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Almost Home:  Macomber, Debbie, et al.

An anthology headlined by a RITA-winning author includes Debbie Macomber's "The Marrying Kind," Cathy Lamb's "Whale Island," Judy Duarte's "Queen of Hearts," and Mary Carter's "The Honeymoon House."

ORDER # R709-1   $15-50    ISBN 9781420108866


At the King's Command (Tudor Rose):  Wiggs, Susan.

Commanded by Henry VIII to marry a vagabond woman accused of stealing a horse, widower Baron Stephen de Lacey initially dismisses his bride as a nuisance before discovering her passionate heart and royal heritage.

ORDER # R709-2   $15-50    ISBN 9780778327387


Beauty and the Duke:  Thomas, Melody.

Growing into a headstrong beauty after sharing a passionate but doomed love affair with the betrothed Erik Boughton, Christine Sommers hears rumors that the brutish duke brings about the untimely end of any woman he seduces, a reputation she willingly offers to help him reverse.

ORDER # R709-3   $15-50    ISBN 9780061472671


Beguiled (Queen of the Otherworld: 02):  Child, Maureen.

Escalated to the Queen of the Fae after defeating the evil Mab, Maggie Donovan enjoys a sensual relationship with the warrior Culhane but worries that he cares more for her power than her person, a situation that is complicated when Mab kidnaps Maggie's niece.

ORDER # R709-4   $15-50    ISBN 9780451227720


Blindsided:  Williams, Tammy.

When a physical affair blossoms into real love, playboy Norris Converse finds the relationship tested by an ex's announcement that he has a fifteen-year-old biracial daughter, a situation that is further complicated by his girlfriend's inclination to prioritise her career.

ORDER # R709-5   $15-50    ISBN 9781585713424


Bengal's Heart (Breeds: 07):  Leigh, Lora.

Advocating on behalf of the part-human, part-animal Breed race, reporter Cassa Hawkins falls for seductive Bengal Cabal St. Laurents, with whom she teams up when the Breeds are wrongfully incriminated in a series of violent murders.

ORDER # R709-6   $15-50    ISBN 9780425229026


Bound by Love:  Rogers, Rosemary.

Searching for covert documents hidden in the Duke of Huntley's massive library, Leonida, the illegitimate daughter of a Russian czar, captures her host's attention with her beauty and is torn between her mission and her growing feelings.

ORDER # R709-7   $15-50    ISBN 9780373773961


Breaking Loose:  Janzen, Tara.

A latest entry in a series that includes Loose and Easy pits art dealer Suzi Toussi against special ops agent Dax Killian in a high-stakes journey to Paraguay in search of a priceless artifact that is rumored to possess supernatural powers.

ORDER # R709-8   $15-50    ISBN 9780440244707


The Bridegroom (Stone Creek: 05):  Miller, Linda Lael.

Determined to honor a long-standing promise, undercover agent Gideon Yarbro interrupts an ill-advised wedding between Lydia and a heartless lawyer and marries the young woman himself before clashing with the vengeful jilted man's hired gun.

ORDER # R709-9   $15-50    ISBN 9780373773886


Cold Midnight:  Lamb, Joyce.

A decade after a brutal assault ends her athletic career, Kylie McKay returns to her hometown in an effort to rebuild her life only to discover that someone is trying to kill her, a situation for which she is aided by a detective who never stopped loving her.

ORDER # R709-10   $15-50    ISBN 9780425230244


Comanche Moon Rising:  O'Banyon, Constance.

When catastrophic weather renders her the head of her family ranch and the guardian of her younger brother, Shiloh finds herself caring for an ailing Comanche child and unexpectedly falling for the child's handsome war-chief brother, in a tale complemented by a bonus story by Cassie Edwards.

ORDER # R709-11   $15-50    ISBN 9780843962659


Dark Hunger (Demonborn Trilogy: 02):  Herron, Rita.

Tracking down an accused assassin for a story, reporter Annabelle Armstrong learns of Quinton Valtrez's determined efforts to use his demonic powers only for good, a situation that is challenged by their growing feelings for one another and a dark enemy's revenge plot.

ORDER # R709-12   $15-50    ISBN 9780446199483


Dark Warrior Unbroken (Talion: 02):  Morgan, Alexis.

Having killed a rogue Kyth who torched a dance club and murdered an arson investigator, Talion warrior Sandor Kearn meets the victim's protégé, psychic Lena Wilson, and struggles to prevent her from discovering the existence of the Kyth warriors, an effort that is further complicated when they fall in love.

