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Apache Warrior:  Didier, Carol Ann.

While traveling farther west, Amanda Carroll finds her greatest fear realized when she and her sister are confronted by five armed Apache warriors, one of whom is intrigued by the courage of this proud and defiant beauty.

ORDER # R308-1   $14-50   ISBN 1420103768


Angelfire:  Miller, Linda Lael.

Fleeing an arranged marriage only leads to one of the shotgun variety, but Bliss Stafford discovers a sensual fulfilment previously unknown when in the arms of New Zealand rancher Jamie McKenna.

ORDER # R308-2   $14-50   ISBN 1416570594


Bewitched:  Schwab, Sandra.

When she is stripped of her magical powers and forced into polite society to find a husband, Miss Amelia Bourne becomes the victim of a love spell that forces her into the arms of Sebastian "Fox" Stapleton and into the middle of a mysterious game involving black magic and pure evil.

ORDER # R308-3   $14-50   ISBN 0505527235


Blame It on Paris:  Greene, Jennifer.

Enjoying a trip to Paris before settling down to married life, Kelly never expects to be mugged at the Louvre or that gorgeous Will Maguire will come to her assistance, but she worries that their growing feelings for each other might not survive the romance of the City of Lights.

ORDER # R308-4   $14-50   ISBN 0373772785


Breeze:  Hampton, Robin Lynette.

When she encounters guitarist and producer Lex, the man she once loved whom she lost to betrayal, acclaimed singer Breeze tries to rekindle their relationship, but the entertainment world takes a toll on their burgeoning romance.

ORDER # R308-5   $14-50   ISBN 1585713082


Blind Promises:  Palmer, Diana.

Nurse Dana Steele finds herself falling in love with her curmudgeonly and tempestuous new patient, Gannon van der Vere, an entrepreneur blinded by shrapnel in a devastating accident.

ORDER # R308-6   $14-50   ISBN 0373786166


Dagger-Star:  Vaughan, Elizabeth.

Trained in the ways of war and the blade, mercenary Red Gloves, arriving in the land of Palins to find work, discovers that she is part of a great prophecy to save the people of this ravaged kingdom from a ruthless usurper's reign of terror with the help of a lone fighter named Josiah.

ORDER # R308-7   $14-50   ISBN 0425220613


Dear Prince Charming:  Kauffman, Donna.

When a relationship advice guru she hopes will spark her love life and lackluster career turns out to be gay, columnist Valerie accepts as a stand-in the guru's straight best friend, an attractive former sportswriter who is utterly clueless when it comes to women.

ORDER # R308-8   $14-50   ISBN 0553586475


A Dangerous Love:  Joyce, Brenda.

Stolen from his Romany mother as a small boy, Viscount Emilian St. Xavier, despite his wealth and power, has ignored the contempt for his gypsy heritage his entire life, until his mother is murdered by a mob and he sets out to seek revenge by pursuing Ariella de Warenne, a headstrong aristocrat with nothing but scorn for her peers' frivilous pursuits.

ORDER # R308-9   $14-50   ISBN 0373772750


A Dangerous Love:  Small, Bertrice.

Twice widowed following her marriages to men chosen by her father, the womanising Edward IV, Adair Radcliffe, the king's illegitimate daughter, now finds herself at the mercy of the Scottish laird to whom she has now been sold.

ORDER # R308-10   $14-50   ISBN 045122048X


Devil May Cry: A Dark-Hunter Novel:  Kenyon, Sherrilyn.

Stripped of his godhood by Artemis, Sin seeks revenge by kidnapping a woman he believes to be the deceitful goddess, only to discover instead that he has abducted her servant, Katra, an irresistible and compassionate young woman who persuades him to save Artemis from an enemy who threatens all human life.

ORDER # R308-13   $14-50   ISBN 0312946864


The Devil's Daughter:  Drewry, Laura.

When Lucy Firr, the devil's daughter, strikes a deal with her father, agreeing to snatch the soul of a Texas rancher, she renegs on the bargain when she finds herself drawn to this rugged man with a tender touch and a hard-won smile.

ORDER # R308-14   $14-50   ISBN 0843960485


Secrets in the Shadows:  Andrews, V. C.

