk:  Susan Johnson

1868, Northern Japan. When her father's forces fall to the imperial army, Tama has no choice but to escape before her enemies find her. Disguised as a peasant boy, she makes her way to the city's pleasure quarter - where anything and anyone is for sale and no request is forbidden. There she finds the one man who can protect her, and she's willing to pay him handsomely, in whatever currency he desires.

ORDER # R711-33   $13-30   ISBN 9781575668109


Notorious:  Cornick, Nicola.

Paid by wealthy parents to part unsuitable couples, darkly sensual and breathtakingly beautiful Susanna Burney has never yet failed to accomplish her mission until her final assignment brings her face-to-face with the one man who broke her heart.

ORDER # R711-34   $13-30   ISBN 9780373775835


Playing Dirty:  Andersen, Susan.

When Cade Gallari, who made her life a living hell in high school, wants to shoot a documentary about the mysterious mansion she inherited, former "fat girl" Ava Spencer, the owner of a successful concierge business, refuses to be at his beck and call, especially in the bedroom.

ORDER # R711-35   $13-30   ISBN 9780373775897


Primal Law (Alpha Pack):  Tyler, J. D.

Relearning how to fight after a massacre leaves him crippled, Alpha Pack agent Jaxon Law comes to the aid of brilliant lab assistant Kira Locke, who, on the run from her employer, has evidence that leads the Alpha Pack on the hunt for a killer targeting humans with Psy abilities.

ORDER # R711-36   $13-30   ISBN 9780451234346


Lakeside Cottage:  Susan Wiggs

Each summer, Kate Livingston returns to her family's lakeside cottage, a place of simple living and happy times - a place where she hopes her son, Aaron, can blossom. But her quiet life gets a bit more interesting with the arrival of a mysterious new neighbor, JD Harris. JD has a good reason for being secretive. In a moment of sheer bravery, the Washington, D.C., paramedic prevented a terrible tragedy - and became a national hero.

ORDER # R711-37   $13-30   ISBN 9780778312529


Red's Hot Cowboy:  Brown, Carolyn.

While she takes care of a 1950s motel that she inherited, Pearl Richland meets sexy cowboy Wil Marshall, who will change her life forever.

ORDER # R711-38   $13-30   ISBN 9781402253614


Redeeming the Rogue:  MacMeans, Donna.

While on a mission in Washington, D.C., Michael Rafferty, an agent for the Crown, must assume the role of a diplomat and needs Lady Arianne Chambers, who is well versed in high-society circles, to teach him the finer points of being a gentlemen.

ORDER # R711-39   $13-30   ISBN 9780425242674


Rush of Pleasure (Primal Instinct: 08):  Byrd, Rhyannon

When Noah Winston needs her help in protecting his family - and the world - from a great evil, powerful witch and paranormal private investigator Willow Broussard is drawn into a world of danger with this man she has never been able to resist.

ORDER # R711-40   $13-30   ISBN 9780373775774


Sacred Evil (Krewe of Hunters: 02):  Graham, Heather.

When the body of an aspiring starlet is discovered between two of Manhattan's oldest graveyards, Detective Jude Crosby goes up against a supernatural killer who is recreating Jack the Ripper's gruesome work and turns to paranormal investigator Whitney Trement for help in solving this sinister case.

ORDER # R711-41   $13-30   ISBN 9780778312420


A Scoundrel's Surrender:  Petersen, Jenna.

Returning to London, Marah Farnsworth encounters Caleb Talbot, the only man she has ever loved who, abandoning her years ago, will stop at nothing to make things right - and to claim her as his own.

ORDER # R711-42   $13-30   ISBN 9780061935008


The Governess and the Sheikh:  Marguerite Kaye

Dark-hearted Sheikh Prince Jamil al-Nazarri commands his kingdom effortlessly…less so his difficult little daughter! Exasperated, he hires an English governess, hoping she'll instill some much-needed discipline…Lady Cassandra Armstrong is the most unconventional governess Jamil has ever seen! With her ravishing body and impulsive passion, Cassie is as innocently alluring as she is forbidden. Famous for his unshakable honor, the reticent sheikh's resolve is about to be tested…as his feelings for Cassie are anything but honorable!

ORDER # R711-43   $13-30   ISBN 9780373296538


Secrets of Bella Terra (Scarlet Deception):  Dodd, Christina

Returning home to his family's sprawling vineyard resort to discover who attacked his beloved grandmother, Rafe Di Luca finds his homecoming stirring up a long-ago feud and reuniting him with the woman he once betrayed.