ORDER # R709-13   $15-50    ISBN 9781416563440


Dark Lover (Masters of Time: 05):  Joyce, Brenda.

Hiding the truth about his tortured decades of imprisonment by demons, immortal warrior Ian Maclean prepares to sell a page he has stolen from the Book of Power in spite of slayer Samantha Rose's determined efforts to reclaim the page.

ORDER # R709-14   $15-50    ISBN 9780373773701


Devil in My Bed:  Bradley, Celeste.

In a first installment of a new trilogy, Aiden de Quincy discovers that he may be the father of a three-year-old girl and tracks down the child's mother, an impoverished widow, who he tried to forget after their affair ended abruptly.

ORDER # R709-15   $15-50    ISBN 9780312943080


The Fire King (Dirk & Steele: 08):  Liu, Marjorie.

Chosen for her ability to communicate in any language, Soria works with ancient king Karr, who has unwillingly awakened from a long sleep haunted by the fire that destroyed everything he ever loved.

ORDER # R709-16   $15-50    ISBN 9780843959406


Goddess of the Hunt:  Dare, Tessa.

Practicing her seductive wiles on her brother's best friend while targeting another man for marriage, adventurous Lucy Waltham experiences unanticipated and passionate feelings for the friend, who returns Lucy's experimental kisses to distract her from her scheming plans.

ORDER # R709-17   $15-50    ISBN 9780345506863


How to Tame a Modern Rogue:  Holquist, Diana.

Despairing of her grandmother's romantic matchmaking notions, Ally Giordano is set up with the commitment-phobic Sam Carson, who vows to strip Ally of her good-girl ways before unexpectedly falling in love with her.

ORDER # R709-18   $15-50    ISBN 9780446197052


The Infamous Rogue:  Benedict, Alexandra.

Hiding her past indiscretions with the infamous pirate Black Hawk, Sophia Dawson, the daughter of a wealthy bandit, prepares to enter society as the bride of a well-born nobleman who knows nothing of her youth, an effort that incites the jealousy and passions of her former lover.

ORDER # R709-19   $15-50    ISBN 9780061689314


Leader of the Pack: Tales of an Urban Werewolf: 03:  MacIerney, Karen.

A third entry in a series that includes Howling at the Moon and On the Prowl finds career woman Sophie Garou's efforts to hide her werewolf identity compromised by the appearance of her estranged father and her taboo attraction to the leader of a rival pack.

ORDER # R709-20   $15-50    ISBN 9780345496270


Lord of Pleasure:  Marvelle, Delilah.

Rendered penniless upon her philandering husband's untimely demise, Lady Catherine Chartwell considers the worst until Alexander Baxendale, the notorious earl of Hawksford, enters her carriage with conquest in mind and unexpectedly falls in love with her.

ORDER # R709-21   $15-50    ISBN 9781420104493


Loves Me, Loves Me Knot:  Betts, Heidi.

Still wanting a baby when her marriage to undercover vice cop Gage ends, a determined Jenna enlists the aid of her knitting circle companions to formulate a plan to win Gage back and incite his enthusiasm for fatherhood.

ORDER # R709-22   $15-50    ISBN 9780312946722


Mastered by Love:  Laurens, Stephanie.

Having protected his country for decades, nobleman Royce Varisey, the leader of the mysterious Bastion Club, reluctantly decides to marry out of a sense of duty and finds all eligible ladies uninteresting before falling for his castle's aloof chatelaine.

ORDER # R709-23   $15-50    ISBN 9780061246371


Man of Fantasy (The Best Men: 03):  Alers, Rochelle.

Staying true to his commitment-phobic ways, Ivan Campbell engages in a no-strings-attached relationship with Nayo Goddard before realizing that he actually wants more.

ORDER # R709-24   $15-50    ISBN 9780373831647


Night's Edge:  Harris, Charlaine; Shayne, Maggie; & Hambly, Barbara.

In "Dancers in the Dark," a woman's vampire dance partner protects her from a stalker; while in "Her Best Enemy," sparks fly between a woman and the psychic she consults about ghostly messages in blood; and in "Someone Else's Shadow," a woman doubts the trustworthiness of a neighbor who helps her search for her missing roommate.

ORDER # R709-25   $15-50    ISBN 9780373774289


Neck & Neck:  Bevarly, Elizabeth.