In the sequel to Secrets in the Attic, Alice, whose mother is a murderer confined to a mental institution, is sent to live with her aunt Zipporah following a tragic accident on prom night, but when she visits the asylum where her mother lives, her own mysterious past begins to unfold in terrifying detail.

ORDER # R308-15   $14-50   ISBN 1416530835


Don't Let Go:  Melton, Marliss.

Haunted by the past and eager to make amends, Navy SEAL Solomon McGuire agrees to help teacher Jordan Bliss find her lost child, a Venezuelan orphan named Miguel, but their quest proves unexpectedly dangerous - and romantically rewarding.

ORDER # R308-16   $14-50   ISBN 0446618357


Draycott Eternal:  Skye, Christina.

The arrival of secretive Gray Mackenzie turns upside down the existence of uneasy spirit Adrian Draycott, doomed to wander Draycott Abbey grounds forever, in What Dreams May Come, and in Season of Wishes, heiress Jamee Night, kidnapped as a child, hires Ian McCall to protect her, and their subsequent holiday romance is overseen by the ghosts of Draycott Abbey.

ORDER # R308-17   $14-50   ISBN 0373772947


The Duke Next Door:  Bradley, Celeste.

Determined to be the first to walk down the aisle with a duke, beautiful Deirdre Cantor seizes the opportunity to wed proper Calder Marbrook, the Marquis of Brookhaven and future Duke of Brookmoor, after he is abandoned at the altar, but her plans go awry when she discovers that her new husband is hiding a shocking secret.

ORDER # R308-18   $14-50   ISBN 0312939698


Fast & Loose:  Bevarly, Elizabeth.

In desperate need of money, glass artist Lulu Flannery agrees to rent out her house to thoroughbred trainer and media sensation Cole Early and tries to deny her attraction to this notorious playboy who makes it no secret that he wants her in his bed.

ORDER # R308-19   $14-50   ISBN 0425220850


Enticing the Earl:  Byrd, Nicole.

Determined to reclaim her beloved father-in-law's estate from it's new owner, widow Lauryn Applegate Harris offers herself as a courtesan to the Earl of Sutton, who, agreeing to her proposal, introduces her to a new world of pleasure.

ORDER # R308-20   $14-50   ISBN 0425220974

First You Run:  St. Claire, Roxanne.

On a mission to track down a baby given up in a black-market adoption thirty years earlier, Bullet Catcher Adrien Fletcher discovers that the infant had been marked by a tiny tattoo and sets out to woo all the women on his list, a task that takes an unexpected turn when he meets beautiful MIranda Lang, a woman with her own deadly agenda.

ORDER # R308-21   $14-50   ISBN 1416549064


50 Ways to Hex Your Lover:  Wisdom, Linda.

The three-century, on-and-off-again romance between Jazz, a witch, and Nicholas, a vampire cop, takes an all new turn when Nick enlists Jazz's help to track down a maniacal serial killer with his own supernatural powers.

ORDER # R308-22   $14-50   ISBN 140221085X


The Healer:  Sala, Sharon.

Driven from his home and hunted by those who want to use his mysterious connection to animals and ability to heal for profit, Jonah Gray Wolf makes his way to West Virginia, where he encounters Luce, a beautiful loner with whom he forms a connection, but danger is approaching their mountain refuge as those hunting him continue their pursuit.

ORDER # R308-23   $14-50   ISBN 077832544X


Flashpoint (Athena Force):  Hall, Connie.

Given the opportunity to finally bring down Athena Academy's most ruthless enemy, mercenary Lucy Karmon finds her unconventional methods to destroy Arachne's global network complicated by the follow-the-rules approach of a handsome military officer.

ORDER # R308-24   $14-50   ISBN 0373389809


The Wolf:  Johnson, Jean.

Seeking refuge among eight exiled brothers whose unusual births as four sets of twins is said to fulfill a dangerous curse, Alys harbors a secret about her uncle's role in tormenting the brothers as part of his plot to claim their ancestral inheritance.

ORDER # R308-25   $14-50   ISBN 0425220877


Hearts in the Highland:  Morren, Ruth Axtell.