ORDER # R711-44   $13-30   ISBN 9780451413093


Secrets to Seducing a Scot (Knaves of Scotland):  Marcos, Michelle.

During the Scottish revolution, Serena Marsh is placed under the protection of rugged Highland warrior Malcolm Slayter and decides to play a dangerous game of seduction with this man who has no loyalties, no country, and no senses of propriety.

ORDER # R711-45   $13-30   ISBN 9780312381783


Seduce Me in Flames (Three Worlds: 02):  Frank, Jacquelyn.

Rescued by Rush "Ender" Blakey, a soldier with the Interplanetary Militia, Princess Ambrea, the rightful heir to the throne of Allay, is drawn to this powerful Tarian who has agreed to help her take back the throne from her young half-brother.

ORDER # R711-46   $13-30   ISBN 9780345517685


The Sinner Who Seduced Me (Regency Rogues: 03):  Sloane, Stefanie.

Going undercover as a traitor to infiltrate a deadly French crime organization, James Marlowe, a dedicated Young Corinthian agent, finds his mission com- promised by an encounter with Clarissa Collins, the only woman he has ever loved, who desperately needs his help.

ORDER # R711-47   $13-30   ISBN 9780345517418


Snapped:  Griffin, Laura.

After surviving a sniper attack on the local college campus, crime lab technician Sophie Barrett, as details emerge from the investigation, believes that this wasn't a random, senseless act and will do anything to make homicide detective Jonah Macon believe her.

ORDER # R711-48   $13-30   ISBN 9781451617368


Storm's Heart (Elder Races: 02):  Harrison, Thea.

While living amongst the Wyr in New York City, Thistle Periwinkle, the heir to the Dark Fae throne whose beauty and charm has captivated the hearts of many, falls under the protection of Wyr sentinel Tiago Black Eagle after several attempts are made on her life.

ORDER # R711-49   $13-30   ISBN 9780425242667


Sweet Kiss of Summer:  Gunn, Sophie.

Small-town artist Nina Stokes finds her life forever changed by Mick Rivers, a hard-as-nails soldier who, haunted by a past he cannot remember, has arrived to take over her late brother's house.

ORDER # R711-50   $13-30   ISBN 9780446562003


Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel (Highland Warriors: 02):  Welfonder, Sue-Ellen.

After one night of forbidden passion, sworn enemies Kendrew Mackintosh, chieftain of his clan, and Lady Isobel Cameron must place their trust in one another as they are plunged into a battle for their own survival.

ORDER # R711-51   $13-30   ISBN 9780446561778


The Taming of the Rake:  Michaels, Kasey.

Knowing that she is only a pawn in his game of revenge, Lady Chelsea Mills-Beckman, desperate to escape her control- ling family, runs off with Oliver "Beau" Blackthorn and is drawn into an adventure of a lifetime.

ORDER # R711-52   $13-30   ISBN 9780373775910


Too Hot To Touch (Rising Star Chef):  Edwards, Louisa.

While visiting his family's Greenwich Village restaurant, master chef Max Lunden competes alongside Juliet Cavanaugh, a childhood friend, in the biggest culinary contest in the country and soon finds his desire for this beautiful woman threatening to boil over.

ORDER # R711-53   $13-30   ISBN 9780312356484


The Vampire Next Door:  Chase, Ashlyn.

Terrified of the dark - and of her vigilante vampire neighbor Sly, who needs her magic to help heal a broken fang - Morgaine, with a little help from the supernatural residents in her apartment building, discovers that he might be her last hope for a normal life.

ORDER # R711-54   $13-30   ISBN 9781402236631


The Last Viking:  Sandra Hill

He wore nothing but a leather tunic, spoke in an ancient tongue - and he was standing in Professor Meredith Foster's living room. The medieval historian told herself he was part of a practical joke, but with his wide gold belt, callused hands, and the rabbit roasting in her fireplace, the brawny stranger seemed so - authentic. Suddenly Meredith was mesmerized by his bronzed, muscular form, and her body surrendered to the fantasy that Geirolf Ericsson really was a Viking

ORDER # R711-55   $13-30   ISBN 9780062019059


Wicked in Your Arms (Forgotten Princesses):  Jordan, Sophie.

The illegitimate daughter of one of London's most unsavoury characters, Grier Hadley, armed with an enormous, ill-gotten dowry, matches wits with Prince Sevastian Maksimi who needs a wealthy bride, but believes she lacks the breeding to become a princess.

ORDER # R711-56   $13-30   ISBN 9780062032997

Bloodhunt (Sentinel Wars: 05):  Butcher, Shannon K.