Hoping to advance her party planning business by securing the attendance of a billionaire video-game creator at her Kentucky Derby soiree, Natalie Beckett encounters trouble in the wealthy man's gorgeous bodyguard, Russell, who rapidly becomes the focus of her attentions.

ORDER # R709-26   $15-50    ISBN 9780425229033


The Night Side:  Jackson, Melanie.

When their former laird is cut down while defending the Scottish king shortly after an appearance by a prophetic ghostly hound, Frances Balfour struggles to protect her young cousin, the clan's new laird, from encroaching enemies only to see her efforts compromised by a new friend who possesses bizarre spectral powers.

ORDER # R709-27   $15-50    ISBN 9780505528049


Obsession Untamed (Feral Warriors: 02):  Palmer, Pamela.

Suffering recurrent nightmares about brutal murders from the killer's perspective, FBI agent Delaney Randall fears she is going to be the next victim before she is approached by immortal Feral Warrior Tighe, who needs her help to stop an evil force from perpetuating the killings.

ORDER # R709-28   $15-50    ISBN 9780061667527


One Week as Lovers:  Dahl, Victoria.

Forced by propriety and a lack of funds to continue his effort to marry in spite of his former fiancée's infidelity, Nicholas, the Viscount Lancaster, reconnects with childhood friend Cynthia Merrithorpe, who has never forgotten her unrequited love for Nicholas.

ORDER # R709-29   $15-50    ISBN 9781420104820


Obsidian Prey: Krentz, Jayne Ann, writing as Jayne Castle

A rune's mysterious power puts prospector Lyra Dore and cutthroat businessman Cruz Sweetwater in danger, and only by trusting their psychic instincts will Cruz and Lyra survive - and surrender to the desire that binds them.

ORDER # R709-30   $15-50    ISBN 9780515146899


Out of the Light, into the Shadows:  Foster, Lori; Foster, L. L.; & McCarthy, Erin. 

An anthology of tales by three best-selling authors features stories of otherworldly passion in which romantic liaisons give way to unexpected emotions, secret desires, and the dark complexities of the human heart.

ORDER # R709-31   $15-50    ISBN 9780425230527


The Second Betrayal (Lexi Steele: 02):  McCray, Cheyenne.

Working to infiltrate a sex-trafficking operation through which aspiring models are forced into prostitution, an NSA agent raises the suspicions of his partner, Lexi, who wonders about a dark secret from Nick's past work with the Special Forces.

ORDER # R709-32   $15-50    ISBN 9780312946456


Seduce Me (Legend Hunters):  DeHart, Robyn.

Possessing a thirst for adventure and experienced women, treasure hunter Fielding Grey sets out to claim Pandora's legendary box from a notorious criminal only to find himself rescuing innocent and bookish Esme Worthington, who is overwhelmed by the box's passion-inducing influence.

ORDER # R709-33   $15-50    ISBN 9780446542005


Shoot to Thrill:  Bruhns, Nina.

Reluctantly accepting what is promised to be a final mission, former CIA spy Kick Jackson sets out to stop a violent plot by identifying a terrorist, a situation that places him on the run from deadly enemies and lands his fate in the hands of nurse Rainie Martin.

ORDER # R709-34   $15-50    ISBN 9780425229057


Sky Keepers (Final Prophecy: 03):  Andersen, Jessica.

A third installment in the series based on the Mayan doomsday prophecy finds Nightkeeper recruit Michael Stone rescuing the kidnapped daughter of a missing Mayan scholar but resisting his feelings for her because of his increasing dark powers. By the author of Dawnkeepers.

ORDER # R709-35   $15-50    ISBN 9780451227706


Since the Surrender:  Long, Julie Anne.

Unable to forget a headstrong woman with whom he committed one of the biggest indiscretions of his past, English war hero Captain Chase Eversea reencounters the reformed Rosalind, who enlists his aid in searching for her missing sister.

ORDER # R709-36   $15-50    ISBN 9780061341618


So Into You:  Hill, Sandra.

Resisting the love of handsome friend Angel Sabato in her preference for her high-adventure life as a sometime treasure hunter, poker player, and folk healer, Grace O'Brien assists a family of Katrina orphans who do not want to be separated and enlists Angel in her plan to rebuild their home.

ORDER # R709-37   $15-50    ISBN 9780446535779


Sleepless in Scotland:  Hawkins, Karen.

Attempting to intervene when her sister plots to compromise herself in order to secure an engagement, Caitriona inadvertently falls into the trap her sister set and is forced to marry Hugh LacLean, with whom she engages in heated gender battles.