Resigning herself to a lifetime as a spinster and as a companion to an elderly woman, Maddie Norton finds her life forever altered by the return of her mistress's handsome nephew, the haunted Reid Gallagher, after many years abroad.

ORDER # R308-26   $14-50   ISBN 0373827865


Hellbent & Heartfirst:  Sims, Kassandra.

Heading home to the Gulf Coast to help rebuild following hurricane Katrina, relief worker Jacyn Boaz encounters Jimmy Wane Broadus, a gorgeous Texas cowboy who needs Jacyn's help in tracking down a demon that has been stealing the souls of Katrina refugees, while thwarting an evil witch in the process.

ORDER # R308-27   $14-50   ISBN 0765358018


Her Every Pleasure:  Foley, Gaelen.

Raised in England after Napoleon's forces overrun her small island country, Princess Sophia is determined to reclaim her rightful throne, but an ambush on the part of her enemies leads her into the arms of Major Gabriel Knight, a master swordsman and heir to a fortune who has renounced his wealth and his arms after a brush with death.

ORDER # R308-28   $14-50   ISBN 0345496698


Highlander Ever After:  Ashley, Jennifer.

Seeking refuge at the remote MacDonald castle after being exiled from her native country, Princess Zarabeth, while dealing with an ancient curse, a matchmaking nephew, two bitter rivals, and dark secrets, loses herself in Egan MacDonald's sensual embrace.

ORDER # R308-29   $14-50   ISBN 0843960043


How to Enjoy a Scandal:  Basso, Adrienne.

Posing as his twin brother to investigate improprieties at one of the family estates, Jason Barrington, a reformed rogue, finds himself the target of every eligible young lady in York, but the only one who catches his eye is the scandalous Gwendolyn Ellingham.

ORDER # R308-30   $14-50   ISBN 0821780417


The Hunted:  Lee, Rachel.

Investigating a major defence contractor suspected of complicity in the international sex-slave trade, journalist Erin McKenna suddenly finds herself unemployed when his firm buys her newspaper, but a violent attack brings her to the attention of FBI agent Jerod Westlake, a man haunted by the disappearance of his sister and dedicated to ending the global sex trade.

ORDER # R308-31   $14-50   ISBN 0778325385


Illegal Possession:  Hooper, Kay.

Caught in the middle of a heist, sexy cat burglar Troy Bennett is captured by strait-laced businessman Dallas Cameron, who is determined to unlock the secrets of this mysterious thief, security expert, art patron, and Washington, D.C., hostess to the rich, famous, and powerful.

ORDER # R308-32   $14-50   ISBN 0553590537


Lady & the Vamp:  Rowen, Michelle.

Reluctant supernatural assassin Janie Parker is sent by her hellish boss to destroy brooding vampire Michael Quinn, a onetime vampire hunter, and to retrieve a mysterious magical artifact known as The Eye, but her quest is complicated by her growing attraction to her prey.

ORDER # R308-33   $14-50   ISBN 0446618632


A Lady's Secret:  Beverley, Jo.

When the fun-loving Earl of Huntersdown encounters a foul-mouthed nun in a French inn, he, instantly drawn to trouble, offers to help Sister Immaculata reach England and soon discovers that his companion is not a woman of God, but a woman on the run from danger.

ORDER # R308-34   $14-50   ISBN 0451224191


Legacy of Secrets:  Mitchell, Sara.

Penniless young heiress Neala Shaw is forced to confront her family's dark legacy of secrets, deception, and betrayal as she is stalked by a ruthless killer, with only former bounty hunter Grayson Faulkner standing between her and certain death, in a romance set against the glitter of the Gilded Age.

ORDER # R308-35   $14-50   ISBN 0373827857


Lord of a Thousand Nights:  Hunter, Madeline.

Lady Reyna Graham, a beautiful young widow, disguises herself as a courtesan to save her people from an invading army, only to fall under the power of the enemy conqueror, Ian of Guilford, a warrior famed as much for his feats in the bedroom as on the battlefield.

ORDER # R308-36   $14-50   ISBN 0553591843


Midnight Rising:  Adrian, Lara.