Hope, a Sentinel with a strange power, joins forces with Logan, a Sanguinar demon fighter who needs her essence to survive, to defeat Krag, a Synestryn lord who longs to enslave Hope and drain her life force so that he can control humanity forever.

ORDER # R711-57   $13-30   ISBN 9780451234292


Succubus on Top:  Mead, Richelle.

Georgina, a succubus who draws her power from other men's pleasure, finds her personal life in chaos as she deals with a possessed co-worker, her immortal best friend's obsession with an ultra-conservative talk radio star, and a rising evil.

ORDER # S711-58   $13-30   ISBN 9780821780787


Large Size Paperbacks
Dead Alert:  D'Arc, Bianca.

Pilot Emily Parkington, after observing mysterious cargo flights and witnessing a high number of fatal crashes, believes that something sinister is going on at Praxis Air and wonders if her new colleague, Sam Archer, who is immune to the zombie virus created through military research, is involved.

ORDER # R711-59   $20-90   ISBN 9780758247339 


The Brahms Deception:  Marley, Louise.

Transported back in time to observe first-hand the brilliant Johannes Brahms and solve a mystery that has baffled music experts for years, music scholar Frederica Daniels falls under his spell and makes a shocking decision that puts everyone around her in danger.

ORDER # R711-60   $20-90   ISBN 9780758265678 


A Hidden Affair:  Jenoff, Pam.

A follow-up to Almost Home finds Jordan resigning from her State Department job to track down Jared, a search that leads her to a mysterious elusive woman on the French Riviera and across Europe, where she meets a handsome Israeli man with his own agenda.

ORDER # R711-61   $20-90   ISBN 9781416590729 


Heart Search:  Owens, Robin D.

Rebuilding his life in the wake of a failed marriage, Laev T'Hawthorne meets the independent Camellia Darjeeling, but the pair refuse to acknowledge that they may be true HeartMates in this follow-up to Heart Journey.

ORDER # R711-62   $20-90   ISBN 9780425241387 


Improper Gentleman:  Whiteside, Diane; Robinson, Maggie; & Marlowe, Mia.

A trio of steamy historical romances includes Diane Whiteside's Talbot's Ace, in which Justin Talbot, the owner of Colorado's anything-goes gambling palace, mixes business with pleasure when a daring Boston socialite needs his help.

ORDER # R711-63   $19-90   ISBN 9780758251091 


Love Finds a Home: 3 Historical Romances Make Falling in Love Simple and Sweet:  Brunstetter, Wanda

Readers can find love along with a desperate gambler's daughter, a hesitant school- teacher and a grieving single mom, in three historical stories from the best-selling author of Lydia's Charm.

ORDER # R711-64   $18-90   ISBN 9781616264550 


Love's Damage:  Carson, Timothy Michael.

An effort to find love on their own terms causes three very different people to embark on complicated romantic journeys that force them to confront the rewards and perils of intimate relationships, their beliefs about trust and their views on modern dating.

ORDER # R711-65   $18-90   ISBN 9781593093099 


A Midnight Dance:  Dipasqua, Lila.

Impoverished beauty Sabine Laurent matches wits and wiles with the seductive Jules de Moutier and must decide if her desire for vengeance is greater than her desire for her prince in this steamy take on the Cinderella tale.

ORDER # R711-66   $20-90   ISBN 9780425241981 

Midnight Waltz:  Blake, Jennifer.

A re-release of a best-selling favourite is set in 19th-century Louisiana and follows the marriage of Amalie, who weighs the contrast between her husband's aloof and polite manners during the day and his passionate nature at night, a disparity that causes her to wonder if she is actually with the same man.

ORDER # R711-67   $14-90   ISBN 9781402238499 


My Fair Highlander:  Wine, Mary.

After rescuing noble-woman Jemma Ramsden from English ruffians, Laird Barras keeps her captive in his castle in hopes of convincing this wilful beauty to be his bride.

ORDER # R711-68   $19-90   ISBN 9780758242075 


Wedding Magic:  Coughlin, Patricia.

Dressmaker and incurable romantic Sophie Bennet finds herself distracted by both the handsome single father of a bride-to-be and and ghost-bride with a haunting message in this novel from the RITA Award-winning author of The Lost Enchantress.

ORDER # R711-69   $20-90   ISBN 9780425241233 


A River to Cross:  Harris, Yvonne.

Texas Ranger Jake Nelson rescues Elizabeth Madison, a beautiful young journalist captured by Mexican marauders in 1874 Texas, and he finds himself taken by her when she proves to be quite different than he expected.