ORDER # R709-38   $15-50    ISBN 9781416560258


The Song:  Johnson, Jean.

A fourth-born Son of Destiny, Evanor loses his voice and powers in a violent battle against a formidable family enemy and hopes to regain his abilities with the help of the Healer Mariel, who is compelled to leave her beloved homeland with her young son.

ORDER # R709-39   $15-50    ISBN 9780425229071


Speak of the Devil:  Black, Jenna.

Suspended by the Exorcism Board for a job gone wrong, exorcist Morgan Kingley receives a grisly and threatening package from an anonymous stalker and is assisted by Philadelphia cop Adam White when her life is further complicated by a group of demons.

ORDER # R709-40   $15-50    ISBN 9780440244936


Stolen Heat (Stolen Trilogy: 02):  Naughton, Elisabeth.

His passionate relationship with Egyptologist Katherine Meyer destroyed by his lies, antiquities dealer Peter Kauffman reencounters Kat six years later when they are forced to work together against a vengeful killer.

ORDER # R709-41   $15-50    ISBN 9780505527943


Storm of Visions (Chosen Ones):  Dodd, Christina.

A descendant of twins born to spread good or evil throughout the world, Jacqueline Vargha staunchly denies her psychic visions until she is urged by Caleb D'Angelo to accept her place as one of the Chosen.

ORDER # R709-42   $15-50    ISBN 9780451227638


A Stranger's Game (Bitter Creek):  Johnston, Joan.

Picking up a pretty woman, Grace, outside his favorite bar in Texas, FBI agent Breed Grayhawk is unaware that she has just finished a wrongful sentence for murdering her parents and is breaking into her late father's colleagues' homes in search of evidence that will clear her name.

ORDER # R709-43   $15-50    ISBN 9780743454391


Surrender of a Siren:  Dare, Tess.

Jilting an unwanted arranged groom in her desperation to escape societal constraints, pampered heiress Sophia Hathaway packs her sketchbook and assumes a new identity as a governess to secure passage on a ship, where she captures the heart of a ne'er-do-well privateer.

ORDER # R709-44   $15-50    ISBN 9780345506870


The Undoing of a Lady (Brides of Fortune: 03):  Cornick, Nicola.

Inheriting formidable debts and a family curse that dooms him to die unless he marries a wealthy heiress he once abandoned, Miles Vickery receives an acceptance by the wary Alice under the condition that he must be honest throughout a trial period.

ORDER # R709-45   $15-50    ISBN 9780373773954


Saving Midnight (Fitz Clare Chronicles: 03):  Holly, Emma.

When an adopted son becomes a vampire to protect his family from mortal enemies, the wisdom of his choice comes into question in light of their enemies' growing powers and the family's own increasingly uncontrollable supernatural abilities. By the author of Breaking Midnight.

ORDER # R709-46   $15-50    ISBN 9780425229040


When a Man Loves a Weapon (Bobbie Faye: 03):  Causey, Tony McGee.

Left by her FBI agent fiancé in the care of a bodyguard when a killer she helped convict escapes from prison, Bobbie Faye enlists the aid of her detective ex-boyfriend, Cam, when her fiancé goes missing, a situation that is complicated by Cam's determination to win Bobbie back.

ORDER # R709-47   $15-50    ISBN 9780312358518


The Truelove Bride:  Abe, Shana

Marcus Kincardine wears his clan's tartan as a symbol of his heritage - and a reminder of the curse that haunts his kin. To rid them of this evil, the legend says, Marcus must wed a fabled warrior maiden with hair like an angel's halo, eyes the color of the rarest heather, and an extraordinary gift that makes her more formidable than any army. But first he must win the most desperate battle of his life - the one for her mind, her body, and her heart.

ORDER # R709-48   $15-50    ISBN 9780553592757


Where the Wind Blows:  Fyffe, Caroline.

Falling in love with Jessie Strong, former drifter Chase Logan agrees to pose as her husband to assist her adoption of a three-year-old girl, a situation that is challenged by their limited supplies and Jessie's dread about Chase's eventual departure.

ORDER # R709-49   $15-50    ISBN 9780843962840


A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing:  MacGillivray, Deborah.

Plotting with his brothers to take revenge on the Montgomerie family by seducing three sisters, Trev sets his sights on artist Raven, whose preference for socializing with misfit animals and people contrasts with Trev's designer lifestyle.

ORDER # R709-50   $15-50    ISBN 9780505527813


Written on Your Skin:  Duran, Meredith.