Angered over a shattering betrayal, Rio will let nothing stand in his way in his war against the Rogues, including journalist Dylan Alexander, a mortal journalist with the power to reveal the existence of the vampire race, who suddenly is at the centre of an age-old storm of dark desire and ancient evil.

ORDER # R308-37   $14-50   ISBN 0440244447


Moonfire:  Miller, Linda Lael.

Maggie Chamberlin, an American actress, travels all the way to Australia in 1887 on the promises of a scoundrel and encounters Reeve McKenna, an Irishman who has become one of the richest men in Australia.

ORDER # R308-38   $14-50   ISBN 1416570608


A Mother's Love:  Wind, Ruth; Johnson, Janice Kay; & Thayne, Raeanne.

In "Insta-Mom," businesswoman Kyra Tierney finds herself the mother of a newborn after a car accident claims the life of her best friend and falls for Dylan Jones, the builder who comes to her aid, in one of three heartwarming tales by Ruth Wind, Janice Kay Johnson, and Raeanne Thayne that explores the unique relationship between mothers and daughters.

ORDER # R308-39   $14-50   ISBN 0373837240


My Darling Melissa:  Miller, Linda Lael.

Fleeing the altar on her wedding day when she discovers that her husband-to-be is plotting to take a second lover, Melissa Corbin trades access to her family fortune for her hand in marriage in an unusual arrangement.

ORDER # R308-40   $14-50   ISBN 1416570586


Never Trust a Scoundrel:  Callen, Gayle.

When her mother puts her up as a prize in a high-stakes card game, Miss Grace Banbury strikes a deal with notorious rogue Daniel Throckmorten - if she can resist his sensual charms, she wins enough money to secure her own future, if she loses, she is his forever.

ORDER # R308-41   $14-50   ISBN-10 0061235059


The Naked Gentleman:  MacKenzie, Sally.

John Parker-Roth, a proper Englishman with a passion for flowers, finds his life forever changed by an encounter with a scantily clad beauty who is a true English rose.

ORDER # R308-42   $14-50   ISBN 082178076X


Phantom Pleasures:  Leto, Julie.

Determined to purchase a haunted island complete with an abandoned castle, which she intends to convert into a luxury resort, hotel developer Alexa Chandler unwittingly releases a phantom who has been trapped for centuries and who needs her help in breaking the curse that enslaves him.

ORDER # R308-43   $14-50   ISBN 0451223659


One Real Man:  Kenny, Janette.

Determined to claim his share of the Rocky Point Ranch and build a herd of his own, Gil Yancy must go up against the woman who had seduced him and stolen all of his money - and his heart - years earlier.

ORDER # R308-44   $14-50   ISBN 0821781472


Private Arrangements:  Thomas, Sherry.

After ten years of marriage and living on separate continents following a betrayal on the day after their wedding, Lord and Lady Tremaine are reunited when Gigi decides that she wants to be free to marry again, and Camden comes up with an outrageous demand in exchange for her freedom.

ORDER # R308-45   $14-50   ISBN 0440244315


The Protector:  Hunter, Madeline.

When stunning Breton warrior Alana de Leon rescues Morvan Fitzwaryn and cares for him in her castle, she finds herself powerfully drawn to the dashing English knight and as passion rages between them, an evil enemy threatens to destroy everything that she loves.

ORDER # R308-46   $14-50   ISBN 0553591835


Pursuit:  Jennings, Elizabeth.

Narrowly escaping the hit man who kills her father in his hospital bed, Charlotte Court is forced to run for her life from ruthless CEO Robert Hanes, who had murdered her father and framed her for the crime in order to gain total control of the company, and finds refuge across the Mexican border in the arms of injured Navy SEAL Matt Sanders.

ORDER # R308-47   $14-50   ISBN 0446618918


The River Knows:  Quick, Amanda.

Teaming up with wealthy and handsome Anthony Stalbridge, who suspects prominent society figure Elwin Hastings of hiding dangerous secrets, Louisa Bryce of late-Victorian London investigates her beliefs about Hastings's criminal activities.

ORDER # R308-48   $14-50   ISBN 0515144363


Seduced by Sin:  Logan, Kimberly.

Plagued by dreams of her mother's scandalous murder ten years earlier, Lady Aimee Daventry finds a protector in family friend and soldier Royce Grenville, Viscount Stonehurst, when her quest for justice places her life in grave danger.

