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All Jacked Up:  McCall, Penny.

When she accidentally ticks off the biggest drug lord in the western hemisphere, librarian Aubrey Sullivan, who is gifted with a photographic memory, must place her trust in rogue FBI agent Jack Mitchell, while trying to keep her hands to herself.

ORDER # RMRH-1   $15-60   ISBN 0425214834 


Animal Instincts:  Showalter, Gena.

Realizing that tigers never change their stripes, Dallas party planner Naomi Delacroix, after getting rid of her cheating husband, is determined to become immune to the opposite sex, until she is hired by a gorgeous millionaire who is taking applications for a wife.

ORDER # RMRH-2   $15-60   ISBN 0373771991 


Be Still My Vampire Heart:  Sparks, Kerrelyn.

A vampire for nearly half a millennium, Angus MacKay feels that there is little to surprise him, until he encounters the sexy Emma Wallace,an agent from the CIA's elite Stake-Out team and a vampire slayer determined to kill the monsters who had destroyed her parents.

ORDER # RMRH-3   $15-60   ISBN 0061118443 


Another Life:  Roth, Ann.

After her beloved husband dies, Mary Beth Mason is stunned to discover that he had another wife, daughter, and home and, amidst mounting debt and unpaid bills, finds the courage inside herself to start a new life on her own.

ORDER # RMRH-4   $15-60   ISBN 0821780344 


Bedding the Heiress:  Maxwell, Cathy.

Seeking revenge on the scoundrel who had stolen one of her cherished family heirlooms - and nearly her virtue - Francesca Dunroy comes up with a scheme to seek revenge, but her plans go badly awry when she accidentally seduces the wrong man, Justin Maddox, a newly titled duke, eligible bachelor, and Scottish nobleman who disdains London society.

ORDER # RMRH-5   $15-60   ISBN 0061121800 


Beauty and the Beast:  Howell, Hannah.

Betrothed to the heir of Saitun Manor, Gytha is shocked to find herself widowed before the wedding and married off to the new heir, a rough mercenary knight known as the Red Devil.

ORDER # RMRH-6   $15-60   ISBN 0821780042 


Blood Ties:  French, Judith E.

While investigating a mysterious drowning on Tawes Island, Chief of Police Buck Davis finds himself drawn to the victim's daughter, Native American archaeologist Abbie Night Horse, an outsider, who, in her quest for justice, doesn't understand the dangers of an isolated island community.

ORDER # RMRH-7   $15-60   ISBN 0505527146 


Beloved Warrior:  Potter, Patricia.

While on the way to England to meet her future husband and save her family from ruin, Juliana Mendoza is taken hostage by a mutinous Scottish warrior who awakens within her a fierce desire, forcing her to choose between honor and love.

ORDER # RMRH-8   $15-60   ISBN 0425215733 


The Captain of All Pleasures:  Cole, Kresley.

Determined to seek revenge on Captain Derek Sutherland, who had seduced and then rejected her, headstrong Nicole Lassiter, the daughter of an American sea captain, decides to help her father beat Sutherland in a high-stakes sailing competition, but her plans are threatened when her father is unjustly imprisoned and she finds herself a virtual prisoner on Sutherland 's vessel after a shipwreck.

ORDER # RMRH-9   $15-60   ISBN 1416543716 


The Champion:  Grothaus, Heather.

When one night of passion leads to a hasty marriage, Nicholas Fitz Todd, Baron of Crane, finds himself saddled with a beautiful new wife, who, rumored to be mad, draws him into the mystery surrounding her brother's death, which brings them closer together.

ORDER # RMRH-10   $15-60   ISBN 0821780077 


Wild Rose:  Morren, Ruth Axtell.

Surrounded by scandal, Geneva Patterson, tormented by the inhabitants of Haven's End, finds salvation, faith, and hope in the embrace of Caleb Phelps, a fellow outcast and former sea captain who stands accused of a crime he did not commit.

ORDER # RMRH-11   $15-60   ISBN 0373786093 


Claiming the Courtesan:  Campbell, Anna.

Determined to possess her in every way possible, including that of marriage, the Duke of Kylemore sets out to make Soraya, London's most celebrated courtesan, his bride, unaware that she is hiding her real identity as Verity Ashton, a high-born young lady forced to barter her innocence for the sake of her family.

ORDER # RMRH-12   $15-60   ISBN 0061234915 


Dangerous Games:  Arthur, Keri.