Fleeing to America after an insensitive mistake that may have ended hundreds of British lives, Mina Morehouse reencounters her unfaithful childhood love, who has acquired a title and fortune and who is determined to uncover the truth about Mina's indiscretions.

ORDER # R709-51   $15-50    ISBN 9781416593119


Wyoming Brides:  Macomber, Debbie.

In "Denim and Diamonds," a Hollywood actress returns home in the hopes of reuniting with a past love; while in "The Wyoming Kid," an ex-rodeo cowboy falls for an argumentative woman who has no interest in him.

ORDER # R709-52   $15-50    ISBN 9780778327011


Otherwise Engaged:  Brockmann, Suzanne

Praised for her breezy and charming style, Brockmann entangles an eligible bachelor and a pretty widow in a charade of love. But while pretending they're engaged so he can fend off unwanted advances, he finds that he wants to get married after all - to her.

ORDER # R709-53   $15-50    ISBN 9780553592511


Destined for an Early Grave:  Frost, Jeaniene

Hopes for a perfect Paris holiday are dashed when half-vampire Cat Crawfield begins having visions of a vampire named Gregor who's more powerful than Cat's undead lover, Bones, and has ties to her past that even Cat herself doesn't know about. (Night Huntress)

ORDER # R709-54   $15-50    ISBN 9780061583216


Cold Moon Rising (Tales of the Sazi):  Adams, C. T. & Clamp, Cathy.

Juggling new responsibilities, a difficult pack leader, and his burgeoning psychic powers, werewolf Tony Giodone teams up with Sazi reptile councilman Ahmad in an effort to infiltrate a fanatic terrorist organization, a plan that subjects Tony to psychic torture when Ahmad is captured.

ORDER # R709-55   $15-50   ISBN 9780765359643


Large Size Paperbacks
Babydoll:  Roy, Allyson

When her best friend's brother is accused of murdering several models, sex therapist Saylor Oz decides to investigate and, believing that someone is re-enacting the events of the old movie Bad, Bad Babydoll, must infiltrate the world of modelling to prove to a sexy P.I. that her hunch is correct.

ORDER # R709-56   $24-90    ISBN 9780425225509 


Wicked Harvest:  McLeod, Anitra Lynn.

Trained to perfunctorily rid women of their virginity without experiencing pleasure to prepare them for finding mates, the warrior Chur embarks on his third Harvest only to discover that one of the virgins is his sensual servant Enovese, who would free them both from passionless lives. (Erotica).

ORDER # R709-57   $24-90    ISBN 9780758235336 


Beyond the Rain:  Granger, Jess.

Compelled to complete a final mission before returning to her home planet, celibate warrior Captain Cyani encounters chained prisoner Soren, who has been tortured to the point of death for his natural hormonal secretions that are sold as a sexual narcotic. (Erotica).

ORDER # R709-58   $24-90    ISBN 9780425229262 


Beantown Cubans:  Diaz, Johnny.

Relocating to Boston in the hopes of escaping painful memories of his recently deceased mother, Cuban-American high-school teacher Carlos Martin befriends a fellow Miami transplant who introduces him to the gay social scene of his new home.

ORDER # R709-59   $24-90    ISBN 9780758234254 


The Diaries of Avalon Rose:  Hooper, Sharon.

While her services as a Victorian domestic at Highgate include servicing her employers, Avalon avoids a forbidden love by leaving Highgate for an inherited country cottage where she finds a shocking collection of diaries and journals passed down from her mother and her mother's family. (Erotica). Illustrations.

ORDER # R709-60   $24-90    ISBN 9780978533403 


Dangerous Passion:  Rice, Lisa Marie.

A follow-up to Dangerous Lover and Dangerous Secrets finds empire head Victor "Drake" Drakovich living an existence of ruthless invulnerability to his many rivals and finding his circumstances put at risk by his unexpected passionate feelings for Grace Larsen.

ORDER # R709-61   $24-90    ISBN 9780061208614 


Forever:  Roberts, Nora.

A two-in-one volume includes Rules of the Game, in which a man endeavors to overcome a woman's rule about mixing business with pleasure; and The Heart's Victory, in which a woman confronts unacknowledged feelings for a racing car driver from her past.

ORDER # R709-62   $24-90    ISBN 9780373285792 


Highland Obsession:  Halliday, Dawn.

Two unlikely friends, The Earl of Camdonn and Scottish laird Alan MacDonald, find their relationship destroyed when Alan discovers that the Earl took his new wife's innocence, and wages war to defend his honor.