ORDER # R308-49   $14-50   ISBN 0061239208


The Seduction of an Unknown Lady:  James, Samantha.

When she encounters Lord Aidan McBride on a moonlit street, Fionna Hawkes, who knows nothing about seduction, is instantly drawn to this powerful man and longs to share with him a secret that could cost her livelihood and her life.

ORDER # R308-50   $14-50   ISBN 0060896493


The Star Princess:  Grant, Susan.

When notoriously naughty filmmaker Ilana Hamilton encounters star pilot and intergalatic Prince Che Vedla, who is searching for a bride, she decides to introduce him to the sensual delights found on Earth, but her plan backfires when she loses her heart in the process.

ORDER # R308-51   $14-50   ISBN 0505525410


Sisters Found:  Johnston, Joan.

Celebrating the unwavering bond between sisters, a heartwarming novel follows triplets Hope, Faith, and Charity, who are reunited after years apart, as they join forces to find love and romance with the men of their dreams - no matter what it takes.

ORDER # R308-52   $14-50   ISBN 0373773293


Starstruck:  Celmer, Michelle.

After abandoning the wild Hollywood lifestyle to find stability running a plant nursery in British Columbia, Claire Mackenzie is thrust back into the limelight when her grandfather, screen legend Frederick Miles, asks her to join him on a cruise aboard the Alexandra's Dream and finds herself matching wits with Liam Bates, the ship's charismatic assistant cruise director.

ORDER # R308-53   $14-50   ISBN 0373389701


A Stranger's Touch:  London, Cait.

Gifted with the ability to learn everything about an object or even a person just by the touch of her naked hands, Tempest protects herself by keeping those she loves at a distance, until someone threatens to destroy all that she holds dear, forcing her to turn to a former lover for help.

ORDER # R308-54   $14-50   ISBN 0061140511


Strike Zone:  Angell, Kate.

Returning home to Richmond to reclaim handsome Rogues pitcher Brek Stryker, the man she left at the altar three years earlier, ballsy blonde beauty Taylor Hannah must prove to him that she is finally ready to play by his rules.

ORDER # R308-55   $14-50   ISBN 0505527081


Take Me If You Can:  Kendall, Karen.

While on her latest mission to locate the multimillion-dollar Sword of Alexander, art recovery agent Avy Hunt must go up against master thief Sir Liam James, who draws her into a deadly game of seduction and intrigue.

ORDER # R308-56   $14-50   ISBN 0451223667


Temptation of the Warrior:  Maguire, Margo.

Travelling one thousand years into the future in order to save his people from a great evil, Merrick Mac Lochlainn awakens in nineteenth-century England with no memory of his mission and in the presence of a beautiful young woman who calls herself his wife.

ORDER # R308-57   $14-50   ISBN 0061256374


Texas Loving:  Greenwood, Leigh.

Born and raised on the Broken Circle Ranch, Eden, who loves riding her mustang across the plains, falls for the heir to a British earldom while in London and must convince this man to try love, Texas style.

ORDER # R308-58   $14-50   ISBN 0843956860


These Boots Were Made for Stomping:  Kenner, Julie; Lee, Jade; & Mancusi, Marianne. 

When three very different woman place orders at the same online shoe store, they discover that their magical new purchases not only look fabulous, but give them the power to find true love and take charge of their lives.

ORDER # R308-59   $14-50   ISBN-10 050552760X


To Seduce a Bride:  Jordan, Nicole.

Determined to resist the seductive attention of Heath Griffin, the Marquess of Claybourne, Lilian Loring decides to hide from her suitor in a house of scandalous repute, where she spends her time instructing the demimonde in the art deportment and manners.

ORDER # R308-60   $14-50   ISBN 034549461X


To Wed a Wicked Prince:  Feather, Jane.

Heading for London on a mission to spy for the czar, Alex Prokov, the half-Russian, half-English son of royalty, is also intent on reclaiming the home of the mother he has never known and sets in motion a whirlwind courtship of the house's current owner, the lovely Livia Lacey, but the two soon are drawn into a dangerous political game. 