Dhampire Riley Jenson, a hybrid of vampire and werewolf, journeys to Melbourne and into the heart of the city's seductive and dangerous urban underworld to find an enigmatic killer who has been using a nightclub that caters to its denizens' every fantasy as his stalking grounds.

ORDER # RMRH-13   $15-60   ISBN 0553589598 


Dark Gold:  Feehan, Christine.

Looking after her orphaned little brother, Alexandria Houton is rescued from an unspeakable evil in the swirling San Francisco mists by Aidan Savage, a mysterious, ageless Carpathian who seeks love, acceptance, and a family.

ORDER # RMRH-14   $15-60   ISBN 0843958448 


A Distant Tomorrow (World of Hetar: 02):  Small, Bertrice.

Following her destiny to the world of Terah, Lara, using her newfound magical abilities, lifts an ancient curse and earns the love of its ruler, Magnus Hauk, who accompanies her back to Hetar, where, while trying to thwart a civil war, they are threatened by the animosity of a dangerous enemy.

ORDER # RMRH-15   $15-60   ISBN 0373771959 


Draw Down the Darkness:  Bellis, Naomi.

In order to win back his beloved, spymaster Viscount Redfern, while stopping the murderous Hellfire League, must save her from falling under the dark spell cast by a powerful earl who is gifted in both magic and treason.

ORDER # RMRH-16   $15-60   ISBN 0451220951 


Falling Upwards:  Sims, Kassandra.

Alabama businesswoman Neva Jones suddenly finds herself on a quest after being told to acquire a lock of pale hair and a lock of dark hair, to take off all the iron she is wearing, and to jump into a lake, a decision that takes her into the heart of a bizarre dreamworld in which she must save the gorgeous man she met during a business trip to Wales from a strange curse.

ORDER # RMRH-17   $15-60   ISBN 0765355817 


The Dying Game:  Barton, Beverly.

When a serial killer, targeting former beauty queens, strikes again, detective Lindsay McAllister must ask lawyer Judd Walker, whose late wife was one of the victims, for help in order to beat this twisted madman at his own game.

ORDER # RMRH-18   $15-60   ISBN 0821776894 


Fast Track (NASCAR):  Raye, Kimberly.

Determined to make it big in NASCAR, driver Jaycee Anderson, in order to gain fans and sponsors, trades in her overalls for a hot new image that sends her rival Tag Gallagher into a tailspin.

ORDER # RMRH-19   $15-60   ISBN 0373772602 


Rain:  Andrews, V.C.

Sent to live with her real family after her sister's gang-related murder, Rain leaves the ghettos of Washington, D.C., for a world she does not understand.

ORDER # RMRH-20   $15-60   ISBN 067100767X 


Fate Is Remarkable:  Neels, Betty.

Agreeing to a marriage of convenience with co-worker Hugo van Elven, Sarah Dunn, recovering from heartbreak, refuses to get emotionally involved with her new husband until love enters the picture.

ORDER # RMRH-21   $15-60   ISBN 0373198671 


Feels Like Family (Sweet Magnolias):   Woods, Sherryl.

Forty-two-year-old matrimonial attorney Helen Decatur finds her decision to have a child complicated by her two best friends, her attraction to a man who doesn't want a family, and love.

ORDER # RMRH-22   $15-60   ISBN 0778324362 


Games of Pleasure:  Ross, Julia.

Despite the distance between their stations in life, Miracle Heather, a courtesan hiding a terrible secret, finds love with Lord Ryderbourne, the handsome young aristocrat who had rescued her from certain disaster, but their growing attraction for each other could destroy them both.

ORDER # RMRH-23   $15-60   ISBN 0425207307 


Forever Yours:   Anello, Janmarie.

Escaping her scandalous past, Sophie Trenehem, along with her young daughter, lives a safe, quiet county life, until a dashing stranger arrives, claiming her as his bride, plunging them both into a world of treachery and danger.

ORDER # RMRH-24   $15-60   ISBN 1420100009 


Her Only Desire:  Foley, Gaelen.

Having sworn off marriage until she can find a man who will treat her as an equal, the beautiful and unconventional Georgiana Knight is drawn to Ian Prescott, the Marquess of Griffith, a mysterious diplomat in India on a mission to prevent the outbreak of war, feelings that entangle her in a web of danger and passion that will transform her life forever.

ORDER # RMRH-25   $15-60   ISBN 0345480112 


The Girls' Global Guide to Guys:  Alan, Theresa.