ORDER # R711-70   $20-90   ISBN 9780764208058 


Five Days in Paris:  Danielle Steel

In Danielle Steel's beloved #1 New York Times bestselling novel, two strangers meet unexpectedly and fall in love in the City of Light. As president of a major pharmaceutical empire, Peter Haskell has everything: power, position, and a family that means everything to him. Compromise has been key in Peter Haskell's life, and integrity is the base on which he lives. Olivia Thatcher is the wife of a famous senator. Accidentally, they meet in Paris. Their totally different lives converge for one magical moment in the Place Vendôme, as Olivia carefully, silently, steps out of her life and walks away.

ORDER # R711-71   $19-90   ISBN 9780345528193


Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Circus of the Damned 1: The Charmer:  Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake walked away from her last case with more than a few bruises - but those wounds are nothing compared to the scrapes that lie ahead in this blood-soaked adaptation of Hamilton's third erotic thriller. To find a killer targeting the undead, Anita must descend into the dangerous, supernatural demimonde operated by the master vampire Jean-Claude. It will take all of Anita's wits to survive THE CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED!

ORDER # R711-72   $21-90   ISBN 9780785146896


Revelation (De La Vega Cats: 02):  Lauren Dane

Kendra Kellogg has found her sister - but she's no closer to filling the gaps in her past. The magick that brought them together makes them targets for dark mages intent on finishing what started with their mother's murder. As if her life wasn't chaotic enough, in barrels the one thing she doesn't expect, Max de La Vega. He's six-and-a-half-feet of cocoa-brown alpha male.

ORDER # R711-73   $20-90   ISBN 9781609281328


The Amish Nanny:  Mindy Starns Clark

Amish-raised Ada Rupp knows it's time to make a commitment to the faith and join the church, especially if she wants a future with the handsome Amish widower Will Gundy. But when she has the chance to travel to Switzerland as the caregiver of a young child, she leaps at the opportunity.

ORDER # R711-74   $20-90   ISBN 9780736938617


Bath Tangle:  Georgette Heyer

The Earl of Spenborough had always been noted for his eccentricity. Leaving a widow younger than his own daughter Serena was one thing, but leaving his fortune to the trusteeship of the Marquis of Rotherham - the one man the same daughter had jilted - was quite another. When Serena and her lovely young stepmother Fanny decide to move to Bath, Serena makes an odd new friend and discovers an old love. Before long, they're all entangled in a clutter of marriage and manners the likes of which even Regency Bath has rarely seen.

ORDER # R711-75   $19-90   ISBN 9781402238796


Real Vampires Don't Wear Size Six (No. 6):  Bartlett, Gerry

Vampire Glory St. Clair grapples with winning back her longtime lover, Jeremy Blade, as well as the temptation of an offer made by the Devil himself - work for him and he'll make her a perfect size six.

ORDER # S711-76   $20-90   ISBN 9780425241356 

Hardcover Titles
Outlander: 20th Anniversary Edition (Book & CD):  Gabaldon, Diana.

Hurtled back through time more than 200 years to Scotland in 1743, Claire Randall finds herself caught in the midst of an unfamiliar world torn apart by violence, pestilence and revolution and haunted by her growing feelings for James Fraser, a young soldier, in a 20th anniversary edition that includes a new essay, map and a CD with Outlander the musical. Map.

ORDER # R711-77   $39-90   ISBN 9780440423201 


Retribution (Dark-Hunter):  Kenyon, Sherrilyn.

A latest entry in the best-selling series presents the story of hired gunslinger-turned-immortal hunter William Jessup Brady, who falls in love with a disturbingly familiar, human woman who was adopted and raised by vampires and taught to hate and kill Dark-Hunters.

ORDER # R711-78   $31-90   ISBN 9780312546595 

Trust (The Bannon Brothers: 03):  Dailey, Janet.

With the two-million-dollar reward for the safe return of Ann Montgomery, who was kidnapped long ago, about to expire, R. J. Bannon, agreeing to take on this cold case, believes that talented local artist Erin Randall is Ann - a discovery that brings a legacy of lies and deception to a shocking climax.

ORDER # R711-79   $32-90   ISBN 9780758255761 


The Ideal Man:  Garwood, Julie.

After she witnesses the fatal shooting of an FBI agent, Dr. Ellie Sullivan is targeted by a shadowy criminal couple called the Landrys; and, after Agent Max Daniels pledges to protect Ellie until she takes the witness stand, the two of them find their close quarters leading to passionate feelings.

ORDER # R711-80   $33-90   ISBN 9780525952251 


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