ORDER # R709-63   $24-90    ISBN 9780451227010 


Men in Blue:  Quinn, Devyn; Dupree, Delta

An anthology of tales includes "The Hard Way," in which an undercover officer targets a thug by seducing his girlfriend; "Saturday Night Special," in which a cop poses as an irresistible target for a woman who seduces male strippers; and "Cuffed Heat," in which police colleagues explore the personal side of their relationship. (Erotica).

ORDER # R709-64   $23-90    ISBN 9780758237972 


The Hottie Next Door:  Walker, Shiloh; Adams, Elisa; & Kerce, Ruth D.

A volume of short erotica tales finds inexperienced women learning romantic lessons from sexy neighbors and includes the works, "Good Girls Don't," "Drop Dead Sexy," and "Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy". (Erotica).

ORDER # R709-65   $24-90    ISBN 9781439102954 


All Roads Lead Me Back to You:  Foster, Kennedy.

No Picture Available

Rescuing Mexican Domingo Rolodan during a harsh Washington storm, rancher Alice Anderson learns that the handsome raquero is on the run from immigration services and struggles to protect her ranch from a claim by a drug addict.

ORDER # R709-66   $24-90    ISBN 9781439102046 


Mozart's Ghost:  Cameron, Julia.

No Picture Available

Complications ensue when Anna, a young, single New York City schoolteacher and medium, falls for her downstairs neighbor, a reserved concert pianist, especially when a playful ghost gets in the act to play matchmaker.

ORDER # R709-67   $24-90    ISBN 9780312565152 


Seducing the Moon:  Quinn, Sherrill.

Feeling betrayed by freelance investigator Declan O'Connell, who ended their affair after she helped him uncover a forgery ring, Pelicia Cobb reluctantly teams up with Declan two years later when her B&B business is compromised by a shooting incident.

ORDER # R709-68   $24-90    ISBN 9780758231895 


Take Me:  Stevens, Shelli.

Performing her duties as a sexual slave without pleasure for years, Talia is kidnapped by the ruthless Ryder who awakens her desires as part of his determination to learn her sexual secrets, an effort Talia is unsuccessful in resisting. (Erotica).

ORDER # R709-69   $23-90    ISBN 9780758235282 


Tempted by a Cowboy:  Harper, Vonna; MacNeal, Melissa; & Devlin, Delilah.

Three acclaimed erotica authors offer a collection for women who like their men as wild as the West itself and include stories about a rodeo rider proving his prowess, a horse trainer who meets a woman he longs to tame, and a rancher who aids a damsel in distress - for an irresistible price. (Erotica).

ORDER # R709-70   $24-90    ISBN 9780758234513 


Tasting Fear:  McKenna, Shannon.

When their adored foster mother is murdered, sisters Nancy, Nell, and Vivi band together to track down the killer and a cache of priceless Renaissance art, an endeavor for which they are unexpectedly aided by three mysterious men.

ORDER # R709-71   $24-90    ISBN 9780758228635 


Tortured:  McIntyre, Amanda.

Numbing out to survive torture by the cruel Dark Ages king responsible for the brutal deaths of her family members, Sierra is pardoned if she will serve as an executioner's apprentice by using her sexuality to extract secrets from a handsome warrior prisoner.

ORDER # R709-72   $24-90    ISBN 9780373605330 


Trio of Seduction:  Ryan, Cassie.

A leader of an otherworldly clan whose sexual energy is a life force seeks to restore his dying world by choosing a mate, a quest during which he unexpectedly falls in love with a woman from an enemy Healer race who would unite their estranged people. (Erotica)

ORDER # R709-73   $23-90    ISBN 9780758220677 


The Mercenary (The Savage Seven):  Garbera, Katherine.

One of the leading figures at a secret organization that takes on jobs that others avoid, ex-marine Kirk Mann sets out to rescue the daughter of a wealthy man whose shady dealings in South America have backfired, a mission that incites the alluring young woman's wrath when she learns about her father's nefarious activities.

ORDER # R709-74   $24-90    ISBN 9780758232106 


Bad Moon Rising (Dark Hunter):  Kenyon, Sherrilyn.

A latest entry in the best-selling series finds Were-Hunter Fang Kattalakis forced to choose sides when war erupts among his lycanthrope brethren, a situation that is further complicated by accusations targeting a woman he loves and threats on two races. HARDCOVER

ORDER # R709-75   $43-90    ISBN 9780312369491 

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