Tired of the dating scene in Boulder, Colorado, best friends Jadie Peregrine and Tate Moran embark on a hilarious world-wide adventure when they decide to write a travel guide detailing international dating rituals.

ORDER # RMRH-26   $15-60   ISBN 075820759X 


Hot Stuff:  Evanovich, Janet

Far too busy to get involved with men or marriage, Cate Madigan, a member of a large and wacky Irish family, spends her time in school, earning her teacher's degree, and working as a bartender in Boston's South End, but her life changes forever when she encounters ex-cop Kellen McBride, a man who quickly draws her into danger.

ORDER # RMRH-27   $15-60   ISBN 0312941463 


Judith:  Neels, Betty.

Accepting a position as a private nurse for the charming Lady Cresswell, Judith is met with animosity from her employer's arrogant son, Professor Charles Cresswell, who doesn't believe she is capable of properly caring for his mother.

ORDER # RMRH-28   $15-60   ISBN 0373198698 


Knight's Prize:  McKerrigan, Sarah.

The soft-spoken, seemingly meek younger sister of the Warrior Maids of Rivenloch, Miriel of Rivenloch hides behind the facade to take on the role of The Shadow, a thief who steals from the rich to give to the poor, but she soon finds herself falling for Sir Rand la Nuit, the mercenary hired by a local lord to unmask The Shadow.

ORDER # RMRH-29   $15-60   ISBN 0446618861 


The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires:  MacAlister, Katie.

While travelling through England with her best friend, physicist Portia Harding, accidentally summoning an ethereal virtue who gives her the gift of weather control, is stalked by Theondre North, the gorgeous son of an angel, who needs her help in changing his fate.

ORDER # RMRH-30   $15-60   ISBN 0451220854 


The Leopard Prince:  Hoyt, Elizabeth.

A wealthy heiress with her own estate, Lady Georgina Maitland, is falling in love with her steward, Harry Pye, even after he becomes the prime suspect in a series of sabotage incidents, poisoned sheep, and the murders of innocent villagers.

ORDER # RMRH-31   $15-60   ISBN 0446618489 


Love's Haven:  Palmer, Catherine.

Young widow and single mother Mara Rosemond must choose between living a life of wealth and privilege with the man she believes responsible for her husband 's death or subject her daughter to poverty.

ORDER # RMRH-32   $15-60   ISBN 0373785968 


The MacGregors:  Daniel & Ian; Roberts, Nora.

This latest MacGregor saga from the New York Times best-selling author includes For Now, Forever ,in which the wife of Daniel MacGregor relives their remarkable courtship, and In From the Cold, in which Minuteman Ian MacGregor fights for the love of Irish spitfire Allanna Flynn.

ORDER # RMRH-33   $15-60   ISBN 0373285450 


The McCaffertys:  Randi:  Jackson, Lisa.

Hired to protect Randi McCafferty, who refuses to reveal the identity of her child's father, and her young son, investigator Kurt Striker must find a way to make her reveal her darkest secret while trying to deny his growing attraction to this woman he has sworn to keep safe.

ORDER # RMRH-34   $15-60   ISBN 0373772025 


McKettrick's Heart:  Miller, Linda Lael.

Single father and overseer of his family's corporation, Keegan McKettrick, untrusting of the opposite sex, is determined to dig up the dirt on Molly Shields, a mysterious woman who has just arrived in Indian Rock, until his personal mission is thwarted by passion.

ORDER # RMRH-35   $15-60   ISBN 0373771940 


Montana Red:  Dellin, Genell.

While catching wild horses in Montana, wrangler Jake Hawthorne comes across a woman on the run from her brutal ex-husband and the law, and as they form a tentative bond, Jake must choose between duty and a love to last a lifetime.

ORDER # RMRH-36   $15-60   ISBN 0373772017 


Mistress of Scandal:  Bennett, Sara.

Prim and proper Francesca detests the chaos and depravity of London - and of one of its most infamous residents, her birth mother, the courtesan Madame Aphrodite - only to have her own darker passions awakened by the mysterious stranger she rescues on the moors, a man who, unbeknownst to her, has been asked to protect Aphrodite's estranged daughter from a terrible danger.

ORDER # RMRH-37   $15-60   ISBN 0060796499 


A Most Unsuitable Groom:  Michaels, Kasey.

Returning home from war with part of his memory missing, Spencer Becket is forced to marry the very pregnant Mariah Rutledge, a union that leads to the discovery of a plot to restore the recently vanquished Napoleon to power, placing their lives and love in grave danger.