ORDER # R308-61   $14-50   ISBN 1416525521


Turn Left at Sanity:  Warren, Nancy.

While visiting Saunders, Idaho, a town rife with zany characters, ruthless businessman Joe Iskerson discovers that his B&B is now a home to retired ladies of the evening and that the proprietor, Emylou Gainor, has the ability to drive him insane with passion.

ORDER # R308-62   $14-50   ISBN 0758205899


Unlawful Contact:  Clare, Pamela.

While investigating the disappearance of a woman named Megan, who, after being paroled, is on the run from the law with her newborn daughter, journalist Sophie Alton's search leads her to Megan's brother, a convicted killer, who becomes her greatest ally as she tries to find the truth.

ORDER # R308-63   $14-50   ISBN 0425217620


Twisted Creek:  Thomas, Jodi.

Inheriting a cafe in a small Texas lake community, Allie Daniels, providing down-home cooking and comfort food with the help of her grandmother, soon finds her customers becoming the family she never had.

ORDER # R308-64   $14-50   ISBN 0425220818


All Together Dead: Southern Vampire Novel:  Harris, Charlaine.

Betrayed by her longtime vampire lover, cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse has her hands full dealing with every kind of undead and paranormal creature, as well as the new man in her life, the shapeshifter Quinn, and the upcoming vampire summit.

ORDER # R308-73   $14-50   ISBN 0441015816


Large Size Paperbacks
Demon's Fire:  Holly, Emma.

Fleeing her family's routine life, Beth joins an archaeological expedition led by her cousin Charles into the desert city of Bhamjran, but their adventure is interrupted when Charles falls for a Yama demon, and another Yama demon finds Beth irresistible, in an erotic new romance by the author of Fairyville.

ORDER # R308-65   $20-90   ISBN 0425220540 


Don't Tempt Me:  Day, Sylvia.

While trying to reclaim the sister who, trapped in a dark underworld, does not remember her, Lysette Rousseau, a deadly beauty who can seduce or betray with equal skill, traps Simon Quinn, a rake known for both his skills in the bedroom and as a mercenary, in her web of passion and deceit.

ORDER # R308-66   $20-90   ISBN 0758217633 


Falling for Rachel & Convincing Alex:  Roberts, Nora.

Rugged seaman Zack Muldoon finds himself falling for gorgeous public defender Rachel Stanislaski when she takes on the case of his delinquent kid brother in Falling for Rachel, and in Convincing Alex, soap-opera writer Bess McKnee is attracted to sexy detective Alex Stanislaski after he mistakenly arrests her for solicitation while she is doing research.

ORDER # R308-67   $21-90   ISBN 0373285671 


Eternal Lover:  Howell, Hannah, et al.

Four passionate stories take readers to a world of ancient desires and forbidden pleasures, and include Hannah Howell's "The Yearning," in which Alpin finally finds the only woman who can quench his centuries-old thirst for lust and everlasting love, as well as works by Lynsay Sands, Jackie Kessler, and Richelle Mead.

ORDER # R308-68   $20-90   ISBN 0758225113 


Good Girl Seeks Bad Rider (Ellora's Cave):  Harper, Vonna; Matthews, Lena; & Kerce, Ruth D. 

Sexually inexperienced women encounter the perfect men to fulfill their most intimate and passionate fantasies in a trio of sexy tales - Vonna Harper's "Virgin Afternoon," "Stud Muffin Wanted" by Lena Matthews, and "Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy" by Ruth D. Kerce.

ORDER # R308-69   $20-90   ISBN 141657669X 


La Vida Vampire:  Haddock, Nancy.

Trapped underground for more than two hundred years, vampire Francesca Marinelli gets a new lease on life when she is rediscovered during the renovation of a Victorian mansion in St. Augustine and takes a job as an Old Ghost Town Tour guide, only to find herself the prime suspect in a series of murders.

ORDER # R308-70   $20-90   ISBN 042521995X 


Sins of the Night:  Quinn, Devyn.

Turned into the very thing he despises, former vampire hunter Adrien Roth, searching for justice and redemption, experiences the ultimate sexual awakening in the arms of the only woman who can save his soul.

ORDER # R308-71   $19-90   ISBN 0758220189 


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