ORDER # RMRH-38   $15-60   ISBN 0373771916 


The Naked Earl:  MacKenzie, Sally.

When a naked earl, fleeing from a woman determined to trick him into marriage, climbs into the bedroom window of a slightly tipsy Lady Elizabeth Runyon, Lizzie, casting aside all propriety, decides to be daring for once in her life.

ORDER # RMRH-39   $15-60   ISBN 0821780751 


Never Too Late:  Neels, Betty.

After her engagement to her fiance is called off, Prudence accepts a job in Holland to become Benedict van Vinke's secretary and care for his young daughter, a new and exciting position that leads to something more.

ORDER # RMRH-40   $15-60   ISBN 037319868X 


Night Echoes:  Lisle, Holly.

While restoring an old Civil War farmhouse and researching her secret family history, artist Emma Beck, along with her contractor Mike Ruhl, with whom she has fallen in love, stumbles upon a terrifying legacy that traps her in a web of ghostly tragedy.

ORDER # RMRH-41   $15-60   ISBN 0451220943 


Night Life:  Guest, Elizabeth.

Once a revered pharaoh betrayed by his people, Adrian King, a vampire and owner of a Las Vegas casino, is drawn to Egyptologist Christine Day, but a great evil from his past has awakened, determined to take her away from him forever.

ORDER # RMRH-42   $15-60   ISBN 0425214826 


One With the Night:  Squires, Susan.

Infected by a blood sample from her father's laboratory, Jane Blundell finds herself overwhelmed by a terrifying and exhilarating new power, but when she seeks refuge in the remote Scottish highlands, she comes face to face with Callan Kilkenny, who has tracked down Jane's father in the hopes that he can provide a cure for his vampire nature.

ORDER # RMRH-43   $15-60   ISBN 0312941021 


Parallel Seduction:  Knight, Deidre.

In an alternate world where treachery, betrayal, and desire threaten to destroy the lives of three allies, FBI linguist Hope Harper, joining in the war to defend humankind, is torn between two different men - Jake, a warrior from the future, and Scott, a human hybrid and the king's lieutenant.

ORDER # RMRH-44   $15-60   ISBN 045122096X 


The Price of Pleasure:  Cole, Kresley.

As part of a promise to her ailing grandfather, Captain Grant Sutherland heads for Oceania to search for Victoria Dearbourne, a young English girl lost at sea a decade before, but when he arrives at the island paradise, he finds a beautiful and grown-up Victoria who wants nothing more than her independence and true passion.

ORDER # RMRH-45   $15-60   ISBN 1416543724 


Prince of Fire (Children of the Sun): Jones, Linda Winstead.

In this second instalment in the Children of the Sun trilogy, Keelia, the Queen of Anwyn, loses her heart to her shapeshifting captor, but must decide whether their love is worth betraying the Prophecy of the Firstborn.

ORDER # RMRH-46   $15-60   ISBN 0425214818 


Sacrament:  Squires, Susan.

Unable to forget his unnatural and searing kiss, Sarah escapes to Bath to elude Davinoff, the dark and sensual lord feared by the ton ,who forces her to surrender to his love, which could be the death of her body or the salvation of her soul.

ORDER # RMRH-47   $15-60   ISBN 0505524724 


Sadie-in-Waiting:  Jones, Annie.

When Sadie - former Dogwood Blossom Queen, pharmacist's wife, and mother of two - accepts the position of graveyard superintendent of Wileyville, Kentucky, a journey into the past with her sisters brings a stunning revelation and an understanding of what she has been waiting for.

ORDER # RMRH-48   $15-60   ISBN 0373786042 


A Second Chance (Hotel Marchand):  Lennox, Kara.

When she decides to bend her no-dating rule for Luc Carter, single mom and baker Loretta Castille, who is wary of men after discovering that the man she married was a criminal, must make a tough decision when Luc reveals the truth about his own past.

ORDER # RMRH-49   $15-60   ISBN 0373389485 


Saturday's Child:  Neels, Betty.

Abigail, a skilled nurse who works for the enigmatic Professor Dominic van Wijkelen, is puzzled by her employer's intense dislike for her despite her romantic feelings for him.

ORDER # RMRH-50   $15-60   ISBN 0373198663 


Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell:  James, Samantha.

Determined to deny his emotions and desires, the reclusive Simon Blackwell seeks refuge in the remote wilds of the moors, cutting himself off from the world, but during a rare trip to London, he comes face to face with the beautiful Annabel McBride, a tempting young woman who tests his resolve to never seek love again.

ORDER # RMRH-51   $15-60   ISBN 0060896450 


Second Sight:  Quick, Amanda.

Venetia Milton earns big bucks photographing the artifacts owned by the brooding Gabriel Jones, whom she also manages to seduce, but after hearing that he is dead, she is stunned when he winds up on her doorstep very much alive and afraid for his life.

ORDER # RMRH-52   $15-60   ISBN 0515142808 


Sight Unseen:  Graves, Samantha.

Working as a consultant for an art recovery company, art thief Raven Callahan is forced into an uneasy alliance with former cop Dax Maddox, who comes up with a vengeful scheme to seek revenge on the killer who had cost a rookie cop his life and robbed Dax of his ability to see color, only to find themselves both the pawns in a madman's scheme.

ORDER # RMRH-53   $15-60   ISBN 0446618381 


Shades of Gray:  Ashley, Amanda.

Dormant for one hundred years, vampire Grigori is awakened by the seductive scent of the blood of Marisa, and he vows to show her that not all of the undead are monsters.

ORDER # RMRH-54   $15-60   ISBN 0505522438 


Sinful Between the Sheets:  Pierce, Barbara.

Unprepared to take on the title of Duke of Solitea or to give up his bachelor ways, Fayne Carlisle encounters Lady Kilby Fitchwolf, the enigmatic beauty who is rumored to have had a scandalous relationship with - and be responsible for the death of - his late father.

ORDER # RMRH-55   $15-60   ISBN 0312348223 


Someone to Watch Over Me:  Hill, Teresa.

While trying to find his late mother's mischievous dog a new home, police officer William Jackson "Jax" Cassidy meets a lonely florist, haunted by tragedy, who shows him what really matters in life - love, hope, and faith.

ORDER # RMRH-56   $15-60   ISBN 0373785828 


Take Me Tonight:  St. Claire, Roxanne.

Discovering that her roommate's suicide may be linked to a Web site that provides thrill-seeking entertainment, Sage Valentine books her own "abduction" fantasy to uncover the truth, unaware that her supposed rescuer is really elite bodyguard Johnny Christiano, who works for an elite team known as the Bullet Catchers that is actually run by Sage's estranged aunt, Lucy Sharpe.

ORDER # RMRH-57   $15-60   ISBN 1416521860 


Summer of the Eagle:  Edwards, Susan.

An outcast in her own tribe due to her powerful abilities, Blaze, a beautiful Sioux healer, is led by a vision to a Lakota-raised Frenchman who, showing her a passion like she has never known, is her destiny.

ORDER # RMRH-58   $15-60   ISBN 0843953357 


Tough Enough:  Albert, Michele.

An agent for Avalon, a top-secret cadre of mercenaries who specialize in tracking down and recovering stolen art, Will Tiernay finds his latest investigation leading directly to Mia Dolan, a former lover, and finds himself torn between duty and desire as his mission draws them both into an underworld of deception, peril, and murder.

ORDER # RMRH-59   $15-60   ISBN 1416531394 


The Untamed Earl:  Jones, Taylor.

Estella discovers that an unusual wedding gift - Madame Pettibonne's Treatise on Canine Behavior - holds the key for taming her mysterious new husband Godolphin, an uncivilized beast who is constantly getting into trouble.

ORDER # RMRH-60   $15-60   ISBN 0843958456 


Virgin River:  Carr, Robyn.

Arriving in the remote mountain town of Virgin River in response to an ad for a midwife/nurse practitioner, recently widowed nurse Melinda Monroe realizes that she has made a huge mistake, until she finds an abandoned baby on her porch and lets a former Marine into her heart.

ORDER # RMRH-61   $15-60   ISBN 0778324907 


When Seducing a Spy:  Robins, Sari.

Government agent Heath Barlett is reunited with his childhood friend, Lady Tessa Golding, when he is asked to investigate the mysterious and secretive beauty, who is the prime suspect in a dastardly crime, only to find himself torn between duty and desire.

ORDER # RMRH-62   $15-60   ISBN 006078248X 


A Wicked Gentleman:  Feather, Jane.

Pooling their meager resources, Lady Cornelia Dagenham and her sister-in-law Aurelia come to London to spend a month at the home that their friend Liv Lacey has just inherited in Cavendish Square, where they meet Lord Harry Bonham, a charming member of the London aristocracy who strangely enough is out to purchase Liv's rundown property.

ORDER # RMRH-63   $15-60   ISBN 1416525513 



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